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Volume 12, Number 7

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
July, 2001

Dear Doctor,

Just exactly how do the supplements you are using in your NUTRI-SPEC DIPHASIC NUTRITION PLAN ...


You have learned that what happens with aging is that we gradually lose our vital reserves. That is to say that we begin failing to cycle completely from the catabolic phase of metabolism to the anabolic. There is a failure to fully manifest the diurnal cycle:

  • between active and passive

  • between depletion and repletion

  • between high-powered energy expenditure and re-charging

  • between defense against pathological hyperplasia and defense against pathological disintegration

The way your diphasic nutrition plan works is simply by giving your patients a tremendous boost to their anti-anabolic defenses, and an equally powerful boost to their anti-catabolic defenses, and timing each booster so as to facilitate the normal diphasic diurnal cycle.

The Oxygenic A-Plus, Diphasic A.M., and Complex P you give your patients in the morning are designed to maximize their defense against pathological hyperplasia, and are timed to coincide with the anti-anabolic phase of a normal, healthy (youthful) cycling metabolism. The Oxygenic D-Plus, Diphasic P.M., and Complex S that you give your patients in the evening constitute a powerful defense against pathological disintegration, timed to coincide with what should be their body's own natural surge of defense against catabolic and oxidative stress.

Think of your Complex S and Complex P as boosters to a high vitality daily metabolic cycle at the organic level of biological organization. Think of Oxygenic A-Plus and Oxygenic D-Plus as the means to maintain a high amplitude diurnal cycle at the tissue and cellular levels of biological organization.

Let us make sure you fully appreciate the intensity of force you are directing at a patient with the use of either Complex P or Complex S. (Other than with Oxygenic A-plus and Oxygenic D-plus) Complex P and Complex S have a more dramatically powerful and immediate impact on your patients than any other NUTRI-SPEC supplements. In other words, Complex P and Complex S will make something happen, and make it happen right now.

Sometimes the way to appreciate how much good a specifically formulated supplement can do, is to observe its potential to do harm. We've had this opportunity with probably hundreds of patients over the years who have been inappropriately given Complex S and Complex P. Before we had the specific protocol for making a consistently accurate differential between Glucogenic and Sympathetic patients, we had countless patients who were given Complex S who were not primarily Sympathetic at all. Within days of taking a daily dose of three Complex S, these patients were often suffering from extreme Parasympathetic reactions, including hypoglycemic crises, migraine headaches, spastic constipation and mucous colitis, along with low energy, nervous tension, and depression. Yes—all that damage from nutritional doses of a few vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and amino acids.

On the flip side of the coin, we had countless patients unfortunate enough to be given Complex P when they were not Parasympathetic in the least. Many of these patients were those with either cardiovascular disease or diabetes who were taking medications that caused a false positive Parasympathetic test pattern. Giving these patients three Complex P per day had immediate and devastating effects, including spiking the blood pressure sky high, pushing the blood sugar of diabetics out of control, not to mention all the little nuisance reactions such as dry mouth, nervous tension and insomnia, and atonic constipation.

The point here is that these are not health food store toys – they are powerful metabolic movers.

Do you see how these supplements work? Do you see how these supplements put pizzazz in your DIPHASIC NUTRITION PLAN?

At about 6 a.m. it is time for the human body to begin preparation for the day's work and play. The sympathetic nervous system is an essential component of the metabolic activation that is required at the organ and systemic levels of biological organization. Those patients who have begun to sink into the low vital reserves, low amplitude cycle that defines the aging process, just cannot muster sufficient anti-anabolic reserves to power a productive day. Two Complex P in the morning is enough to start their engines.

Now fast forward to eight o'clock that same evening. It is time for the human body to prepare for repairing, rebuilding, and recharging. A happy, healthy day of vigorous work and play, are what life is all about, yet it definitely creates some catabolic stress. After age 32, we begin to lose some of our anabolic capacity such that we never completely bounce back from the catabolic stress of the preceding day. We must be able to fully activate the vegetative anabolic processes of digestion, assimilation, elimination, and rest, that are directed by the parasympathetic nervous system. Complex S provides the vitality-preserving boost we need.

