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Volume 25, Number 12

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
December, 2014


It's as easy as A, B, C.


--- Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Dear Doctor,

With NUTRI-SPEC you have the means to stop, and in many cases actually reverse, the premature aging processes that dominate the lives of your patients (and perhaps your life as well). In this Letter you will learn how the pathological processes underlying obesity, fatigue, depression, high cholesterol, arthritis, fibromyalgia, cardiovascular disease, diabetes --- even when those pathologies manifest in young people --- are actually signs of premature aging. They all relate to ...


--- and --- with NUTRI-SPEC you are all about "ANTI-INFLAMMAGING."


If you do not assertively put anti-aging powers to work on behalf of you and your patients, then you are a mouse and not a "man," and you are better off being a mouse or a squirrel than a guy or a girl. Let us see why ...

As a NUTRI-SPEC practitioner, you probably understand how Natural Law should be expressed throughout the growth, development, maturation, and aging of a healthy human life. Ideally:

  • There is a "bouncy" period of childhood growth, with brain and body excitedly discovering the world.

  • There is the wild dance of adolescence as healthy young people make their first attempts at stepping to the rhythms of life.

  • At age 23, adult feet are planted firmly on the ground.

  • At age 28, full physical/mental/emotional/spiritual capacity is reached --- and an amazing plateau of wellbeing is maintained through age 32.

  • At age 33 --- imperceptibly but undeniably --- the aging process begins. Emotional and spiritual development can continue, but physical and mental capacity have reached their peak potential.

  • By age 53, regardless of perfect adherence to Natural Law, the aging process cannot be denied --- but --- life is still rich, even exciting, in ways that were not imaginable at age 32.

Truly, our God-given potential to celebrate life is amazing.

But here is a paradox --- humanity, while being the most advanced species on earth, is the one species that has never realized the glorious riches promised to us by Natural Law. Unlike mice and squirrels, we have been "blessed" with a free will. --- And --- humanity has largely wasted this free will in slavish obedience to dogmatic belief systems. Slavery is poverty --- manifest over millennia as victimization by undernutrition and plagues. While humans should have lived healthfully to age 90+, the average life expectancy was somewhere between 30 and 50 for most cultures through most of history.

But now in your world --- you still see slavish obedience to dogmatic belief systems, but in that modern world no longer do undernutrition and infections accelerate the aging process. Now, almost all people, including you and your patients, have developed modern ways to cause premature aging. For the last 100 years, aging has been as easy as:

  1. massive production of prostaglandin E2

  2. poisoning by endotoxin

  3. free radical damage out of control


Neither do they have heart attacks. You will not find a diabetic squirrel. There is no obesity, no depression, no fibromyalgia, no chronic fatigue. --- But for human beings such afflictions are now considered part of the "normal" aging process. Creating these maladies was as easy as A, B, C.

A? Massive production of prostaglandin E2? ----- Yes, PGE2 will destroy the quality and length of life as nastily as anything you can imagine. PGE2 is directly causative in almost all forms of inflammaging.

Your October Letter mentioned 14 studies from the literature I have saved in My Favorites demonstrating that ...


Read that again. Think about it. The amount of PGE2 in your body tells you exactly how old you are physiologically. Does your PGE2 status give you good news or bad news? --- Is your physiological age older than or younger than your chronological age? Look at every one of your patients. --- In each individual, whether the physiological age is older or younger than the chronological age is a direct function of PGE2 production in that person's body. Even though there are other causes of inflamm-aging, PGE2 is the most ubiquitous.

So --- where does this evil PGE2 come from? There are two sources, and they both violate the essentials of the Eat Well – Be Well you recommend to all your patients:

  • eating vegetable oils, especially HOHUM PUFAs

  • excess insulin --- from eating sugar, or too many carbs, or eating too frequently

What role do vegetable oils play? PGE2 is the direct end product from the metabolic pathway of linoleic acid. Linoleic acid is the omega 6 fatty acid that dominates the fatty acid content of the catabolic, health- destroying extracted oils from soy, canola, corn, sunflower, and all the rest. For nearly 30 years we have been blasting linoleic acid as a leading cause of disease and premature aging, presenting tons and tons of evidence from the scientific literature supporting its catabolic effects and its role in increasing inflammatory PGE2. Yet, doctors and their patients (and even my patients) continue to ask --- "But wait a minute ---I thought linoleic acid was one of the essential fatty acids?"

The confusion derives from the misunderstanding of the word "essential." Decades ago physiologists discovered that of all the many fatty acids (both saturated and unsaturated) that perform roles in the human body, there are just two that the human body cannot synthesize on its own, and thus must be derived from exogenous sources. Linoleic acid is one of those. Thus, this omega 6 fatty acid was dubbed "dietarily essential." When most doctors and their patients hear the word "essential" they think that means to eat it for health. Using the poor logic that emits from most peoples' brains, it is commonly assumed that if it is essential, then, if a little is good, more is better. This "if it is essential I've got to have it" belief was magnified many-fold as the mythology surrounding saturated fats as a cause of cardiovascular disease and unsaturated fats as a protector, gained traction.

