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Volume 23, Number 8

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
August, 2012

Dear Doctor,

You are no ordinary doctor. How do I know? That you were attracted to NUTRI-SPEC tells me ...


for your patients. You cannot be content offering nothing better than disease-specific symptom chasing with pharmaceuticals or nutra-ceuticals. You want to address the causes of your patients' health problems. You want to empower your healthy patients, and to rescue your sick patients. You want more than to help your patients feel better; you want your patients to be better --- from the core. Rather than attacking symptoms from the outside-in with an endless string of remedies, you want to rebuild the health of each patient from the inside out. --- Yes, you are no ordinary doctor. --- You are committed to giving your patients what they need to LIVE STRONGER LONGER.

If there were any justice in this world, extraordinary doctors like you would be rich beyond compare. --- Together --- can you and I see that justice is served? With me as your partner and NUTRI-SPEC as our tool, we can, and I am determined we will, show you the way to an incredibly rich life. --- And if all my talk about making you rich sounds like some kind of "come-on" or mega-hype scheme is being thrown at you --- no --- I truly am going to give you ...


the "secret" to creating such riches is no secret at all. The (one-and-only) way to be truly rich has been known and written since the wisdom of the ancient Hebrew nation was recorded in the book of Leviticus as, ( ----- If you are Jewish, pardon the 17th century Elizabethan English translation …) " ... love thy neighbor as thyself." Centuries later, the Gospel of Matthew referred to this statement from the Torah as, "The Second Great Commandment."

Now, you can RELAX --- I am not going off on some religious tangent. The point is merely to look at a philosophy of life that has been well-known and thoroughly tested for millennia, and works. Just what do the words "love thy neighbor as thyself" mean? First, they state the obvious truth that self-love is a given. Self-love is moral, righteous, just --- and, in a Natural Law sense, is essential to survive, let alone thrive, in a tough environment. That self-love is a given --- a self-evident truth --- makes it perfectly okay for you to desire wealth.

Putting those words of wisdom in a pragmatic context, we might re-phrase as ...


Now we come to the point of this Letter.


Does this something special that you offer your patients involve treating them with a more powerful drug to control stubbornly resistant symptoms? Does it require treating the patient with evermore "miraculous" nutraceuticals to relieve their arthritis pain, their high blood pressure, their migraines, their asthma, their diabetes, their fatty livers? No, that approach is for all the ordinary doctors --- the un-special doctors. That is for the doctors who will live their lives in poverty, no matter how much money they make.

In stark contrast to that doctor-and-patient-impoverishing approach to doctoring, you will serve the fundamental needs of your patient. In serving the essential needs of each individual patient, you will earn true wealth --- in accord with ancient truths.

  • You will earn extraordinary $$$$$.

  • You will earn extraordinary respect.

  • You will earn extraordinary satisfaction.

You will earn tremendous riches honestly --- by enriching each and every patient, as you enrich yourself.

If we extrapolate this idea of your becoming truly wealthy, we can say that an extraordinary doctor like you, not only should be rich, but you need to be rich. By that I mean you need to be rich because your patients need you. Your patients need you --- your community needs you --- because there is no one else but you who can serve their needs.

While the secret of wealth creation was revealed to us in general terms by the ancients more than 2,500 years ago, the specific means by which you personally can create wealth through service, is a secret --- a secret I should be able to reveal to you in this Letter. To help you understand what you must do to enrich yourself by enriching your patients, I will present 4 facts. As I then expound on those 4 facts, you will see clearly exactly what your patients' needs are, and that no other doctor but you can serve those needs. Here are the 4 facts concisely stated:

  1. Most of your patients are overweight.

  2. Most of your patients are being drugged to death.

  3. Your patients (and you and your family) live in a nasty, ugly world.

  4. All your patients over age 32 are failing.

Now, let us use these 4 facts to guide you in re-designing your practice to truly serve your patients.

1. The World Health Organization now reports that more than 2/3 of the United States population is overweight. So what? As deplorable as that statistic may seem, it is even worse than it appears. You see, what is even more critical is that the percentage of overweight people has doubled in the last 30 years. In the early 1980s "only" 1/3 of Americans were overweight. Put aside for now a discussion of the causes of this alarming degeneration of our culture, and think about its clinical significance. Being overweight is virtually always associated with INSULIN RESISTANCE. Insulin resistance, in turn, is a causative factor of all the major killers --- cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and dementia.

So, the best way for you personally to receive this statistic from the World Health Organization is to realize that more than 2/3 of your patients suffer from insulin resistance. How will you serve these patients? Will you "treat" their cardiovascular disease, their cancer, their diabetes, their livers, their brains, their adrenals, their high triglycerides, their depression, their anxiety, their fatigue, and their chronic pain? Absolutely not. You are an extraordinary doctor. You will serve the fundamental needs of these patients, and NUTRI-SPEC gives you the one comprehensive means to do so.

2. The prescription drug monstrosity is literally devouring the health of most of your patients. The combination of socialized medicine plus billions spent on drug propaganda, has most of your patients swallowing toxic pills that are not even particularly effective at giving symptomatic relief --- all the while they devastate the livers, the kidneys, the tissue membranes, and the brain cells. I read recently that the average person over 65 who takes prescription medications takes 5 different drugs. Stop and let that number bounce around in your brain for a minute. --- 5 is the average number of drugs each of these poor snookered victims are taking. How do you, as a NUTRI-SPEC practitioner deal with the drug monster?

