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Volume 24, Number 12

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
December, 2013

Dear Doctor,


Such was the report of a NUTRI-SPEC practitioner, the comment being made by her patient just 13 weeks after coming under NUTRI-SPEC care. This is the type of statement you should be hearing from your own patients quite routinely --- and you will, when you begin to fully employ NUTRI-SPEC.

The patient in question is identical to dozens you will see over the course of your professional career ----- 63-year-old male --- diabetic, overweight, daily fatigue, frequent tension headaches, abdominal pain/cramps, etc., etc. The patient was on insulin plus glipizide and metformin for his diabetes. He was on a proton pump inhibitor for his tummy troubles; he was on lisinopril to control his blood pressure.

The NUTRI-SPEC Doc performed the NUTRI-SPEC test procedures, and thus determined the presence of Sympathetic and Prostaglandin Imbalances. Like so many good NUTRI-SPEC practitioners, she checked in with the NUTRI-SPEC staff for confirmation of her findings, and positive reinforcement on her chosen initial clinical trial of NUTRI-SPEC supplements and dietary recommendations. [--- Side note: Where else but at NUTRI-SPEC, can you get personalized professional guidance in handling your potentially difficult cases? --- Nowhere else. --- Think about it.] The NUTRI-SPEC staff gave the Doc a green light for full speed ahead, and away doctor and patient went.

Here are the highlights of the patient's progress:

  • After only 4 weeks on NUTRI-SPEC, the patient was completely off the proton pump inhibitor. And at the 8-week mark had had none for over a month, and was doing fine, with rarely even mild reflux.

  • By 8 weeks on NUTRI-SPEC, the patient was following the NUTRI-SPEC protocol for getting off his blood pressure medication. He was down to only two lisinopril weekly, and his blood pressure was perfectly normal. He was well on his way to eliminating the drug altogether. [Another side note: Nobody but NUTRI-SPEC gives you a safe, responsible way for withdrawing patients from unnecessary blood pressure medications. Utilize this protocol in conjunction with your NUTRI-SPEC Metabolic Therapy, and you will be a true hero to your patients and their appreciative families.]

  • After only 8 weeks on NUTRI-SPEC, the patient, who had shown consistent ketones in his urine, and urine glucose as high as 2,000, now showed no glucose and no ketones in the urine, and has shown none since.

  • The patient's blood sugar was so much improved, that he had been able to already reduce his insulin from 25 units to 20 units.

  • His glucose was so improved that he had decreased his glipizide by 5 mg daily.

  • At this point, only 8 weeks after starting NUTRI-SPEC, the patient's Doc reported to the NUTRI-SPEC staff that, "Overall, he is very happy and encouraged by his improved glucose levels, his weight loss, and the reductions he has already been able to make in his medications."

  • At the 13-week mark, the NUTRI-SPEC Doc reports, "This patient continues to do great! ----- He has also seen his neurologist to follow-up his stroke (stroke was in 2010) … The neurologist did an EEG which evidently was fine, and no further treatment has been ordered."

  • By 13 weeks on NUTRI-SPEC, the patient's HgA1c is the best it has been since his diabetes was diagnosed way back in 1997. In fact, the HgA1c has dropped all the way from 8.3 in August to 7.0 in October --- a remarkable improvement in less than 3 months.

  • The patient's serum potassium, which was outside normal range since he started the blood pressure drug, is now perfectly normal now that NUTRI-SPEC has shown the way to get off the lisinopril. --- His blood pressure continues to be fine both at home and on all his visits to various physicians --- generally running in the 120s over the high 70s.

    Not only is the patient's blood pressure perfectly normal, but upon NUTRI-SPEC orthostatic challenge, his heart rate maxes out at 88. In the early NUTRI-SPEC tests, his heart rate jumped up to 100.

So --- the patient's sugar is better than it has been since 1997; his cardiovascular-renal parameters are better than they have been in years and years; he is completely off blood pressure medicine; he is completely off tummy pills ----- is it any wonder he wishes he had found his NUTRI-SPEC Doc years ago?

