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Volume 25, Number 8

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
August, 2014

Dear Doctor,

There are doctors making a pile of money with NUTRI-SPEC. ( ------------ Hundreds of thousands per year qualifies as "a pile" of dollars.) We have finally made NUTRI-SPEC more user-friendly. So finally, you can easily join these practitioners serving a high volume of patients with patient-specific, science-based Metabolic Therapy. --- And this month's Letter will show you step-by-step exactly how to build such a thriving practice.

[Side Note: Always stay philosophically connected to The Law of Wealth Creation. We are only rich to the extent we enrich others. A pile of dollars is truly worth celebrating --- but only if every dollar represents at least a dollar's worth of value added to someone else's life.]

There are also doctors not serving a large volume of clinical nutrition patients, yet who still have accumulated a "pile" of wealth with NUTRI-SPEC. They are making an honest buck delivering Metabolic Therapy based on an objective testing system. They thrive in a mutually enriching relationship with their patients. The money is good, but the satisfaction derived from serving, plus the praise and respect heaped on them by their patients, is even richer. Now, with the new simpler, quicker test procedures, you can earn the life-long commitment and the undying gratitude of as many patients as you can comfortably serve. --- And, this Letter will show you exactly how to maximize riches while never stepping out of your comfort zone.

So here it is --- how to ride NUTRI-SPEC as you ...


toward an ever-richer practice. --- Some preliminary remarks ... Since we know NUTRI-SPEC offers value to your patients they cannot find anywhere else, you may suspect we want you to try "selling" NUTRI-SPEC to every one of your patients. We will do no such thing.

"Selling" is a loser. Selling is stressful for the seller, and even after applying enough pressure to close a sale, the "salesman" is often depleted in ways that devalue life enough to offset the income the sale generates. Meanwhile, the sellee is often left troubled, wondering whether he was just victimized by a sales pitch, and will never get a dollar's worth of value for every dollar he spent. --- Truly --- "selling" is too often a lose/lose proposition. ----- Speaking personally --- I can honestly say that in 37 years of practice, I have never "sold" a patient anything. There is a stress-free way to deliver NUTRI-SPEC that is always win/win for doctor and patient.

The "trick" to never having to sell what you offer is to make your patients ask you for it. How do you pull off that little trick? [Here is where I could spend the rest of this Letter, and the next Letter, and the next Letter, and the next --- in fact, give an entire seminar or seminar series --- on practice building. All I can do within the context of this month's Letter is give you the essence of the principle of practice building, and see if you can take it from there. --- As a chiropractor, I have for decades been frustrated to the point of anger at the number of doctors I see who have been sucked into practice management seminars --- investing a whole lot of money in learning how to become high pressure salesmen. Some of them experience nothing but painful frustration and fail miserably. Some of them "succeed" phenomenally but still suffer painful frustration and eventual burnout. ----- Never attempt to sell anything; merely serve.] Inducing patients to ask you for your services and products --- indeed, even beg for your services and products --- is as simple as making an offer that is irresistible.

That irresistible offer is a glorification of your unique value, presented with what I call "The 3 C's. [--- There is a teaser for you. I am not even going to tell you what the 3 C's are. But, NUTRI-SPEC will give you a dozen Activator or Mighty Mins FREE with your next order if you can guess on your first try what the 3 C's are.]

Now imagine your patient hearing an ultra concise statement of the unique value you have to offer. Your brief unique value offer is animated by the 3 C's. The patient immediately becomes hungry. But no sooner is your patient salivating than he hears you say, or at least imply, that you might not be willing to give it to him. You see, you follow your unique value offer with yet another statement empowered by the 3 C's --- an expression of doubt as to whether the patient is worthy of what you have. --- What I mean is a statement implying that the patient may not be able to make the kind of commitment required, or, the patient may not have the financial resources to take full advantage of it, or whatever is appropriate in this particular patient's case that will bring into question whether he is worthy of your commitment. Reflexly, the little voice inside the patient's head will start screaming, "Yes I can! Yes I can! Yes I can! I want it, I want it, and I'll do anything to have it!" --- Your patient wants what you have so desperately he can almost taste it. ----- At that point, you are ready to tentatively, conditionally, be gracious enough to extend your unique value to your patient.