That number of drugs, particularly in totally irrational and conflicting combinations, makes obtaining meaningful NUTRI-SPEC test results impossible. We can sometimes do our best to outguess the effects of the drugs on a patient's Fundamental Metabolic Balance Systems, but most often the drugs so muddy the waters that a meaningful analysis is out of the question. And what percentage of your patients are age 65+? Now that the baby boomer generation has reached the mid 60s, the percentage of these patients you are going to see will rise dramatically over the next 10 years.

--- Not that it is only patients over 65 who have a drug problem. Drugs --- particularly the NUTRI-SPEC Red Flag drugs that always, always, always do more harm than even the misperceived good --- are dispensed like Halloween candy. How do you serve these drug victims? NUTRI-SPEC gives you the only means to rebuild them from the inside-out, even as they are being assaulted from the outside-in.

3. What a nasty, ugly world we live in. The degeneration of our culture literally sickens me. One of the NUTRI-SPEC doctors with whom I have a nice communication line is a semi-retired chiropractor from Canada. This doctor has been in practice I would guess for nearly 40 years, and has seen it all --- including the seemingly mysterious negative transformation of the human condition. He commented that practice used to be so much simpler. Whether patients came in with backaches, migraines, asthma, poor digestion, or whatever --- he would adjust them a few times, and for the most part patients improved --- often dramatically. Now, he sees so many patients whose "conditions" seem out of reach. Their health status is literally rotten to the core, with a depth and breadth of their pathologies now frustratingly outside the scope of his expertise. My response to that doctor:

"You are absolutely correct --- practice used to be so much simpler. No mystery. --- The world has become grotesquely pathological over the last couple decades. The combination of rotten emotions, rotten diet, rotten environment, and a rotten medical-pharmaceutical establishment has left the typical person with such a diversity of pathological processes operating all at once that it is nearly impossible to sort through it all --- and of course, the medical profession isn't the least bit interested in sorting through it all."

  • How do you serve patients whose ImmunoNeuroEndocrine stress is off the charts in response to the rotten emotions encountered in people everywhere --- creating a toxic cloud around the mind and heart?

  • How do you serve patients whose Adaptative Capacity is depleted by the evermore obtrusive socioeconomic pressures of our increasingly socialist world?

  • How do you serve patients whose immune systems are overwhelmed with mold toxins, insecticide toxins, herbicide toxins, heavy metal toxins, chemical toxins, and radiation toxins?

  • How do you serve patients who, as described above, are being pumped full of toxic drugs on top of the toxic emotions, toxic financial and social pressures, and toxic chemicals that are omnipresent?

Attempting to treat patients suffering such extreme INE stress is as futile as making war on darkness. Trapped in a dark room, you can attempt to stab the darkness, punch the darkness, poison the darkness, smother the darkness, or scream at the darkness. When you are totally frustrated with your failure, you may realize that darkness is merely the absence of light. --- Your patients are stumbling in the dark. You and only you can light their path, and NUTRI-SPEC is your beacon showing the way.

5. All your patients over age 32 are beginning to fail; and all your patients age 53+ are failing. What "failure" am I referring to? --- By far the most comprehensive book on Sympathetic/Parasympathetic function and dysfunction is Clinical Autonomic Disorders, edited by Phillip A. Low. That book has been invaluable to the development of NUTRI-SPEC --- a modern day expansion of the ideas first presented by Pottenger many, many years ago in his Symptoms of Visceral Disease. The critical fact to be gleaned from Low is what so many of the researchers contributing to the book make clear: the most common autonomic disorder is not a distal sympathetic neuropathy, nor pure cholinergic neuropathy, nor pure adrenergic neuropathy, nor paroxysmal or intermittent dysautonomia, nor sympathetically-mediated pain, nor autonomic storm, nor any of the acute autonomic neuropathies. --- No --- by far the most common underlying cause of sympathetic- or parasympathetic-mediated disease is ...


In other words, a primary cause of many illnesses is not a Sympathetic Metabolic Imbalance nor a Parasympathetic Metabolic Imbalance, but rather a simultaneous decline in both the Sympathetic and the Parasympathetic mechanisms of stress defense. What is the clinically significant lesson to be learned from Low? Our patients are steadily failing in their ability to defend against the stressors of life, and that failure is not necessarily associated with a particular Metabolic Imbalance, but always with declining Vital Reserves.

In the context of our NUTRI-SPEC thesis ...


Low concurs with NUTRI-SPEC clinical experience that most people need to at least briefly address the Metabolic Imbalances associated with their symptoms, but all patients need to maximize Vital Reserves by reversing, or at the very least slowing, the failure of their adaptative defense systems. All patients must maximize the amplitude of their diphasic cycle of morning energizers plus anti-anabolic defenses and evening restoration plus anti-catabolic defenses. --- Your NUTRI-SPEC ...


is the only way.

  • Your DNP is the light that dispels the darkness.

  • Your DNP is the only long-term answer to control being overweight and all its insulin resistance sequelae --- cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypoglycemia, depression, anxiety, and liver dysfunction.

  • Your DNP is the only way to slay the drug monster.

  • Your DNP is the only way to assure your patients Live Stronger Longer by boosting their Diphasic Rocket Launch metabolism.

  • Your DNP is the only way to distinguish yourself from the impoverished doctors who can only peddle the latest and greatest "treatments" to their victims.

  • Your DNP is the certain way to earn the extraordinary wealth that comes from serving your patients.

Want something special for your patients. Be someone special for your patients. They (and countless others in your community who will soon flock to your office to be served) need you and your Diphasic Longevity Plan. Call NUTRI-SPEC today --- to be sure you have everything you need to begin empowering all your patients --- with their individualized, Life-Long, Live Strong, DNP.