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Volume 23, Number 2

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
February, 2012

Dear Doctor,

Choose which of these lists of supplement benefits you want for yourself, your family, and your patients:

Supplement A

  • Improves insulin resistance and increases the efficiency of glucose metabolism

  • Crosses the Blood-Brain Barrier where it acts as a powerful anti-oxidant, protecting the brain

  • Stabilizes brain neuron membranes and enhances brain neuron mitochondrial energy production

  • Evidently, protects against Alzheimer's and Parkinson's

  • Maintains function of the memory center of the brain, the hippocampus

  • Improves both cognitive status and physical functions, while reducing both mental and physical fatigue

  • Increases the most biologically active antioxidant, glutathione

  • Decreases the total myalgic score in fibromyalgia

  • Protects the heart against ischemia and hypertrophy

Supplement B

  • Acts as a di-thiol antioxidant, part of the glutathione system of antioxidants, while potentiating the antioxidant enzyme systems superoxide dismutase, catalase, glutathione reductase, and vitamin E that are critical to prevent aging

  • As an antioxidant, decreases malondialdehyde, one of the principle end products of age-related lipid peroxidation

  • Increases intracellular co-enzyme Q10, and regenerates both vitamin C and vitamin E intracellularly

  • Is a powerful hydroxyl radical quencher

  • Decreases oxidative stress in response to exercise

  • Decreases plasma protein carbonyl levels (a key marker for aging processes)

  • Decreases inflammation of all types, by reducing inflammatory prostaglandins

  • Lowers triglycerides

  • Decreases LDL cholesterol oxidative susceptibility associated with atherosclerosis

  • Decreases elevated blood pressure

  • As pyruvate oxidation factor, improves the efficiency of glucose uptake and oxidative energy production, and decreases the lactate to pyruvate ratio in cells

  • Decreases insulin resistance and elevated blood sugar

  • Improves cell membrane fluidity, an essential benefit for diabetics

  • Decreases diabetic neuropathy

  • Prevents cataracts

  • Increases T-cell function in cancer patients

  • Decreases age-related memory loss and improves the efficiency of brain oxidative metabolism

Clearly, Supplement A and Supplement B are each ...


So --- which do you choose --- the brain and heart protecting, energetic enhancing, memory and cognition preserving, fatigue and pain reducing Supplement A to build Vital Reserves --- or --- the anti-aging, oxidative radical quenching, cardiovascular protecting, diabetes reversing, energetic enhancing, memory restoring Supplement B to increase Adaptative Capacity???

If you had to choose just one nutrient to ...


of your family and patients --- just one nutrient to assure that you ...


which would it be --- A or B? --- The glorious truth is that you need never make such a choice, since you have BOTH A and B to empower you, your family, and your patients in one supplement. --- Your Go Power/Diphasic A.M. contains BOTH 550 mg of acetyl-l-carnitine ("Supplement A") and 400 mg of alpha lipoic acid ("Supplement B") in a single serving. (--- And that is not the whole story. --- Your Go Power/Diphasic A.M. also contains clinically powerful L-Carnosine, L-Carnitine, Chondroitin, Betaine, and Coenzyme Q-10 --- 5 more AMAZING ADAPTOGENS.)

But wait!!! Your Go Power/Diphasic A.M. does not "merely" give your patients the incredible benefits of acetyl-l-carnitine plus lipoic acid --- it gives you the absolutely miraculous synergistic benefits of acetyl-l-carnitine plus lipoic acid. A 2010 study published in the Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine showed that when administered together, acetyl-l-carnitine and lipoic acid work 100-1,000-fold more powerfully in protection against reactive oxygen species and in the promotion of mitochondrial biogenesis than either nutrient used alone. In conclusion, these researchers stated, "This study provided important evidence that combining mitochondrial antioxidants at optimal doses might be an effective and safe prevention strategy ..."


