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Volume 12, Number 12

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
December, 2001

Dear Doctor,

Nothing can do more to protect your patients against both pathological hyperplasia and pathological disintegration –


than your Diphasic Nutrition Plan can.

Hundreds of you are discovering that with your Diphasic Nutrition Plan you now have the means to deliver the very best in clinical nutrition to all your patients, even those who were previously inaccessible to you as NUTRI-SPEC patients. With this easily administered nutrition regimen at your disposal, you can consistently improve the length and quality of life for patients whose long list of medications made NUTRI-SPEC testing impractical. And, if the design and priorities of your professional practice are such that NUTRI-SPEC testing has not been possible on any large scale, you now can deliver nutrition to a large volume practice with ease. In fact, it can be said that you and your patients can in no other way ...


with so little time, energy, and money invested.

Let us continue now learning about the full potential of your diphasic supplements. You have already been thoroughly acquainted with the fascinating combination of ingredients in your Diphasic P.M. With such powerful antioxidants as:

  • Mixed (high gamma) tocopherols

  • Palm (high delta) tocotrienols

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid

  • Co-Enzyme Q10

You know you can tell your patients you are offering them the most powerful antioxidant available anywhere. You have also been given the means to explain to them, both graphically and in words, that this exotic combination of nutrients is all the more powerful when it is taken to coincide in timing with the natural diphasic metabolic cycle.

You have yet to hear the full story about Diphasic A.M. (or GO POWER). This amazing product includes its own content of lipoic acid and Co-enzyme Q 10. But beyond that, it contains nutrients that are specifically designed to provide protection against pathological hyperplasia, while at the same time enhancing the initiation of metabolic processes that must activate at the start of a healthy, active person's day.

You have already learned about the extraordinary benefits of betaine as a protector of the cardiovascular system, a protector of the liver detoxification mechanism, and a protector against brain aging. It also lowers high cholesterol levels. But most significantly (and do not ever forget this), betaine is the only nutritional means by which serum levels of homocysteine (the most significant predictor of a person's risk for cardiovascular disease) can be reduced to normal.

Let us now carefully consider the next astonishing ingredient in the GO POWER your patients need each morning.

Of all the extraordinary nutrients that constitute your Diphasic Nutrition Plan, the one that is sure to be the most exciting discovery for you and your patients is ...


Remember, the essence of your Diphasic Nutrition Plan is preventing pathological aging by increasing vital reserves. Carnosine plays an absolutely critical role in protecting against protein degradation, a major component of aging and age-related diseases.

Protein degradation occurs in association with cross-linking proteins, along with the formation of advanced glycation end products (which have been discussed in several NUTRI-SPEC Letters over the years). These degenerative processes are most evident in such signs as skin wrinkling and brain degeneration.


The mechanism involved here goes a step beyond the protective action of antioxidants. Antioxidants, you see, cannot completely protect protein – they are merely the first line of defense. The second line of defense is to repair or remove damaged proteins. This is where carnosine demonstrates its most potent youth-preserving effects.

Carnosine is an amino acid di-peptide (beta-alanyl-L-Histidine). It is partly hydrolyzed in the small intestine to the amino acids beta-alanine and histidine. Carnosine is found in its highest concentrations in the brain and in muscle tissue.

Carnosine, (like lipoic acid and Co-Enzyme Q10) is biologically active in protection against both pathological hyperplasia and pathological disintegration. It could thus have been included in both your Diphasic A.M. and your Diphasic P.M. It is such a powerful antioxidant that it would be right at home with your delta tocotrienol, gamma tocopherol, lipoic acid, and Co-Enzyme Q10 of your Diphasic P.M. (Oxy Power). However, since it has protective effects against both excess steroids and against tumor growth, it is just as appropriately included in your anti-hyperplastic Diphasic A.M.

Consider these amazing health and youth protecting benefits of carnosine:

  • Carnosine is not only a powerful antioxidant, one study shows that it is the only antioxidant to significantly protect cellular chromosomes from oxidative damage.

  • Carnosine quenches the most destructive protein oxidizing agent, the hydroxyl radical.

  • As a hydroxyl scavenger, carnosine protects against fragmentation of zinc SOD and copper SOD by peroxide.

  • Carnosine, though water soluble, works with and potentiates the antioxidant affect of lipid-soluble alpha tocopherol during lipid peroxidation in liver microsomes. It is thus a major protector of the liver cytochrome P-450 system.

  • Glycated proteins produce 50 times more free radicals than non-glycated proteins. Carnosine is the most effective anti-glycating agent ever found.

  • Carnosine's anti-glycation benefits are particularly important for diabetic patients, since most complications of diabetes involve the formation of advanced glycation end products.

  • As part of its anti-glycation activity, carnosine reacts with aldehydes and ketones (toxic carbonyl groups) which accumulate on proteins during aging (and which occur in high concentration at a premature age in diabetics).

