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Volume 27, Number 1

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
January, 2016


Going on a weight-loss diet literally …


Truly, there are few actions more self-destructive than trying to lose weight. Do you think I am joking? Should we not be praising our patients who just made a New Year's resolution to drop 20 pounds? --- Nope. We would do just as well encouraging them to gain 20 pounds. --- Yes, that is how patho-physiological weight-loss diets are.

Ironically --- the more "successful" a person's weight loss diet is, the more damaging it is. You must understand that, tragically --- calorie restriction exacerbates the very metabolic deficiencies that caused the packing on of those 20 extra pounds.

In last month's Letter, we introduced the topic of …


These, we discussed, are the causes of the causes of the Metabolic Balances you correct with your NUTRI-SPEC Metabolic Therapy, your Sympathetic/Parasympathetic Support System, and your Barrier Busters Analysis --- and --- the causes of the causes of the fading Vital Reserves that you restore with your Diphasic Nutrition Plan. These unrelenting stressors are the forces developing insidiously in your patients, and which never let up. They gradually deplete Adaptative Capacity such that eventually something in body or brain function breaks down ---> disease. These energy-depleting, health-destroying, age-accelerating forces continuously dragging your patients down were listed for you …

  1. rotten microbiota

  2. chronic exposure to mold

  3. fructose (sugar)

  4. living/working with nasty people from whom there appears to be no escape

  5. unfulfillment that derives from an unproductive life


  7. weight loss dieting

  8. "athletic" or "conditioning" overtraining

  9. suffering or death of a loved one

  10. permanent impairment from injury or disease early in life

  11. genetic deficiencies

Briefly contemplate that list again, while at the same time envisioning some of your "sicky" patients, seeing if you can correlate their state of dis-ease with one or more of these 11. Which one or more of the 11 unrelenting stressors is continuously hammering on that patient?

Rotten microbiotia is #1 and is part of the patho-physiological picture for all your sicky patients, and requires continuous attention in all of us, even if we are reasonably healthy.

Chronic exposure to mold is #2 and needs to be at least considered in all your sicky patients. --- With the combination of Immuno-Synbiotic supplementation and judicious use of Boogey Buster and A Good Thyme, along with addressing unrelenting stressors numbers 3 and 6, you will be lifting a tremendous burden from many of your sickest patients.

Did you happen to notice when reading last month's Letter that there were 2 of the 11 unrelenting stressors that we did not even mention? Can you find those 2 now? --- Is this ironic? Is this tragic? Can you believe that people who are most conscientious in striving for better health --- those who are committed to losing weight or those who are exercise fanatics --- are in actuality giving their bodies a merciless pounding?

Two years ago, your patient Mary made a resolution with the New Year to drop 15 pounds. By diligence in restricting calories (--- following whatever weight-loss miracle plan she bought into), she succeeded. But gradually over the past 2 years, she gained back all 15 pounds plus 5 more. With this New Year she is absolutely resolute to shed that 20 pounds of squishy adipose and keep it off.

But there is a disturbing thought that troubles Mary just a bit whenever she dares to look at it. At the peak of her 15 pound weight loss 2 years ago, as she enjoyed the radiant glory of success and all the praise from her friends and family, she chose to ignore one essential truth ---


She felt physically lethargic, a bit mentally dull, and sometimes --- when not being showered with compliments on how well she looked --- she almost felt depressed.

Then --- over the subsequent 2 years of regaining all that weight and then some, she really never in any big way went "off her diet." She regained her weight at a faster rate than she had ever gained weight before, and did so while eating less than she ever had before. ---- Hmmm … But any way, no reason to dwell on any of that now. She is ready to embark on a new weight-loss adventure ...

Now take a look at another one of your patients --- Andrew --- the epitome of the "fitness fanatic." He goes on at least a 3-6 mile run four days a week. Two days a week he does a vigorous circuit training routine. Andrew is passionate about his fitness level and everywhere he goes preaches with evangelical fervor the glory and wonder of strenuous exercise. At age 47, Andrew is leaner than he was at age 27, about which he never hesitates to boast as he sneers at all the roly-poly couch potatoes around him.

He wears his slow heart rate (56 beats/minute while sitting at rest) as a medal of honor. He is vaguely aware that his body temperature is as low as his heart rate is slow, but he dismisses that as being "normal for me." He is painfully tired so much of the time, but considers this a small price to pay for being "in shape." The extreme muscle stiffness that has plagued him for a dozen years now has been getting worse at an accelerating rate, but to remedy that he has just adopted a new stretching routine.

How many Marys and Andrews do you have among your patients? --- Likely you have a few Andrews and certainly you have dozens of Marys. Well-meaning, but ignorant --- they are destroying their health and …


--- Tragic. --- Please save them from their folly …

Save them, HOW? --- With NUTRI-SPEC, of course, but also with the deeper understanding of unrelenting stressors you are about to gain from this Letter …

What actually happened to your patient Mary two years ago when she dropped 15 pounds? What patho-physiological mechanism explains how, while enjoying the "success" of her weight loss, she felt tired, sluggish, unmotivated, and even a bit depressed? And why, after the exhilarating "success" of her weight loss diet did she fail so miserably at keeping that weight off, and in fact, gained more weight at a faster rate than she ever had in her life? --- Why the comment early in this Letter that Mary's renewed resolution to drop 20 pounds of flab will end up being more destructive in the long run than attempting to gain 20 pounds of adipose? In all seriousness, Mary would be better off to …


since she is assured of gaining that extra 20 pounds over the next 10-15 years anyway.

