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Volume 21, Number 12

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
December, 2010

Dear Doctor,

Did you run with us this year? If you did ...


This year's Letters have been dedicated to the most important subject of all ...


You want to be at POWER in your practice.

You want to be at EASE with your patients.

So --- in your January, 2010 NUTRI-SPEC Letter you were put at power and ease with a total revision of your NUTRI-SPEC test procedures plus a totally revised QRG Analysis. As a result, you were finally able to unleash the full clinical power in 2 of your most dynamic biochemical prime-movers ...


Along with Oxygenic A+, Oxygenic D+, Proton Plus, Phos Drops, and the citrates, your Complex S and Complex P are among your quickest-acting NUTRI-SPEC supplements. With the refinements of your test procedures and the streamlining of your QRG test analysis, you are no longer stuck waiting for other Imbalances to clear before you can employ Complex S or P. Now, you can routinely conquer your patients' sympathetic and parasympathetic symptoms. --- You get major subjective improvement accompanied by unbelievably quick improvement in objective NUTRI-SPEC test parameters.

The only "problem" with effectively administering Complex S or Complex P based on your ...


NUTRI-SPEC testing and analysis, is that your Sympathetic and Parasympathetic test patterns respond very quickly. (Here we must make the point once again just how critical it is that your initial diet and supplement recommendations be offered to your patients clearly defined as a clinical trial. The follow-up testing within a week is absolutely essential to determine the patient's true Metabolic Imbalances, as revealed by the response to that clinical trial.) The question we kept getting from NUTRI-SPEC doctors beginning in early February went something like this, "I gave my patient Complex P for her Parasympathetic Imbalance, and on her first follow-up test a week later she showed a Sympathetic Imbalance. What went wrong?"

The answer is --- nothing went wrong; everything went right. The fascinating study of Neuroimmunology reveals the direct link between the autonomic nervous system and the immune system, and the positive and negative feedback mechanisms between those two systems. Some individuals respond to environmental stressors with a predominantly sympathetic/catecholamine stress response, while others respond to stress with a predominantly parasympathetic/acetylcholine/cortico-steroid defense. These are your Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Imbalance patients, respectively.

However, many children, a substantial number of young adults, and a significant number of high-vitality older adults respond to environmental stressors with an exaggerated response by both the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems, mounting a ...


stress response. These individuals are in a constant state of dis-ease. Stressed to the max, they will be restored to orderly neuroimmune response, benefiting by ...

  • a dramatic decrease in pro-inflammatory cytokines of the immune system, and ...

  • a re-centering of brain neurotransmitters ...

with Complex S and Complex P --- first in sequence, then in combination --- along with the NUTRI-SPEC Fundamental Diet.

If you are not restoring neuroimmunological balance to your patients through NUTRI-SPEC testing, then just what are you doing for (to) them? Megadoses of supplements purported to be "good for the immune system?" Herbal drugs? --- What a tragic waste of your time and your patients' money. With a set of clinical tests your staff can perform in just minutes, and an analysis that your staff and you can complete in a few minutes more, you can pinpoint the exact and immediate needs of every patient right in your own office --- with objective indicators you can monitor as often as needed to manage the patients' return to Metabolic Balance, followed by an increase in Vital Reserves --- resulting in the ultimate goal --- the longer, stronger life derived from maximizing Adaptative Capacity.

In your February NUTRI-SPEC Letter you were given the third of three extraordinary new NUTRI-SPEC supplements. You were already tinkering with:

OXY TONIC --- that supplies precious negative valence sulfur to your hypotonic patients who need sodium rather than magnesium along with sulfhydril groups --- and ---

ELECTRO TONIC --- which increases energy via glycolytic, gluconeogenic, and phosphogluconate pathways, while simultaneously hyper-hydrating and dispersing electrolytes throughout all 3 body fluid compartments --- improving athletic performance, etc., etc. (--- and --- even more about your power with Electro Tonic later in this Letter ...)

PROTON PLUS --- was the big gun added to your arsenal in February. At last you had a chloride acidifier for your Alkaline patients. Twenty years of study and thought went into the development of this product --- a way to address the muscle cramps, joint pain, nervous tics, insomnia, itching, and all the other nasty symptoms associated with Alkalosis, and for which there was no clinical answer without exacerbating other Metabolic Imbalances.

Proton Plus is essential to correcting not only most Alkaline Imbalances, but the alkaline symptoms associated with Electrolyte Insufficiency Imbalance, Dysaerobic Imbalance, and Ketogenic Imbalance.

Furthermore, Proton Plus is the most effective means to replenish hydrochloric acid for patients whose stomachs do not produce enough. Fully 68% of your geriatric patients produce insufficient hydrochloric acid. As a result, they suffer protein putrefaction in the gut as well as poor absorption of iron, calcium, and other minerals.

