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Volume 20, Number 12

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
December, 2009

Dear Doctor,

Imagine discovering ...


stuffed with precious jewels. Then, while your heart is still racing with excitement, stumbling across ...


My home is more than 200 years old. One day in the 1960s, after living here for five years, the children of the previous owner were playing in the attic as they had many times before. But this time they noticed a loose board in the wall. Wiggling and prying it a bit, they could tell there was an undiscovered storage space behind the wall. In no time they tore out the old board, and there --- mysteriously hidden --- why, and for who knows how long --- was a priceless Tiffany lamp. --- That buried treasure decorates my home to this day.

Turning the pages of this Letter will be as pulling away the loose board in your attic wall. You will be thrilled to uncover a chest of jewels and a sack of gold --- both of which, though unknown to you, have always been hidden within your NUTRI-SPEC system --- just out of reach.

Let us first reveal your sack of pure gold ...

Oxygenic A+ is among the most powerful of your NUTRI-SPEC supplements. Why? Oxy A+ provides a concentrated source of negative valence sulfur --- sulfhydril groups. What is so special about sulfhydril groups? The negative valence sulfur in Oxygenic A+:

  • neutralizes the tissue acidity associated with an Anaerobic Imbalance

  • counteracts the damage of excess sterol fats

  • replaces abnormal anaerobic metabolism with aerobic energy production

  • normalizes membrane permeability of anaerobic membranes

  • prevents or reverses the pathological hyperplasia associated with abnormal anabolic processes

  • is a fundamental anti-oxidant

  • is a general detoxifier, and particularly aids hepatic detoxification processes

  • is an essential component of many structural proteins, particularly those of connective tissues

  • is an essential component of many functional proteins --- a diverse array of enzymes

  • prevents kidney stones that form in alkaline urine

  • has antihistamine activity

  • protects against lead poisoning

  • protects against oxalate poisoning

  • etc., etc., etc.

Your QRG analysis allows you to effectively administer Oxy A+ to your patients who have the immediate need for it. Oxygenic A+ is also a fundamental component of your Diphasic Nutrition Plan used on patients for whom you do not run NUTRI-SPEC testing, or for whom you have already restored metabolic balance.

An extremely valuable clinical procedure you offer your patients is the saturation with sulfhydril groups that can be achieved by increasing the dosage of Oxy A+ every 3 days until bowel tolerance is reached. We have called this procedure an "Oxy A+ saturation" when used for Anaerobic patients, and the "Master Blaster" when used to initiate the Diphasic Nutrition Plan. Powerful technique.

The amazing benefits that derive from an Oxy A+ saturation are due, not just to the biological activity of the sulfhydril groups provided, but also because Oxy A+ is negative valence sulfur combined with magnesium. Magnesium saturation offers its own set of physiological benefits. One of the most commonly seen reactions to the Master Blaster or the Oxy A+ saturation, is the cholagogue effect of the magnesium and negative valence sulfer combination. Via the gall bladder, the liver squirts out tremendous quantities of yuck. In the last year alone I have had two patients report not just reaching bowel tolerance, but reaching bowel tolerance with a green/black liquid stool --- evidence of a thorough gall bladder dumping. The complete list of health benefits from adequate magnesium would cover pages and pages. --- We have discussed magnesium many times in the past.

However, there have been problems with the sulfhydril saturation. Many of you have experienced patients who feel absolutely wretched after a few days on the Oxy A+. Some patients feel tired, some feel weak, some feel blah, some feel depressed, some experience dizziness, some experience an extreme drop in blood pressure, some feel shaky --- a broad diversity of symptoms are reported. Is the problem too much of a good thing? Are these patients reacting negatively to an overload of sulfhydril groups? No. --- The problem is the magnesium.

As critical as it is to get adequate magnesium, even a little too much can have a devastating effect on certain patients. Which patients? The answer lies in your key NUTRI-SPEC concept of biological individuality. Which metabolic imbalances are most acutely exacerbated by excess magnesium? --- Glucogenic and Electrolyte Insufficiency Imbalances. Not only are these fundamental imbalances exacerbated by magnesium, but they are particularly harmed by an elevated ratio of magnesium to sodium. So now --- peek inside your newly discovered sack of gold. You will find ...


your new NUTRI-SPEC product that combines the precious negative valence sulfur, not with magnesium, but with sodium. Oxy Tonic gives your patients all the benefits listed above for sulfhydril groups, but in a molecular combination that is ideal for those who have a Glucogenic tendency, or who are Electrolyte Insufficient, or who have hypotonic blood pressure. How will you administer Oxy Tonic to your patients? The details are in the entirely revised Quick Reference Guide analysis. (Ask for your new QRG when you place your next order.) But here are the essentials of Oxy Tonic use:

  1. In patients who test Anaerobic, yet who have very low blood pressure, you will recommend Oxy A+ as always according to your QRG analysis. However, the patient will only go through one small bottle of Oxy A+, then, if the need for negative valence sulfur is still indicated by the presence of an Anaerobic Imbalance, you will switch the patient from Oxy A+ to Oxy Tonic.

  2. For your Electrolyte Insufficiency patients, you will use Oxy Tonic for those who show a low specific gravity, low oxidation index, or elevated urine pH.

