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Volume 12, Number 11

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
November, 2001

Dear Doctor,

CoEnzyme Q-10 is such an extraordinary nutrient ...


Co-Q10 is a powerful anti-oxidant that participates in several of the anti-oxidant systems, and, Co-Q10 is essential to mitrochondrial electron transport for cellular energy production. So, like lipoic acid that we discussed in depth last month, Co-Q10 gives your patients protection against both pathological hyperplasia and pathological disintegration.

As a NUTRI-SPEC practitioner, you (and your patients) have already enjoyed the extraordinary benefits of Co-Q10, since it is an important part of several NUTRI-SPEC supplements. Most fundamentally, Co-Q10 is in your Activator. It is not there in a therapeutic dose, but in sufficient quantity that when taken day after day over the course of a lifetime it provides what we like to consider a continuous "metabolic spark." Who else do you know that offers you a multiple supplement containing such precious goodies as Co-Q10? (The inclusion of Co-Q10 is just one of many reasons why we've said repeatedly over the years that you will not find a multiple supplement that can begin to match Activator.)

Because of its extraordinary anti-oxidant qualities, Co-Q10 is also an important part of the Oxygenic D you give your Dysaerobic patients. Then, because of its specific beneficial impact on the cardiovascular system, Co-Q10 is found as a therapeutic dose in your Formula ES.

We have been singing praises to Co-Enzyme Q 10 for years and years. Way back in the July 1990, issue of this Letter we pointed out that while Co-Q10 was (even way back then) heavily hyped, and thus very popular, almost no one was getting any real benefit from it. The reason was that people, (in accord with the typical health food industry mentality) were trying to use Co-Q10 as a single nutrient for a specific therapeutic affect – say, to cure heart disease.

There are two major problems with this allopathic approach to Co-Q10 use that assured its failure, and short-lived popularity. First, everyone was missing the point that Co-Q10 is far more effective when paired with other nutrients that have a synergistic affect. For instance, Co-Q10 is much more effective when used as part of your Oxygenic D or as part of your Formula ES than it is when used as a single nutrient, because of the synergistic affects of the other anti-oxidants in Oxy D and the other cardiovascular-specific nutrients in Formula ES.

The second, and the biggest shortcoming in people's use of Co-Q10 as a single nutrient, was that they didn't begin to use anything approaching a therapeutic dose. All the marvelous research on the effects of Co-Q10 on heart disease and other serious diseases used a therapeutic dose in the range of 90-120 milligrams. Yet, the typical Co-Q10 product available either in the health food store or from professionals such as yourself contained a paltry 10-30 milligrams, and was very expensive at that. We made the point back in the July 1990 Letter, that to buy Co-Q10 from a health food store and achieve the therapeutic effects demonstrated in the scientific literature, it would require an expense of $1220 per year. That represents a fortune tied up in nothing more than blind faith that a nutrient is going to be "good for" whatever ails you.

So – what has been happening over so many years is that people go to their health food stores or their nutritionists and buy Co-Q10 in the therapeutically insignificant dose, spend a fortune on taking it for a few months, see no subjective or objective evidence of change in their health, and give up on it. They had gold in their hands and let it slip through their fingers.

Meanwhile, thousands of NURTI-SPEC patients have been enjoying the benefits of a Co-Q10 metabolic spark each day. Some have enjoyed the benefits of a larger dose in their Oxy D and Formula ES. But now –


We explained in last month's Letter why Co-Q10 is in both your Diphasic A.M. and Diphasic P.M. supplements. You also learned that the fat-soluble form of Co-Q10 (as found in Diphasic P.M.) is more than twice as biologically active as the dry form.

Now consider this. Since most clinical studies with Co-Q10 use the dry powder form in determining the effective clinical dosage, you must realize that if you are getting fat-soluble Co-Q10 from your Diphasic P.M. you are actually giving your patients effectively a far higher dose than you may think. In the standard dose of Diphasic A.M. and P.M. you are giving your patients 50 milligrams of Co-Q10. But, since 30 of those are in fat soluble form, which makes them more than twice as effective as the dry form, you are giving an effective dosage of 80 milligrams per day. This is in the range of the therapetuically effective dose determined by all the studies showing the benefit of Co-Q10 on:

  1. preventing myocardial failure

  2. improving cardiac response to exercise

  3. lowering high blood pressure

  4. reducing angina

  5. preventing arrythmias

  6. quenching free radicals

  7. increasing biochemical energy production

Most Co-Q10 products that your patients buy, whether at the health food store or from health care professionals, still have a daily dosage in the range of 10-30 milligrams, and thus, while somewhat beneficial to over-all health, do not begin to offer the mega metabolic impact you are achieving with the Co-Q10 in your Diphasic A.M. and Diphasic P.M. supplements, especially when timed to coincide with the natural diphasic diurnal metabolic cycle.

You have now read the fascinating story of the complete list of ingredients in your Diphasic P.M.:

  • mixed (high gamma) tocopherols

  • palm (high delta) tocotrienols

  • alpha lipoic acid

  • co-enzyme Q10

Do you now clearly see why we can justifiably say to you (and you can justifiably say to your patients) that Diphasic P.M., or OXY POWER, is indeed the most powerful anti-oxidant available anywhere? "Anti-oxidant" has been such a powerful buzz word in the health food industry for so long, that people by the millions (including many of your patients) are wasting a small fortune chasing one heavily hyped product after another in quest of the latest and greatest anti-oxidant. Save your patients some money and give them real value. Nothing comes close to the quality of OXY POWER – that they can buy only from you.

