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Volume 27, Number 3


Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
March, 2016

How do you respond when a new patient reveals in his history that he is under the care of some nature cure peddler (--- an "alternative" physician, a nutritionist, a naturopath chiropractor --- or some other species of the Genus "charlatanius") who has him on ...

  • a "detox program?"

  • a "liver cleanse?"

  • an "intestinal cleanse?"

  • a "blood cleanse?"

  • a "toxin neutralization program?"

  • a "toxin elimination program?"

In our office, our reaction is somewhere between, "Oh no!" and, "What a joke!"

We are careful not to criticize the patient for allowing himself to be victimized by such quackery. We seek a gentle way to help him appreciate that he has thrown away time, energy, and money on such folly. The conversation might go something like this ...

"What tests did this health care provider run to determine that your liver was dirty and needed to be cleansed?"

"I don't know really --- she just said my body was full of toxins and she was gonna help my liver so I could get rid of them."

"And what tests did she run to determine that your body was full of toxins?"

"She didn't really test me so much as just told me that symptoms like mine are always caused by toxins, and that I'll never feel better unless I get rid of them."

"I see. --- Did she give you a list of these toxins that she is going to eliminate for you? Maybe a somewhat comprehensive list of 20 or so of these toxins that are poisoning your system and destroying your health?"


"No list? --- Well, did she at least name a short list of these toxins? --- Maybe 5 or 10?" ----- "Did she name maybe 2 or 3 of these toxins? --- Did she name even 1?"


"You made the right choice coming to our office. We are going to help you. We are going to give you the benefits of science-based Metabolic Therapy. We are going to use objective test procedures to determine just exactly what you need to get on the road back to good health. We are not going to chase phantom toxins, nor give you health food store quality "remedies" for your different symptoms.

"Our test procedures will identify ways in which your body chemistry is off-balance, and ways in which your metabolism is not as efficient as it could be. Our Metabolic Therapy is designed to restore balance and increase efficiency. --- It is our idea that those Imbalances and inefficiencies are the fundamental causes of your various symptoms. In making you balanced and efficient, we will make you healthier, stronger, and able to truly overcome the causes of your symptoms.

"What we absolutely will never do is give you a bottle of pills for your headaches, another bottle of pills for your chronic fatigue, another bottle of pills to bring your cholesterol down, and yet another bottle of pills for your constipation. Throwing remedies trial and error after symptoms is a total loser --- a very expensive exercise in frustration.

"--- And yes --- if your body chemistry is off-balance and your metabolism is inefficient, there will undoubtedly be toxins in your body. But unlike the "toxin expert" you just came from, we will not be taking your money in exchange for popular toxin fighters. They are a sham --- nothing more than a health food industry myth. But not only are the so-called toxin-fighting herbal drugs useless, the whole concept of eliminating toxins is bogus. When there are toxins (and yes, there are certainly some metabolic toxins in your body), the trick is not to get rid of them, but rather to stop making them. Your body is producing excess toxins only because your body chemistry is out of balance, and your metabolism is inefficient. --- We are glad you are here, we will help you."

If you are going to deliver the essence of NUTRI-SPEC (with a script similar to what you just read), you must understand it fully --- you have got to internalize it. --- For it to come out of your mouth clearly and sincerely, it must be thoroughly entrenched in your mind and heart. --- So, do you get it? We believe you do.

If you have a problem delivering the truth of NUTRI-SPEC, it is simply because the expectations of your patients are so far off base. Most of them come to you hoping that you will be a better remedy peddler than the one they just left. But really, the more remedy peddlers that have failed your patient in the past, the easier it is for you to help them "get it" and to enthusiastically accept your patient-specific approach.

But what about "toxins"? Part of the nature cure propaganda so many patients carry into your office is this idea of these mysterious demons that relentlessly torment their hapless victims --- and must be exorcized before health can be restored. Are these demons real? Absolutely. In fact, we can easily provide for you that "list of 20 toxins" that the detoxification masters cannot. Here are some lists you need not even bother to read, but here they are just to make a point ...

Toxins absorbed from the intestines:

  • indol

  • scatol

  • phenol

  • cresol

  • benzoate

  • hydroxybenzoate

  • hippurate

  • phenylacetate

  • hydroxyphenylacetate

  • guanidine

  • aribinatol

  • phenylproprionate

  • indican

  • tricarbalylate

  • D-lactate

  • dihydroxyphenylpropionate

Toxins produced in inefficient metabolic pathways:

  • methylhippurate

  • pyroglutamate

  • glucarate

  • hydroxyindoleacetate

  • homocysteine

  • xanthurinate

  • quinolinate

  • homovanillate

  • vanilmandelate

  • formaminoglutamate

  • ammonia

  • lactate

Toxins produced by free radical oxidative damage:

  • malondialdehyde

  • indican

  • quinolinate

  • hydroxyphenyllactate

  • hydroxy-2-deoxyguanosine

  • C-reactive protein

  • alpha-hydroxybutyrate


So, if we told you to ignore the above lists, does that mean you need do nothing about them? --- You already are doing something about them. In fact, you are doing all that can be done about them. Did you pick up on the main point of the presentation to the patient who had been victimized by toxin-fighting charlatanism? The trick is not to get rid of toxins, but rather to stop making them.

