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Volume 24, Number 1

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
January, 2013

Dear Doctor,

Do you want to make 80% of your patients feel remarkably better in less than 10 days? --- You could be as a magician. --- With one simple "trick," you could have your patients under age 53 astounded at their increased energy, their mental clarity, their ease of motion. Fatigue, dullness, and dis-ease would disappear as if by magic --- and in many of your patients the trick would work in 3 days or less.

What is this precious secret you must learn if you are to work such seemingly supernatural sorcery? The trick is incredibly simple. --- Merely give each patient between age 23 and 52 a huge push in the direction of physiological efficiency by accurately guessing which of these supplement combinations is ideal for that individual's most pressing metabolic needs:

  • Complex P & Oxygenic A+

  • Complex P & Oxygenic D+

  • Complex S & Oxygenic A+

  • Complex S & Oxygenic D+

If you were to employ this "magic wand," nearly all your patients would be amazed at your power to instantly lighten the burden of their miseries. Previously stiff joints would move with ease; any dark clouds hanging over heart and mind would vanish in the brilliant sunshine; sluggish ambulation would be replaced by the bounciest of steps. It would be almost as if you were a medicine man --- a witch doctor --- administering mysteriously powerful drugs.

Actually ----- it would be exactly as if you were a medicine man --- a witch doctor --- administering mysteriously powerful drugs ...


You see, what you would be giving your patients is not clinical nutrition, not metabolic therapy, but drug therapy. The fanciful notion I present here is the siren song of all drug therapy --- the imagined ability to cure effects without addressing causes. The truth is the "right" combination of Complex P or S with Oxy A+ or Oxy D+ will indeed work "magic" as a temporary stimulus to most patients. In too many individuals, that stimulus will be just that --- the equivalent of drinking 3 extra cups of coffee.

If you get lucky in waving this magic wand, a certain number of your patients would actually have the 2 Metabolic Imbalances and only the 2 Imbalances corrected by the magical supplement pair you guess, and would respond not just with stimulation, but rather with the real personal power that comes from achieving Metabolic Balance. But for most of your patients that temporary boost would be followed by a permanent bust. Yes, between 2 and 10 days the person feels the magical lift, but days later the elixir begins to lose its power, old symptoms return, and disastrous new symptoms plunge the patient ever deeper into misery. We are talking here about the difference between feeling "good" and...


You, as a NUTRI-SPEC practitioner, clearly see all the problems inherent in this "magic elixir" approach to nutrition. Desperately searching for a "feel good" remedy is the way 99% of all "nutritionists" abuse their patients with disease-specific attempts to cure and stimulate. The magic wand we looked at above is more appropriately seen to be a brutal stick --- beating mercilessly on the metabolism of every patient. My point in even introducing the concept of using these supplements inappropriately is to make it clear just how powerful they are. Oxygenic A+ and Oxygenic D+ are such powerful metabolic sparks that they totally shift the Acid/Alkaline balance at the tissue level, and completely reorient membrane permeability. When a person takes a significant quantity of either supplement, something is going to happen --- good or bad.

The same power is inherent in Complex S and Complex P. Since the Sympathetic/Parasympathetic Balance system is the primary force driving ImmunoNeuroEndocrine actions and reactions at the systemic level of biological organization, and, since Complex S and Complex P are absolutely loaded with nutrients and adaptogens that activate Sympathetic/Parasympathetic reactivity --- something --- good or bad --- will be symptomatically experienced by anyone who takes a bunch of Complex S or Complex P twice daily.

So yes ---


You can make big things happen in a big way with these 4 supplements, but you can only make good things happen in a big way if you use them according to the NUTRI-SPEC patient-specific approach to clinical nutrition.

One of my favorite NUTRI-SPEC stories is of a doctor who called the NUTRI-SPEC staff and had this to say... "Hello, this is Dr. John Doe calling. I just bought the NUTRI-SPEC manual a couple weeks ago and was really excited about all the useful information it provides. Based on what I read about how histamine reactions are associated with a Parasympathetic Imbalance, I immediately started taking Complex P for my allergies. But I have some questions. Within a few days of starting the Complex P, I experienced a dry mouth. I have also been having a little trouble sleeping at night. But the big thing that has me concerned is my heart has been racing --- a problem I have experienced in the past, but not for awhile. My question is, could these symptoms be side effects from the Complex P?"

----- SIDE EFFECTS?!!! --- This doctor is describing the direct, intended effects of Complex P. In other words, the doctor experienced a powerful push into a Sympathetic dominance by the Complex P taken in violation of NUTRI-SPEC principles --- that is, as a disease-specific remedy rather than as part of an individualized, objectively determined nutrition plan.

The formulations of Complex P and Complex S have been super-enhanced over the last year, and now these supplements are metabolically active like no other supplements available anywhere. With the tools you now have, you can build health for all your patients. --- And --- most of those patients will need Complex S and/or Complex P, either as part of a Diphasic Nutrition Plan, as part of a Doing FINE procedure, or to correct a Sympathetic or Parasympathetic Metabolic Imbalance. ----- Again --- Sympathetic/Parasympathetic Imbalance is:

  • the essence of your immune system's reactivity at the systemic level

  • the essence of neurologically-mediated adaptative capacity at the systemic level

  • a driving force behind all endocrine activity at the systemic level

Truly --- you cannot consider yourself a nutritionist or metabolic therapist if you are not effectively using Complex S and Complex P. Just how important is the metabolic spark associated with Sympathetic/Para-sympathetic reactivity? Just how crucial is the anti-aging defensive function of the Sympathetic/Parasympathetic system? -----

For an expanded perspective on Sympathetic/Parasympathetic Balance I cannot recommend strongly enough that you read Edibolic Stress --- How the Lies You Are Being Fed Are Making you Sick!, by Michael E. Rothman, MD. The book is incredibly informative, yet an easy, entertaining read. In fact, you will need to buy two copies --- one for your personal library and one to keep in your waiting room. You will find this book invaluable in helping your patients expand their awareness of the incredibly diverse functions of Sympathetic and Parasympathetic reactivity --- plus --- how ...


