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Volume 26, Number 12

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
December, 2015


Think of your patients who are ailing in seemingly bizarre ways ...

  • Mary eats 2 crackers and gains 2 pounds.

  • Bill does 2 hours of yard work and can hardly move for 2 days.

  • Barb has 2 little sneezes, then 2 hours later comes down with a severe cold she cannot shake for 2 weeks.

  • John has 2 little sneezes, then 2 more, then 2 more, and his "allergy attack" makes him miserable for 2 months.

  • Millie gave birth to 2 babies and immediately after the 2nd collapsed into a state of chronic fatigue, depression, and fibromyalgia that has persisted for 2 decades.

Clearly, you have patients who are overwhelmed by even the ordinary stressors we all encounter every day. Pause right now and literally ask yourself, "What ails my "sicky" patients, anyway?" If you have been thoughtfully engaged with NUTRI-SPEC for more than 2 minutes, the answer (in very general terms) is obvious. --- Your sicky patients are ...


In this Letter, let us take the NUTRI-SPEC paradigm a step further to help you really rescue these patients. Your basic NUTRI-SPEC premise is ...


But the critical question then becomes what causes a failure to maintain Metabolic Balance, and, what causes a deficiency of Vital Reserves? As we have discussed in recent Letters, many alternative health care providers enthusiastically proclaim ...


It is easy to see how these practitioners would fall for the almost religious dogma of "adrenalism." It all began decades ago with Hans Selye's General Adaptative Stress Syndrome. We NUTRI-SPEC practitioners see clearly that while Selye's observations were 100% accurate, they were merely a description of what was happening in people overwhelmed by environmental stressors, and not an explanation of why it was happening.

Your critical take-away from our recent Letters on adrenal stress and adrenal insufficiency is that whatever the adrenals are doing under stress, or failing to achieve under stress, happens AFTER, and in response to, the loss of Metabolic Balance and the deficiency in Vital Reserves. So --- the adrenals are an effect of inadequate Adaptative Capacity, not the cause of it. The best news regarding "the adrenals" is that ...


  • You have patients with Sympathetic adrenal stress.

  • You have patients with Anaerobic adrenal stress.

  • You have patients with Glucogenic adrenal stress.

  • You have patients with Dysaerobic adrenal failure.

  • You have patients with Ketogenic adrenal stress or adrenal failure.

  • You have patients with Diphasic adrenal stress and/or failure.

  • Etc., etc., etc...

The adrenals will do what they think they must do for as long as they think they must do it, or, fail to do what they think they must do --- all as a result of their awareness of failing Adaptative Capacity. What is the answer to the health needs of your Glucogenic patient with adrenal stress? Is it to "treat the adrenals"? No --- give the patient the Glucogenic dietary recommendations along with the supplements indicated by your QRG analysis, and the adrenals will breathe a big sigh of relief.

So, if the adrenals bouncing up and down are merely the result of your patient's failure to deal with the physical, mental, emotional, and biochemical stressors of daily life, then what is the underlying cause of the Metabolic Imbalances and the fading Vital Reserves? Here is the expanded concept to insert into your brain ...

Your sicky patients have lost their ability to maintain Metabolic Balance, and your patients are suffering from a low level of Vital Reserves, placing their physiological age 10 years older than their chronological age. Why? They have spent a lifetime being beaten down. Beaten down? Yes --- incessantly hammered by ...


If you wanted to give a patient your definition of "unrelenting stressors," what would you say?

"Mrs. Smith your body, mind, and heart are being devastated by what we call unrelenting stressors. There are energy-depleting, health-destroying, age-accelerating forces attacking your body continuously. They have been dragging you down for years and years. You cannot see or feel these evil forces --- you can only see and feel your body's defense against them, and then your body's failure to defend against them.

Over time, these nasty little monsters cause the Metabolic Imbalances we strive to correct with our NUTRI-SPEC Metabolic Therapy. Little by little they drain your Vital Reserves that we will replenish with your life-long revitalizing Diphasic Nutrition Plan. --- Naturally, our partnership in maximizing your health will restore your energy and slow the aging process much quicker and much more completely if we not only make your metabolism more balanced and stronger, but at the same time identify those nasty forces and get them out of your life."

Explaining to your patients the concept of unrelenting stressors is part of your NUTRI-SPEC presentation that you will offer on a patient's first, second, or third office visit. Patients then understand the presence of forces acting on their body that never let up, and that deplete their Adaptative Capacity such that eventually something in body or brain function breaks down. They will then more thoroughly grasp the essence of your NUTRI-SPEC patient-specific (rather than disease-specific) health care.

An effective way to reinforce this concept is to tell patients, "Mrs. Smith, a chain will break at its weakest link. So, three people can face the same source of stress --- whether it is a job that requires heavy lifting, a diet high in sugar, a mean old boss, a motor vehicle accident, or a son that refuses to obey --- and all 3 people break, but at a different chain link. One of those people will develop an irritable bowel, one will develop recurring migraine headaches, and the third will begin to suffer from fibromyalgia pain. All 3 need NUTRI-SPEC, but all 3 will experience a higher level of health faster if they get out from under the thumb of their mean old boss, or get chiropractic care for the strength and balance to handle their heavy work or to rehab the injuries from an old accident, or whatever else they need to rise above their sources of stress."

