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Volume 21, Number 5

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
May, 2010

Dear Doctor,


It is essential I ask this question, because if I am doing my job ...


of health food mythology your very first day learning NUTRI-SPEC. Not only were you likely ensnared by faith in the myriad of mythological health food cures --- those empirical, disease-specific, "natural" remedies for every symptom under the sun --- but also --- by belief in the health food mythological demons responsible for those symptoms.

One myth that has dominated health food literature for decades is that force of darkness purported to haunt virtually anyone suffering from disease ---


A majority of the health food faithful have been misled to believe that acidosis is a causative factor underlying all states of disease. A surprising number of doctors offering alternative healthcare have been snookered by the same nonsensical health food propaganda.

The truth, as any NUTRI-SPEC practitioner knows, is that Alkalosis is actually more common than Acidosis. You could build an entire practice on nothing more than treating the symptoms and conditions associated with the various forms of Alkalosis --- such as ---

  • Insulin resistance/Type II diabetes

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Bursitis

  • Muscle cramps

  • Nerve twitches

  • Anxiety

  • Muscular stiffness

To say that there is only one abnormal with respect to pH balance is to display a total ignorance of the most basic fundamentals of physiology. Like all physiological systems, Acid/Alkaline Balance is maintained in homeostasis by a negative feedback mechanism that operates in a dualistic manner. For every normal condition there are 2 abnormals --- abnormally high and abnormally low. For Acid/Alkaline balance, that means either excessively high or low hydrogen ion concentration, or abnormally low or high base concentration.

Acid/Alkaline Imbalances are reactive as often as causative. In other words, pH imbalances are often secondary to more primary causes --- most particularly, secondary to other NUTRI-SPEC Imbalances and their associated endocrine imbalances. The secondary nature of Acid/Alkaline Imbalances is why Acid/Alkaline Imbalance is number 5 out of your Five Metabolic Balance Systems for consideration in your patient analysis. Actually, you are favorably influencing pH balance with your correction of each of the other 4 NUTRI-SPEC Metabolic Balance Systems. Systemic Alkalosis is typical of your Anaerobic, your Ketogenic, and your Parasympathetic patients, while systemic Acidosis is typical of your Dysaerobic, Glucogenic, and Sympathetic patients.

Balancing out your patients who are systemically Acid has never been a problem. All you need to do (that is, all your QRG needs to do) is distinguish for each patient whether it is best to go with bicarbonate or citrate, and then, to choose the proper cation --- sodium or potassium. Acidosis patients tend to respond very quickly to specific supplementation. Alkalosis patients, on the other hand, have always been more resistant to correction. For reasons I cannot explain, some Alkaline patients can ingest a truckload of acidifying supplements every day without their Alkaline test pattern budging in the least. Now --- finally --- NUTRI-SPEC offers you an acidifying supplement of incomparable power. Nothing available anywhere matches ...


as a means to restore Acid/Alkaline balance and immediately impact Alkalosis symptoms.

There are 2 ways to physiologically balance your Alkaline patients --- with phosphoric acid, or with hydrochloric acid. Your NUTRI-SPEC Phos Drops supplement, orthophosphoric acid ...


The problem is that Phos Drops are not appropriate for certain Alkaline patients. Phos Drops can be a problem for your Alkalosis patients who are also Ketogenic, or for your Alkalosis patients who are extremely hypotensive, or for Alkalosis patients who are Sympathetic, or for Alkalosis patients who are deficient in gastric hydrochloric acid production. In patients who cannot be effectively acidified with Phos Drops, a source of hydrochloric acid is needed.

Before Proton Plus, there was no consistently effective way to supplement with hydrochloride. For years, the best we could suggest was ammonium chloride. NUTRI-SPEC never produced its own ammonium chloride product because ...


There were 2 major problems with ammonium chloride. First, the ammonium was devastating to certain patients --- certainly, anyone with even the slightest Anaerobic tendency. Second, the ammonium chloride had no long-term benefit on many Alkalosis patients since it drove them from a Metabolic Alkalosis or a Potassium Depletion Alkalosis into a Respiratory Alkalosis by accelerating the blow off of carbon dioxide in the lungs.

Betaine hydrochloride was another potential source of hydrochloric acid, but simply did not demonstrate sufficient power in reversing Alkaline Imbalances.

What is the secret to the speciality of Proton Plus? The key is the binding of hydrochloric acid to amino acids. The amino acid-bound hydrochloride assures that the acid penetrates the tissues rather than being quickly eliminated by the kidneys. Proton Plus provides hydrochloric acid as arginine hydrochloride, histidine hydrochloride, and lysine hydrochloride. These 3 amino acids are present in the physiological ratio found in human blood --- arginine to histidine to lysine ratios of 1.0 to 1.0 to 1.8.

