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Volume 27, Number 6

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
June, 2016


We at NUTRI-SPEC do not; and if you are delivering the benefits of NUTRI-SPEC to your patients, we suspect you are not boastful enough either. So, ask yourself …


We at NUTRI-SPEC do; and if you are serving your patients with Metabolic Balancing, &/or The Diphasic Nutrition Plan, &/or The Sympathetic/Parasympathetic Support System, &/or Barrier Busters Analysis, &/or Tissue Acid/Alkaline Balancing, &/or Doing FINE, we know you have plenty to brag about.

Of course humility demands discretion in how you trumpet your bravado. And for our part, the one legitimate place where we can shout about NUTRI-SPEC "miracles" is here in this monthly Letter --- where we can shout out …


Every week an endless stream of your success stories crosses our desk. We often say to ourselves, "That's a case that needs to go in the NUTRI-SPEC Letter." But somehow the next glowing testimonial replaces that one in our consciousness, and then comes another, then another --- and when the next month's Letter is written, they are all forgotten --- But this month we were disciplined. For just one week we saved all the most interesting reports you sent us. The reporting doctors were not "bragging" but merely showing their excitement over helping their patients to …


These amazing clinical results are likely (or should be) common in your practice as well …

Doctor #1: "This is that patient with diabetic neuropthy you helped me with three months ago. The changes have been extraordinary. After just three months on his DNP, what the patient calls his "dumb feet" have much more feeling. He is walking with much better balance, and can walk much farther without needing to rest. His blood sugar is actually normal most days (around 100) and never spikes up like it used to. His doctor was ready to put him on Insulin, and now he's going to ask the doctor if he can reduce his medications."

Doctor #2: " … mental fog gone, energy improving, lost 12 pounds."

Doctor #3: "I have many success stories with NUTRI-SPEC and my patients, much of the time I just get too busy to tell you about them but I wanted to take the time to tell you about one. Today I had a patient come in that I have been seeing since the beginning of the year, she is a 64-year-old female who is completely freaked out about her cholesterol. Of course her MD has been trying to get her on statins for years. When she came to see me I asked her to give me at least three months with NUTRI-SPEC, which she agreed. She has been very disciplined about taking her supplements, albeit a little whiney. Today she walked into my office with her latest blood test and I am happy to report that she has seen vast improvements. Her LDL's have dropped 35 points and her ratio is down to 3.4 from 4.3. She is happy and so am I. Thanks to all of you at NUTRI-SPEC for making all of us look good."

Doctor #4 (Re: himself): "I can testify that Diphasic PM is very good for hypertrophy of the prostate. After missing it (because of customs delay getting into Canada), symptoms were very bad up to a point where I stopped urinating completely until I passed a blood clot that was obstructing the urethra. When I again took Diphasic PM, symptoms got better the very first day, and almost entirely disappeared after a week."

Doctor #5: "I have some good feedback from a patient who has had Rheumatoid Arthritis since the age of 9, and has had multiple joint replacements because of it. She just saw her Rheumatologist who is really very pleasantly surprised not only with all her blood work, but her symptomatic improvement. The patient says thank you to NUTRI-SPEC for taking her life which was barely tolerable to enjoyable once again. She has very minimal pain, loads more energy, feels much better within herself, and can do a lot more physical work and exercise than she has been able to do almost her whole life."

A Doctor Schenker patient: "… and that sick all over Fibromyalgia is gone --- just gone, since you put me on Oxy Tonic."

During that same week of those five doctors reporting, NUTRI-SPEC probably received many other bits of positive feedback that went unnoticed by our staff simply because they are so commonplace. Many doctors send Test Results Forms on their more complex patients for us to review, and routinely on the "Major Complaints" line are comments such as, "cut BP meds in half", "lost 4 more pounds this month", "depression improved", "less joint pain", "no migraines".

And remember, we are only hearing from doctors, (--- and we would be happy to hear from you, too) when they have questions. --- Maybe …

  • they and their staff are still gaining mastery of the Metabolic Testing procedures and interpretation.

  • they want guidance on transitioning from the Metabolic Balancing phase of care to the patient's individualized Diphasic Nutrition Plan.

  • after increasing a patient's Vital Reserves with the DNP such that the patient is stable, they want to integrate Metabolic Balancing with the DNP.

  • they want advice on the best way to add a spark to a patient's DNP --- whether with the Sympathetic/Parasympathetic Support System, Barrier Busters Analysis, or Tissue Acid/Alkaline Balancing.

  • their patient is eager to begin cutting back on medications, and they want to know the best way to go about it.

So --- if we are only communicating with doctors regarding somewhat extraordinary cases, that means their less challenging cases (the majority) are mostly coasting along quite smoothly on the road to …


Life is simply good, for patient and for doctor.

