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Volume 23, Number 7

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
July, 2012

Dear Doctor,


A bright young man, Edwin Moses had a scholarship to a small college where he majored in physics and industrial engineering. His little college did not even have its own track, but did have a track team. Moses enjoyed athletic competition, so he trained on local high school tracks, and competed for his college track team in various sprint races.

After a couple years, almost by chance, Moses ran in an event he had never tried before --- the 400 meter hurdles. With his one-in-a-million combination of speed plus stamina plus long stride length, he totally outclassed the competition. He decided to focus on the 400 meter hurdles as his only event. As a total unknown to the elite of his sport, Moses qualified for the 1976 American Olympic team at age 21. That Olympics was his very first international meet, and he not only won the gold medal but also set a world record.

How good was Edwin Moses? He broke his own world record the following year, then lost a race. A week later, he annihilated the guy who had just beaten him, and Moses did not lose another race for nearly 10 years --- 122 consecutive first place finishes.

As the 1980 Olympics rolled around, Edwin Moses was 25 years old and in his prime, and certainly headed for another gold medal. But this was the 1980 Olympics in Moscow, which the US boycotted, depriving Moses of his opportunity. But Moses maintained his passion for competition, and at what was for sprinters a ripe old age of 29, came back and won the gold at the 1984 Olympics. Few people have ever dominated a sport the way Edwin Moses dominated the 400 meter hurdles.

But the story does not end there. Moses attempted the unthinkable. He trained and trained and trained and trained and competed in the 1988 Olympics as a truly "old man" at age 33. Edwin made it all the way to the finals, but, despite his intense and intelligent training, had lost his dominance. He "only" got the bronze medal, despite his world class ability and superhuman commitment. You see, the problem was that at age 33, Edwin Moses was ...


How is the story of Edwin Moses relevant to you and your patients?

Like Edwin Moses at the 1988 Olympics, you (and all your patients age 33+) are over the hill. Your Adaptative Capacity peaked at age 28, then plateaued for about 4 years, at which time you began the long, slow decent toward death. There is nothing you can do to alter that truth. All you can do is alter your quality of life as you slide down that hill.

Will your decent be a painful tumble with many bumps and bruises along the way --- or will it be an exhilarating toboggan ride? The choice is yours. But what you must accept here and now is that even if you "train" for the game of life just as intensely and intelligently as Edwin Moses trained for the 1988 Olympics, you will never again achieve the level of Adaptative Capacity that was potentially yours at age 28.

No matter how extraordinary is your diet --- you will never win Olympic gold.

No matter what combination of supplements you take – you will never win Olympic gold.

If the truth I am revealing here sounds a little gloomy --- cheer up. Think of the exhilarating toboggan ride alluded to above. That "hill" you are over??? --- Do not fuss and fret about it. Just stop and look around. The view from up here is absolutely spectacular. The experiences as you glide down the hill are far more enriching than anything you encountered on the 28-year climb up the other side of the hill. --- Believe me --- life does not end at 28, nor at age 33 --- the joy, the satisfaction, and the triumphs continue to accrue as you zoom down the toboggan trail ---

IF ---

you have maximized your Adaptative Capacity.

Your goal for yourself is:

  • to reach your genetic potential for length of life, and ...

  • to reach your genetic potential for quality of life.

You want the same for your family, and for your patients.

The only way to reach that goal is to get yourself, your family, and as many patients as you can possibly serve ...


That plan has a name --- your NUTRI-SPEC DNP. Your goal is to get all your patients on your DIPHASIC NUTRITION PLAN ... your Diphasic Longevity Plan --- your Diphasic Adaptative Capacity Plan --- now, and for life.

Under natural conditions, what does Long-Life look like?

Long-Life begins at the beginning --- in childhood. A child is born to a mother who spends her pregnancy on the "Eat Well – Be Well" NUTRI-SPEC Fundamental Diet, while getting plenty of natural light, drinking water high in dissolved solids, and living in an environment that is challenging and stimulating, but not distressing. The baby is nursed for 4-12 months or more, and begins the transition to Eat Well – Be Well at 4-6 months. With fresh air, sunshine, and a stimulating environment --- the child has begun his 28-year ascent of "the hill." Organic function and musculoskeletal growth proceed as genetically programmed. Neurological development passes through the stages of creeping, crawling, walking, running, right/left dominance, the age of reason by 5-6 years old, the age of abstraction by age 12, and what I call the age of integration at about 22 years old.

But the important aspect of this first 28 years of Long-Life you must appreciate is the diphasic phenomenon. Picture the Diphasic Cycle as you saw it graphed in last month's Letter. We referred to this cycle as the ...


At 6 a.m. there is a Rocket Launch toward the sun, such that energizers for self-propulsion and anti-anabolic defenses for self-preservation are activated. At 8 p.m. there is an equally powerful Rocket Launch to the moon, activating restorative processes, along with the anti-catabolic defense mechanisms. These diurnal Rocket Launches yield a Diphasic Cycle that can be graphed as a high amplitude sine wave.

Powered by diphasic rockets, 28 years climbing the hill of Long-Life is an absolute joyride. There is a playful bounce in every step along the way, and every step higher yields an ever more stimulating view.

