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Volume 23, Number 1

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
January, 2012

"I wanted to let you know about my "marathon lady." She ran a ½ marathon and beat her best time by 5 minutes. She said it had to be the NUTRI-SPEC Program that helped her do that. She also said her recovery time was "so much shorter" and was really surprised because this race had 51 turns in it and that is usually very hard on her legs. Needless to say she is thrilled!

I wanted you all to know the good news and thank you for your help on this case!"

"A patient with multiple sclerosis, who has been under her NUTRI-SPEC program half a year showed a marked improvement in overall condition, especially in ability to walk and tolerate hot weather."

"These two patients were referred to us by their Dentist, a patient of ours, who has made outstanding progress to date on the Doing FINE and DNP. He was so thrilled he is telling everyone in his practice about the NUTRI-SPEC work we do."

"Just doing a follow-up on (our 56-year-old patient with diabetes, asthma, hiatal and pyloric ulceration, reflux/heartburn, shortness of breath on exertion, pain in fingers, plus bloating and sleepiness after meals). I have included the recommendation email below sent after the previous test so you can see the changes ...

The patient is doing extremely well and is exceptionally happy with his progress. He has no symptoms of breathlessness, pain, reflux, fatigue, or somnolence. He no longer has sugar in his urine, and has no asthma symptoms. He still has a little pain in his finger joints – mind you he does windsurf for a few hours a week and that requires a lot of strength in the fingers and is quite stressful on the hands!!! He has also had a significant change of shape (not weight) especially around the midriff – abdomen is now muscular and flat – he is really pleased!! And he feels as great as he looks. Well done NUTRI-SPEC."

"Wow! Before beginning the NUTRI-SPEC program, my patient was taking a calcium channel blocker, a beta blocker/diuretic combo, and an angiotension II inhibitor. Three powerful meds to control her blood pressure.

Now she is only taking one med, the Diovan HCT. It appears that she will be able to reduce this med as well. (Before NUTRI-SPEC, 3 meds and a BP of 133/85, now one med and BP of 113/71)

This is a 73 year old with a history of advanced cardiovascular disease (triple bypass, and a stent). In addition, she had frequent joint and spine pain, bowel problems, low energy, fatigue, and anxiety. To sum it up. SHE JUST DID NOT FEEL WELL.

She now feels better; in fact her friends all remark how well she appears. She has more energy, stamina, better mood, and her elimination has improved as well. On her last spinal checkup visit, I found only one misalignment. She had just returned from a trip to Colorado. In times past we would have found multiple spinal misalignments plus the need to work on her knees, and hips. This would normally have required several visits to address the pain and joint restrictions.

Thank you Dr. Schenker, and the NUTRI-SPEC staff with giving me such a wonderful way to further help my patients unlock the powerful healing abilities the Lord has given all.

Dear Doctor,

Many of you have "complained" over the last several years that we no longer include case histories from our own practice in this Letter. When these Letters went online, we realized very quickly that we were violating the privacy of our patients by publishing their story for the world to see. --- So --- in response to your very legitimate desire for "happy-ever-after" stories, we start your New Year with 5 strong endorsements of NUTRI-SPEC from practitioners who are doing NUTRI-SPEC and doing it right.

We picked these particular testimonials because they just happened to be lying on my desk --- but this is the kind of feedback that the NUTRI-SPEC staff gets all the time. Are we getting this kind of feedback from you? If you do NUTRI-SPEC conscientiously --- particularly if you effectively employ the Doing FINE procedure when appropriate to reduce ImmunoNeuroEndocrine stress, and, if you employ the newly revised and easy to administer Diphasic Nutrition Plan ---


Do it. Contact the NUTRI-SPEC staff today, and get yourself up to speed to be Doing FINE and with the DNP. With these 2 procedures you need not even make the commitment to NUTRI-SPEC Metabolic Testing to achieve the success illustrated by the 5 endorsements above.

The improvements in NUTRI-SPEC methods and products are happening so fast that it has become impossible to keep you up-to-date through these monthly Letters. The most obvious and seemingly superficial change is in the name of Oxygenic B. --- After 27 years as Oxy B, the name has been switched to


Why the name change? ----- Raise your hand if you knew that Oxy B (Activator) contains all the heat-labile amino acids in nutritionally significant quantities.

How significant is this inclusion of amino acids? Just what does it mean that these vital amino acids are heat-labile? It means that at ordinary cooking temperatures these amino acids are functionally destroyed to some degree. How significant is the nutritional loss of these amino acids such as lysine, methionine, taurine, and the rest? Rolled up beside by desk (but more often spread out across my desk) is a 4' x 3' chart of amino acid metabolism. It includes the myriad metabolic pathways traversed by the most nutritionally critical amino acids. Each amino acid has dozens of functional pathways it can take, not to mention thousands upon thousands of structural proteins into which it can be incorporated. Since most of our patients eat too many carbohydrates and sugars, and, eat much of their insufficient protein over-cooked, they are all suffering to some extent the functional and structural consequences of amino acid insufficiencies.

Here is a story illustrating just how important even a little amino acid supplementation can be: This is a conversation I had years ago with a veterinarian ...

"I noticed that the sulfonic acid taurine is included as an ingredient in all cat food. Why is that?"

"Taurine is a fascinating nutrient. There are 2 forms of heart disease that plague domestic cats, and one of those was for decades the leading cause of death among pet cats. That killer heart disease was eliminated totally when we started adding a little taurine to cat food."