Why are we being such a Humbug about weight loss dieting?

We understand the patho-physiology --- and in a minute you will too. You see, calorie restriction is not only among the 11 nasty unrelenting stressors, it is perhaps the unrelenting stressor that most quickly makes its damage felt. Rotten microbiota, chronic exposure to mold, excess sugar in the diet, being beaten up by a mean old boss, and all the rest on the list are rarely acutely-developing patho-physiologies --- tending rather to be insidious in onset and chronically cumulative in their damage. But ambitiously cut calories, and "the body" will begin shutting down as a defensive measure within days.


--- is the alarm "the body" screams every time it senses even a threat of calorie deprivation. --- Researchers mostly agree that in humans, "the body" is pre-programmed to begin shutting down metabolic processes in order to conserve calories and preserve Vital Reserves whenever there is a perceived risk of food shortage. Unfortunately, this survival mechanism can backfire. In shutting down metabolic processes, "the body" may actually be sabotaging its Adaptative Capacity.

So, now look back at your patient Mary. Over the weeks she lost 15 pounds, "the body" was shutting down metabolic functions in an attempt to preserve Vital Reserves. --- And now we get to the main point of this Letter. Does it ever bother you when you are reading an article on health or nutrition and the author makes repeated reference to "the body?" What exactly does the author mean by "the body?"

When Mary lost 15 pounds yet felt like a physical and mental slug, what part of "the body" was dysfunctioning? Was it "the adrenals?" Nope. The part of "the body" that broke down was …


Hey! Stop reading and look out the window. --- There goes your patient Andrew jogging by --- stimulating a temporary shot of endorphins to help him forget about just how miserable he feels. Why does Andrew spend half his time in excruciating fatigue, while his heart thumps along in low gear and his body temperature lingers around the frost line? --- All forms of overtraining, but particularly low intensity long duration exercise is, like Mary's calorie deprivation, a quick-activating unrelenting stressor.

As in response to all unrelenting stressors, "the body" looks for ways in which it can conserve --- resetting the dial at "low" in a desperate attempt to preserve Vital Reserves. In Andrew's case, "the body" is stiff, tired, and in some ways barely functional. By what mechanism is "the body" breaking down? Is this a case of "adrenal exhaustion?" It may be, but if it is, the adrenal fatigue is secondary to the primary mechanism by which "the body" responds to unrelenting stressors --- a deliberate decrease in …


Yes, it is thyroid function (not "the adrenals") that constitutes the major endocrine involvement in all forms of ImmunoNeuroEndocrine stress. It is thyroid function that gets clobbered by every one of the 11 unrelenting stressors.

[Important Note: We could "write a book" on all the clinical manifestations of THYROID INSUFFICIENCY you see every day among your patients. In fact, we have written such a book. After more than 30 years of making THYROID INSUFFICIENCY a major emphasis in our study of patho-physiology, we have finally organized our notes from the Literature into a 124-page complete yet concise presentation of …


--- And you do need to know. Nearly all your patients are suffering INE stress from the 11 unrelenting stressors, and as a consequence of that INE stress have thyroid function that is beaten down, while NUTRI-SPEC Fundamental Balance Systems are being beaten up.

We cannot include our 124-page THYROID INSUFFICIENCY document among the valuable items in the Articles section of your NUTRI-SPEC website since only a portion of that document deals with the thyroid-NUTRI-SPEC connection. But we will make this treasure of clinically essential information available to you for only $99. Or better yet, get a copy of it FREE (for a limited time only) with your next order of $400.]

Now that you grasp the concept of unrelenting stressors and how they devastate thyroid function, what do you do with Mary and Andrew? Praise them! Then, explain how their laudable commitment to health is being sabotaged by following popular myths regarding weight loss or exercise.

Your Marys need to learn that creating a condition perceived by "the body" as famine will shut down thyroid function --- making all the causes of her overweight worse, making the effects of her overweight worse --- and worst of all guaranteeing she will gain back even more weight than she loses.

Your Andrews need you to teach them how exercise that tears down vital tissue faster than it can be rebuilt, and creates an ImmunoNeuroEndocrine debt that can never be repaid, does not promote strength and vitality, but rather shuts down thyroid function --- guaranteeing an acceleration of age-related debilitation.

Overweight and deconditioned bodies are not problems that can be attacked as isolated entities by trendy gimmicks that ultimately guarantee life-long overweight and deconditioning. With NUTRI-SPEC and Eat Well – Be Well, Mary will lose her 20 pounds not in 2 months, but in 12 months, and it will stay off through a happier healthier life. With NUTRI-SPEC plus Grunt & growl and Grizzly Bear exercise, Andrew will feel 20 years younger as he lives stronger longer.

The 11 unrelenting stressors devastate thyroid function, and the THYROID INSUFFICIENCY can be permanent. The 11 unrelenting stressors cause NUTRI-SPEC Metabolic Imbalances plus loss of Vital Reserves … and --- the loss of Adaptative Capacity you are restoring via NUTRI-SPEC is compounded by THYROID INSUFFICIENCY --- making it feel like you and your patient are rowing your boat upstream. Read all about it … Order your THYROID FUNCTION book today.