No "selling." No pressure. No long-winded hyperbolic sales pitch. You do nothing more than make the patient aware you have something special, something he cannot get anywhere else, and something you may be willing to give, but only if he is as excited to receive as you are to give.

One more preliminary remark ... You must qualify each patient before you consider making a unique value offer. Qualify? Yes, you must estimate what resources the patient has and will commit --- physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially, and proceed accordingly.

To illustrate --- imagine you are a BMW car dealer. You sell "The Ultimate Driving Machine." You are pleased and proud to offer cars that truly enrich people's lives. Even though the price tag is high, you know the value is there.

Now, suppose a potential customer pulls up in front of your showroom in a 15-year-old rusted out pick-up truck, stumbles through your showroom door with muddy boots and a ragged T-shirt, and stammers from a nearly toothless mouth, "I just got a job that I'll need to drive 100-mile trip every day, and I need a good car. I heard you guy's sell the best." What do you do? Do you throw the guy out on his ear? Do you try to sell him a top-of-the-line M-series BMW for over $100,000? No. You have qualified your potential customer.

You are 99% sure he cannot afford and does not need a top-of-the-line BMW --- so --- instead of trying to "sell" the guy something he does not need, you make it very clear that you have exactly what he does need. With a big smile and gushing with genuine enthusiasm, you give the guy the good news that, "We help a lot of people like you who need good, reliable transportation. I know we have just the vehicle you need --- it will give you the most value for your dollar invested. See those doors over there? They open into our high-quality pre-owned vehicle lot. Out there you will find an amazing selection of both cars and pick-ups --- certain to be something there that will give you the transportation you need, and keep you driving in style." You have ...


Now, let us follow through, using a typical chiropractic practice to illustrate. Are all your patients qualified for a top-of-the-line M series BMW? Are all your patients qualified for The Ultimate in Metabolic Therapy --- with an assertive program of Metabolic Balancing lasting between 3-10 weeks, followed by a vitality-enhancing life-long Diphasic Nutrition Plan? --- No, of course not. Picture a patient perfectly analogous to the toothless guy stumbling out of the rusted out truck --- he thinks it is perfectly normal to grab a quick bite of sugary trash for breakfast, eat lunch at Subway, then have pizza for dinner. He drives through his aches and pains and his fatigue with liberal doses of cola, diet cola, and coffee between meals --- then ends his day with a bedtime bowl of ice cream. What would it take to "sell" this guy on a life-long commitment to health initiated by a 10-week intensive program of Metabolic Therapy? Forget it.

Do you throw the guy out on his ear? Certainly not. You serve him. Do not criticize him; do not lecture him. Simply make him aware that good nutrition might make a big difference in his quality of life, and, that if he ever decides to make a move in that direction, you are the one he wants to consult. The best way to do that is to (in a lighthearted, good-natured way) tease him --- "Yuck!!! What are you, the junk food king of Westmoreland County? --- Looks like you're on a mission to see how fast you can make yourself old. --- Seriously, if you ever get an idea of cleaning up your nutrition act, don't throw your money away on a lot of useless vitamins, and, don't get snookered into following any silly health food diets. I'm not trying to sell you anything --- but if you ever want to know the most health-effective and cost-effective ways to improve your health with nutrition, check with us first. --- We'll get you going straight at whatever level of commitment you want to make." --- End of discussion. Go about your business with whatever non-nutrition ways you serve your patients. But, I can promise you that almost every patient that hears your teaser will come back to you or your staff looking for guidance at some point.

--- So, Preliminary Concept #1 = Never sell. Only offer and serve. (And make your unique value offer irresistible --- by tempting the patient, then, threatening to deny the patient --- and --- by projecting the 3 C's.)

Preliminary Concept #2: Pause for just a moment and create in your mind's eye a crystal clear vision of what your NUTRI-SPEC practice looks like. Specifically, how will you effortlessly create an awareness in your patients that you offer uniquely extraordinary clinical nutrition? The first step is simple, and you can do it immediately. Prominently display your NUTRI-SPEC brochures in your waiting room, and also at the desk where patients check out and schedule their next appointment.

