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Volume 20, Number 1

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
January, 2009

Dear Doctor,

You will nowhere find a better opportunity to help people fully enjoy their innate potential than in ...


as early as possible.

This Letter recently posed the question, "Do you sincerely want to help your patients? Would you love the satisfaction of knowing that ...


Then, where will you find a better opportunity than to offer the benefits of balanced nutrition to children, as they blossom into healthy, happy, productive adults?

Building a family practice will make you rich beyond your greatest expectations. We have shown you one way to achieve that richness of emotional and financial satisfaction by using your Mighty Mins Brochures. Is your Mighty Mins Brochure display prominently placed in your waiting room? No, I do not mean stuck in a wall-mounted brochure display rack with a dozen other brochures, but placed in its own dedicated space, using the stand-alone display we make available for you. (--- Your Oxy B Brochure should be displayed just as prominently.) Simply making the Mighty Mins story available will generate a significant number of requests for the product. Every such request gives you or your staff the opportunity to make a simple statement about the essentiality of balanced nutrition, and how Mighty Mins is unique among children's supplements in providing the first step toward balanced nutrition. Each home in which you place that first bottle of Mighty Mins represents many thousands in future income --- from Mighty Mins sales, and from Mighty Mins sales to referrals, and from future requests for metabolic testing.

But do not stop with merely displaying the Mighty Mins Brochure. In building your family practice, you must repeatedly ask parents and grandparents,


No matter what the reply, agree wholeheartedly, then go on to say,


Think about it --- what could be simpler than to ask such a basic question? In the chatter you carry on routinely with your patients, the subject of their children (or grandchildren) comes up frequently. When it does, just respond enthusiastically in response to whatever comment they have made, then simply inquire about the child's nutrition status in this non-intrusive way.

Such a question does not represent any high-intensity sales pitch --- it is the perfectly proper question to come from the patient's doctor who is an authority on nutrition. This inquiry almost always elicits a favorable reply --- at the very least, the agreement that more attention should be given to the child's nutrition. If you truly care about helping people as much as you tell yourself you do, then you've got to be motivated to place that first bottle of Mighty Mins. Re-read the October and November issues of this Letter for a happy-ever-after story of how you can completely turn children's lives around with your follow-up to that first bottle of Mighty Mins.

So --- you have placed that bottle of Mighty Mins with a family, and in so doing have opened the door to future dialogue on nutrition. Without performing NUTRI-SPEC testing, indeed without even mentioning NUTRI-SPEC testing, you are now in a position to elevate that family's health status to a level that will ...


The allergies, the arthritis, the depression, the anxiety, the heart disease, the cancer --- all that lay out there in the future --- can now be prevented. But it is not Mighty Mins alone that does the trick --- it is the continuing dialogue on nutrition.

In last month's Letter, understanding that families are only physically and emotionally prepared to make limited changes at once, we gave you a Five-step Plan by which a family can incrementally improve its nutrition. Some families can cover those five steps in one giant leap, while others may require months or even years to make a significant commitment to health. Here are those five steps --- or five levels of commitment --- in order --- that families must make to maximize health:

Step One: Take Mighty Mins and Oxygenic B.

Step Two: Follow the Two-Rule Eating Plan.

Step Three: Eliminate concentrated sources of PUFAs.

Step Four: Maximize exposure to natural light while minimizing exposure to unnatural light.

Step Five: Obtain a good source of natural water.

Step One provides a complete and balanced source of vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals in their most bioactive forms. Step Two --- a serving of protein 21 times each week, and strict avoidance of sweet drinks --- along with Mighty Mins --- is 90% of what children need so that they may enjoy robust good health, then blossom into happy-ever-after adults. Step Three largely eliminates the leading cause of suffering and premature death in the Western World. Step Four assures full physical, mental, and hormonal development. Step Five eliminates an overwhelming toxic burden while simultaneously supplying macro minerals that are unavailable from our foods.

Once families have traversed Steps One through Five, have they reached their destination? Or, can you guide them even closer to ideal health? The obvious Step Six would be NUTRI-SPEC Testing. Of course, NUTRI-SPEC Testing could also be considered Step One A, Step Two A, Step 3 A, or Step 4 A --- appropriate to introduce any time a patient expresses concern over a symptom or condition for self, or for a child.

This introduction of NUTRI-SPEC testing is where your fun really begins. Check back on your October Letter for a specific and concise dialogue illustrating the best way to introduce NUTRI-SPEC testing. Thoughtfully consider the example of the child described in that Letter. Imagine such a case in your own practice. Truly consider how starting a family on NUTRI-SPEC will lead to celebration where there was destined to be devastation. Picture yourself in 15 years, reflecting back on all the allergies, arthritis, anxiety, depression, hypertension, diabetes, cholesterolemia, heart disease, and cancer that never happened --- all because you reached out to young families.

