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Volume 25, Number 9

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
September, 2014

Dear Doctor,


Trash it ...


Yes, the biggest barrier to your serving more patients with NUTRI-SPEC Metabolic Therapy has been totally eliminated from your testing.


--- We are finally serving you with a set of tests that is user friendly. You can now run the complete test procedure in much less time, and with far greater ease. And, the analysis of your test results can be done in less than half the time --- and --- often yields fewer supplement recommendations.

So, this Letter is ...


Whatever barriers have blocked your road to riches with NUTRI-SPEC are being swept away. TODAY --- call us to order your ...


We will send it to you FREE with your order of $336 (merely the price of a dozen Activator).

What will you get in your FRESH START PACKAGE?

+ An entirely revised test procedure, including:

  • no Surface Tension

  • no VASO test

  • no COUGH test

  • no PUPIL test

  • precise instructions for quick, accurate readings from MULTI-STIX

  • only 3 (not 4) pulses in your orthostatic challenge of heart rate

+ A detailed, step-by-step instruction set (Appendix A of your NUTRI-SPEC manual) for the complete test procedure that now includes nothing more than:

  • Urine Multi-Stix

  • Saliva pH initial and 2-minute readings

  • Orthostatic Challenge of blood pressure and heart rate

  • Dermographics and Edema tests

  • Respiratory Rate and Breath Hold Time

+ A new Test Results Form, along with your newly streamlined Quick Reference Guide (Appendix C of your manual) so you will:

  • quickly factor into your analysis the effects of many prescription drugs

  • determine a patient's Metabolic Imbalances in only 1 minute

  • choose supplements in half the time of the old analysis


  • Yes, you are going to be given special treatment, just as if you were completely new to NUTRI-SPEC.

  • Yes ----- whether you discovered NUTRI-SPEC 20 years ago or 20 weeks ago; whether you have tested hundreds of patients or none --- it is time to begin all over again, this time with incredible ease.

  • Your NUTRI-SPEC staff is with you by phone, fax, or email --- to give you and your staff an easy FRESH START.

Finally, you can join the practitioners serving a high volume of patients with patient-specific, science-based Metabolic Therapy. Or, if you are one of the NUTRI-SPEC practitioners already creating fabulous riches for yourself and your patients through NUTRI-SPEC, you will find that you can move forward with greater ease than you ever imagined. So, call us today to get your FRESH START PACKAGE.

And while you are on the phone, do not hesitate to chat awhile. Questions about the totally reworked NUTRI-SPEC testing and analysis? Questions or comments on your powerfully unique NUTRI-SPEC supplements? Questions about any nutrition-related topic? Questions about any aspect of human physiology? Questions on the best way to handle a specific patient or a particular pathology? --- Chat. Get to know us better. Just as your patients cannot get anything to match NUTRI-SPEC from anyone but you, you cannot get the kind of service we offer anywhere but at NUTRI-SPEC.

Yes, call us today --- and if you order your FRESH START PACKAGE by September 19th, we will throw in a FREE pack of pH strips.

You learned in last month's Letter how to "set your stage" for your dazzling performance as a Metabolic Therapist. You are creating an awareness in your patients that you are special --- unlike any other source of nutrition products or advice they could get --- either from doctors, or from health food store silliness. You understand that with NUTRI-SPEC you have a unique value offer --- and you thoroughly grasp the concept of offering your unique value without ever making an attempt to "sell" it. You are asking all patients the magical question, "Do you use nutrition supplements?" --- And, thoroughly praising them no matter what their reply.

Your staff is eager to go, and is actively promoting that awareness in your patients that something special is offered in your office. Your staff's enthusiasm for promoting nutrition and Metabolic Therapy is matched by its eagerness to excel at the test procedures. They should be as overjoyed as you are that the testing is now much, much easier, much less complicated, and much faster.

As you embark on you FRESH START with NUTRI-SPEC, be certain you and your staff never push yourselves out of your comfort zone. Every minute of serving your patients with Metabolic Therapy should be a joy. Yes, it is work and takes a degree of focus and commitment, but it should still be as emotionally and professionally enriching as it is financially enriching.

We have made the point in recent months that NUTRI-SPEC is not an "all or none" proposition. You need to qualify every one of your patients in terms of physical, emotional, and financial ability to commit to what you are offering. You will ask yourself, "How much time, energy, and money is this particular patient willing to eagerly devote to taking responsibility for his own health?" We gave you last month a list of 6 commitment levels at which your patient can commit to you, and you can commit to your patient:

Level 0 = no nutrition products or services offered, but the patient has a keen awareness that you have something special to offer.

Level 1 = patients whom you are serving with Activator (and Mighty Mins), and Eat Well – Be Well.

Level 2 = Metabolic Therapy addressing the ImmunoNeuroEndocrine Imbalances with your Sympathetic/Parasympathetic Support System.

Level 3 = "Barrier Buster" Analysis to power up adaptative energy.

Level 4 = Vital Reserves Booster --- using your Diphasic Nutrition Plan to assure patients will live stronger longer.

Level 5 = Diphasic Nutrition Plan enhanced by Barrier Buster Analysis and/or your Sympathetic/Parasympathetic Support System (and perhaps Tissue Acid/Alkaline Control).