You have your Activator brochure explaining thoroughly and concisely the many ways your NUTRI-SPEC supplements differ from the ordinary trash sold by other health food stores and clinical nutritionists. You have The Secret of Good Nutrition, a brochure that introduces the concept of biological individuality, thus making a patient aware that he might have special needs that only someone with your expertise can determine. Display also the Diphasic Nutrition Plan brochure that extols the value in making a lifelong commitment to health. Eat Well --- Be Well should be on display as well, and will generate many questions and comments from patients since it exposes so many health food myths. Your Mighty Mins brochure in particular should be prominently in view. --- We have a very nice display in which to mount them, and nothing will generate more interest in patients than giving their children (and grandchildren) the benefits of the very best nutrition.

The second way to make your patients keenly aware that you have a special means of determining each person's individualized nutrition needs is to not only have your NUTRI-SPEC brochures on display, but also actually have your staff hand them to patients with some comment to pique the patient's interest. To illustrate, your staff might be in this situation: "Mrs. Jones, I see you have your two little granddaughters with you today. The children's mother might be interested in seeing that they get the very best in healthy nutrition, so she might find this interesting to read." --- while handing grandma the Mighty Mins brochure.

Get you and your staff tuned in to generating and feeding patient awareness that you are special. The most important step in ...


for a fabulously rewarding clinical nutrition practice occurs when you are taking a new patient's History. Always (whatever the patients' reason for seeking your care) ask new patients (and beginning tomorrow, have your staff begin asking all current patients) the simple question, "Do you use nutrition supplements?"

Now, here is the "trick" to getting most of those patients to (if not today then eventually) ask you for supplement and dietary recommendations. No matter what your patients answer in response to your question ...


There are 3 possible replies to your question about nutrition supplementation, and all 3 warrant your praise.

When patients reply, "No, maybe we should take vitamins, but we don't." --- Praise them! "You're smart not wasting your money on junk. There is a lot of good evidence showing that most vitamin supplements, both for adults and for children, are worthless at best, and in many cases do more harm than good. If you ever are interested in making a commitment to nutrition for yourself (and your children), I've got some good information you will definitely want to see."

That's all. Do not say another word; do not offer these patients your Activator and Mighty Mins brochures. But in almost all cases these people will pick up those brochures on their own on their way out of your office that day, or, on a subsequent visit will ask for your advice.

The second and perhaps most common response you will get to the question, "Do you take nutrition supplements?" is from people who take a little of this and a little of that. --- Praise them! "You've got the right idea. You can really make a difference in how well and how long you live with a little bit of supplementation. There is a way to get all the benefits you are looking for and at the same time get a lot more for your money. I'll show you something you'll be interested to see. You can either read it today or take it home with you --- and let me know what you think." [Have a staff member hand the patient an Activator (and Mighty Mins) brochure, saying, "Here is the nutrition information the doctor promised you."] --- Depending on how you qualify the patient, you might also include The Secret of Good Nutrition &/or your DNP brochure.

The third and least common response you will get to your query about supplementation includes all the patients who answer with a substantial list of supplementation, including many different products they take as remedies for this and that condition. --- Praise them! "I thought you did. --- You are a lot smarter than most people in knowing all the benefits you can achieve with proper diet and supplements. I've got something I know you will be interested in seeing. It's for someone who understands nutrition like you do. It is a way to get a solid foundation under the nutrition plan you've put together for yourself. Look through it today before you leave, or take it home with you --- and let me know what you think." [Have a staff member hand the patient an Activator (and Mighty Mins) brochure along with Eat Well – Be Well, plus The Secret of Good Nutrition and You Can Be Healthy and Strong ... For a Long, Long Life, saying, "Here is the nutrition information the Doctor promised you."]