Do you see the extension of our NUTRI-SPEC paradigm? We are facing the essential truth that there are ...


Your patients have a broad diversity of symptoms, some of which are easily labeled with disease-specific medical diagnoses, but many of which defy any attempt to, from a medical standpoint, even label, let alone identify and eliminate causes. These are the conditions --- depression, anxiety, weight gain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, recurring headaches, insomnia, allergies, asthma, high blood pressure, high cholesterol --- for which the medical profession never even bothers to look for causes. Medical doctors and the wannabe healers in the alternative health care field offer nothing better than an endless string of either pharmaceutical drugs or herbal drugs or other symptom-specific remedies in a desperate attempt to "kiss it and make it better."

With NUTRI-SPEC, you take an entirely different approach --- digging deep down below the symptoms to uncover the causes of whatever ails your patients. You are searching for the weak links that cannot defend against the stressors of life. You will rebuild the Adaptative Capacity of those damaged links, and thus restore functional strength to the entire chain. Your search uses objective indicators as much as possible. Gathering information from objective clinical tests, as well as from a thorough history, you can identify the Metabolic Imbalances and the depleters of Vital Reserves at each broken chain link.

We are taking the clinical appraisal of our patients a step further. We know that symptoms are caused by broken links in the chain --- and broken links of the chain are caused by a failure of Adaptative Capacity --- and a failure of Adaptative Capacity is caused by Metabolic Imbalances and fading Vital Reserves. --- And now, we are saying that Metabolic Imbalances and failing Vital Reserves are often caused by UNRELENTING STRESSORS.

What are these unrelenting stressors? The obvious one is one you deal with every day as a NUTRI-SPEC metabolic therapist --- a junky diet loaded with sugar and HOHUM PUFAs (heated, oxidized, hydrogenated, unmetabolizable oils). You know that your patients, whether age 13 or 53, are going to suffer rapid pathophysiological aging if their daily fare consists of junk. But what are the other UNRELENTING STRESSORS? What are the other relentless forces, at least one of which is continuously hammering nearly all your patients?

Here is a list of unrelenting stressors in approximate order of their health-debilitating significance:

  1. rotten microbiota

  2. chronic exposure to mold

  3. fructose (sugar)

  4. living/working with nasty people from whom there appears to be no escape

  5. unfulfillment that derives from an unproductive life


  7. weight loss dieting

  8. "athletic" or "conditioning" overtraining

  9. suffering or death of a loved one

  10. permanent impairment from injury or disease early in life

  11. genetic deficiencies

These are the nasty forces that push your patients to the brink --- relentlessly pounding their bodies, breaking their hearts, or tormenting their minds.

How can you help? Can you get to the causes of the causes of the causes of what ails your patients? --- Yes, you absolutely can. --- Look at the last item on the list --- the unrelenting stress of genetic deficiencies. Surely you must be thinking there is no way you can help those. Think again. How many of your patients have genetic deficiencies? They all do, and so do you. Even those with severe impairment of potential --- being born blind, or without a limb, for example, may have limitations on the areas of endeavor in which they can succeed. But there is some life's purpose they can fulfill. They need not suffer an impoverished life. Countless handicapped people live rich lives --- and you can help them with NUTRI-SPEC just as you can help anyone else. In other words, the handicap is irrelevant.

The rest of us suffer genetic deficiencies that are not immediately obvious. We all have little glitches in this or that metabolic pathway --- biochemical functions that are slightly less than ideal. We all also have little goofball genes hiding within our DNA matrix that are quiescent, but just looking for the right conditions under which to be activated and begin tormenting us. What can you do about these genetic demons lurking within your patients? The answer should be obvious. With NUTRI-SPEC, you can make whatever metabolic and biochemical capacities a person has as efficient as possible. End of story.

The genetic research that gets all the headlines these days is 95% garbage. What is the point? Go over an individual's genetic make-up with a fine-toothed comb and you may find "the gene for bladder cancer." Does that mean that person will get bladder cancer? No. It means instead of that person's chance of getting bladder cancer being 1 out of the 10,000 as it is in the overall population, it may be 1 in 100. One in 100 is still pretty good odds. If the person smokes, his odds may go from 1 in 100 down to 1 in 5. If he smokes and eats an abundance of sugar and HOHUM PUFAs, his odds may go down to 1 in 3. Is genetic research going to save people from bladder cancer by early identification of the gene? No. Not smoking and minimizing sugar and HOHUM PUFAs is the preventative for bladder cancer --- the same lifestyle choices that everyone should be making regardless of whether there exists a "bladder cancer gene."

So --- as regards #'s 10 and 11 on your list of unrelenting stressors --- your patients with permanent impairment of some kind --- you will deal with these patients by creating a mutual understanding. You say to these patients, "Mrs. Smith, no one understands better than I do the burden you are carrying. You have the equivalent of going through life with a 15 pound weight strapped to your right shoulder. Good nutrition and NUTRI-SPEC Metabolic Therapy will definitely lighten your load --- and help you rise above the burden you have to carry. Working together, we will make you stronger."