Even before Proton Plus, arginine, histidine, and lysine were a major part of your NUTRI-SPEC supplements. All 3 amino acids have a powerful anti-Dysaerobic effect. So, of course, all 3 are an important part of your Oxygenic D. All 3 of the amino acids are critical in aiding Oxygenic D+ in reversing the many Dysaerobic symptoms associated with tissue alkalosis --- including --- pain, allergies, itching, and migraines. As part of the regimen for your Dysaerobic patients, these amino acids have an antioxidant effect.

Arginine is found not only in Proton Plus and Oxygenic D, but also in your Complex S. The physiological benefits from arginine supplementation include:

  • vasodilation --- improves circulation

  • opposes the oxidation of LDL in atherosclerotic arteries

  • facilitates the immune response, particularly to cancer, by activating macrophages and natural killer cells, and by prompting the spleen to produce more interferon

Of the 3 amino acids, histidine is the most powerful antioxidant by far. Briefly:

  • histidine is one of the most important scavengers of singlet oxygen (free radical species that cause cellular death)

  • histidine is effective in your patients with rheumatoid arthritis associated with a Dysaerobic Imbalance

  • histidine is effective in nausea of pregnancy, commonly occurring in the first trimester for Dysaerobic women

  • histidine helps reverse anemia, particularly in Dysaerobic patients, by increasing both red and white blood count and increasing iron uptake

Lysine is perhaps the most important amino acid of the three. It is not only a dietarily essential amino acid, it is extremely heat labile. It is thus one of the heat labile amino acids recently added to your Oxygenic B. The list of physiological functions of lysine could fill an entire page, but just to highlight a few, lysine:

  • is essential for the production of white blood cells

  • is essential for the building of bone and the maintenance of bone density

  • maintains vascular integrity (bruising is often a lysine deficiency)

  • is essential for muscle anabolism

As a bonus, Proton Plus provides some of the hydrochloric acid bound to betaine as betaine hydrochloride. Betaine has countless physiological benefits (--- thus, its inclusion in Diphasic A.M./Go Power). Most generally, betaine functions as a methyl donor, particularly in the liver, and has a specific effect on ...


a primary risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

Much has been written by health food mythologists promoting vitamins B6, B12, and folic acid to lower homocysteine. The truth is that B6, B12, and folate offer nothing of lasting benefit except in the existence of actual deficiency of those vitamins. Betaine, on the other hand, plays a critical role in the whole methionine-glutathione series of metabolic pathways, and will consistently lower elevated homocysteine when given in therapeutic quantities (as found in Go Power/Diphasic A.M.).

Betaine, along with folate, B12, and methionine, all function as methyl donors throughout the body, and particularly in the liver. These methyl donors have a direct effect on decreasing fatty liver and decreasing elevated triglycerides. Betaine helps protect the liver from the deranged liver mitochondrial function resulting from HOHUM PUFAs heated, oxidized, hydrogenated, unmetabolizable polyunsaturated fatty acids). Many liver pathologies appear to have a Sympathetic component. Betaine has a very nice anti-Sympathetic effect in that it protects against Sympathetic-induced fatty acid oxidation.

The other nutrient in Proton Plus is sorbitol. As you may understand if you have studied your NUTRI-SPEC chapter on Acid/Alkaline Imbalance, there is aberrant potassium metabolism associated with any form of Alkalosis. The tiny bit of sorbitol in Proton Plus facilitates fixation of potassium by the cells and decreases the tendency to a potassium depletion secondary to the Alkalosis.

     The unique value you and your patients derive from Proton Plus cannot be overstated. NUTRI-SPEC went without its own hydrochloride supplement for 25 years rather than provide you with an inferior product. Now we can promise you with unwavering confidence that you have an acidifying supplement worthy of the NUTRI-SPEC name, and in which you can place your clinical confidence. Follow your NUTRI-SPEC Quick Reference Guide Analysis and ...


and which acidifier --- Phos Drops or Proton Plus --- will most empower your patient.

Now that your arsenal of weapons against pH imbalances at both the tissue and systemic levels is completed by Proton Plus, this is an ideal time to revisit ...


How much fun is it to give Proton Plus to a patient with a subacromial bursitis, and watch him, within 20 minutes, raise his arm above his head for the first time in months? How gratifying would it be to see your shingles patient stare at you in utter disbelief as his pain is reduced from unbearable to mild within 20 minutes of taking Oxygenic D+? The pain control game can really liven up your practice. You will not be a winner every time, but often enough, you will see "miracles."

The PAIN CONTROL methodology can be printed off the website, www.nutri-spec.net, or, just ask for a copy and we'll enclose it with your next order.

     In celebration of the long-awaited most broadly effective hydrochloride acidifier anywhere --- and --- to facilitate your war against Alkalosis, we offer you this month a special on both Proton Plus and Phos Drops --- 2 FREE with every 10 you buy.

Have a good month,
Guy R. Schenker, D.C.