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Volume 23, Number 5

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
May, 2012

Dear Doctor,

Has the flash of lightening energized your practice? Do sparks fly as electrified excitement flows from you to your patients? Here is feedback from two doctors who have been ...


by the power of NUTRI-SPEC. If you are not yet flowing with the juice, all you need to do is ...


as these two practitioners have ...

DOCTOR #1: "Nita has been medication free now for 3 weeks. The presenting pain in her low back and hips has been significantly diminished and remains so with one laser treatment a week. She now can rise from bed normally, and last week walked to the mailbox for the first time in a year. She sent me an Easter card, thanking me for getting back her 'wiggle'. A pretty happy lady, I'd say.

I have her on 5K IUs of D3, and 6/day of Immuno-Synbiotic."

What is so special about Nita "wiggling" to the mailbox for the first time in a year? Nita has multiple sclerosis. MS is one of the most devastating of the autoimmune diseases. It results from autoimmune destruction of the brain, with that autoimmune activity involving a diversity of ImmunoNeuroEndocrine stressors. Like many of the autoimmune diseases, MS particularly involves excessive activation of inflammatory cytokines from the lymphocytic T helper cell 1 family. As such, it responds favorably to supplementation with the immuno-suppressant vitamin D.

Doctor #1 is quite a fine gentleman with whom NUTRI-SPEC has maintained a mutually enriching communication line for many, many years. He is 99% retired, and lives in Canada. So --- while our communication line remains vibrant, his practice of NUTRI-SPEC has been minimal for quite some time.

"Without doing NUTRI-SPEC," he asked us, "Is there anything I can do for a young woman I know who has been stricken with MS? She is in constant pain, and the weakness from her neurodegeneration has her totally disabled."

We replied that the very least that should be done for this patient is to begin bringing her severe INE stress under control with a combination of vitamin D (beneficial for most Th1-mediated autoimmune diseases), and particularly with Immuno-Synbiotic for its beneficial effects in controlling the immune, and the neurological, and the endocrine components of INE stress. ----- So --- after only a few weeks on nothing more than vitamin D and Immuno-Synbiotic, the patient was able to stop all her medication and has remained drug free for 3 weeks. While her pain is minimized, the more dramatic improvement is in her mobility. --- Walking to the mailbox may not seem like a big deal, but to a patient with severe MS it is a major triumph.

Are we saying that Immuno-Synbiotic "cures" multiple sclerosis? Absolutely not ---


DOCTOR #2: "I never used probiotics because I never found them to do anything, unless they made the patient sick. Well, now I have a new favorite product --- Immuno-Synbiotic is probably my favorite of anything. We can't keep it in stock (I have almost everyone beginning it) – and it has helped me personally. I couldn't figure out how I had lost weight (I had a slight middle aged lower belly). It turns out, I didn't lose weight, I lost my bloated belly ever since I started taking the Immuno-Synbiotic combination of probiotics and prebiotics."

Why is your Immuno-Synbiotic this doctor's "favorite of anything?"


Doctor #2 does not see Immuno-Synbiotic as a "cure all" --- but rather as an "empower all."

Doctor #2 is intelligent, perceptive, and extraordinarily successful. --- (and I define success as becoming rich (materially as well as emotionally and spiritually) by enriching others.) He and I have a mutual respect that dates back 30 years. This doctor is sharp enough to appreciate that Immuno-Synbiotic is benefitting his patients by reducing INE stress even when there are not immediately evident symptomatic improvements. He is also observant enough to recognize completely unexpected improvements (such as his shrinking lower belly) associated with Immuno-Synbiotic. He has a passion to serve his patients well, and he knows he has a winner with Immuno-Synbiotic.


We have given you Letter after NUTRI-SPEC Letter highlighting the amazing diversity of benefits derived from controlling INE stress with Immuno-Synbiotic. We have one more extraordinarily powerful effect of these prebiotics and probiotics that we have not yet even mentioned.

To fully comprehend this additional unique benefit of giving your patients Immuno-Synbiotic, stop and think what you know about resveratrol. Surely, you have heard countless claims by the (unscrupulous) health food industry of the seemingly unlimited conditions that are "cured" by resveratrol. Resveratrol is presented as particularly "cool" because its highest concentration is found in red wine. As it turns out, 90% of the claims about resveratrol are totally false (--- and would be false even if the principal researcher behind many of the outlandish resveratrol claims had not admitted he fabricated many of his findings). I personally have had many, many patients come to me who were taking resveratrol for one condition or another, and not one of them had experienced any symptomatic benefit. There has been something "fishy" going on with resveratrol from the beginning --- and that fishiness relates directly to your Immuno-Synbiotic.

Resveratrol is one of the heavily hyped "phyto-nutrients" for which the health food industry has been extracting money from health food nuts for years now. These increasingly popular phyto-nutrients are actually all chemically related. --- They are polyphenolic compounds; they are found in highest concentrations in foods of vegetable origin; they do, (under ideal circumstances) have beneficial biological activity. In addition to resveratrol, these polyphenolic compounds include flavonoids (such as quercetin, rutin, and hesperidin), isoflavones, flavonols, flavonones, proanthocyanidins, anthocyanins, catechins, and carotenoids.

The anthocyanins are found in grapes, red wine, and berries. The catechins are found in red wine, green tea, and cocoa --- and are responsible for the big green tea craze, as well as making chocolate into a "health food." Proanthocyanidins were responsible for the health food craze over grape pips and pine bark that began in the 1980s. The isoflavones are found in extracts of soy, and are largely responsible for the perception of soy as a health food. The flavonoids, flavones, flavonols and carotenoids are widely distributed among foods of vegetable origin. There are hundreds and hundreds of polyphenolic compounds --- each with its own biological activity. Many of them cannot be considered nutrients, but have a biological activity that can only be classified as a drug action. Some of them do function as nutrients. Many, many of the polyphenolic compounds are estrogenic in activity --- which is considered good or nasty --- depending on whose hype you are reading.

