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Volume 27, Number 8

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
August, 2016

If some "Master of the Universe" (or more realistically, some socialist politician) decreed we were permitted to take only one supplement --- what supplement would you choose? What one supplement would you choose for your family? For your patients?

If I were confronted with such a severe restriction --- up until a month ago I would have bargained (begged!!!) --- "Oh please, please, please Master, may I have two supplements instead of just one --- if I promise to take only half the daily recommendation of each?" ----- On which two supplements would I have relied as my only means to maximize Adaptative Capacity? You should have no doubt about the answer to that question ...


In terms of the NUTRI-SPEC thesis ...


nothing, and I mean nothing, has a more powerful impact upon maintaining both Metabolic Balance and Vital Reserves than DIPHASIC AM and DIPHASIC PM --- that is, until now.

Now --- without hesitation --- I joyfully and emphatically proclaim my one and only supplement to take for the rest of my life would be ...


--- And --- and in accord with the NUTRI-SPEC fundamental essence of nutritional specificity --- I choose I-S IMMUNE POWER for my personal (patient-specific) one and only means to maintain youthful Adaptative Capacity. For you, the choice might be I-S X-FLAM; for your spouse it might be I-S IMMUNE POWER; and for your children it might be I-S IMMUNE RESTORE. And for your patients? --- As always, you are offering them patient-specific Metabolic Therapy. All your patients will be taking, as their absolute most critical supplement, the form of IMMUNO-SYNBIOTIC chosen per your selection criteria.

Since we sent you the IMMUNO-SYNBIOTICS brochure announcing these three IMMUNO-SYNBIOTICS, you have flooded us with phone calls --- showing that you are both excited and a bit off balance over these new products. After all, you were thrilled with the old IMMUNO-SYNBIOTIC --- are these three new products that much better? --- Oh my, oh my, yes indeed they are ...


since a year or more before we gave you the original IMMUNO-SYNBIOTIC formulation. Truly, the original IMMUNO-SYNBIOTIC was a formulation designed to merely hold you over until we had the "good stuff" fully developed. --- So here is a brief history of the rationale behind your original IMMUNO-SYNBIOTIC, and the extraordinary specificity you now have available in your three new products ...

Several years ago I became enthralled by the human microbiome. As is my nature when captivated by a new concept, I devoted every possible moment to researching it --- staying up until 2 a.m. night after night pouring over the research literature, gathering all the data I could. Thus, we came up with all the thrilling clinical implications of giving your patients a healthy microbiota --- all those concepts presented in these letters and in our website articles, and now emphasized once again in your new IMMUNO-SYNBIOTIC's brochure ---

You and I came to know the absolutely essential truths, such as that 70% of your immune system resides in the lining of your gut; the quantity of microbiota in the human body consists of a hundred trillion microbes, of over a thousand different species and constituting ten times as many bacterial cells as human cells in our body. But more than quantitatively, the qualitative considerations were mind boggling --- the existence of a Gut-Brain Axis, a Gut-Liver Axis, a Gut-Adipose Axis and so on. --- We realized the myriad of new ways we could help our patients --- patients with every symptomatic challenge you face.

The systemic immune effects of a nasty microbiota we learned were associated with virtually every chronic disease, as well as premature aging. But the most exciting truth we all learned is that restoring a healthy microbiota could slow and even reverse all the devastating immune stressors plaguing modern civilization.

In addition to the immune effects were the metabolic effects --- particularly those associated with Metabolic Syndrome and its resulting tubby tummies, high triglycerides and cholesterol, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and an increased incidence of cancer. And again, all of those metabolic effects could be reversed by giving a patient a healthy microbiota.

I was overwhelmed with a passion to give you the ultimate IMMUNO-SYNBIOTIC --- a combination of the best prebiotics and best probiotics --- so you could serve your patients in a new and extraordinary way. --- But through this process of research and development, some even more astonishing truths came to light. Surprisingly, the various probiotic critters had different and often even opposing effects on the immune system and on the various gut-associated axes. One critter would enhance the strength of the Th1 immune response, while another would suppress an excess of Th1 inflammation; one critter would calm excessive Mast Cell activation type symptoms and conditions associated with Immunoglobulin E and Prostaglandin D2, while another would actually provoke those pathological reactions.

Given my thoroughly engrained patient-specific NUTRI-SPEC analysis type of mentation, I was both frustrated and elated by that finding. Frustration derived from not being able to quickly give you a "silver bullet" to empower all your patients. The elation came from knowing that there was the golden opportunity here to apply the NUTRI-SPEC concept of SPECIFICITY with regard to IMMUNO-SYNBIOTIC supplementation.

So --- I gleefully took on the monumental project of creating products exemplifying our NUTRI-SPEC philosophy. --- Yes, monumental. I spent what seems like a zillion hours over many, many months researching ...

  • which prebiotics most effectively "fertilize" the growth of good critters.

  • which prebiotics result in the greatest generation of butyrate and the other immune-enhancing and gut anti-inflammatory short chain fatty acids, and do so without creating an imbalance in those short chain fatty acids.

  • --- and do so without irritating the gut (like wheat bran and other popular sources of fiber).