  3. For patients beginning the Diphasic Nutrition Plan, you will do the Master Blaster beginning with Oxygenic A+, as usual. You do not want to miss the cholagogue benefits of the sulfhydril and magnesium combination. However, after one small bottle of Oxygenic A+, those patients on the DNP who have low blood pressure will be switched to Oxy Tonic.

Now, all your patients will ultimately receive the benefits of sulfhydril saturation, but will do so with either magnesium or sodium supplementation as appropriate, such that they will be immediately and dramatically empowered.

Your Oxy Tonic is pure gold, but now, for the other incredible surprise, open your newly discovered treasure chest and feast your eyes on the jewels within. The riches you find will exceed your wildest dreams. With these treasures, you now have a supplement giving you the power to:

  • increase energy through the glycolytic pathway via dihydroxyacetone phosphate

  • increase energy via liver gluconeogenesis

  • increase energy via the liver and adipocyte phosphogluconate pathway

  • decrease elevated blood pressure and increase low blood pressure

  • decrease elevated cholesterol

  • decrease alkaline pain

  • prevent coronary occlusion/thrombosis (similar to an anti-coagulant, but without the danger of a general reduction of blood coagulability since its action is only at the level of the occlusive lesions) - hyper-hydrate and permeate all 3 body fluid compartments --- the blood, the interstitial fluid, and the intracellular fluid

  • disperse essential electrolytes throughout all 3 body fluid compartments

  • conserve mineral nutrients by increasing the kidney's medullary concentration gradient

  • increase perspiration rate and decrease temperature elevation during exercise

  • increase maximum heart rate during high intensity exercise, but decrease the heart rate during endurance exercise

  • improve the performance of triathletes and other endurance athletes

  • improve cardiovascular response to orthostatic challenge

  • increase atrial natriuretic peptide, a cardiac hormone that increases capillary permeability, vasodilation, and natriuresis, decreases aldosterone, and blocks angiotensin II

  • maintain skin moisture and elasticity

  • spare protein in fasting subjects

  • supply the precursor for synthesis of phospholipids

Yes, all these powers are found within your newly discovered treasure, and indeed, are all inherent in one particular nutrient. That nutrient is none other than ...


We are describing here the seemingly magical powers of the very same glycerol you have used for years in your Oxygenic D+, and in your Formula EW. The amazing benefits of glycerol in upregulating fluid and electrolyte dynamics, energy production, and renal efficiency have been known to us for years. But though we held this treasure in our hands, we could never use it to its full effect. Why?

The quantities a patient must ingest to achieve these effects are measured in tablespoons, not drops. The required intake is high enough to cause one very problematic side effect. Glycerol is powerfully anti-Dysaerobic. That means it can exacerbate to an extreme any symptoms or conditions associated with an Anaerobic Imbalance. There is enough glycerol in your Oxygenic D+ to perform its anti-Dysaerobic role in your Dysaerobic patients, but we dared never use quantities greater than that in other products for fear of creating or exacerbating Anaerobic Imbalances. Now, however, we can offer our patients the 2 tablespoons daily of glycerol needed to work wonders on electrolyte metabolism and energy metabolism without hesitation. Your new product ...


blends with glycerol just enough negative valence sulfur to protect patients from an extreme Anaerobic/Anabolic effect. So now, our patients can take full advantage of this powerhouse of nutrition --- glycerol.

Your new QRG incorporates the protocol for Electro Tonic administration. Electro Tonic will be used routinely (2 tablespoons in 3 cups of water, along with whatever electrolytes are indicated by your QRG) for your Electrolyte Insufficiency patients. Electro Tonic is also essential for many of your Parasympathetic patients. Additionally, you can offer Electro Tonic to all your patients who are competitive endurance athletes, to be taken 20-30 minutes before a race.

With Electro Tonic, you can make much more efficient use of the electrolytes you provide your Electrolyte Insufficiency patients. People with an EI Imbalance have often been very resistant to improvement in their low blood pressure. No matter how much you feed them the mineral salts they need, their pathetic kidneys lose them just as fast as they are ingested. Now, with Electro Tonic, those mineral salts will "stick" in the proper body fluid compartment. Your hypotonic/hypovolemic Electrolyte Insufficiency patients will experience a tremendous surge of strength, as their blood pressure and fluid dynamics begin to move toward normal.

Since the day you became a NUTRI-SPEC practitioner, you have held in your hands the incredible potential of negative valence sulfur and glycerol. Until now, however, you could not fully utilize that power. Call NUTRI-SPEC today and place your first order for Electro Tonic and Oxy Tonic. To celebrate the introduction of these new products, we will offer a special ---


Along with your order, you will be getting a copy of the fully updated Quick Reference Guide, including some modifications of the Diphasic Nutrition Plan. Part of switching over to the new QRG analysis is an entirely new Test Results Form on which to record your patients' NUTRI-SPEC test findings. The test procedures are pretty much the same, but the means of recording them will facilitate entry into the new QRG. You will have fun with these changes.

If you have any questions on implementing your simpler, yet more specific test procedures and QRG analysis, check in with the NUTRI-SPEC staff. Jennifer can get you quickly up to speed in performing your tests and getting accurate, meaningful numbers on your Test Results Form. Merry has done a QRG analysis on literally tens of thousands of patients' test results. These two members of the NUTRI-SPEC staff are an invaluable resource --- employ them freely.

Enjoy and prosper.

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.

Download Revised Test Results Form Here

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