Since it is essential you master the art and science of maximizing Adaptative Capacity via Sympathetic/Parasympathetic metabolic therapy --- and --- since it is essential that you give your patients all the benefits of Complex S and Complex P --- we are going to challenge you with a game. Your prize for winning this game is ...

FREE ...

with your next order of $300 (= less than the equivalent of 10 Activator & 2 Mighty Mins). Here is how you play the game ... In our last 2 Letters you have begun to expand your understanding of Sympathetic/Parasympathetic Balance by considering that there are actually 10 possible combinations of Sympathetic and Parasympathetic reactivity found in your patients. That list of 10 Sympathetic/Parasympathetic physiopathologies is reproduced below, numbered 1-10, and is followed by a list of descriptions lettered A-J. To win your free prize, simply write the number of the Sympathetic/Parasympathetic reactivity in front of its description. Present your 10 answers to the NUTRI-SPEC staff when you call or fax your next order.

Here is the list of Sympathetic/Parasympathetic involvements you absolutely must be able to handle with proper use of Complex S, Complex P, and other NUTRI-SPEC supplements if you are to fully serve your patients:

  1. High Parasympathetic + High Sympathetic

  2. High Parasympathetic + Low Sympathetic

  3. High Parasympathetic + High Cortisol

  4. High Parasympathetic + Low Cortisol

  5. High Sympathetic + Low Parasympathetic

  6. High Sympathetic + High Cortisol

  7. High Sympathetic + Low Cortisol

  8. Parasympathetic Failure exceeds Sympathetic Failure

  9. Sympathetic Failure exceeds Parasympathetic Failure

  10. Parasympathetic & Sympathetic Failure of equal degree

Now, here is the list of descriptions on which you can fill in the numbers of the Sympathetic/Parasympathetic involvement:

____ A.

Your patient: --- tends to have high or at least high normal blood pressure and an extremely strong (Sympathetic) orthostatic blood pressure response --- tends to have a Respiratory Alkalosis, with either a rapid or slow respiratory rate --- tends to be impatient, demanding instant "cures". Therefore, there is likely blood pressure medicine, anxiety medicine, insomnia medication, cholesterol medication, and the list may go on and on and on --- as your patient is quite content pushing through life with multiple drug crutches rather than give proper time and attention to health.

____ B.

Your patient: --- is plagued by allergies, with blood tests showing eosinophils somewhat elevated --- shows a wide, red dermographics reflex --- may have asthma, and often shows extreme reactions to poison ivy and bee stings --- shows a slow heart rate, quite unreactive to orthostatic challenge.

____ C.

Your patient: --- is "bouncy" --- physically, mentally, and emotionally responding to the challenges of daily living with powerful impulse --- with impulsivity either being used productively or wearing the patient down --- may be a "vacillator-oscillator" responding almost violently to NUTRI-SPEC supplementation.

____ D.

Your patient: --- is sick and weak --- a low achiever, apathetic, and old, even in youth.

____ E.

Your patient: --- is a nervous little wimp --- heart rate is fast and highly reactive to orthostatic challenge, even as the blood pressure is low.

____ F.

Your patient: --- is heavy --- obnoxious --- gains and looses weight (fluid) easily --- blood pressure tends to be on the high side, but the heart rate, whether high or low, tends to be unreactive to orthostatic challenge.

____ G.

Your patient: --- is a chronic complainer or criticizer --- slow, unreactive heart rate, with low pulse pressure, and blood pressure unreactive to orthostatic challenge.

____ H.

Your patient: --- is always hyper-stressed out, yet impotent to do anything about it --- upper GI distress is recurrent, with the patient likely taking "tummy pills" regularly.

____ I.

Your patient: --- is physically and mentally quick --- active, but not necessarily productive --- heart rate is high and extremely reactive to orthostatic challenge --- erratic appetite and sluggish bowels are common.

____ J.

Your patient: --- is always worried sick over everything, but too impotent to do anything but whine about it --- may have fluid retention in the legs that gets worse during the day, then largely disappears overnight --- blood pressure, whether high or low, tends to fail orthostatically.

--- Take a minute to play the game, then, contact the ever-charming and helpful NUTRI-SPEC staff to collect your prize --- FREE.


  • You have clinical power to make BIG THINGS happen with your Complex P & Complex S --- genuine power no other clinician can dream of matching, and certainly not with the "latest & greatest" herbal drugs and nutrient "cures."

  • (Similarly, you have unmatched clinical power with your Oxy A+ & Oxy D+.)

  • You need Dr. Rothman's book to back up your patient education on the far-reaching significance of Sympathetic/Parasympathetic Balance.

  • SYMPATHETIC/PARASYMPATHETIC BALANCE is the driving force behind immune system reactivity, neurologically-mediated adaptivity, and hormone responses --- at the systemic level of biological organization.