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Volume 24, Number 4

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
April, 2013

Dear Doctor,

Just imagine how much money you could make by selling this enticing list of supplements to your patients!

  • Aller-Aid Formula = Good for allergies?

  • Daily Stress Formula = Good for "stress?"

  • Emotional Wellness = Good for (presumably) a broad spectrum of emotional disorders, such as anxiety, depression, insecurity, anger, fear?

  • InflaMed = Just as good for arthritis (presumably rheumatoid, and osteo-, and psoriatic?) as ibuprofen, and only 37 times as expensive.

  • Brainstorm = Good for "the brain" (presumably the hippocampus, and the cortex, and the corpus callosum, and the cerebellum, and the thalamus, and glycinergic + serotonin + dopamine + norepinephrine receptors?).

  • Livaplex = Good for all 364,467 functions of "the liver?"

  • Detox-Plus = Good for "toxins?"

  • Athletic Nutrients = Good for athletes (presumably sprint athletes, marathon athletes, and everything in between?).

  • Wholly Immune = Good for "the immune system" (presumably macrophage insufficiency and excess macrophage activation; T-helper cell excess and T-helper cell deficiency); T-helper 1 dominance and T-helper 2 dominance; leukocytosis and leukopenia; WBC differential shift to the left and WBC shift to the right?).

  • Cardio-Plus = Good for "the heart?"

  • For Women Only = Good for "women" (and perhaps bad for men?).

  • Slumberol = Good for a bad case of the slumbers? Or, good for a good case of bad slumbers?

  • Sugar Balance Formula = Good for bad sugar (presumably both hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia?).


Here is a multiple choice question regarding this fabulous collection of supplements. --- See if you can choose the one best answer:

All the above products:

  1. are distributed by reputable companies specializing in nutrition for "professionals."

  2. are perfect examples of empirical, trial-and-error, disease-specific therapy.

  3. make NUTRI-SPEC practitioners like us laugh.

  4. make NUTRI-SPEC practitioners like us cry.

  5. all the above.

The correct answer should be obvious to you.

Why do we laugh? --- Every one of these pills is a silly joke. Perhaps the most ridiculous joke of all is that Aller-Aid Formula, Daily Stress Formula, Emotional Wellness, Athletic Nutrients, For Women Only, and Sugar Balance Formula all contain almost an identical list of nutrients. It is as if a megadose of a B vitamin "knows" that if it is in an Aller-Aid Formula it is supposed to go fight allergies, and if it is in a Daily Stress Formula it is supposed to relieve stress, and if it is in a For Women Only Formula it is supposed to do who knows what, and if it is in a Sugar Balance Formula it is supposed to either raise or lower blood sugar. Yes, we can only laugh at the doctors who peddle these potions --- shaking our head and wondering what in the world they are thinking.

"Toxins?" --- Don't make me laugh. Every time a doctor tells me he is putting a patient on a "detox program," I ask him to name 20 of the toxins that his remedies are going to either neutralize or eliminate. When he stares blankly I say, "Okay, name 10. --- Name 5. --- Can you name even 3 toxins the effects from which you are going to "cure" your patient?" So, we see a product called Detox-Plus. Is that going to help the liver conjugate and eliminate toxins, or, is it going to help the kidneys filter and eliminate toxins, or is it going to prevent the GI tract from forming and absorbing toxins? Even the companies that hype these products cannot answer that question, and certainly the doctors that peddle them to their patients cannot. We can only laugh at such ignorance and irresponsibility.

And, is Livaplex really "good for" the liver, and Brainstorm really "good for" the brain, and Wholly Immune really "good for" the immune system, and Cardio-Plus really "good for" the heart? Don't be silly. How can such a nebulous claim as "good for" the immune system be made? The immune system is comprised of an intricate web of both mutually supporting and antagonizing forces. We cannot "support" one part of the immune system without suppressing another. Truly, most ImmunoNeuroEndocrine stress involves excess immune reactivity, not an immune system that is deficient in some way. Silly --- ignorantly and irresponsibly silly.

Many doctors and patients irrationally accept the ludicrous notion that Cardio-Plus really is "good for" the heart? What kind of heart? Is it good for a heart in congestive heart failure, a heart suffering from ischemia, a heart suffering from tachycardia, a heart suffering from bradycardia, a heart suffering from ectopic beats, a heart suffering from myocardial spasms, a heart suffering from mitral valve prolapse? Or --- is it just "good for" the heart --- like magic? Don't make me laugh.

Why do we cry? --- Every one of these pills is a tragic joke. The tragedy is in millions of people wasting multimillions of dollars on such junk. The tragedy is in millions of people given a false sense of security by taking such junk. The tragedy is that these junk pills are not merely a worthless waste of money, but they are actually in many cases harmful. Most of them can exacerbate one or more of the Fundamental Metabolic Imbalances underlying whatever disease the remedy is purported to cure.

The sad truth is that the majority of people are easily victimized. A man with a "heart condition" will get a warm, fuzzy feeling knowing he is taking a "natural" supplement claiming to help his heart. A woman with anxiety and depression will eagerly swallow a pill called Emotional Wellness (and the studies on the benefits of the placebo effect show there is a 37% chance she will swear she feels better on it). A man with painful arthritis will in desperation buy a product called InflaMed --- and if it doesn't work, he will throw money at the next arthritis remedy to come down the pike.