As usual, the common wisdom is way off base. The miniscule amount of linoleic acid used by the body as a cellular membrane phospholipid component that can influence the physiochemical characteristics of the lipid bi-layer is only about 5 grams --- 45 calories --- daily, or about 2-3% of our caloric intake. The absolute maximum that is usable is 3.6% of calories. Do you and your patients obtain that 45 calories worth of linoleic acid daily? Do you perhaps even obtain from your diet the maximum usable amount of about 70 calories of linoleic acid? Ha! ---

This is where a little quantitative analysis easily puts things in perspective. The typical American consumes 350-500 calories per day directly from this nasty catabolic inflammaging agent, linoleic acid. Yes, that is right --- more than 10 times the daily requirement. What happens to the extra 400 or so calories of this agent of destruction eaten every day? It slides right down the metabolic pathway to PGE2. Instead of feeling like a perky squirrel, a person feels like a tired, stiff, dull, impotent old man.

Essential? Let us continue to apply a bit of logic to the topic. If linoleic acid were critical to health as the mythology claims, then why is it one of only 2 fatty acids used by the human body that the body cannot make on its own? Did our Creator fail to give us the enzymes we need? Did Natural Law break down in the evolutionary process? How is it that the most advanced species on earth cannot make an "essential" substance? We cannot make it because there is so much of it in our natural diet that our primary risk is getting too much, not too little.

And what about excess insulin as a cause of PGE2 inflammaging? We devoted an entire year of NUTRI-SPEC Letters to the problem of excess insulin, insulin resistance, and metabolic syndrome --- without doubt, the leading cause of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and all the degenerative diseases. By what mechanism does excess insulin cause premature aging? Much of it has to do with potentiating the metabolic pathway that converts linoleic acid into PGE2. When a person eats too often, or eats too many carbs relative to protein and fat, or eats sugar, the excess insulin stimulation increases the enzyme delta-5 desaturase. This enzyme diverts the linoleic acid metabolic pathway into PGE2 production. Without the elevated insulin, even a reasonably high intake of nasty old linoleic acid will result in little more than that linoleic acid being used as a caloric metabolite --- in other words, that fatty acid will just be burned for energy, or stored in adipose.

B? Poisoning by endotoxin? Let us consider once again the 14 studies in My Favorites demonstrating that inflammaging is directly proportional to PGE2. Most of these studies involved increasing the levels of PGE2 in experimental animals, then analyzing the rate of aging. Now let us ask ourselves, how do researchers accelerate the production of PGE2 and thus the rate of aging in test animals? They give them endotoxin. What is endotoxin? Endotoxin is the toxic lipopolysaccharide in the cell membrane of gram-negative bacteria. Where do you find an excess of these toxic gram-negative bacteria? In a rotten gut. Where do you find a rotten gut? In almost every one of your patients.

Abnormal intestinal flora (dominated by various strains of E. coli and other toxic bacteria) are a constant source of poisoning to the body. But this poisoning goes beyond the direct toxic effect. It even more significantly excessively stimulates the immune system. Recall that more than 70% of the immune system resides in the lining of the GI tract. The typical immune system residing in the typical gut is constantly being assaulted by endotoxin. Endotoxin promotes inflammaging in 3 ways:

  • the production of PGE2 and other inflammatory prostaglandins

  • the excess activation of Th1 and Th2 pro-inflammatory cytokines in lymphocytic B cells, monocytes, dendritic cells, and macrophages

  • the excess production of nitric oxide and its associated pro-inflammatory factors such as peroxynitrite

Yes --- endotoxin production in the gut is "3 strikes you're out" for anyone who wants to maintain physiological age at chronological age.

C? Free radical damage out of control? ----- Yes, the oxidative free radical damage theory of aging is well-established. Oxidative damage is nothing more than a description of our NUTRI-SPEC Dysaerobic Metabolic Imbalance. Oxygen radicals bounce around out of control causing intracellular damage everywhere they strike. Premature aging is the consequence.

Where do these evil oxygen radicals come from? There are 3 sources:

  • eating vegetable oils, especially HOHUM PUFAs

  • excess insulin --- from eating sugar, or too many carbs, or eating too frequently

  • immune system pro-inflammatory activation by endotoxin

It is excess of both omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids that oxidize out of control --- generating damaging free radicals. It is excess insulin leading to insulin resistance that creates advanced glycation end products --- another source of damaging oxygen radicals. It is the absorption of endotoxin from a rotten gut that activates mast cells and other immune system components --- generating both Th1 and Th2 inflammatory cytokines whose end result is oxidative tissue damage.

Yes, our modern lifestyle results from slavish obedience to dogmatic belief systems --- the medical/pharmaceutical/agribusiness paradigm that anti-metabolites are food, and that drugs are part of healthcare. Mindlessly surrendering to establishment "authorities" has made aging as easy as A, B, C.

How do we set ourselves free? How do we live stronger longer? --- In a word, NUTRI-SPEC. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Commit to a life-long Diphasic Nutrition Plan that minimizes the production of PGE2 --- achieved by Eat Well – Be Well and the amazing assortment of ADAPTOGENS in Diphasic AM and Diphasic PM.

  2. Make a life-long commitment to a Diphasic Nutrition Plan that includes Eat Well – Be Well and Immuno-Synbiotic to maintain normal intestinal flora and eliminate inflammaging by endotoxin.

  3. Make a life-long commitment to a Diphasic Nutrition Plan that minimizes both Dysaerobic/Catabolic/oxidative inflammaging --- employing Eat Well – Be Well along with the amazing array of:

    • anti-oxidant adaptogens

    • anti-reductive adaptogens

    • nutrients to maintain glycemic control, and

    • Oxy Tonic + Electro Tonic + Oxy D+ to maintain tissue pH balance and normal membrane permeability.

In a word, NUTRI-SPEC. Administer assertively.