At age 28, the healthy individual has enjoyed 6 years of full physical, mental, and emotional maturity. We know that ...


Adaptative Capacity has been maximized for these 28 years because there has been consistently balanced metabolic activity, but even more importantly, there has been gloriously high Vital Reserves, as exemplified by the high amplitude of the Diphasic Cycle. A plateau is reached at age 28 such that physical performance (whether as athletically for Edwin Moses, or more critically for us, as both stamina and explosive ability to meet the demands of daily living) has maxed out.

What happens at age 33? The healthy individual begins to slip --- almost imperceptibly --- from the level of the age 28-32 plateau. But overall quality of life from the top of the hill continues to improve, even as physical strength and stamina slip a bit. The view looking over the down side of the hill is positively energizing. Vision is clear, and dreams can be seen turning to reality.

All that has happened from a Diphasic Cycle perspective is that the amplitude of the cycle has decreased oh so little. The timing of the Rocket Launches is preserved, and they are still aimed directly at the sun and the moon. They just begin to fall ever so little short of what they once did. No problem --- Olympic gold was a child's fantasy. Long-Life is rich --- happy-ever-after.

Under un-natural conditions --- those of Western "civilization" --- traversing the hill of life is a terrible ordeal. Most people struggle up the hill for 28 years, then stumble-tumble down, suffering to the bitter end.


Even in youth, most today are physically exhausted, mentally dull, emotionally distraught, and spiritually empty. Insulin resistance (--- Anaerobic, Glucogenic, Ketogenic, and Parasympathetic Imbalances) is now endemic even among teenagers. Of course, in those age 33+, this insulin resistance is associated with all the leading causes of death --- cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and dementia.

So now, you can divide your patients into two categories. There is the small minority that has eaten a relatively natural diet despite being surrounded by unnatural influences, and, the majority --- the victims of societal degradation. The first group needs your Diphasic Nutrition Plan to maintain their Rocket Launch Metabolism at its full genetic potential. The second group needs to be rescued from themselves. They are stuck in neutral on the Rocky Road of Aging, and need you to ignite the impotent Rockets of their low amplitude Diphasic Cycle.

The problem of thriving vs. merely surviving in this nasty world involves more than questions of diet and supplementation. Even beyond the gallons of caffeinated sugar drinks and gobs of HOHUM PUFAs consumed by your typical patient, there are countless other environmental stressors we (even we of the Edwin Moses high intensity training approach to life) must deal with on a continual basis:

  • How much ImmunoNeuroEndocrine stress do we suffer as the result of the rotten emotions in those who surround us?

  • How much is our Adaptative Capacity depleted by dealing continuously with the socioeconomic pressures of an ever more socialist world?

  • How much of our Vital Reserves are expended contending with mold toxins, insecticide toxins, herbicide toxins, airborne toxins, water polluting toxins, and radiation toxins?

  • How much INE stress derives from exposure to distorted electromagnetic fields?

  • How many of our patients take prescription and non-prescription drugs willy-nilly to control this or that symptom (with no consideration of correcting the cause of those symptoms) and thus are suffering Anaerobic livers plus Dysaerobic adrenals plus Electrolyte Stressed kidneys plus Glucogenic brain cells?

The point is, there is no perfectly "natural" way you can rise above the nastiness of our world. You --- and all your patients --- can survive, but cannot thrive without supplementation. Which supplementation? --- The supplements of your Diphasic Nutrition Plan. Your life long Long-Life DNP, will ...


your brain, your heart, your liver, your adrenals, and your kidneys. You can only maintain Adaptative Capacity in this nasty world with adaptogens.


If you want to be at power and ease as your toboggan glides down the hill:

You absolutely must fuel your rockets with carnitine.

You absolutely must empower your brain with acetyl-l-carnitine.

You absolutely must juice your heart with propionyl-l-carnitine.

You absolutely must conquer immune system stress with lipoic acid.

You absolutely must guide your toboggan with mineral orotates.

You absolutely must fight off all the nasty demons with Co-Q10.


Should you sample from the above list of supplements as "remedies?" Don't be ridiculous. That is naturopathic nonsense --- health food industry irrationality. Each one of those nutrients has powerful metabolic effects --- with the power for damage being equal to the power for good. They must be taken in the proper quantities, and in proper proportion to each other.

In what quantities and in what proportions? The exact quantities and the exact proportions found in your Diphasic Nutrition Plan --- are the only way to maintain youthful Vital Reserves. There is nothing better you can do for your patients than to start them on your Long-Life DNP. There is nothing better you can do to assure for yourself a rich, rewarding nutrition practice than ...


to being energized and protected for a stronger, longer life.

Empowerment and prevention --- not nutrition remedies --- is what you offer your patients. You may have the ability to run NUTRI-SPEC testing on some of your patients, and administer 3 to 10 weeks of NUTRI-SPEC Metabolic Balancing before transitioning to your DNP. Some of your high INE stress patients will benefit from Doing Fine before transitioning to your DNP. But while Metabolic Balancing and Doing FINE may accelerate the increase in Adaptative Capacity you can promise your patients --- ultimately it is your lifelong, Long-Life Diphasic Nutrition Plan that will carry you and your patients to richer-ever-after.