You understand that with NUTRI-SPEC you have a unique value offer. You are busy creating an awareness in your patients that you are special --- unlike any other source of nutrition products or advice they could get --- either from other doctors, or from health food store silliness. You thoroughly grasp the concept of offering your unique value, without ever making an attempt to "sell" it. You are asking all patients the magical question, "Do you use nutrition supplements?" --- And, thoroughly praising them no matter what their reply.

Yes, your stage is set, and you are ready to raise the curtain on your fabulously successful nutrition practice. --- Now, for the absolute key concept in your step-by-step building of your nutrition practice --- exactly as you visualize it. That key concept?


First, you must consider your own commitment level. What kind of commitment of time and energy are you willing to commit to a Metabolic Therapy practice? Do you want to go all-out from Day 1, committing both yourself and your staff to mastering the intricacies of NUTRI-SPEC Metabolic Testing? Or, do you want to develop your skills incrementally, thoughtfully, one at a time --- implementing NUTRI-SPEC at a rate that never pushes you out of your comfort zone?

Even more importantly, the key concept of commitment levels applies to your patients. The essence of qualifying patients is estimating what level of commitment each is willing to make. How much time, energy, and money is a patient willing to eagerly devote? Here is the list of 6 commitment levels at which your patient can commit to you, and you can commit to your patient:

Level 0 = no nutrition products or services offered, but the patient has a keen awareness that you have something special to offer.

Level 1 = patients whom you are serving with Activator (and Mighty Mins), and Eat Well – Be Well.

Level 2 = Metabolic Therapy addressing the ImmunoNeuroEndocrine Imbalances with your Sympathetic/Parasympathetic Support System.

Level 3 = "Barrier Buster" Analysis to power up adaptative energy.

Level 4 = Vital Reserves Booster --- using your Diphasic Nutrition Plan to assure patients will live stronger longer.

Level 5 = Diphasic Nutrition Plan enhanced by Barrier Buster Analysis (and perhaps Tissue Acid/Alkaline Control).

Level 6 = The Ultimate in Metabolic Therapy --- Metabolic Imbalance Analysis employing the full set of NUTRI-SPEC objective test procedures.

Consider now the first 2 Levels (Levels 4-6 next month) and how each relates to enriching your patients as you enrich yourself. Level 0 is the people to whom you ask the question, "Do you use nutrition supplements?" --- and their answer is none. You praise them, but plant the seed of awareness that if they ever decide to commit to a health upgrade by cleaning up their diet and taking some "vitamins," you are the one they need to talk to. These people sit in your waiting room watching other happy patients buying truckloads of high-value supplements, and hearing the "buzz" in your waiting room over how lives have been enriched by what you do via Metabolic Therapy. ----- In time, almost all these Level 0 patients will jump up to at least Level 1.

Level 1 patients constitute a goldmine that has been laying at your feet untapped for years. Riches? --- There are nuggets of gold lying all over the ground just waiting for you to pick up. Yes, Level 1 patients are "easy pickings." These are the people already taking One-A-Day brand vitamins, or Centrum Silver, or feeding their kids Flintstones, or whatever. They are already "sold" on the benefits of supplementation. These are the people who have also read all the popular mythology on what constitutes a good diet --- low fat, low cholesterol, food pyramid, and other nonsense. The point is, they have already made a Level 1 commitment, but they have made it to a false authority. With nothing more than your Activator brochure, they can gain awareness that not all multiple supplements are good, and that megadoses do not equate to mega benefits, and that certain nutrients that everyone "knows" are "good for you" can actually be damaging when taken in excess or out of balance with other nutrients. To these people you make a unique value offer of nothing more than praising them for their commitment to health, then giving them the Activator & Eat Well – Be Well brochures and the gold will flow quickly and steadily into your pocket --- all the while you are honestly enriching their lives.

Gold nuggets? Within 2 months you should easily have 50 households (65 adults & 35 children) at Level 1. Activator = 65 x $28/mo. X 12) + (MM = 35 x $15/mo. x 12) = $28,140 annual income for nothing more than replacing trash with value. Be the authority. Be rich.

Check out your NUTRI-SPEC website to get updated procedures for the Sympathetic/Parasympathetic Support System & Barrier Busters Analysis --- and --- call us anytime.