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--- Oh my. We hear this question about adrenals over and over and over again. After 30 years, I still cannot get the point across to NUTRI-SPEC practitioners that every single NUTRI-SPEC Metabolic Imbalance relates to adrenal function --- which is to say that correcting every single NUTRI-SPEC Metabolic Imbalance has a corrective effect on adrenal function.

You have chapters in your NUTRI-SPEC manual that deal explicitly and entirely with the adrenal glands --- both adrenal stress and adrenal insufficiency. And, in every single chapter explaining your Metabolic Imbalances there are explanations of how those Imbalances relate to adrenal insufficiency and adrenal stress. ----- Just briefly:

  • Electrolyte Insufficiency Imbalance is associated with insufficient mineralocorticoids and glucocorticoids.

  • Electrolyte Stress Imbalance is associated with adrenal medulla stress and/or adrenal mineralocorticoid stress and/or adrenal glucocorticoid stress.

  • Anaerobic Imbalance is often associated with adrenal medulla insufficiency. It is often associated with mineralocorticoids stress and not infrequently adrenal glucocorticoid stress.

  • Dysaerobic Imbalance is associated with mineralocorticoid insufficiency and frequently glucocorticoid insufficiency.

  • Glucogenic Imbalance is associated with an adrenal medulla stress as a defense against falling blood and brain sugar.

  • Ketogenic Imbalance is associated with glucocorticoid stress and often adrenal medulla insufficiency.

  • Sympathetic Imbalance is by definition adrenal medulla stress. There is sometimes also glucocorticoid stress and mineralocorticoid stress as well.

  • Parasympathetic Imbalance is by definition adrenal medulla insufficiency. There may also be glucocorticoid stress.

  • Potassium Excess Acidosis is an expression of mineralocorticoid insufficiency and glucocorticoid insufficiency.

  • Potassium Depletion Alkalosis is associated with mineralocorticoid and glucocorticoid stress.

  • Respiratory Alkalosis can be associated with adrenal medulla stress (although there are many other causes as well).

So, in response to the question, "I love the way NUTRI-SPEC is balancing my patients' body chemistries, but shouldn't I also be doing something for the adrenals?" --- You ARE not only doing something for the adrenals, you are doing everything for the adrenals. You are not resorting to herbal drugs and other nonsense purported to be "good for the adrenals." --- No, you are working directly with the Metabolic Imbalances that are both cause and effect in adrenal dysfunctions. No one is doing more for restoration of adrenal function than YOU are with NUTRI-SPEC.