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Instructions for Collecting
1-Hour Mold Gravity Plates

Preparation: Mold plates should be used as soon as possible. Do not open mold plates until you are ready to use them. Keep windows closed for 6 hours prior to testing.

Do what you normally do. For example, do not turn on the air conditioning unless that is part of your normal activity. However, DO place the central fan on the heating and air conditioning system in the on position. Do not sweep or vacuum just before the test since this activity can increase the number of mold spores that are in the air. Children and pets can continue to be in the area being tested, but do NOT allow them to touch the materials. ACT NORMALLY.

Suggested areas for sampling: Locate the area or areas that you wish to test. If specific areas cause sneezing and coughing, they should be included.

* Attic * Basement * Bedrooms * Den/Great Room * Kitchen * Office (home/work)

It is necessary to place mold plates in rooms that are suspected of being mold contaminated because of a musty odor, if symptoms occur in that room, or if there is history of water damage in that room. Do not place any mold plate in direct sunlight.

Step 1: Carefully remove plate from packaging. Do not touch inside surface of test plates.

Step 2: Carefully remove lid (larger side).

Step 3: Select an area at least 3 feet from a wall. Place lid (inside surface down) next to bottom half of collection plate (inside surface up).

Step 4: In exactly 1 hour, place lid back on plate. Write date and location on the outside of each plate.

Step 5: Tape each plate with two pieces of tape, one on each side of the plate securing the lid. Place plates inside dark cabinet.

Results: If mold is present, at the 3-day mark you should begin to see growth. At 5 days the mold(s) should be well-grown. It takes 7-10 days for stachybotrys (the deadly black mold) to grow.