To understand the connection between Immuno-Synbiotic and the benefit or harm done by the various polyphenolic phyto-nutrients, you must first realize that almost all nutrient research begins with studies done on cell cultures. The next step is to do studies on animals. Then, only limited, if any, studies are done on human beings. Here is what has happened with resveratrol and almost all the polyphenols. The initial studies were done with human cell cultures and all sorts of wonderful things happened --- inflammation was reduced; fibrosis was reduced; oxidative damage was reduced; reductive damage was reduced; cancer cells self-destructed; cells increased their receptivity to certain hormones and decreased their receptivity to others.

--- So then what? The health food industry rushed to market with its new wonder cure phyto-nutrient, enthusiastically quoting all the benefits revealed by cell culture studies. People were snookered into spending lots of money, and entirely frustrated by the absence of benefits.

The next stage of research involved study on animals --- and wonder of wonders --- these phyto-nutrients yielded amazing clinical results in critters with every disease you can imagine. But the fishy part of the polyphenol studies was that the miracles achieved in animals, while truly exciting, were entirely different than the miracles achieved in cell cultures. Why was that? No one bothered to ask. --- The health food industry ramped up the propaganda machines, now advertising the benefits achieved in animal studies --- snookering more victims who wasted even more money.

Another interesting aspect of the polyphenol studies on animals was that the clinical benefits (as well as side effects) were entirely different in animals given the phyto-nutrient by injection vs. those who were supplemented orally. You would think by this point researchers (if they were true men of science) would begin to ask the right questions and begin putting two and two together.

Finally, studies on some of these polyphenolic compounds were done on humans. Again, the results were "fishy" --- and no one really bothered to ask questions about why. Many of the human studies showed absolutely none of the benefits that had been obtained in cell cultures or in animal studies. Some of them showed benefits, but benefits that were entirely different than those found in cell culture and animal studies. Human studies with the polyphenol taken by injection yielded entirely different results than those involving polyphenols taken orally. In some cases injection yielded greater benefits, yet some yielded none whatsoever. For other polyphenols it was the reverse --- taking it orally yielded benefits far greater than taking it by injection.

Okay --- not all scientists are stooges. A few began to ask the right questions and look at the obvious. --- There were major problems with absorption of these phyto-nutrients, and there were major differences in how they were metabolized once they were absorbed. ------ So now --- I will spare you all the details and skip to the bottom line:

  • Almost none of the "unlimited" benefits of resveratrol come from resveratrol itself. Similarly, very few of the benefits from any of the flavonoids, catechins, proanthocyanidins, or any of the other polyphenolic compounds come from the parent compound itself.

  • Almost none of the polyphenols are efficiently absorbed.

  • The little bit that is absorbed, is immediately altered on the first pass through the liver. The liver either conjugates these polyphenols to be dumped into the gall bladder for elimination, or methylates them or converts them into sulfates or glucosides.

  • Some of these metabolites created in the liver, not the original phyto-nutrient from which they are derived, are the actual biologically active chemical. Some of these polyphenol derivatives have nasty drug effects, and a few of them have positive biological effects. --- But in general, these polyphenols have little clinical impact.

  • The desired benefits from polyphenolic supplementation are evident in a certain percentage of people, yet are completely absent in others. --- Why such biological individuality?

  • Almost all the biological activity of polyphenolic compounds comes not from the phyto-nutrient, and not from the liver metabolite of the original polyphenol, but from derivatives of the phyto-nutrient produced by the intestinal flora. Those with healthy intestinal flora convert these phyto-nutrients into extremely beneficial polyphenol derivatives that are absorbed into the bloodstream and have tremendous biological activity. Those with rotten intestinal flora produce little or no beneficial phyto-nutrient derivatives, and in many cases have nasty bacteria that produce entirely different polyphenols that are actually toxic.

Do you get it? There are hundreds of polyphenolic compounds in foods of vegetable origin that have high biological activity, and are extremely beneficial. --- But --- you will only benefit from these nutrients if they are converted to their biologically active form by healthy colonic bacteria. So --- if you want all the advertised benefits of proanthocyanidins, flavonoids, catechins, and all the rest --- eat your vegetables --- and --- supplement with Immuno-Synbiotic.

We shared with you the feedback from Doctors #1 and #2 because their reports just happened to be sitting on my desk the day this Letter was dictated. NUTRI-SPEC receives an unending stream of such positive case histories. Note also that these 2 clinical reports involved only a single NUTRI-SPEC supplement --- Immuno-Synbiotic. While it is true that Immuno-Synbiotic will work wonders as an adjunct to NUTRI-SPEC Metabolic Balancing, and, is at the very foundation of the Diphasic Nutrition Plan that you can easily apply to all your patients ---


in the other supplements that comprise your NUTRI-SPEC menu.

In your Diphasic Nutrition Plan you are intelligently and selectively supplementing your patients with such amazing ...


as carnosine, carnitine, acetyl-l-carnitine, propionyl-l-carnitine, lipoic acid, betaine, gamma tocopherol, delta tocotrienol, coenzyme Q10, glycerol, thiosulfate, chondroitin, and more. Just as we have spent many months highlighting the extraordinary benefits of Immuno-Synbiotic, we could to the same with each of these other vitality-increasing nutrients.

----- We have recently expanded and refined the Diphasic Nutrition Plan. FLIP THE SWITCH --- contact NUTRI-SPEC today to be brought fully up-to-date. You can help all your patients live stronger longer.