Your other candidate for Step Six in the incremental growth of your families who are not yet undergoing NUTRI-SPEC metabolic balancing includes the other elements of your NUTRI-SPEC Fundamental Diet. These are the elements of a diet plan that are too much for most of these families to swallow in the beginning. Foremost among these elements is the eating of animal products rare or medium cooked at the most, while eating vegetable products cooked, but not over-cooked. Those who believe they are doing themselves a favor by lunching on nothing more than a salad with Ranch dressing, need to be set straight. You have already addressed the issue of the deadly PUFAs in the salad dressing; now it is time to let them know that rabbit food will not support maximum health in human beings. Tell such patients that, with no cellulose enzyme, they might as well throw the lettuce in the toilet since that is where it ends up anyway, and spare their GI tract the irritation from all the nutrient-robbing roughage. Only cooking of vegetables breaks down the cellulose wall that imprisons the nutrients contained therein.

Meanwhile, over-cooking animal products devastates the protein, destroying at least 8 vital amino acids. The high temperatures also break down fats into free fatty acids and trans isomers. How damaging is over-cooked meat? At this point in my dialogue with patients I like to cite the study (referenced in your NUTRI-SPEC manual) from the Journal of the National Cancer Institute showing that women who eat their meat cooked more than rare to medium have an amazing 400% increased incidence of breast cancer. [Note: this study completely invalidates the countless research reports over the last several decades purporting to show that eating meat increases the incidence of breast cancer. The small but statistically significant increased incidence of breast cancer among women who eat meat frequently verses those who eat meat less or even rarely, has nothing to do with the eating of meat per se, but with the over-cooking of the meat. The 400% difference in breast cancer incidence from over-cooked vs. natural meat totally dwarfs the percent increased incidence among meat eaters vs. vegetarians. It is not meat that causes cancer but heat-destroyed meat. Consider also the percentage of meat that is cooked (both at fast food dumps and at home) by frying with PUFA oil --- no wonder cancer is everywhere. Yet, this tragedy is completely avoidable in your families --- with your guidance.]

Another element of the NUTRI-SPEC Fundamental Diet that can be included in this Step Six is to lean toward less processing in foods, as for example in using whole grains rather than refined grains. How silly is it that this is where most families seeking to improve their nutrition begin their quest? They buy whole wheat bread instead of white bread --- all the while: supplementing with garbage, eating a high sugar low protein diet, saturating their foods with vegetable oils, bombarding their eyes continuously with light from TVs and computer monitors while never seeing the light of day, and drinking tap water. Without Steps One through Five, the switch from white bread to brown bread, as well as all other aspects of the "health food lifestyle," are meaningless.

For children, by far the most significant move in the direction of less processed food, is the switch from pasteurized and homogenized to raw milk. Pasteurization destroys protein, and homogenization releases the enzyme xanthine oxidase that contributes so much to the long-term development of atherosclerosis. Raw milk, on the other hand, is a rich source of nutrition needed by children at least through age 6. Cheese made from raw milk is also far superior to pasteurized cheese.

Step One? Step Two? How far will each of your families go? Step Five plus NUTRI-SPEC Testing? You never know in advance which families will fully embrace a total commitment to maximizing health. But every step taken will enable that family to live longer stronger --- all because of your well-informed guidance.

There are two more absolutely critical considerations regarding nutrition for children. That is to say there are two critical periods in all children's lives when careful attention to their nutrition needs has a greater impact on both their immediate and their long-term health than anything that you or their parents can do at any other point in their lives. Regrettably, children have usually passed these two periods before you get your first shot at upgrading their diet and supplement plan. What are those two critical life-impacting periods of development? The nutrition supplied prenatally and the nutrition plan the first year of life can make or break a child's chances of reaching its full innate potential. In your next Letter we will cover the essentials of nutrition in preparation for and during pregnancy, and of nutrition during lactation and infant feeding. Then, you will have all you need to guide young families down the road to glorious good health.


From time to time a doctor will call us in indignation and shock, wondering how in the world I could put fructose in Mighty Mins. The question derives from an appreciation that I have been on a crusade against sugar in general and fructose in particular for more than 30 years. (Fructose, remember, is the second leading cause of death in America --- second to PUFAs.) What kind of hypocrite am I, then, to be poisoning tens of thousands of children with fructose? Let me assure you that your concern over the sugar in Mighty Mins is unfounded. If you analyze the sugar content quantitatively, you will realize that each Mighty Mins has about the same total sugar, and actually less fructose, than two grapes. Consuming two grapes at the end of a meal that includes even a minimally significant amount of protein will have no unfavorable effect on glycemic control. --- So --- enjoy the satisfaction of helping children with Mighty Mins; and, enjoy the satisfaction of building your family practice.

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.