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Volume 26, Number 7

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
July, 2015

Dear Doctor,

Imagine all the far-out science fiction movies portraying the horrifying theme of human bodies being ...


Bizarre creatures from the outer reaches of the universe invade the hapless victim, seizing control of body, mind, and emotions, manipulating the person's life to serve their own agenda.

Science fiction? --- Or reality? --- Stop to consider that the human body, every human body, YOUR human body, really is possessed by foreign invaders. There are over one hundred trillion freaky-looking critters living off your flesh, while striving to dominate all your physical, mental, and emotional functions. You are their unwitting victim as they usurp control of your life. These self-serving super beings have incredible powers that can ...

  • make you unassertive, fearful

  • cause you depression or anxiety

  • give you food cravings or destroy your appetite

  • make you fatigued or hyper

  • overstimulate some immune functions while crippling others

  • give you constipation or diarrhea

  • push your blood sugar too high or too low

  • drive your cholesterol too high or too low

  • gunk up your blood with triglycerides

  • punish you with allergies or asthma

  • make you fat (or skinny)

There are over a thousand different types of these highly advanced aliens, each with its own influence over your level of well-being, each with its own unique powers to usurp some aspect of your homeostasis.

  • They fight night and day against your immune system --- totally deranging its functions.

  • They continuously strive to conquer your digestive system --- dictating not only the efficiency of function and degree of inflammation within the gut, but also controlling what nutrients you absorb.

  • They scramble the communication lines between your Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous system.

  • They rule over your hypothalamus, thus modifying all aspects of neurological and hormonal physiology.

--- And --- there is another aspect to their inhabitation of your essence. They not only fight night and day to control you, but the thousands of different critters are at war with each other. This continuous battle between the aliens rages with no consideration for the collateral damage it causes to your body. So, you are victimized by the direct action of these powerful invaders, while you also suffer the indirect consequences of being a war zone between the competing factions that desire to rule your body and mind.

If you want to defend yourself and your patients against these aggressive aliens, you need not go to some hidden corner of the galaxy to find their source. No, these creatures are natives of Mother Earth; they are companions of Father Time. Paradoxically, they have both served and enslaved humanity since The Beginning. They are ...



Our microbiota governs us just as governments in the political sense govern. It is a protection racket, really. We agree to sacrifice certain aspects of our lives to the governors in return for their promise to protect us against more noxious would-be governors. The concept here is ...


Symbiosis means we and our microbiota live in a mutually enriching give-and-take. We sacrifice some of our personal power and autonomy to an army of aliens, and in return they gain some control over us. They lend support to the efficiency of certain of our body functions, while protecting us against more obtrusive invaders. They suck a little bit of the life out of us, but promise to protect our lives in return.

To get a feel for the creepy sci-fi character of this symbiotic relationship, look at the first item on Page 1, the list of powers these critters wield over us. As they possess our bodies, they can literally posses our minds and emotions. They can control our attitudes such as to radically modify our behavior. Some of the best studies in this regard are done on lab animals in whom the intestinal microbiota was deliberately modified
--- devastating the good, and implanting the bad and the ugly.

One particularly good study took a control group of mice and observed them happily running around all over their cage, climbing hills and ladders, jumping off ledges --- exhibiting every imaginable aspect of healthy mice thriving in a stimulating environment. For the test group, the microbiota was introduced by the intrusion of some bad guys and some ugly guys. One of the most striking findings was that the mice with the unhealthy microbiota became extremely timid, unassertive, and even fearful. When they would approach the small ledge off of which mice routinely jump and play, they would stop, paralyzed with fear, and then turn and retreat.

Think about that. How many of your patients, when confronted with normal challenges of daily living stop, paralyzed by fear, then retreat, repeatedly failing to conquer life's little challenges? How many of them retreat into depression? How many into anxiety? How many of them retreat to alcoholism or binge eating? How many of them whine about how much stress they have in their lives, when really they are suffering from stress deprivation --- so unassertive they run away from all conflicts and challenges? --- And --- how many of these countless people are, like the mice in the experiment cited, living as mere shadows of themselves only because they are the victims of bad, ugly aliens?