  • --- and do so in small enough quantities that a clinically effective amount can be put in a capsule (--- as there are several pretty good prebiotics that need to be taken by the spoonful to yield any meaningful benefits).

  • sources for the highest quality of these beneficial prebiotics (and at a reasonable price).

  • which probiotic species have what particular beneficial effects on GI function, and on immune function, and on metabolic function --- and --- which species actually oppose those effects.

  • (or at least speculating on) which of the gut-related effects and the immune effects, and the metabolic effects of the various probiotics are mediated via Sympathetic/ Parasympathetic Balance, and which ones through Anaerobic/Dysaerobic Balance.

Then --- after grouping probiotics into "teams" that could combine in a single product to yield benefits in accord with the NUTRI-SPEC concept of SPECIFICITY, I had yet to ...

  • Identify which of those probiotics have a reasonable shelf life ( --- as there is no sense taking your money and your patients' money for critters that are going to be dead by the time the product is swallowed. As you know from reading your IMMUNO-SYNBIOTICS brochure, most probiotic critters only last for a few months at the most on the shelf, meaning that almost all health food store products are a waste of money).

  • Identify which of the desirable probiotic species are most resistant to upper GI acid and bile (--- and again your IMMUNO-SYNBIOTICS brochure points out that the few critters that are still alive in a health food store product after it sits on a shelf for a few months are annihilated once they encounter upper GI secretions --- making those products a totally useless waste of money).

  • Classify them (after putting together the most desirable species) according to metabolic, immunological, and GI effects, and narrow down to the ones that have reasonable shelf life and resistance to upper GI acid and bile. --- Then, I had to find good sources for the highest quality of those species (and at a reasonable price).

  • Study pill-making technology. I had to find a means of coating capsules to achieve three goals --- increase the shelf life of the critters, protect the critters from upper GI secretions, and release those critters at a time and place in the gut where they would be most effective. --- We've got it! There is a time release technology that has been specifically tested on probiotics that increases their shelf life several fold. The time release feature also protects them from gut acid and bile by delaying the release until the critters are well through most of the intestine, yet still released in plenty of time to fully proliferate in the gut.

  • And finally, find a pill maker who could put it all together --- with access to the sources of prebiotics and probiotics we found --- but, it also had to be a company with extensive experience in the time release technology we wanted. --- Happily --- we've got it!!

Now picture me sitting at my desk at 2 am all those several years ago dreaming of putting all of this together--- yet realizing it was going to take many, many months (an estimate derived from my optimistic nature), and not realizing it was going to actually take several years. I felt a very real sense of urgency to get something to you and your patients that would yield all the magnificent GI benefits, immune benefits, and metabolic benefits that we were looking for --- even if that product was less than ideal. Thus was born your original IMMUNO-SYNBIOTIC.

The selection of prebiotics was already accomplished --- so they formed the basis of the formulation. Research study after research study demonstrated that prebiotic supplementation is actually more important than probiotic supplementation in terms of restoring the quantity and quality of a person's microbiota. So, we gave you an IMMUNO-SYNBIOTIC formulation that could stand on its own based entirely upon its prebiotic content. --- But we did want to include some probiotics, so what did we choose and why?

The first choice, L. reuteri --- was a no brainer. First, L. reuteri is one of only about 5 probiotic species that exists in significant quantities in a natural, healthy human gut. Second, L. reuteri, among all the beneficial critters is probably the most resistant to bile and stomach acid. Finally, and perhaps most significantly, L. reuteri has the absolute most potent anti-inflammatory immune effects of all the probiotics (--- you will notice that L. reuteri is the major constituent of your new IMMUNE X-FLAM.) So, if this product was going to hold you over for the months (that turned into years) of temporary synbiotic supplementation, L. reuteri was the best probiotic compliment to the prebiotics that formed the basis of the product.

Our second probiotic choice was S. boulardii. This yeast is not a natural healthy component of the human microbiota, but its anti-inflammatory effects in the GI tract are so thoroughly established by research we had to put it in there. We knew that combining S. boulardii with L. reuteri plus the powerful anti-inflammatory prebiotics would give you an IMMUNO-SYNBIOTIC beneficial for those with the extreme inflammatory autoimmune diseases such as Crohn's, Ulcerative Colitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, several types of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and many cases of Fibromyalgia as well. --- And it worked ...

The product has enriched you as you have empowered your patients. That is what NUTRI-SPEC is all about. ----- Yet --- the product worked for you and your patients even though it is absolutely pitiful in comparison to your three new products.

"Pitiful"? --- Is that too harsh a word to describe what (until last month) was the best synbiotic ever made? Not at all. --- It is pitiful in contrast to a trio of products that are not only unmatched in quality but unmatched conceptually by anything anyone else has to offer.

All people in your universe --- yourself, your family, your friends, and your patients have ...


that will best maximize Adaptative Capacity.

But I think I made one mistake while creating these three new products for you. One of those products is inappropriately named. So, let us play a little bit of a game. Anytime during the month of August you place an order for at least 2 dozen of any combination of IMMUNO-SYNBIOTICS, take a guess at which of the three is inappropriately named and why. Any reasonable guess will be accepted, and you will be rewarded by one bottle from every dozen you buy being FREE.