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Your arthritis patients are very likely driving you crazy. Last month you had a patient with painfully arthritic knees and shoulders. You gave that patient a popular combination of nutrition supplements promoted to be "good for arthritis" and the patient responded beautifully. This month you had a patient with an identical clinical picture -- same painfully swollen knees and same loss of shoulder mobility -- for whom you prescribed the same nutrition regimen; yet in this patient the arthritis stayed the same or even got worse, while at the same time your supplements gave him painful abdominal cramps and a headache. What do you do now? Try another arthritis remedy?

There is a better way.

There is no better condition than arthritis to teach you the all-important concept of biological individuality. What works for one arthritis patient will not help another and may even make him worse. If you are going to offer effective clinical nutrition to your arthritis patients you need the means to determine each individual's specific needs. How can you do that? You need a comprehensive, objective testing system. With NUTRI-SPEC you can do a complete profile of 58 tests right in your own office in just a few minutes. After evaluating your patients' test patterns you will have determined exactly where they stand with respect to the five Metabolic Control Systems. What is so important about these five metabolic control systems? They are the key to virtually any symptom or condition you can name -- including arthritis.

Suppose you test two arthritis patients. One of your arthritis patients shows what we know in NUTRI-SPEC as an Anaerobic Metabolic Imbalance, and the other shows a Dysaerobic Metabolic Imbalance. These metabolic imbalances are the ultimate cause of the arthritis. Furthermore, these metabolic imbalances require not only different, but exactly opposite nutrition supplementation and dietary recommendations to restore balance. Interesting -- two arthritis patients with perhaps identical symptoms, yet their arthritis is associated with causative factors that require not only different but exactly opposite treatments.

Do you begin to see why all the arthritis remedies being peddled by the nutrition supplement companies are a joke? They do not address the fundamental question of cause.

Suppose a remedy that you recommend for your two arthritis patients happens to have an anti-anaerobic metabolic effect? Your Anaerobic arthritis patient will feel somewhat better immediately. Meanwhile, your Dysaerobic patient will be devastated by that supplement. Trial and error, shot-in-the-dark approaches to arthritis are a never-ending source of frustration to both you and your patients.

There is a far, far better alternative. In just a few minutes you can determine exactly what are the underlying causes for each arthritis patient and give specifically the supplements and diet needed to restore metabolic balance and thus control the arthritis symptoms.

To illustrate how metabolic balance is the key to helping your arthritis patients, NUTRI-SPEC has shown that some arthritis patients have pain in their joints associated with excess acidity, while others show an alkaline pain pattern. Any supplement which directly or indirectly has an acidifying or alkalizing effect on lesioned tissues will decrease pain in one group of your arthritis patients, yet will be of no benefit to your other arthritis patients, and may even increase their pain. You can continue with a time-consuming, expensive and frustrating trial and error approach to finding what supplement might help any particular patient -- or -- you can eliminate the guesswork by putting a scientific testing system on your side.

Consider the popular arthritis remedy glucosamine. As a NUTRI-SPEC practitioner you will come to learn that glucosamine, in addition to supplying raw materials for joint rehabilitation, has a specific metabolic effect that reduces excess alkalinity in arthritic joints. Your test procedures will tell you in minutes whether a particular patient will respond immediately and dramatically to glucosamine, or, whether the benefits will accrue slowly over many weeks, or, whether there is likely to be a negative reaction.

NUTRI-SPEC will teach you how to identify the specific metabolic needs of each arthritis patient, and, the specific metabolic effect of every supplement. Only with NUTRI-SPEC can you apply nutrition with such specificity.