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Volume 24, Number 8

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
August, 2013

Dear Doctor,

You are going to save lives with NUTRI-SPEC. --- Truly --- QUANTITY and QUALITY of life. --- You have the capacity to save your patients from the years of suffering that precede premature death, and even more importantly, give your patients many years worth of joyful living. From what villains will you rescue your patients to bestow your life-enriching gift? To simplify the concept think of it this way ...


in America?

That sounds a bit morbid, so rephrase ...


Would your patients not agree that the villains from which they would like you to rescue them are those that severely devalue their lives along the way to ending their lives prematurely? Let us see if we can comprehend the significance of the following American causes of death per year ranking and what it means to you and your patients:


Heart disease






Chronic lung disease











So, if you look at this list from the perspective of the conventional medical paradigm, the two leading causes of death in America are heart disease and cancer. If you add #4 Strokes to #1 Heart disease, you get a category we can call "cardiovascular disease" being responsible for almost as many deaths as all other diseases combined. So clearly, cardiovascular disease and cancer are the biggies --- causing the overwhelming majority of deaths in America.

--- But --- we are NUTRI-SPEC practitioners. We do not see the world through eyes blinded by the common wisdom. We understand clearly that the causes of death are not cardiovascular disease and cancer, but the causes of the causes. So --- what are the causes of cardiovascular disease and cancer? The answer from a NUTRI-SPEC perspective should be obvious --- the cause is a deficiency of Adaptative Capacity as per the NUTRI-SPEC equation ...


Okay then, what knocks down people's Adaptative Capacity so that they suffer all the physical symptoms and mental anguish that ultimately result in premature death from cardiovascular disease or cancer? Look at cancer. Cancer starts with a DNA mutation caused by catabolic damage at the nuclear level of biological organization. That catabolic (Dysaerobic) damage alters the cellular metabolism toward anaerobic glycolysis, and the new cluster of cells takes on a life of its own --- reproducing out of control, and carving out an ideal environment for itself within normal tissues. Now, take your analysis a step farther --- what causes the catabolic/Dysaerobic/oxidative damage that gets the whole cancer ball rolling? Certainly, toxic environmental exposures can be implicated as the initial trigger of many cancers, but what about dietary factors? What are the commonly eaten foods that trigger oxidative free radical damage? There are two such foods, and they are eaten by the truckload by almost all Americans ---


HOHUM PUFAs? If you have been around NUTRI-SPEC more than 3 days, you know we are referring to Heated, Oxidized, Hydrogenated, and otherwise Un-Metabolizable Poly-Unsaturated Fatty Acids. In other words, vegetable, nut, and seed oils that have been exposed to air and/or heat. Are any of those to be found in your typical patient's daily fare? Of course, while your HOHUM-eating patients are putting in their time waiting for their cancer diagnosis, they are suffering from all the other sequelae of HOHUM PUFA ingestion --- degenerative arthritis, autoimmune diseases, migraines, premenstrual syndrome, athero-sclerosis --- and the list goes on and on. Just how devastating are HOHUM PUFAs to someone who is brewing a subclinical cancer? I find myself referring over and over again to the study done by Art Robinson years ago showing that cancerous mice will die 20 times faster if put on a diet of seeds (HOHUM PUFAs), and supplemented with vitamin C.

--- Catabolic oxidative damage. Yes, HOHUM PUFAs are a nasty villain --- causing untold suffering and ultimately premature death --- if not from cancer, then from some other disease associated with the total depletion of Adaptative Capacity. ----- Oxidative free radical damage as a cause of cancer and many other degenerative diseases is universally accepted among researchers now --- even if the medical/ pharmaceutical establishment pays little heed. But what about HOHUM PUFAs and cardiovascular disease? Here again, oxidative free radical damage is a major factor. It is catabolic/oxidative/Dysaerobic damage to the arterial intima that initiates the inflammatory reaction resulting in arteriosclerosis --- the fatty calcium deposits that block arteries.