Now, look at the last item on the list of powers these foreign invaders often exert over us. They can so totally usurp control over our metabolism that they make us fat or skinny. We talked at great length in last month's Letter about the Gut-Adipose Axis, and the Gut-Hypothalamus Axis. Everything from our appetite to our percentage of calories stored as fat to our metabolic rate can be dominated by bad, ugly critters.

We devoted much of our last several NUTRI-SPEC Letter's to this topic of obesity and its connection to microbiota. We were by no means overemphasizing the topic. It is no exaggeration to say that nearly all your overweight patients (and you do have a few of those?) are suffering the weight gain at least partly due to abnormal microbiota. Here are the titles from just a few of dozens upon dozens of studies in the literature on how the wrong aliens invading your gut can make you gain weight:

  • The relationship between gut microbiota and weight gain in humans.

  • The gut microbiota as an environmental factor that regulates fat storage.

  • Metabolic endotoxemia initiates obesity and insulin resistance.

  • increases of bifidobacteria in gut microflora improve high-fat-diet-induced diabetes in mice through a mechanism associated with endotoxaemia.

  • The gut microbiota and its relationship to diet and obesity; new insights.

  • High-fat diet: bacteria interactions promote intestinal inflammation which precedes and correlates with obesity and insulin resistance in mouse.

  • Obesity and the human micobiome.

  • Gut microbiota as a regulator of energy homeostasis and ectopic fat deposition: mechanisms and implications for metabolic disorders.

  • The gut microbiota, obesity, and insulin resistance.

  • Gut microbiome, obesity, and metabolic dysfunction.

When we devoted last month's Letter entirely to your JELLY BELLY patients, we were certainly not suggesting you turn your practice into a weight loss clinic. We were simply making the point that whether a patient presents as a Roly-Poly, as a Tubby Tummy, as a Thunder Thighs, or as a Piggy Wiggy, that patient might as well be wearing a sign that reads ...


Note, the patients' major complaints may not even include being overweight. But the overweight condition is a sure sign that the patient needs both Metabolic Therapy and defense against invading aliens. Another way for you to look at these patients is to realize that regardless of the major complaints --- fibromyalgia, arthritis, headaches, fatigue --- none of those symptoms of inflammaging will respond until/unless the patients start dropping pounds in response to your efforts. Just as the overweight was a sign broadcasting the patients' desperate need for your help ...


of your ability to restore sunny weather to these patients' lives --- removing all the dark clouds hanging over their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Remember --- many of these studies on weight loss --- using human test subjects --- show that weight loss is most often a pretty simple proposition. But, it is permanent weight loss that is the challenge. These studies show that human subjects who lose weight, whether by a decreased calorie low fat diet, or a decreased calorie low carb diet, almost all tended to gain the weight back as soon as they deviated even slightly from the test diet.

The only ones who maintained weight loss were those who significantly altered their intestinal microbiota. Keep in mind also that in studies that showed that the microbiome was the key to permanent weight loss, no direct interventions were done on the microbiota --- no particular prebiotic or probiotic supplementation. It was just that ...


while on a weight loss diet were able to maintain the weight loss.

So for those on the low carb diet, getting off the sugars that they had spent a lifetime feeding their bad and ugly aliens was enough for the good guys to take control. For those on the low fat diet, getting off the HOHUM PUFAS that had been feeding the bad and the ugly since childhood, allowed the good aliens to seize control.

With the good guys in control, there was true symbiosis --- both host and guest benefit. The aliens were given sustenance to support life, while the humans were given a healthy Gut-Adipose Axis, Gut-Brain Axis, Gut-Pancreas Axis, Gut-Hypothalamus Axis, Gut-Adrenal Axis, and Gut-Liver Axis.

As a NUTRI-SPEC practitioner, you have 2 powerful means to intervene in inflammaging associated with these Axes. With your NUTRI-SPEC Metabolic Balancing &/or your Diphasic Nutrition Plan, &/or Doing FINE, &/or your Sympathetic-Parasympathetic Support System, &/or your Barrier Busters Analysis, &/or Tissue Acid/Alkaline Balancing you directly intervene in pathophysiology of the brain, the hypothalamus, adipose tissue, the pancreas, the adrenals, the gut, and the liver. With your IMMUNO-SYNBIOTIC, you intervene directly and indirectly in ImmunoNeuroEndocrine stress deriving from the gut.

Is life for you and your patients good --- or, is it bad and ugly? Symbiosis is the question, and the answer is ...