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Volume 13, Number 5

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
May, 2002

Dear Doctor,

How many of your patients buy nutrition supplements based on propaganda they have read or heard?


I'll bet you won't find one patient in ten who isn't spending good money on bad nutrition.

Perhaps you find it as disturbing as I that these people are so pleased with themselves. They truly believe (because they need so desperately to believe) that they have gained a real advantage in the war against disease and aging by their silly supplementation. They buy nutrients for energy, nutrients for their nerves, special formulations to help memory, herbal remedies to aid sleep or to fight colds, plus absurd combinations of nutrients to support "the immune system" (whatever that is), and countless other pills and potions – all based upon a host of inane (not to mention dishonest) claims made in the tons upon tons of literature pumped into health food stores and mail boxes across the nation.

Are your patients getting even a nickel's worth of health for every dollar spent on "nutrition?" Of course not. If you have been around NUTRI-SPEC more than two weeks you know that most supplements people take are not only not beneficial, they are actually counter- productive.

Since you are likely the only source from which your patients can get a buck's worth of adaptative capacity for every hard earned dollar they spend on nutrition, it is time for you to step up and make your presence felt.

Every nutrition dollar your patients spend outside your office is a dollar wasted – while every dollar spent in your office enriches both your patients and you. With NUTRI-SPEC you can offer the highest quality nutrition supplementation available anywhere, but you can offer so much more as well. You can truly and honestly offer each patient, regardless of age or circumstance, a dramatic increase in adaptative capacity, via some combination of Metabolic Balancing and increasing of vital reserves. So, how do you get this message to the general public?

You don't.

Direct your marketing efforts internally – to your own patients. Enclosed with this Letter you'll find a sample of your new Diphasic Nutrition Plan brochure. This takes its place right along side your Secret of Good Nutrition, plus your Activator brochure, plus your Mighty Mins brochure. How do you use this collection of literature to inform and motivate your patients? Do you just passively dump them in your waiting room and hope your patients will read them and spontaneously begin begging for your products and services? No. That passive approach will capture the interest of only a very few patients.

Here is a really simple and virtually stress free way to build a booming nutrition practice. To get your patients excited about your nutritionist services, you must give them the story on NUTRI-SPEC. However, just putting the information out there isn't enough. People don't make decisions based on a logical appraisal of their circumstances; they make decisions based upon emotion. So, you need to actually achieve three things: you must deliver the info, but you must deliver it personally, and you must deliver it in an emotionally appealing way.

How can this be achieved and how can it be done stress free without feeling like you are selling something, and, in a way that takes almost none of your precious time? Here is an example.

Beginning tomorrow, ask every one of your patients whom you know has children the following simple question ...


When you ask this question you will get one of three answers, your response to which will almost guarantee that if these patients ever spend a nickel on nutrition for their children it will be spent in your office.

Scenario 1: "Do you give your children a vitamin supplement?"

"Oh yes, I give them Flintstones every day."

"I thought you probably did – I always like to see parents who do their best for their kids. We have some information on children's supplementation I know you will want to see. Read through it today, or take it home with you – and let me know what you think."

Scenario 2: "Do you give your children a vitamin supplement?"

"I know I should, but I don't."

"You're right, it really would be a good idea. Since you understand the importance of nutrition for your children I've got something I know will interest you. Read through it today, or take it home with you – and let me know what you think."

[At the end of today's office visit have a member of your staff hand the patient a Mighty Mins brochure, saying, "Here is the information on children's nutrition the Doctor promised you."]

Scenario 3: "Do you give your children a vitamin supplement?"


"I'm glad to hear that. There is a lot of good evidence now that most of the common brands of children's supplements actually do more harm than good. If you are ever interested in nutrition for your children, I've got some information you will definitely want to see."

The trouble with trying to sell somebody is that you are trying to convince them of something that they wouldn't agree to without your selling pressure. In the scenarios described above, you are not taking an adversarial position with your patient. Quite the contrary, you are enthusiastically agreeing with, and approving of, the patient in each case. With this technique you get the information to patients in a way that is personal and that is very emotionally satisfying because you, the Doctor, are complimenting them on decisions they have already made for themselves.


This approach works beautifully on all your patients. Simply ask all your patients (it should actually be part of your case history) if they take nutrition supplements. If the answer to that question is, "No," you say, "Good. It is amazing how much money people throw away on useless products that can actually do more harm than good. Your particular symptoms can actually be made worse by over-supplementation with certain nutrients – so – it is good we can eliminate that as one of the causes of your problems. If you do ever have an interest in pursuing nutrition let me know and we'll see that you do it right."

These types of patients may never enlist your services as a nutritionist, but if they do ever develop an interest in nutrition, you can bet you will be the one they ask.

The most common response you will get to the question, "Do you take nutrition supplements," is from those people who take a little of this and a little of that, mostly things like B Complex, Vitamin C and calcium. For these patients you say something like this, "You've got the right idea. You can really make a difference in how well and how long you live with a little bit of supplementation. There is a way to get all the benefits you are looking for and at the same time get a lot more for your money. I'll show you something you'll be interested to see. You can either read it today, or take it home with you – and let me know what you think." [Have a staff member hand the patient an Activator brochure, saying, "Here is the nutrition information the Doctor promised you.]

If, when you ask the question about taking nutrition supplements the patient comes back with a more substantial list of supplementation, including many different products, or, products they take as remedies for this and that condition, then, instead of merely giving them the Activator brochure, you give them the same approach, telling them how smart they are because of all the benefits they can achieve with proper nutrition. Then go on to say, "I've got something I know you will be interested in seeing. It's for someone who understands nutrition like you do. Look through it today before you leave, or take it home with you-and let me know what you think." Give this patient The Secret of Good Nutrition plus the Activator brochure if you are doing NUTRI-SPEC metabolic testing in your office. If you are not, then give the patient the Diphasic Nutrition Plan brochure along with the Activator brochure.

These brochures are yours FREE. (You might want to buy a pack of each to get started, but then …) Each time you place an order exceeding $250, we will ask you which of the brochures you would like today, then enclose 25 in your package. Start building your booming nutrition practice today!

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.