Fructose? Yes, you know --- that "natural" fruit sugar. Fruit is saturated with the stuff; honey is loaded with it. And, every molecule of sugar in every soft drink, cookie, candy, pie, cake, and ice cream is 50% fructose. It is estimated that the average American now consumes as much as 160 pounds of sugar each year. For a clear understanding of the devastating effects wrought by such gorging with sugar, you need look no further than your last 3 NUTRI-SPEC Letters. Reading those 3 Letters, you became the smartest doctor your patients will ever meet as regards the causes and effective treatment of patients with both Type I and Type II diabetes. You understand fully the whole sequence of events that destroy glycemic control in your patients, and ultimately cause diabetes. But what is the cause of the causes of diabetes? Fructose.

Cardiovascular disease and cancer? People with both Type I and Type II diabetes have a much higher incidence of both. Why? Because the same underlying causative factors that eventually end in cancer or cardiovascular disease, are the causes of diabetes. Ultimately, the loss of Adaptative Capacity can be traced to ...


In Type I diabetics, and Type II diabetics, and in all those zillions of people who are not yet Type II diabetics, but are suffering from the insulin resistance that will result in diabetes if they don't die of cardiovascular disease or cancer first, are suffering from ... GLYCATION.

Glycation is nothing more than free radical oxidative damage (causing cancer and causing cardiovascular disease) associated with sugar reacting abnormally with proteins. Advanced glycation end products are formed, then set off a raging chain reaction of oxidative destruction. --- Cancer and cardiovascular disease = HOHUM PUFAs and fructose.

What is the #1 risk factor for cardiovascular disease? It is a high ratio of triglycerides to HDL cholesterol. In other words, you want the triglycerides as low as possible and the HDL cholesterol as high as possible if you want to prevent cardiovascular disease in yourself, your family, and your patients. What causes pathologically high triglycerides and low HDL cholesterol, and thus heart attacks, atherosclerosis, and strokes? The cause is what you studied in your last 3 Letters --- insulin resistance (fructose overload) leading to Metabolic Syndrome and its:

  • Weight gain; pot belly

  • High cholesterol & High triglycerides

  • High blood pressure

  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

  • Exhaustion (of body, mind, heart, and soul)

  • Hypoglycemia (& its many symptoms); then, Type II diabetes

So think ...



What can you do about it?


What is NUTRI-SPEC? NUTRI-SPEC analyzes 5 Metabolic Control Systems. Each of these 5 Control Systems represents a constellation of interrelated metabolic pathways. Each of these Control Systems is dedicated to maximizing Adaptative Capacity. Each of these 5 Metabolic Control Systems is represented by a dualistic model --- yielding two possible Imbalances for each of the systems.

Think of each Metabolic Imbalance you find in your patients as representing a pathological positive feedback loop (a vicious circle) in which some stressor is pushing that Control System past its elastic limit --- either crushing its ability to maintain Adaptative Capacity, or provoking it into excessive defensive activity. And what are the stressors to which almost all your patients' Imbalances are reacting to?


What you can do about it? --- The obvious first step is to educate your patients on EAT WELL – BE WELL --- getting them off the oils and the sugar. But while cleaning up the diet is the essential first step, that cleanup will not cause a person's Metabolic Imbalances to spontaneously disappear. A high-efficiency diet will merely make it possible for your NUTRI-SPEC Metabolic Therapy to be maximally effective at fulfilling your promise to help your patients LIVE STRONGER LONGER.

Look at your NUTRI-SPEC Imbalances. Glucogenic and Ketogenic Imbalances are a vicious circle associated almost entirely with poor glycemic control. In other words, eating sugar causes a person to become Glucogenic or Ketogenic, and, being Glucogenic or Ketogenic decreases tolerance for sugar. --- Positive feedback loop --- vicious circle.