"That certainly doesn't surprise me --- I've long been aware of the importance of taurine to cardiovascular function. But what I don't understand is that the meat, fish, and poultry constituting the cat food are extremely high in taurine --- so any cat eating these foods should be easily meeting dietary requirements."

"Yes, but you see the whole problem they discovered was that taurine was being destroyed when they cooked the meats during cat food preparation."

Think of it. --- A tiny bit of amino acid supplementation was all it took to totally eliminate a deadly form of heart disease. How much amino acid supplementation? Just enough to replace the amount of that amino acid that was destroyed in cooking. What applies to taurine for cats applies to taurine for humans, and applies to the other heat-labile amino acids for humans as well. There is hardly a metabolic pathway in human physiology that is not adversely affected by insufficient availability of vital amino acids. The amino acids in your Oxy B (Activator) give your patients one more significant advantage in living stronger longer.

Heat-labile amino acids, plus vitamins in their most bioactive forms, plus trace minerals in their most absorbable and bioactive forms, plus minerals in their most bioactive forms --- forms you simply do not find in other supplements --- yet --- my patients and yours always referred to Oxygenic B as, "just a multiple." Some even referred to it as, "that B vitamin." Oxy B has always been so much more than just a multiple --- with mineral aspartates and orotates, heat-labile amino acids, and pyrophosphate forms of B vitamins --- it has for nearly 3 decades been a spark plug to fire up the metabolism --- truly a metabolic ...


Yes --- the rate of improvement in your NUTRI-SPEC products and methods has gone from linear to exponential. The most breathtaking improvement is the transformation of your Go Power into ...


Your Go Power and Oxy Power (or Diphasic A.M. and Diphasic P.M. as part of your Diphasic Nutrition Plan) were already the world's greatest combination of antioxidants and adaptogens. But now, there has been a quantum leap in the efficacy of Go Power.

Before I give you the details on how Go Power has been supercharged, let me give you one juicy bit of background information on lipoic acid and acetyl-l-carnitine, two of the top six mitochondrial antioxidants (--- the top six that also includes Co-enzyme Q10, gamma tocopherol, delta tocotrienol, and carnosine --- all four of which are found in your Diphasic A.M. plus Diphasic P.M. combo). Here is a nugget of pure gold, clinically relevant information that no one but NUTRI-SPEC seems to appreciate. A study done on Parkinson's Disease found that both lipoic acid and acetyl-l-carnitine were protective against mitochondrial dysfunction, oxidative damage, and accumulation of alpha-synuclein and ubiquitin --- the brain killers specific to Parkinson's. Most notably, however, it was found that combining lipoic acid and acetyl-l-carnitine was 100 to 1,000 times more effective than using either nutrient alone. Think of the power!!! Quoting from that study:

"Pretreatment with combined lipoic acid and acetyl-l-carnitine increased mitochondrial biogenesis and decreased production of reactive oxygen species through the upregulation of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma coactivator-1 alpha as a possible mechanism." --- And then the study goes on to conclude --- "This study provided important evidence that combining mitochondrial antioxidants at optimal doses might be an effective and safe prevention strategy for Parkinson's Disease and other neuro-degenerative conditions."

Is not this concept of combining nutrients for their synergistic effects exactly what your NUTRI-SPEC system is all about? All your NUTRI-SPEC formulations are designed with the intent of nutrients working together for specific metabolic effects that cannot be achieved by single nutrient supplementation alone. Your Go Power/Diphasic A.M. is formulated specifically to boost the efficiency of oxidative energy metabolism while at the same time protecting against the anabolic/hyperplastic component of aging. Similarly, your Oxy Power/Diphasic P.M. contains an amazing combination of nutrients working synergistically to protect against the destructive oxidation free radical catabolic component of aging.

Does the concept of "combining mitochondrial antioxidants at optimal doses" appeal to you as the most effective way to increase your patients' Adaptative Capacity? Of course it does --- and only through you and your NUTRI-SPEC supplements can your patients most effectively increase their Vital Reserves. Simply take a moment to gaze with satisfaction at these two nutrient lists:

Go Power/Diphasic A.M.

  • L-carnosine

  • L-carnitine

  • Chondroitin

  • Betaine

  • Acetyl-l-carnitine

  • Alpha lipoic acid

  • Coenzyme-Q10

Oxy Power/Diphasic P.M.

  • Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Gamma tocopherol

  • Alpha, Delta, and Gamma tocotrienol

  • Alpha lipoic acid

  • Coenzyme-Q10

Now --- announcing the remarkable improvement to your Go Power: We have quadrupled the amount of lipoic acid in the product from 100 mg to 400 mg, and, we have added 550 mg of acetyl-l-carnitine. Not only has NUTRI-SPEC made the world's greatest adaptogen at least 10X more powerful, but we are able to give you this amazingly transformed product with no price increase.

Give yourself an intellectual booster. --- Go to your NUTRI-SPEC website and read up on the extraordinary nutrients, lipoic acid and acetyl-l-carnitine. (--- Send your patients there, too. --- An informed patient is an enthusiastic, referring patient.) Then, ask yourself, "What better way than by using the synergistic combinations of nutrients in the Diphasic Nutrition Plan can I increase my patients' Vital Reserves? Mega doses of this and that flavor-of-the-month supplements? Symptom chasing with herbal drugs?" --- Your only honest answer is that nothing compares with the pure gold of your NUTRI-SPEC Diphasic Nutrition Plan.

Go for it. --- Phone NUTRI-SPEC today to be sure you have the latest updates on Doing FINE and your DIPHASIC NUTRITION PLAN --- and --- to take advantage of our special offer on your newly juiced-up GO POWER --- 2 FREE with every 10 you buy.