Let us begin now a discussion of yet another phenomenal nutrient – SAM. SAM has astonishing biological activity. It has been shown to inhibit lipid peroxidation in the brain (which is crucial in preventing pathological brain aging). SAM also enhances the endogenous glutathione anti-oxidant system throughout the body. SAM is also a particularly crucial part of liver detoxification functions.

With all the benefits research shows can be derived from SAM, this nutrient has become a darling of the health food industry these past several years. In fact, every pill peddler worth his salt has come out with a SAM product, and hyped it to the moon.

Where do you find SAM in your NUTRI-SPEC products? You don't. You see, SAM is yet another case of blatant health food industry charlatanism. The dirty little secret that this pathologically dishonest industry is keeping from you is that SAM is so unstable it cannot be put into a tablet or capsule. Even if the pill maker puts SAM into the product, it is totally decomposed into components with no biological activity long before the pill reaches you or your patients. Even though the cat is out of the bag, the industry is still doing everything it can to keep the truth from being known. A few companies are quietly removing SAM products from their catalogs, yet others will keep pushing the stuff as long as there are unsuspecting buyers they can separate from their money.

Why are we telling you the nasty story of the SAM fraud? We are always quite happy to expose the irresponsible and dishonest behavior that typifies the health food industry – but in this case our motives go beyond that. You see, there is a way to supplement the body with SAM, but it is not by taking preformed SAM. What you must do is take the SAM precursor. And what might that be and where can you find it? It is the methyl donor betaine (also known as trimethylglycine), and is found in your Diphasic A.M. How close is the association between betaine and SAM? Supplementation with betaine has been shown to double the SAM level in the liver. Furthermore, in alcohol fed laboratory animals (whose SAM levels have thus been depleted) betaine supplementation raises the SAM level by 500%, and, protects against fatty infiltration.

If betaine did nothing more than double your SAM levels, it would be a remarkable supplement and an indispensable addition to your Diphasic A.M. supplement. But, betaine's benefits go far beyond its influence on SAM. For instance, betaine is a powerful chologogue. This means it facilitates the conversion of cholesterol into billiary acids in the liver for excretion through the gall bladder. The two obvious benefits are improved gall bladder function and a lowering of elevated serum cholesterol levels.

It has long been known that betaine so favorably influences the liver that it decreases the toxic effects of carbon tetrachloride and other powerful chemical poisons. Now it is known that the mechanism by which it does this is by actually increasing the number of mitochondria in liver cells.

Betaine has another protective function – it protects against the toxic effects of ammonia (but it does not do this as well as carnitine, another ingredient in your Diphasic A.M.).

The benefits of betaine extend to the cardiovascular system. It has been shown that betaine will actually decrease the incidence of thrombo embolisms. Add this to its cholesterol-lowering effect, and you will see that it is invaluable in the protection against cardiovascular disease.

But wait – there is more. We have saved the best news on betaine for last. Consider this: There are only a few truly independent risk factors for cardiovascular disease. (Cholesterol, by the way, is not one of them.) One of the best independent risk factors for cardiovascular disease (as you have often heard us discuss) is serum triglycerides. There are only a couple of others, and the one that is the most significant by far (in other words has the greatest predictive value of a person's risk for cardiovascular disease) is the serum level of homocysteine.

Not long ago I had one of my Electrolyte Stress patients with a history of cardiovascular disease (including myocardial infarct), when reporting to his cardiologist for his semi-annual blood work, request, in addition to cholesterol and triglycerides, a homocysteine test.

[This, by the way, was a patient who after only three months of NUTRI-SPEC care was able to totally eliminate three out of the four medications he was taking after having had his heart attack, and the fourth medication, a beta blocker, was down to just two days each week. His blood pressures are maintained at perfectly normal. His clinostatic pulse response and orthostatic blood pressure response are perfectly normal. His cholesterol and triglycerides had come down to normal. And, he had more energy than he has had in years. All this was attributable to his NUTRI-SPEC regimen for an Electrolyte Stress Imbalance.]

Insisting on a homocysteine test at the request of his chiropractor/nutritionist did not win any points for this man from his cardiologist. In fact, the cardiologist took what could best be described as a tantrum – ranting and raving that the homocysteine test was a total waste of time and money. When my patient pointed out that it was the best of the few independent risk factors for cardiovascular disease the cardiologist blurted out, "So what, what's this guy think he is going to do about it anyway if it is high?"

Good question. And you, as a NUTRI-SPEC practitioner, have a good answer. Research has shown that betaine (when combined with just very small amounts of vitamin B6 and folic acid, as found in your Activator) will lower elevated homocysteine levels. Nothing else will.

Now that you have seen the story on the wonders of betaine, you appreciate even more how nothing can do more to protect your patients against both pathological hyperplasia and pathological disintegration – the two phases of pathological aging – than your Diphasic Nutrition Plan can.

You still haven't learned the full potential of your Diphasic supplements – next month you will see described the astounding benefits of carnitine and carnosine, two nutrients critical to the biological effects of your Diphasic A.M. (or GO POWER).

Meanwhile, get your momentum flowing with your Diphasic Nutrition Plan. Every one of your patients can benefit; every one of your patients over 32 needs it; and every one of your patients over 52 desperately needs it.

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.

P.S.: The BETAINE in your GO POWER is not the betaine hydrochloride that is often used to acidify the GI tract.