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Volume 21, Number 10

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
October, 2010

Dear Doctor,



Think for a moment of all the dozens, if not hundreds of patients on whom you do not do NUTRI-SPEC testing. These many, many patients may have been coming to your office for years, during which you and they have had no discussion of nutrition. Now, consider this ...


But --- they are spending their nutrition dollars at the health food store down the street, when those bucks should be flowing your way. And --- not only are they coughing up big bucks to the guy down the street, but they are taking his uneducated (and dangerous) advice on just what supplements they need.


With your knowledge and your quality NUTRI-SPEC products you should be capturing every bit of this profit --- all the while giving those patients more for their nutrition dollar than they ever dreamed possible.

You do not have to do NUTRI-SPEC testing on these patients to enrich their lives with nutrition. The most important thing you need to do for them is ...


(instead of the garbage they are currently taking). You could sell 100 bottles of Oxy B in the next week or two, and another hundred a week or two after that. Four weeks from now the first one hundred people should be coming back for their second bottle --- and so on for the rest of your life and theirs. Figure the numbers --- not a bad income boost considering you spend zero time or energy selling --- all the while you are adding significantly to the quality and length of these peoples' lives.

In last month's Letter, we suggested you look at NUTRI-SPEC in terms of 6 levels of service you provide your patients:

Level 1: Households begun on OXY B and/or Mighty Mins, along with the NUTRI-SPEC Fundamental Diet.

Level 2: Households demonstrating a sustained commitment by purchasing their 4th month's supply of OXY B and/or Mighty Mins.

Level 3: Patients served with your NUTRI-SPEC Diphasic Nutrition Plan.

Level 4: Patients reaching their 4th month of DNP commitment.

Level 5: Patients served by your NUTRI-SPEC Testing for Metabolic Imbalances.

Level 6: Patients reaching their 4th month of Metabolic Balancing, or, who have achieved Metabolic Balance and transitioned into the DNP.

Take a minute and focus on Level 1. Did you ever stop to realize how many people's lives you can enrich with nothing more than Oxy B or Mighty Mins along with the NUTRI-SPEC Fundamental Diet? At least dozens and perhaps hundreds of your patients are taking garbage supplements and sabotaging their health with dietary habits they believe to be beneficial. --- Make a commitment to service. Follow through with the recommendation we made last month to chart your Level 1 and Level 2 patients. Post on your wall a graph of the number of patients you introduce to good nutrition at Level 1 and who sustain a commitment through Level 2. As the weeks go by, you and your staff will be quite gratified in realizing how many people will live stronger longer because of your efforts.

So, how do you approach all these patients with whom you have never discussed nutrition and ...


on the most complete and biologically active multiple supplements, Oxy B and Mighty Mins, along with the NUTRI-SPEC Fundamental Diet? The answer is, you ...


anything. In 33 years of successful practice, I have made it a hard and fast rule never to try "selling" anything to my patients they do not ask for. I merely let them know what is available, and let them ask me for it. Sometimes I actually make them beg for it.

So --- how do you "not sell" Oxy B, Mighty Mins, and the NUTRI-SPEC Fundamental Diet to dozens upon dozens of your patients who need them? Simply (you or a staff member) ask all your patients if they use nutrition supplements, or if they give nutrition supplements to their children. Now, here is the "trick" to getting most of those patients to (if not today then eventually) ask you for a multiple supplement and dietary recommendations. No matter what your patients answer in response to your question ...


There are 3 possible replies to your question about nutrition supplementation, and all 3 warrant your praise.

When patients reply, "No, maybe we should take vitamins, but we don't." --- Praise them! "You're smart not wasting your money on junk. There is a lot of good evidence showing that most vitamin supplements, both for adults and for children, are worthless at best, and in many cases do more harm than good. If you are ever interested in making a commitment to nutrition for yourself (and your children), I've got some good information you will definitely want to see."

That's all. Do not say another word; do not offer these patients your Oxy B and Mighty Mins brochures. But in almost all cases these people will pick up those brochures on their own on their way out of your office that day.

The second and perhaps most common response you will get to the question, "Do you take nutrition supplements?" is from people who take a little of this and a little of that. --- Praise them! "You've got the right idea. You can really make a difference in how well and how long you live with a little bit of supplementation. There is a way to get all the benefits you are looking for and at the same time get a lot more for your money. I'll show you something you'll be interested to see. You can either read it today or take it home with you --- and let me know what you think." [Have a staff member hand the patient an Oxy B (and Mighty Mins) brochure, saying, "Here is the nutrition information the doctor promised you."]

The third and least common response you will get to your query about supplementation includes all the patients who come back with a substantial list of supplementation, including many different products they take as remedies for this and that condition. ---Praise them! "I thought you did. --- You are a lot smarter than most people in knowing all the benefits you can achieve with proper diet and supplements. I've got something I know you will be interested in seeing. It's for someone who understands nutrition like you do. It is a way to get a solid foundation under the nutrition plan you've put together for yourself. Look through it today before you leave, or take it home with you --- and let me know what you think." [Have a staff member hand the patient an Oxy B (and Mighty Mins) brochure along with the Nutri-Spec Fundamental Diet, saying, "Here is the nutrition information the doctor promised you."]

Whichever of the 3 categories your patients fall into, I assure you that the majority of them will come back and ask you for Oxy B (and Mighty Mins) and will also have comments and questions on the Nutri-Spec Fundamental Diet. Meanwhile, your staff is keeping a running weekly tally of the patients who enter NUTRI-SPEC at Level 1 and those who after 4 months achieve Level 2.

Life just keeps getting richer and richer.

To facilitate your presentation of the Nutri-Spec Fundamental Diet  (--- and this applies not only to your Level 1 NUTRI-SPEC patients but also to those on whom you are doing the Diphasic Nutrition Plan and on those for whom you are doing NUTRI-SPEC Metabolic Testing), we have written up a concise presentation of all the critical points included in the Nutri-Spec Fundamental Diet. A sample card is enclosed with this Letter.

This card is part of what you make available to all your prospective Level 1 NUTRI-SPEC patients. For all patients on whom you are doing metabolic testing, this Nutri-Spec Fundamental Diet card fits nicely into the Report of Findings --- so --- the only dietary recommendations you need to write into the Report of Findings are those specific to the patient's particular Metabolic Imbalances. Likewise for patients on the Diphasic Nutrition Plan --- this Nutri-Spec Fundamental Diet card gives virtually all they need to know about what and when to eat --- all on one concise, convenient card.

THE NUTRI-SPEC FUNDAMENTAL DIET = 95% of what everyone needs to know about diet. Use it! --- And to get those Level 1 and Level 2 patients started, take advantage of this month's SPECIAL --- Oxy B and Mighty Mins = 2 FREE with any 10 you buy.

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.

Click here to download the sample card in PDF format.