Every one of the above-listed toxins is the result of Metabolic Imbalance and/or inefficient metabolism and/or nasty intestinal microbiota. Your NUTRI-SPEC Metabolic Balancing, your Diphasic Nutrition Plan, your Sympathetic/Parasympathetic Support System, your Barrier Busters Analysis, and your Tissue Acid/Alkaline Balancing procedures all specifically address the causes of excess toxin production. The problem with toxins is not that your body has difficulty eliminating them, but rather that they are being produced faster than they can be eliminated. Only you have the power to correct the biochemical imbalances and metabolic inefficiencies that produce toxins at a rate that pushes to the limit your patient's ImmunoNeuroEndocrine stress.

There are only 2 toxins you really need to understand ---


We will have much, much more to say about prostaglandins in the months ahead. For now, just understand that most of the ImmunoNeuroEndocrine stresses caused by prostaglandins are being addressed by your NUTRI-SPEC Metabolic Therapy protocols --- provided your patients are also following the Prostaglandin dietary recommendations of avoiding HOHUM PUFAs. --- So now, what about endotoxin?

Endotoxin is also known as lipopolysaccharides, and abbreviated LPS. Think of endotoxin as ...


LPS is the deadly poison found in the cell wall of gram-negative bacteria. By far the most quantitatively significant source of this tummy toxin comes from the E. coli that dominates the microbiota of most patients --- and particularly your sicky patients.


comes from the constant contact between LPS and the 70% of the immune system that resides in the gut lining. When E. coli (and other gram-negative bacteria) constitutes a disproportionate percentage of the microbiota, the INE stress distorts the gut-immune axis.

In the previous two issues of this Letter, we emphasized the 11 causes of the causes of Metabolic Imbalance and declining Vital Reserves ---


Unquestionably, number 1 on that list of 11 is abnormal microbiota --- and the wide-spread havoc it induces in the function of every gland, every organ, and every metabolic process in the body.

Endotoxemia, via the gut-liver axis, the gut-pancreas axis, and the gut-hypothalamus axis, is now shown to be probably the #1 cause of insulin resistance and its associated tubby tummy, high triglycerides and cholesterol, Type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, as well as an increased risk of cancer. The INE stress from tummy toxin is also shown to exacerbate autoimmune conditions such as multiple sclerosis.

A major point in your last 2 Letters is that your 11 unrelenting stressors almost always do much of their damage by inhibiting thyroid function. Last month's Letter particularly used the examples of weight loss dieting and "cardio" exercise plans as unrelenting stressors that destroy the thyroid. And tummy toxin? --- As you might guess, it not only destroys thyroid function, but there is additionally ...


Most doctors have no idea of the intimate connection between GI function and thyroid function. Did you know that the liver actually produces more active thyroid hormone than the thyroid gland does? When confronted with that physiological fact, most doctors just stare blankly --- it simply does not compute.

Neither do they have any idea that the liver, perhaps more than any other organ in the body, directly depends on thyroid input for its own function. --- So --- you see we have a positive feedback loop here --- in which the liver depends on the thyroid gland, but thyroid function throughout the body, including function of the thyroid gland itself, depends on liver output of thyroid hormone.

But that is where the thyroid-GI connection becomes really interesting. You see, there is entero-hepatic recycling of T3 and T4. In other words, as the liver conjugates and eliminates spent thyroid hormones and dumps them down through the biliary system into the gut, they are then recycled back to the liver. And this liver to gut to liver recycling of thyroid hormones is essential to maintaining thyroid function throughout the body.

--- And --- by what mechanism is this T3 and T4 recycling effected?


So, rotten critters in the gut not only cause ImmunoNeuroEndocrine stress by many, many different mechanisms, but also they create havoc in literally every metabolic process since all metabolism is activated by T3. Specifically --- LPS inhibits the liver deiodinase-1 enzyme that produces active T3 hormone from the prohormone T4. Tummy toxin will decrease Free T4 relative to Total T4, decrease T3, and increase Reverse T3. One of the most important things you can do for your patients with thyroid insufficiency is to supplement with IMMUNO-SYNBIOTIC.

Yet another extraordinary connection between the thyroid and LPS .... T3 is a critical regulator of intestinal epithelial development and homeostasis. One critical function of T3 in the intestine is the production of alkaline phosphatase. And what is the function of this enzyme in the gut? Intestinal alkaline phosphatase is a major defense against ... you guessed it --- defense against gram-negative bacteria and the tummy toxin they produce.

Do you see the vicious cycle? --- A rotten microbiota produces LPS that inhibits thyroid function --- and the low thyroid function allows more rotten critters to form more toxic LPS, which further inhibits thyroid function ......

"She put me on a detox program and ever since then ..." --- We could fill a book with the symptoms patients have suffered from such wrong-headed "nature cures." --- Restore Metabolic Balance and Vital Reserves --- and give all your patients the "detox" benefits of IMMUNO-SYNBIOTIC.