These researchers are stating precisely your NUTRI-SPEC approach to clinical nutrition. Combining nutrients for their synergistic effects is exactly what your NUTRI-SPEC system is all about. All your NUTRI-SPEC formulations are designed with the intent of nutrients working together for specific metabolic effects that cannot be achieved by single nutrient supplementation alone.

In that context, think of your Go Power/Diphasic A.M. It is formulated specifically to boost the efficiency of oxidative energy metabolism, while at the same time protecting against the anabolic/hyperplastic component of aging. Its 7 ingredients are universally considered among the most extraordinary antioxidants. Technically --- biochemically speaking --- at least 5 of these nutrients are actually anti-reductants, not anti-oxidants (but that is a technical detail about which you need not be concerned) --- but the point is that these 7 nutrients are each amazing adaptogens when used alone, yet express a quantum leap in increased power when used synergistically to protect against the anabolic/hyperplastic component of aging.

Similarly, your Oxy Power/Diphasic P.M. gives you the most concentrated source of gamma tocopherol, delta tocotrienol, lipoic acid, and coenzyme Q-10 --- synergistically working to protect your patients against the destructive oxidative free radical catabolic component of aging. Anti-aging? --- Oh my, yes. Combining Diphasic A.M. and Diphasic P.M., along with the increased amplitude of the diurnal cycle provided by Oxy A+ and Oxy D+, plus the immune-enhancing benefits of Immuno-Synbiotic --- there is absolutely nothing that matches your Diphasic Nutrition Plan in maximizing brain function, heart function, liver function, immune system function, hormonal balance --- protecting against oxidative damage, reductive damage, pathological hyperplasia, pathological disintegration --- the killer processes behind cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative disease, and metabolic syndrome X --- the conditions that prevent us all from living stronger longer.


Yes, your goal is to get all your patients on the Diphasic Nutrition Plan, to increase Adaptative Capacity via building Vital Reserves. Some of your patients who are already overwhelmed by ImmunoNeuroEndocrine stress will need the Doing FINE procedure as a prelude to your DNP. All the benefits of increased Adaptative Capacity through enhanced Vital Reserves are available to all your patients even without making the commitment to Metabolic Balancing through NUTRI-SPEC testing.

But most of your patients will achieve the desired increase in Adaptative Capacity much sooner, much more effectively, and with a much quicker resolution of symptoms, if they are offered Metabolic Balancing before transitioning to the DNP. Metabolic Balancing through NUTRI-SPEC testing requires much more active management of your patients initially. If you are up for making that commitment, then absolutely go for it. Typically, it takes between 3 and 10 weeks of Metabolic Balancing before a patient is ready to transition into the Diphasic Nutrition Plan. Those 3 to 10 weeks can be immediately exhilarating, or, they can be a wild roller coaster ride, with seemingly unending ups and downs. Personally, I enjoy being beside my patients, watching the test results change as the symptoms change.

But either with or without Metabolic Balancing, it is ultimately your Diphasic A.M., Diphasic P.M., Oxy A+/Oxy Tonic, Oxy D+/Electro Tonic, Complex P and Complex S --- along with whatever other nutrients are required to individualize a DNP for each particular patient --- that give your patients the only chance they have to maximize the length and quality of life.


Within the context of that DNP, do you see that the same principle of nutrient synergy applies to Complex S and Complex P? Complex P gives your patients all the nutrients to protect against excess cholinergic stress, while supporting a strong Sympathetic drive in response to stressors. Meanwhile, Complex S includes a long list of ingredients working together to protect against an excessive catecholamine stress response, while enhancing Parasympathetic control of vegetative functions.

And beyond your DNP and into the realm of Metabolic Balancing ---How about Oxygenic A and Oxygenic D? Oxygenic A facilitates efficient oxidative metabolism while inhibiting excess Anaerobic glycolysis with its excess production of lactic acid. It also protects against many of the pro-inflammatory cytokines produced by an excessively activated immune system. Its benefits to liver function prevent fatty liver and decrease triglycerides. Oxygenic D protects against oxidative free radical damage and the catabolic component of aging. It increases White Blood Cell activity and enhances immune system function.