Patients dealing with numbers 4, 5, and 9 on your list above are easy to win over. Again, all you need to do is create a mutual understanding and that requires absolutely nothing more than simply saying, "Mrs. Smith, I understand you are under a lot of stress ..." --- Mrs. Smith will instantly love you. Just feeling she has someone who understands will give her hope and make her want to put her trust in you. You can easily make her see that your Metabolic Therapy will give her a tremendous boost in dealing with whatever stressors she perceives.

Now finally --- look at items 1 and 2 on your list of unrelenting stressors. Rotten microbiota is #1 for good reason. We all suffer a relentless assault from the little critters in our gut. There is scarcely a symptom your patients present that does not involve ImmunoNeuroEndocrine stress that is at least partly derived from wee beasties making mischief in the tummy. Rotten microbiota is definitely primary --- the most ubiquitous cause of causes of whatever barriers block the road to living stronger longer. In addition to your Metabolic Balancing, your Diphasic Nutrition Plan, your Sympathetic/Para-sympathetic Support System, Barrier Busters, and all your dietary recommendations, you absolutely must use Immuno-Synbiotic, both initially, and then periodically throughout a person's life, to maintain a healthy intestinal-INE link.

MOLD. --- You can ignore it, but it will not go away. We have detailed in these Letters, and there is a major section on your NUTRI-SPEC website, on the unrelenting INE stress of mold. To review --- 1 out of 6 of your patients manifest a super-antigen response when exposed to even a few mold spores or fragments. That super-antigen response involves a particular Immunoglobulin G reactivity, and a massive infiltration of eosinophils into mucus membranes. Most commonly we see this in our patients as a chronic boogey head --- the stuffy sinus condition called Eosinophilic Fungal Rhinosinusitis. Some of these patients also suffer from Eosinophilic Bronchitis (generally misdiagnosed as "asthma"), and many also suffer from Eosinophilic Esophagitis (misdiagnosed as GERD), and some suffer from Eosinophilic Gastroenteritis --- inflammatory reactions anywhere in the gut.

The Immunoglobulin G immune response is almost always accompanied by generalized symptoms such as chronic fatigue, depression, insomnia/somnolence, and/or fibromyalgia. Your 1 in 6 patients with a super-antigen response to mold are often being treated medically with a broad assortment of drugs for this and that symptom. These are also generally the people who fall victim to the quacks who call themselves Lyme disease specialists.

Along with your 1 in 6 people with the super-antigen Immunoglobulin G eosinophilic response to mold, are the approximately 1 in 4 people who have somewhat of a genetic deficiency in the ability to detoxify mold toxins --- and are thus suffering from Mixed Mold Mycotoxicosis. In these patients it is even more difficult to identify the cause of causes as being mold-related. They do not necessarily present with the obvious stuffy head and chronic sinus infections of the super-antigen responders, nor with the asthma or GI inflammatory symptoms. These are the patients whose symptoms are vague, and almost entirely toxic in nature --- and the ones who most easily surrender to a menu of disease-specific drugs, plus all manner of "natural" remedies. Their symptoms are almost entirely of the fatigue, weight gain, depression, insomnia type. Mold-related illness is also a fundamental underlying cause of the whole gamut of autoimmune diseases.

You cannot ignore the high probability of mold-related causes in any of your patients with these chronic low-grade conditions. If you refuse to address the likelihood of mold-related illness in these patients, you are doing them a terrible disservice. You absolutely must routinely tell all these "sickies," "Mrs. Smith, a very large percentage of people with symptoms as you have are those whose immune system produces what is called a "super-antigen response" to mold in their living environment. Even a tiny trace of mold spores or mold fragments in a home or work place is enough to trigger (fill in the blank with symptoms here)."

Go on to ask the patient about areas of dampness in the home --- old roof leaks or plumbing leaks, damp basement, poorly ventilated bathrooms, any visible signs of mold anywhere in the home. Give the patient agar mold plates to test 3, 4, or 5 rooms of the house. [NUTRI-SPEC makes these plates available to you at our cost. In our chiropractic office we actually give them to our patients for free.] You will be amazed (and so will the patients) at the grotesque growth of mold on these agar plates the patients bring back to you. You will then have the patient follow all the recommendations on your NUTRI-SPEC website offered under Mold-Free Home Maintenance.

Again, you cannot ignore the potential for mold-related illness --- and --- you cannot believe how much more successful you will be with NUTRI-SPEC when you stop swimming upstream against the powerful underlying current of mold-related INE stress.

To help you in your battle against chronic mold exposure, we have a happy announcement to make --- Boogey Buster and A Good Thyme are back. Not only do we have both products available to help you and your patients, but we now have very nice brochures explaining the essentiality and the power of these 2 adjuncts to NUTRI-SPEC.

And of course, anyone who has the INE stress of mold exposure will also require the further INE balancing effects of Immuno-Synbiotic. So for this month, and to end a successful year and get you off to a running start for 2016, we are making this special offer ...