For all of 2012, this Letter has been singing praises to Complex S and Complex P. Why? --- Because none of your patients will maximize their Adaptative Capacity without Complex S or Complex P or both. Sympathetic/Parasympathetic actions and reactions are the major means by which you, your family, and all your patients ...


at the systemic level of biological organization. Physical stress? Mental stress? Emotional stress? Glycemic stress? Biochemical stress? Endocrine stress? Toxic stress? --- The Sympathetic/Parasympathetic Balance System shifts into high gear at a moment's notice so that you may triumph over the challenges of life.

The last several months of the year we concentrated on the insulin resistance and insulin deficiency aspects of Sympathetic/ Parasympathetic Imbalances. Why? Both insulin resistance and insulin deficiency are underlying causes of all the pathologies that destroy the quality of life, then ultimately end life prematurely --- heart attacks, strokes, diabetes (and all its deadly sequelae), and cancer. --- And --- insulin resistance and insulin deficiency always involve deficiencies or excesses of Sympathetic or Parasympathetic reactivity.

The diabetic patient you just read about would still be suffering terrible symptoms --- on the way to premature demise --- had his NUTRI-SPEC Doc not understood how to use Complex S and Complex P. As we have been pounding the table, emphatically raving about the benefits of Complex S and Complex P, and educating you on the ubiquitous Sympathetic/Parasympathetic physiopathologies ...


This diabetic patient is not the only one exclaiming, "I wish I had found you years ago."

--- Just yesterday, we got a report from a NUTRI-SPEC Doc treating a patient with narcolepsy (--- not treating narcolepsy, but treating a patient with narcolepsy). Less than 2 years ago a young woman came to his office with narcolepsy, a desire to get pregnant, and a fear of getting pregnant because of the nasty drugs she had to take. Narcolepsy is supposed to be incurable. --- Long story short --- within several months of NUTRI-SPEC Metabolic Therapy for a Parasympathetic Imbalance, the woman's narcolepsy was "cured." She subsequently had a healthy pregnancy, and the report we got yesterday is that she is nursing her perfectly healthy 5-month-old baby. NUTRI-SPEC practitioners have reported 3 successful narcolepsy cases in the last 2 years.

Here is another report --- a NUTRI-SPEC practitioner with an elderly woman suffering from debilitating fatigue and uncontrollable diarrhea. The NUTRI-SPEC Doc reports: "My patient has been feeling much better --- more energy and sense of well being. Her friends and fellow Sunday school members have been remarking about how much better she looks. Her diarrhea has ceased entirely. She states that for the first time in her memory she feels like she is fully emptying her bowel. --- She still tests somewhat Parasympathetic on her QRG analysis." ----- But not only is this patient feeling better than she has in a long, long time, she has also gotten off the statin drug she was on for years, and, she no longer takes antibiotics, which she was given repeatedly in the past. --- She absolutely wishes she had found her NUTRI-SPEC Doc years ago.

Here is another extraordinary case from a doctor who picked up on the big idea of restoring Metabolic Balance and increasing Vital Reserves with Complex S and Complex P… His geriatric patient had a list of symptoms and conditions a mile long, accompanied by a list of drugs two miles long --- just like half the patients you see these days. Without going into the whole story (and there are many remarkable changes witnessed in this patient), we will focus only on another "incurable" condition --- kidney failure.

This doctor consulted NUTRI-SPEC with the patient's initial NUTRI-SPEC test results, plus a recent set of blood labs. The blood labs showed that the patient's glomerular filtration rate was pathologically low at 48. In healthy kidneys, the GFR should be up around 100, and anything below 59 indicates functional renal failure. Additionally, the patient's serum phosphorus was elevated --- a real danger signal, and the major complication for a patient who eventually needs renal dialysis.