It is absolutely critical for you to understand that not only are patients with low stomach production of hydrochloric acid suffering from associated nutrient deficiencies, but --- the vast majority of these patients also suffer from some degree of gastritis. --- Gastritis --- you know --- the condition for which millions of people take drugs to suppress stomach production of hydrochloric acid. (The research (*) showing that insufficient (not excess) stomach acid is associated with most upper GI symptoms was done decades ago. Obviously, the drug companies had a compelling interest in suppressing any more of that research.)

Patients with gastritis, or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) can be divided into just a few categories:

  • those who are Sympathetic and need Proton Plus

  • those who are Parasympathetic and need Phos Drops

  • those who are eating too much carbohydrate (especially sugar) with meals and need Proton Plus

  • those who are eating fruit or drinking juice or other sweet beverages and need the NUTRI-SPEC Fundamental Diet

  • those who have experienced damaged upper GI function from antacids and histamine blocking drugs designed to treat GERD symptoms and need Proton Plus

  • those who are suffering an age-related decrease in hydrochloric acid production and need Proton Plus

In introducing you to Proton Plus I was remiss in my explanation of all its benefits. You see --- not only does Proton Plus offer hydrochloride in combination with amino acids and betaine, but contains a "secret ingredient" as well. The little gem that often goes unnoticed at the end of the ingredient list is --- sorbitol. There are two reasons why sorbitol is included in your Proton Plus. First, there was some research done in Russia showing that sorbitol has beneficial effects on the aberrant potassium metabolism typical of most Alkalosis patients. That alone was reason enough to add sorbitol to this formulation. --- But --- there is a far more important reason for adding sorbitol ...

While a certain percentage of the sorbitol is absorbed and may have the beneficial metabolic effects on cellular retention of potassium mentioned above, a sizable portion of the sorbitol goes through the GI tract unaltered. It arrives in the colon in undigested form where it serves as ...


populating the gut. Yes --- sorbitol is one of the most effective ...


You will be reading much more about prebiotics in these Letters over the coming months, but for now just understand that a prebiotic is food that, while undigested by you, is easily digested by the smiley face members of your wee beasty population --- to the detriment of the nasty beasties who would wreak havoc on your health if given the chance.

You may be aware that nearly 75% of the immune system is in the wall of the GI tract. Prebiotics such as sorbitol feed the critters that produce butyric acid and other short-chain fatty acids that in turn assist the immune system and minimize the production of inflammatory cytokines.

So --- all your patients who are getting the acidification and upper GI effects from Proton Plus are getting an additional lower GI kicker. Proton Plus helps maintain normal intestinal flora and increases production of beneficial short-chain fatty acids.

In your June, July, and August Letters you got a (still not anywhere near complete) explanation of the almost unbelievable clinical impact of your other new NUTRI-SPEC supplement --- Electro Tonic. You learned that Electro Tonic is ...


Electro Tonic does what many doctors wish their herbal drugs would do. As an adaptogen, Electro Tonic does not do anything, it gives you the ability to do things. Through its benefits on energy production, on water and electrolyte dynamics, and as an antioxidant, it increases performance capacity --- increases personal power --- allowing you to perform at the highest level.

(Believe it or not, there is much, much more to the benefits of Electro Tonic we have not yet discussed in these Letters. But --- since we are running out of pages this month --- in the next month or two we will cover the rest of the story --- including its amazing effects on skin tone and texture that many of you will find interesting.)

Speaking of performing at your highest level --- we gave you in the May, September, and October issues of this Letter detailed descriptions of some of the methods you can use to truly prosper with NUTRI-SPEC as you serve your patients. That followed the April Letter in which you saw exactly how to most effectively utilize the NUTRI-SPEC team, particularly Merry, Jennifer, and me, as your partners in patient care. We gave specific examples of word-for-word replies we gave to doctors in response to questions about their patients --- how to interpret tests, how to factor in the effects of drugs, how and when to transition from Metabolic Balancing to the Diphasic Nutrition Plan, and so on. We are here to give you everything you need to succeed. Take full advantage --- you will not find this kind of service anywhere else.

In September and October we gave you what might be called Practice Management pointers. We showed you how to define your success in terms of service, and how to chart your prosperity as you become rich in enriching others. The doctors who are making hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in NUTRI-SPEC are probably no smarter than you are, nor do they care more about their patients than you do ...

As Shakespeare said, "Life is a stage." --- Every day is a scene that you must play with passion, with joy, with daring, and with thanksgiving for being blessed with so much opportunity. NUTRI-SPEC is one unique, very special way to seize the opportunity to enrich others as you enrich yourself. So --- as you stand there on the stage of life --- are you the hero of this play, or just a bit player? And who is directing this show, anyway?

Be committed, have fun, and prosper.

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.


(*) Bird, et al. Gastric histology and its relation to anemia in the elderly. Gerontology, 1977.