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You are probably better off contacting a nationwide mold remediation company such as ServPro or ServiceMaster. In Central PA, the best we know is ServPro in Halifax, PA. Their phone number is 717-545-5320. Tell them you have been referred by Dr. Schenker for mold remediation. Ask to speak to the Production Manager.

You will also need to call an indoor hygiene company to do a mold spore count. A good one is The Virtus Group. Call 717-920-8230 and ask for Greg. You have to do a spore count before and after remediation because this is the only way to tell if the remediation was done right. The mold spore count has to be zero.

Before you consider hiring someone like ServPro to do mold remediation you have to have an indoor hygiene company do a spore count. The indoor hygiene company will also do a second spore count 48 hours after the mold remediation has been done to be sure the spore count is zero. This follow-up test guarantees you got what you paid for because mold remediation is very expensive. The problem is the indoor hygiene company is also very expensive. So --- what we recommend is to have ServPro come in first, do their inspection to give an idea of what they think they see, and get their estimate for the full remediation job.

They may not recommend a major remediation job if they think the source of the mold is very localized (i.e., one plumbing leak.) That is baloney because your growth plates have already demonstrated you have mold everywhere in your house. So, in that case, what we recommend is to get the localized problem fixed, plus follow all the procedures in our MOLD-FREE HOME MAINTENANCE recommendations. Then, do your mold growth plates again after 3 weeks. If the plates still show significant mold growth, you will need to go to the expense of calling the indoor hygiene company for the spore counts, then call the mold remediation company again and tell them you have a report from an indoor hygiene company showing you need the mold remediation after all, and have them give an estimate.

If, on the other hand, the mold remediation company recommends complete mold remediation from the start, then follow these steps:

  1. Get the mold remediation company's estimate.

  2. Call the indoor hygiene company and hire them to do a spore count.

  3. Follow all the procedures in the MOLD-FREE HOME MAINTENANCE document.

  4. Have the mold remediation company do their work and then have the indoor hygiene company do its 48-hour follow-up spore count check.

It is absolutely essential you institute clean-up and all other procedures in the MOLD-FREE HOME MAINTENANCE document after the indoor hygiene company's spore count and before the mold remediation begins.