Now, a truly remarkable finding on this patient is that after just 18 weeks on NUTRI-SPEC, her GFR came all the way up to a perfectly normal 82, while her phosphorus dropped to perfectly mid range normal. How did her NUTRI-SPEC Doc treat her kidneys? He did not treat her kidneys at all. With NUTRI-SPEC supplementation, and particularly an understanding of how to effectively use Complex P and Complex S, extraordinary changes were made in this woman's health without "treating" the kidneys --- nor any other body part or condition.

What are your 6 takeaways from our year-long feature on Complex S and Complex P?

  1. The doctors achieving these incredible clinical results have no advanced training or special knowledge in biochemistry. They are no different than you. They have a general understanding of the NUTRI-SPEC philosophy of patient-specific Metabolic Therapy; their staff has become competent at the test procedures; they freely communicate with the NUTRI-SPEC staff as needed --- and, they are extraordinarily enriched as they enrich their patients.

  2. The majority of your patients are insulin reactors. These Anaerobic and/or Glucogenic and/or Ketogenic and/or Parasympathetic patients are headed for big trouble down the road without your help. These patients almost all need Complex P and/or Complex S.

  3. Many of your insulin reactors have lost it --- and are now insulin resistant. These patients are on the brink of disaster --- headed for obesity, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes --- and an endless compounding of both disease and prescription drugs. They all need Complex P and/or Complex S.

  4. Many of your patients are insulin deficient. Most of them were Sympathetic and/or Dysaerobic, and have now been victimized by ImmunoNeuroEndocrine stress such that autoimmune pathology is overwhelming the pancreas. --- Begin working with these people early enough in life, and the INE stress response can be averted, and catastrophe prevented. Begin working with these people after the patho-physiological ball is rolling, and you can still prevent them from becoming diabetic, or at least delay the progress of the condition significantly. Begin working with these people after they are already insulin deficient diabetics, and rescue them from certain disaster.

  5. You will see many diabetics over your career who will be both insulin resistant and insulin deficient diabetics. --- Only you can manage these cases --- increasing their Adaptative Capacity remarkably, while at the same time minimizing their need for drugs, and certainly preventing or at least significantly delaying the inevitable consequences of severe diabetes.

  6. Beaten to a pulp! ----- That describes the copy on my waiting room table of Dr. Rothman's book, Edibolic Stress. While the magazines sit in the rack gathering dust, patients walk through the door and rush to be the first to grab that book, reading as much as they can before being called back for their office visit. The cover is bent and wrinkled, the binding is ready to give out, and the pages are absolutely wilted. Why is it that people cannot get enough of this book? The book is written by a NUTRI-SPEC practitioner who is not only extraordinarily knowledgeable in physiology and biochemistry, but also is thoroughly in tune with the NUTRI-SPEC philosophy. The book presents the essence of NUTRI-SPEC, but most particularly emphasizes the importance of Sympathetic/Parasympathetic Balance in living stronger longer. Buy this book! (www.amazon.com, www.barnesandnoble.com, and www.mdwellnessmd.com/) --- Buy 3 copies. You will need one for your personal library, one for your waiting room, and a second one to replace the one in your waiting room after your patients mutilate it.

The successes described above are simple to achieve. Simply ...

  • get the patient-specific philosophy.

  • communicate that philosophy --- speaking with your patients as demonstrated in the dialogue you read in your October Letter --- and --- by presenting your patients with NUTRI-SPEC literature --- The Secret of Good Nutrition brochure, the Activator and Mighty Mins brochures, the DNP brochure, the Imbalance descriptions, and above all --- WHAT NUTRI-SPEC WILL DO FOR YOU. --- Only after reading your literature will patients appreciate the full scope of your Metabolic Therapy.

  • follow instructions --- and check in with the NUTRI-SPEC staff as often as you need to.

Simple? Yes. Easy? Yes, as soon as you work NUTRI-SPEC into your regular office routine. --- And --- as soon as you learn how to give nearly every patient Complex S &/or Complex P --- which, for this month you can have 2 FREE with every 10 you buy.