Level 6 = The Ultimate in Metabolic Therapy --- Metabolic Imbalance Analysis employing the full set of NUTRI-SPEC objective test procedures.

We covered Level 0 and Level 1 in detail last month. It is fun to watch Level 0 patients make the move to Level 1, and even more fun on the occasion when one leaps all the way to Level 4. Level 1? This is your untapped gold mine as we explained last month. You can easily add more than $28,000 to your annual income by nothing more than replacing with Activator and Mighty Mins the garbage supplements these patients are already buying from health food peddlers --- nutrient formulations that are truly in a class by themselves replacing junk.

Level 2 is one ideal way to serve patients who are taking their first step into Metabolic Therapy. The objective test procedure could not be simpler and faster. The test procedure also constitutes what I call an "eye popper." The test results are immediately visible to patients and cannot help but activate their curiosity. As a patient watches a wide red line form on the arm, a wide white line form on the leg, and an edematous dent persist in the leg, her eyes will pop out of her head as she eagerly asks, "What does that tell you? What does that mean?"

Since the Sympathetic/Parasympathetic Support System focuses on the neurological component of the various Metabolic Imbalances, it is ideal for integrating into a busy chiropractic practice. This system of analysis emphasizes the magnificent power of Complex S and Complex P, and the analysis gives you a specific set of 3 supplements to give your patient (along with Activator) that you can be 100% certain will empower that patient to some degree.

There are many ways to use this ImmunoNeuroEndocrine balancing analysis. It can be used as a stand-alone procedure for patients you have qualified as capable of making a Level 2 commitment. It can be the entire extent of Metabolic Therapy you and your staff offer, if that is the level of commitment to Metabolic Therapy you are prepared to make.

The Sympathetic/Parasympathetic Support System can also be used in support of higher Level patients. You might have a patient on a Diphasic Nutrition Plan who is doing quite well, but for whom you would like to pump a little extra juice into his Vital Reserves. --- Similarly --- on patients for whom you are doing the complete NUTRI-SPEC Metabolic Imbalance analysis, there are occasions when the patient has progressed nicely, but before transitioning the patient to his life-long Diphasic Nutrition Plan, you have some nagging symptoms or conditions at which you would like to take a shot. The ImmunoNeuroEndocrine balancing approach will often give you just what you are looking for.

Level 3, the Barrier Buster Analysis, brings all your most powerful NUTRI-SPEC guns into focus on a patient's health complaints. The testing and evaluation is even simpler than the Sympathetic/Parasympathetic Support System, but you do need to monitor the patient's response to your supplementation a little more closely, and a little more frequently. The difference is that in the Barrier Buster Analysis, instead of being given a specific set of 4 supplements to use as a package, you are given a menu of supplements. From this menu, you will use your knowledge of NUTRI-SPEC, and your knowledge of the particular patient, to select one or more supplements to aim at your target. (Call us if you want confirmation of your menu choices.)

Just as with the Sympathetic/Parasympathetic Support System, you can use this as a stand-alone Metabolic Therapy. It can also be used as a way to supercharge Vital Reserves on a patient whom you already have on a Diphasic Nutrition Plan, or, for a patient on whom you are doing NUTRI-SPEC Metabolic Balancing.

Level 4, your Diphasic Nutrition Plan, is every patient's ticket to happy-ever-after. If you are serious about enriching yourself as you enrich your patients with the ultimate in clinical nutrition, the DNP will be the foundation of your practice. That Plan, with all its powerful adaptogens, is the most important thing you can do for patients who are committed to living stronger longer.

If you have any doubt about the power of your DNP, go to your NUTRI-SPEC website and click on "ARTICLES" and then explore the section labeled, "Extraordinary Nutrients." There, you will find the incredible benefits to be derived from all the adaptogens in your Diphasic A.M. and Diphasic P.M. Every one of those nutrients will preserve youthful biological function in any patient. Combining all those nutrients into a DNP absolutely guarantees to keep your patients' biological age younger than their chronological age.

When we look at the NUTRI-SPEC foundational principle:


it is the enhancement of Vital Reserves that makes up at least 60% of your unique value offer with NUTRI-SPEC. In some patients, the DNP is the whole story. In some patients, the DNP with Barrier Busters or Sympathetic/Parasympathetic Support System added as adjuncts is 90-100% of what your patients need. Even for most of the patients on whom you do complete NUTRI-SPEC Metabolic Balance analysis, the DNP is where you are headed after 3-10 weeks anyway. --- And, while there are a few patients who need the sometimes miraculous benefits of Metabolic Balancing, many will achieve their maximum health potential without going through the initial 3-10 weeks of NUTRI-SPEC Metabolic Therapy --- as long as you use the DNP, and particularly if you support it with Barrier Busters or Sympathetic/Parasympathetic Support.

Level 5 is already explained in depth --- it is merely the combination of your many NUTRI-SPEC tools into a package that maximally enriches each individual patient. The Diphasic Nutrition Plan enhanced by just a little objective testing, puts you entirely in a class by yourself compared to anything else your patients can find anywhere.

Level 6 is the ultimate --- making you the Master of Metabolic Therapy. With this Letter, you are being given the opportunity for FRESH START.

Throw away your urotensiometer --- get you and your staff fired up --- have fun --- be rich ----- Call us today for your FRESH START PACKAGE.