So, as we said at the top of this Letter, just imagine how much money you could make by snookering your patients into buying nutrition remedies. --- Forget it. --- After 33 years in this business, I can assure you that "treating" your patients with nutrition cures will never make you rich --- and --- will often actually make your patients poorer. A disease-specific clinical nutrition practice is a never ending source of frustration for both doctor and patients.

You can lower yourself to the level of a health food store and try to make a buck peddling pills and false hopes --- or --- you can ...


with patient-specific and empowering Metabolic Therapy.

The reason we are ranting about the folly of disease-specific "natural" remedies is because many of you have a misconception regarding your Diphasic Nutrition Plan. Since you were given a group of named diseases as part of the guidelines for individualizing each of your patient's life-long, long life DNP, you have (understandably) jumped to the conclusion that it represents disease-specific nutrition therapy. It is almost as if NUTRI-SPEC is violating its own fundamental philosophy.

Look more closely ...

You, and all your patients:

  • have both anabolic and catabolic physiopathologies going on in your bodies

  • have both Anaerobic and Dysaerobic physiopathologies going on in your bodies

  • have some combination of exaggerated and/or deficient Sympathetic and Parasympathetic defenses activated in your bodies

Those with a very clear dominance of one phase of a dualistic defense system are those who respond most quickly to NUTRI-SPEC Metabolic Testing and Metabolic Balancing. --- But --- never forget that even the most Anaerobic patient has Dysaerobic/catabolic physiopathological processes going on in his body. So, when the Anaerobic Imbalance has responded, what then? You must continue to give the patient individualized patient-specific care. How do you do that?

You achieve your goal of patient-specific supplementation with the Diphasic Nutrition Plan Balancing Procedure. The Balancing Procedure gives you the patient-specific individualized need for a particular combination of Oxy A+ and/or Oxy D+ and/or Electro Tonic. These are the 3 amazing tissue-level supplements that activate and control all 5 Fundamental Metabolic defense systems. They control the tissue pH, and the membrane permeability ...


as regards Water/Electrolyte Balance, Anaerobic/Dysaerobic Balance, Glucogenic/Ketogenic Balance, Sympathetic/Parasympathetic Balance, and Acid/Alkaline Balance. Your DNP Balancing Procedure achieves patient-specificity by giving each individual the ideal proportions of these 3 tissue-level metabolic activators.

It is easy to see how doctors like yourself would look at your Diphasic Nutrition Plan recommendations, see many named diseases listed as guideposts, and assume that NUTRI-SPEC has switched to a disease-specific approach. --- Not at all. Think about it --- while rheumatoid arthritis appears on the DNP instruction pages, is there a "Rheumatoid Arthritis Formula" recommended? No. As a NUTRI-SPEC practitioner you offer no such silly remedies.

While Crohn's disease is listed among the diseases to consider in your DNP analysis, do you see any Crohn's disease remedies among the supplements? No. The supplements you employ in administering each patient's individualized DNP are the very same patient-specific Metabolic Balancing supplements that are used in NUTRI-SPEC Metabolic Balancing as per NUTRI-SPEC testing procedures.

What it comes down to is that after 35 years of studying the literature, and 33 years of objectively analyzing patients' body chemistries, we know exactly what Metabolic Imbalances underlie certain pathologies. We know those Metabolic Imbalances exist in a patient presenting with that pathology whether or not the patient shows those particular Metabolic Imbalance test patterns on a given day. Think of the explanation of asthma you were given in your February 2013 NUTRI-SPEC Letter. We claimed in that Letter that ...


As NUTRI-SPEC practitioners, we are fully informed on the Metabolic Imbalances underlying asthma. So, in administering your DNP you consider whether your particular patient has asthma --- but --- the DNP does not recommend an "asthma formula." However, we do know that asthma is by definition a Parasympathetic hyper-reactivity, in combination with deficient cortisol and excess leukotriene 4. So in asking if your DNP patient has asthma, you are not considering "treating" your patient with an "asthma formula" --- but rather, you are addressing in a patient-specific way the Metabolic Imbalances known to underlie asthma.

The same is true of Crohn's disease --- which is always associated with excess Th1 inflammatory cytokines. You are not treating Crohn's disease through your DNP, but you are addressing both the Dysaerobic and the Anaerobic component of excess Th1 inflammatory cytokines. Similarly, in rheumatoid arthritis cases, you are not giving your patient a "rheumatoid arthritis formula." Rather, you are treating the tissue Alkalosis and cellular catabolism, as well as the systemic Th1 inflammatory cytokines that 30+ years of both research and clinical experience have shown are associated with that autoimmune disease.

--- In fact --- since most patients with these advanced pathologies are on a multitude of drugs, you can actually be far more specific with your DNP for these patients than you can by ...


of performing Metabolic Testing, and getting nothing but muddied waters caused by the drugs.

Clearly, with NUTRI-SPEC you can serve these extreme INE stress patients in a way far superior to any of the doctors merely struggling to treat their symptoms. With your DNP you have a patient-specific means to increase the Adaptative Capacity of all your patients --- sick or strong, fighting to survive or striving to thrive.

P.S.: In your last several NUTRI-SPEC Letters Complex P and Complex S were highlighted for the critical role they play in increasing Adaptative Capacity in ways needed by nearly all your patients. Most of the case studies presented demonstrated "miraculous" results from Complex P. Next month we will present cases of diabetes, erectile dysfunction, and hypertension "cured" by Complex S. --- Get your office up to speed (and generating riches) by mastering the DNP.