Consider also Oxygenic G and Oxygenic K. Oxygenic K includes the perfect blend of nutrients designed to protect against a Keto Alkalosis --- with all its consequences, including elevated triglycerides, fatty liver, and insulin resistance. Oxygenic G tips the scale the opposite direction, with a special formulation of nutrients to protect against acid hypoglycemia. For doctors who want to actively manage their patients in the restoration of Metabolic Balance, nothing matches the powerful push derived from each of these NUTRI-SPEC supplements. ----- But getting back to the pure gold you have in your Diphasic Nutrition Plan ...

We have never finished the story on the immune-boosting effects of your IMMUNO-SYNBIOTIC. Recognize that your Immuno-Synbiotic gives you the means to immediately restore a healthy intestinal milieu --- but the benefits are systemic as well. Since 75% of the immune system originates in the gut mucosa, your Immuno-Synbiotic has a powerful effect in correcting ImmunoNeuroEndocrine stress. Mast cells in particular, are pro-inflammatory little devils residing in the intestinal tissues. They absolutely must be kept under control, and Immuno-Synbiotic does the job.

In your November Letter, we posed the question --- "Which of the 5 ingredients of your Immuno-Synbiotic does the most to reduce ImmunoNeuroEndocrine stress?" Is it the most effective bacterial probiotic in the world, L. reuteri? Is it the non-bacterial probiotic Saccharomyces boulardii? Both these probiotics have unparalleled trophic effects on the intestinal mucosa. Both of them dramatically increase colonic butyrate, the short-chain fatty acid with far-reaching immune benefits. Both reduce pro-inflammatory cytokines of an over-reactive immune system. Both help eradicate nasty critters in the gut --- including Helicobacter pylori (the cause of stomach ulcers), as well as Candida albicans. --- Or --- is the most critical ingredient in your Immuno-Synbiotic one of the 3 prebiotics, inulin, glucomannan, or guar gum? --- The far-reaching benefits of these prebiotics on INE stress are evidenced by so many dozens of studies from the literature that we will devote all of next month's Letter to them. --- Then, you can be the judge of which ingredient wins the recognition as ...


Meanwhile, the testimonials raving about Immuno-Synbiotic's benefits keep coming in to the NUTRI-SPEC staff. Many of these rave reviews come from doctors who are not even using NUTRI-SPEC, but just began using Immuno-Synbiotic as a GI "remedy." (--- Maybe some of these doctors will now see the light and begin offering the entire NUTRI-SPEC package to their patients.) Some of the testimonials are coming from patients who contacted NUTRI-SPEC directly because they felt the need to express their enthusiasm over how well they feel.

One additional note on Immuno-Synbiotic is that we tweaked the formulation a bit. We decreased the percentage of inulin, and proportionately increased the amounts of glucomannan and guar gum. It is not that the inulin is to be disregarded as a powerfully effective prebiotic. But we determined that many of the patients who could not take Immuno-Synbiotic because it increased stool frequency were experiencing their negative reaction entirely due to the inulin. You see, inulin is a mix of many saccharides. Patients with disaccharidase enzyme deficiency (an example of which is lactose intolerance) were the ones having difficulty with diarrhea/gas/bloating from Immuno-Synbiotic. If you had a patient or two with such a reaction to Immuno-Synbiotic, we encourage you to take another shot at it. Everyone needs the benefit of these probiotics and prebiotics. You absolutely must use it for your patients with Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, and celiac disease.

To keep your momentum going with Immuno-Synbiotic, we are repeating our special this month --- 2 FREE for every 10 you buy.

Now, put it all together for your patients --- Diphasic A.M. and Diphasic P.M. for their anti-aging benefits by reducing reductive stress and oxidative stress, plus Oxy A+ and Oxy D+ with Complex S and Complex P to restore the amplitude of the youthful diurnal cycle, plus the immune-enhancing effects of Immuno-Synbiotic -------------------------

Your Diphasic Nutrition Plan = Your Diphasic Longevity plan.