  • Carnosine is an effective antioxidant in defense against malondialdehyde (MDA). MDA causes protein cross-linking and formation of advanced glycation end products. Carnosine has been shown to prevent MDA from inducing protein cross-linking.

  • MDA-induced glycation in blood albumin and eye lens protein is inhibited by carnosine.

  • The reason such a high carnosine concentration is found in the brain is because there, carnosine protects against cross-linking, glycation, excito-toxic brain cell destruction, and oxidative damage.

  • In animal studies, it has been shown that carnosine protects the brain in simulated ischemic stroke.

  • Carnosine not only has anti-ischemic effects in the brain, but in the heart as well.

  • Carnosine has been shown to increase the strength of heart contractility by enhancing calcium response in heart cells.

  • Carnosine injections have been shown to be effective emergency treatment for ischemic crises.

  • The copper-zinc compounds that contribute to the amyloid-beta plaque formation in Alzheimer's Disease are inhibited by carnosine.

  • Not only does carnosine protect against the formation of amyloid-beta senile plaques, but also protects the cells that line the brain blood vessels from damage by those plaques that do form.

  • Carnosine protects the brain against both lipid peroxidation and against damage from excess alcohol.

  • Carnosine has been shown to rejuvenate cells approaching senescence by extending the life over which those cells will continue to divide with the frequency typical of youth. In tissue cultures supplemented with carnosine, cells retain a youthful appearance and have an extended cellular life span. This ability for carnosine to increase cellular life span holds true even for old cells. One study showed a 67% increase in cellular life span with carnosine supplementation.

  • Extending the study of carnosine's life span increasing property from tissue cultures into living organisms, studies were conducted showing that mice supplemented with carnosine lived an average of 20% longer than un-supplemented mice, and were twice as likely to reach old age in a healthy state.

  • In humans, carnosine levels decline with age. Muscle carnosine concentration decreases 63% from age 10 to age 70.

  • Carnosine not only serves as an antioxidant in muscle, but also as a pH buffer. It protects muscle cell membranes from oxidation under the acidic conditions of muscular exercise.

  • Carnosine has been shown to dramatically improve exercise recovery (but does not increase performance, which means that it is not an "ergogenic aid," but rather facilitates the anabolic response to exercise).

  • Carnosine has been shown to quickly restore muscle contraction capability after fatigue.

  • Carnosine has a rejuvenating effect on connective tissue cells, and has been shown to benefit wound healing.

  • Because of its ability to prevent cross-linking, carnosine has been shown to be effective in the treatment of senile cataracts, and in the prevention of cataracts.

  • Carnosine has immunopotentiating properties. It protects the immune system from immuno suppression by hydrocortisone, by anti-tumor drugs, and many other immunosuppressive drugs.

  • Carnosine inhibits histamine-induced suppression of lymphocyte proliferation. Thus, it is classified among H-2 histamine blockers, which explains why it is a beneficial treatment for allergies.

Are you beginning to feel the power you have in your hands with your Diphasic supplements? Any one of the nutrients in these products has enough biological activity to thoroughly enrich the lives of all your patients. But imagine that you have every one of these nutrients combined together, each in its own synergistic formulation, plus the ability to administer these nutrients for maximum impact by properly timing them to coincide with the body's natural tendency to use these nutrients within the context of a diphasic diurnal metabolic cycle.

If there is anything else you would like to do clinically for your nutrition patients that offers more bang for the buck – that is, gives them a more powerful increase in vital reserves for the time and money invested, I can't imagine what it would be. I am not just asking a rhetorical question here – I am looking for an answer. You tell me just what you would like to do for your clinical nutrition patients that you cannot do with NUTRI-SPEC. Many of you have been doing your best to serve your patients' needs with supplements such as Co-enzyme Q10 or lipoic acid. Now, what you have, for just a few dollars more, is co-enzyme Q10 and lipoic acid in the same product, plus, betaine, and carnosine, and carnitine, and acetyl-l-carnitine and chrondoitin sulfate. Just what else do you want to do for your patients?

Oh, you say you need more antioxidants? OK, that's why you have Diphasic P.M. (or OXY POWER), the most powerful antioxidant you can find anywhere. You say you want something that will have not only long-term protective and metabolic effects, but an immediate impact on symptoms? Good, you've got it. Nothing will make things happen right now like your Oxygenic A-Plus, your Oxygenic D-Plus, and your Oxy Tonic.

Just exactly what else is there?

Yes, Doctor, you now have it all. The feedback you have given us on how the Diphasic Nutrition Plan is impacting your office has been overwhelmingly and enthusiastically positive. Keep the momentum going and make this plan available to every single one of your patients – they need it, and they cannot get anything like it anywhere but from you.

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.