--- But --- we would be remiss in not adding that on these extraordinary patients the NUTRI-SPEC staff is sometimes challenged with reports of worsening symptoms. --- Problem? --- No, not at all. --- As you surely understand, flaring symptoms reveal the true beauty of NUTRI-SPEC. You have objective indicators informing you exactly what Metabolic Imbalances underlie those symptoms. To illustrate …

Suppose you have a DNP individualized for a 42-year-old woman with Lupus. Since Lupus always involves some degree of Sympathetic ImmunoNeuroEndocrine stress, your patient's DNP includes Complex S. But now, 3 weeks into her DNP, the patient is complaining of a flare up of allergies like she hasn't' experienced in many years. --- Itchy/watery eyes, sneezy, and hivey. If you did not have your NUTRI-SPEC knowledge regarding Metabolic Balance Systems, you might resort to disease-specific health food store quality nutrition --- recommending some "natural" herbal drug purported to be "good for" allergies. Then, after taking the patient's money, you would simply hope for the best. Honestly, there is no power in that kind of hope.

But with NUTRI-SPEC, there is no stress at all. Recognizing that the patient is exhibiting Parasympathetic symptoms, you simply explain to your patient, "Mrs. Jones, the sudden onset of your allergic symptoms is really quite good news. You understand that we individualized your Diphasic Nutrition Plan for a woman your age with Lupus. One of the supplements you are taking is called Complex S. That supplement is specifically designed to address one of the immune system imbalances that always occurs to some degree in Lupus. Your allergic symptoms show that our supplementation has already made a major change in your body chemistry. You are actually showing signs of the opposite immune imbalance. That means we can already begin cutting back on your supplementation. We recommend that you stop the Complex S immediately. If, down the road, we have to add it back, we will only need to add back maybe one a day instead of the three you've been taking."


Of course, if you are not 100% sure why the patient suddenly exhibited allergic symptoms, you simply call NUTRI-SPEC. That is why we are here for you. --- Or ---in the hypothetical case just described, you would be even more at power if you were backing up your Diphasic Plans with some combination of the Sympathetic/Parasympathetic Support System, Barrier Buster Analysis, or Tissue Acid/Alkaline Balancing. If you do so, you may find that your patient with Lupus, while no longer needing much if any Complex S, would enjoy a major spark to her DNP if she were on Magnesium Chloride --- the ways to combine the goodies in your NUTRI-SPEC toolbox are almost limitless --- and if you check in with us, we will be happy to tell you how to maximize your utility.

The point of this month's Letter is to show you …


Are the five "miracle-working" doctors highlighted at the top of this Letter doing anything extraordinarily complex? No. They simply qualify each individual patient as to which NUTRI-SPEC tool is most applicable in that case. Many, many patients do not initially qualify for complete Metabolic Testing --- either because the patient is being severely medicated, or the doctor's staff is not yet able to do the compelte testing, or because the patient has such a bizarre history. --- No problem. Simply choose to start the patient on the Balancing Procedure to get into the DNP. Or, you can, as an initial testing, do either the Sympathetic/Parasympathetic, Barrier Busters, or Tissue Acid/Alkaline "mini" test procedures. Anything you offer in the way of NUTRI-SPEC patient-specific Metabolic Therapy is in an entirely different class, way above the impotent and frustrating remedy peddling practiced by the symptom chasers.

With NUTRI-SPEC, you are in a class by yourself --- and yes, it is simple. Consider the topic of the last several month's Letters. We discussed Glucogenic/Ketogenic Imbalances as they relate to glycemic control …

  • We talked about Sugar Babies.

  • We talked about the unrelenting stressor of Glucogenic/Ketogenic Imbalances causing and being caused by Thyroid Insufficiency.

  • We talked about Glucogenic/Ketogenic insulin reactors.

  • We talked about insulin reactors developing insulin resistance, then Metabolic Syndrome, with all the tragic conseequences --- fatigue, depression, high and low blood and brain sugar, cardiovascular disease, fatty liver, and diabetes.

  • We talked about obesity --- and how a belly turning to jelly is a perfect indicator of a brain turning to mush. --- Yes, even dementia is an end result of Glucogenic/Ketogenic Imbalances.

Is it important to be able to determine which of your patients are insulin reactors and destined to suffer the whole ugly sequence of patho-physiology listed above? Yes, it is critically important. And is analyzing your patients complicated? No, it is really quite simple. --- Think about this … All you need to analyze your patients for their position on the road to Glucogenic/Ketogenic Metabolic Syndrome is …

  • a urine specific gravity and pH

  • a saliva pH

  • a respiratory rate and breath hold time

  • a heart rate upon standing from the supine position.


often depends entirely on those six tests that your staff can perform in minutes.

And for what percentage of your patients is that quickie analysis critical? See if you can assimilate this fact --- The World Health Organization reports that the number of adults with diabetes has quadrupled since 1980. That is an awfully big statistic to swallow, so read it again. --- Quadrupled.

That means the number of diabetic and pre-diabetic patients in your practice is not merely increasing, it is multiplying. Should you treat their tubby tummies with a weight loss program? Should you give them herbal drugs for their depression? Should you give them "spice rack nutrition" for their multitude of ImmunoNeuroEndocrine stressors? --- Or --- should you give them Activator, Immuno-Synbiotic, and a few supplements listed among the selections in you QRG for Glucogenic and Ketogenic Imbalances?

Your choice, like all of NUTRI-SPEC is …


And, your choice will enrich your practice with many cases to "boast" about.

P.S. Enjoy another month of our SPECIAL on Oxy G and Oxy K --- 2 FREE with every 10 you buy.