Now consider what you can do to pump up your patients' daily cycle at the tissue and cellular level. Consider Oxygenic D-Plus first. Oxygenic D-Plus is partly a glycerol supplement.

All the clinical benefits of glycerol are attributable to its two major properties:

  • It quickly permeates all three body fluid compartments (the plasma, the interstitium, and the cytoplasm), carrying sodium, potassium, chloride and all the other electrolyte buffers and other solutes along with biologically activated water in accord with physiological demand.

  • It binds with and neutralizes the free fatty acids that are the primary cause of the aging process that results from free radical peroxidation -- particularly the abnormal fatty acids with conjugated double bonds that most accelerate the aging process.

Here are some of the common benefits Oxy D+ will give your patients:

  1. Increase low BP and decrease high BP.

  2. Improve circulation.

  3. Eliminate any tendency to cold, clammy perspiration. Eliminate any tendency to chills; raise low body temp.

  4. Decrease excess protein catabolism; increase depressed serum albumin levels; decrease an excess of substances resulting from protein hydrolysis.

  5. Decrease serum esterase and amylase enzymes which cause excess catabolism.

  6. Decrease RBC Rouleaux formation and blood sludge. Restore normal coagulation time to the blood.

  7. Heal GI ulceration by eliminating the excess chloride fixation to abnormal fatty acids in the GI mucosa.

  8. Eliminate bloating due to duodenal fluid accumulation.

  9. Elevate depressed WBC count: decrease lysis of WBCs.

  10. Eliminate interstitial fluid retention.

  11. Correct an intercellular alkalosis; correct a systemic acidosis; decrease alkaline pain.

  12. Restore moisture to the skin by moving fluid back into subcutaneous tissues.

  13. Decrease elevated cholesterol; reduce atherosclerosis; prevent thrombosis.

  14. Eliminate any tendency to insomnia.

Not bad for one supplement.

In summary, nothing sets the stage for anti-catabolic defense like Oxygenic D-Plus. Take a few drops every evening and dramatically slow the aging process.

Following your beauty sleep (that was enhanced and enriched by Complex S and Oxygenic D-Plus), you are ready to charge like a tiger into the next day. At least you will be if you take Oxygenic A-Plus along with your Complex P. Oxygenic A-Plus is the spark that will ignite a sluggish metabolism. As part of your DIPHASIC NUTRITION PLAN it will push your patients out of the potentially life-long rut of inefficient fermentative metabolism (anaerobic glycolosis) into a state of high-powered oxidative energy production.

Oxygenic A-Plus is the active force needed to organize, mobilize, and integrate the raw materials of life into productive action. This combination of magnesium and negative valence sulfur will give you more bang for your buck than any supplement of any kind you will find anywhere.

The negative valence sulfur is the key to controlling the tissue acidosis typical of low-energy tissues involved in pathological hyperplasia. The negative valence sulfur is a fundamental component of the all-important sulfhydryl groups that are used by the liver for detoxification, and are used systemically as part of natural antioxidant defense. Another benefit of the negative valence sulfur in Oxygenic A-Plus is that while it is reducing excess tissue acidity, it simultaneously restores the capacity for selective permeability to cellular membranes.

Oxygenic A-Plus is truly a "magic wand" in its ability to instantly activate energetic metabolism. Oxygenic A-Plus is the spark to promote normal oxidation, while protecting against the tissue damage that accrues from insufficient oxidation.

With your NUTRI-SPEC DIPHASIC NUTRITION REGIMEN you've got power over the very essence of life. While defending your patients against the ravages of aging, you will be empowering them to joyfully celebrate the rhythm of life. You have countless patients you can begin helping with these amazing supplements – today.

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.