Your Anaerobic and Dysaerobic Imbalances as well as your Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Imbalances are all far more complex than Glucogenic/Ketogenic. Those Metabolic Control Systems and their four associated Imbalances are inextricably tied to immune system function, hormone balance, glycemic control, organic function, oxidative energy production --- all the components of ImmunoNeuroEndocrine stress. You cannot eat a donut (HOHUM PUFAs + fructose) without forcing those two Metabolic Control Systems into a defensive reaction --- and --- you cannot have an Anaerobic/Dysaerobic or Sympathetic/Parasympathetic weakness or over-reactivity without decreasing your tolerance for donuts.

What NUTRI-SPEC gives you --- both via Metabolic Testing and Balancing, and, with a Diphasic Nutrition Plan to increase Vital Reserves --- are the unique and absolutely amazing combinations of nutrients and metabolites to break the vicious circles that drag your patients into suffering and premature death. You cannot guarantee your patients they will not someday succumb to cardiovascular disease or cancer, but you can certainly swing the odds toward happy-ever-after in a big way. --- And, all those nasty nagging conditions that are metabolic precursors to cardiovascular disease and cancer? --- the tubby tummy, the fatigue, the depression, the rising blood pressure, the arthritis, the fibromyalgia, the allergies, the premenstrual miseries, the high cholesterol and triglycerides, the migraines, and the autoimmune diseases? --- Prevented entirely, or at least minimized --- with NUTRI-SPEC.


The list below is merely a sampling of the powerful ADAPTOGENS to be found in Complex S, Complex P, Oxygenic A, Oxygenic D, Go Power/Diphasic A.M., Oxy Power/Diphasic P.M., and Immuno-Synbiotic. These are your tools for rebuilding the lives of your patients. These are the weapons you need to rescue them from the Metabolic Imbalances underlying all their nagging conditions and symptoms, and of course, the causes of Metabolic Balance Systems being pushed past their elastic limits --- HOHUM PUFAs and fructose.

  • Propionyl-l-Carnitine; Acetyl-l-Carnitine; L-Carnitine

  • Carnosine; Betaine

  • Coenzyme Q10

  • Alpha lipoic acid

  • Magnesium succinate and taurinate

  • Taurine

  • Tocotrienols; Mixed tocopherols

  • Quercetin, rutin, hesperidin

  • Chromium nicotinate; calcium glycerophosphate

  • Orotates & Aspartates of magnesium, calcium, & potassium

  • Inulin, guar gum, glucomannan, Lactobacillus reuteri, Saccharomyces boulardii

It never ceases to surprise (and exasperate) me that hardly a week goes by without NUTRI-SPEC practitioners calling NUTRI-SPEC eagerly inquiring about the health food industry's latest flavor of the month --- nutrition remedies and herbal drugs purported to cure this or that condition --- and hyped with very little objective evidence in support of their claims. Meanwhile, these NUTRI-SPEC practitioners do not seem to realize the veritable treasure chest you own. There are literally hundreds of legitimate research studies supporting Metabolic Therapy with the nutrients and metabolites listed above.

To illustrate, consider the tocotrienols. NUTRI-SPEC was one of the first to offer these powerful antioxidants to clinical nutritionists. Working closely with the company that has the patent on tocotrienols, we put together not just a tocotrienols product but tocotrienols combined synergistically with the other most powerful antioxidants --- giving you Oxy Power, the most powerful antioxidant supplement anywhere. When we formulated Oxy Power, there were only a handful of studies supporting the clinical use of tocotrienols --- totally objective and convincing studies, but only a few. Now, there are nearly 500 studies showing the protective effects of tocotrienols on the brain, on the heart, on the vascular intima, and in the mitochondria of every cell of the body. --- Can you imagine a NUTRI-SPEC practitioner with Oxy Power in his arsenal wanting to attack his patient's symptoms with some herbal combination of cinnamon and oregano? No, no, no. --- With NUTRI-SPEC you are in a class by yourself, and above remedy peddling. --- You will save the QUALITY and QUANTITY of your patients' lives.