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Volume 27, Number 12

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
December, 2016

At last ---


Or maybe what you have is a cure for ...


Or maybe what you really have is a collection of IMMUNO-SYNBIOTIC products that are ...

  • so powerfully anti-inflammatory,

  • so powerfully anti-inflammaging,

  • so powerfully immune-modulating,

  • so powerfully gut-supporting,

  • so powerfully Metabolic Balancing,

  • so powerfully Vital Reserves empowering ...

that it doesn't matter if your patients have Lyme, Phantom Lyme, or any disease --- acute or chronic --- they will be powerfully uplifted by your thoughtfully selected Immuno-Synbiotic.

But regarding the ever "popular" Lyme Disease, here is an interesting case ...

Samantha is a perfectly adorable 13 year old girl --- petite and pretty, but far more importantly --- attentive, respectful, well mannered, and quite pleasant --- capped off by a captivating smile (--- the kind of 13 year old girl they rarely make anymore). Her mother brought Samantha to us, both mother and daughter desperately weary from a 7 year battle with Lyme Disease. Samantha's symptoms began at age 6, and included joint pain, headaches, and stomach pain.

In describing her "joint pain", Samantha particularly singled out her elbows, and her thighs. (--- Side Note: Anytime a patient complains of "joint pain" or "arthritis", yet indicates the pain is predominantly somewhere (such as the thigh) where there is no joint, then the pain is actually myalgia/fibromyalgia, and/or, neuritis/neuralgia.) Samantha's headaches were actually of two types. She had what she called "all over" headaches, and yet at other times her headaches were very clearly sub-occipital. Her stomach pain was localized to an area around the navel, and tended to occur in one-hour episodes.

Lyme Disease? --- Who made that diagnosis?

Regrettably, Samantha and her mother had fallen under the spell of a Witch Doctor --- a Medicine Man who professed to be a Lyme Specialist -----

[CAUTION: Your best advice to your patients is that anytime they encounter a "Lyme Specialist" their best course is to sprint through the closest exit and never look back. Some such specialists are well meaning, and some are purely charlatans ...

Those who mean well are motivated by a sincere desire to help patients, but somehow had their spirits captured by Lyme evangelism. They have come to believe that all the chronically ill patients that cannot be helped by conventional medicine must certainly have some ImmunoNeuroEndocrine stressor underlying their dis-ease. And --- since Lyme Disease is an INE stressor known to cause a broad array of non-specific INE symptoms --- it follows (if your faith is strong enough) that all those chronically ill people must be victims of Lyme Disease. Once aboard the Lyme bandwagon, these well-meaning physicians of necessity become blindly devoted defenders of the faith.

--- And the Lyme Specialists who are purely charlatans? How does their Lyme scam work? Like all scam artists, they prey upon the ignorant and the fearful. To illustrate --- a large area of Central and Eastern Pennsylvania has a high Mennonite population. In the Mennonite newspapers the Lyme scammers take out full page ads that basically boil down to --- "If you have (any symptoms from this long, long, long list of symptoms and conditions), and your doctor has not been able to help you, then you have Lyme Disease, and need to see a Lyme Specialist (me) immediately. Pennsylvania now has a higher Lyme incidence than any other state, and most people that have Lyme Disease showed no obvious signs when they were bitten by the tick, and so do not know they have Lyme. Your doctor will not be able to help you. --- I suggest you make an appointment at my Lyme Specialist clinic right away."

----- And what are the tools in trade of these Lyme Specialists? --- Antibiotics, of course, then, more antibiotics, and more antibiotics, and even more antibiotics. Beyond that, each Witch Doctor has his own collection of snake oil remedies he believes in. Any of your patients snookered into succumbing to a Lyme Medicine Man can expect to sample extensively from the full spectrum of Alternative Medicine cures. There may be steroids, any herbal drug imaginable, intravenous vitamin C, hyperbaric oxygen, mega doses of nutrients, low dose Naltrexone, tricyclic antidepressants, SSRI antidepressants --- none of which have any real objective evidence supporting their efficacy for tick-born infection. And all the while your patient's Immune system, Nervous system, and Endocrine system are being scrambled and stressed by the Medicine Man, he is relentlessly pounding the gut and the immune system with antibiotics. Antibiotics for 30 months that (if they were to be effective) should have been limited to 30 days, does in itself represent supreme devastation of the microbiota, and a relentless INE stressor.]

Poor little Samantha. By age 8 she was locked in the clutches of the Medicine Man. Why did such an extraordinary woman as Samantha's mother surrender to the Witch Doctor's chant? As you have probably observed, a big part of the Lyme Specialist pitch is the patient accepting that it will likely take as much as three years to complete the entire course of Lyme therapy, and --- during those 3 years symptoms may not improve, and could even become worse. Of course, once the Medicine Man's patients have accepted that expectation of continued symptoms, he has free reign to victimize his patients in any way he sees fit, and there will be no repercussions.

An essential component of that pitch is that the antibiotics cannot kill the wee beasties because the creepy critters hide underneath biofilms. There is some evidence in the Literature that such biofilms do provide protective cover for tick-born microbes. But that begs the question that we should all be asking the Lyme Specialists --- If by your own admission your antibiotics cannot possibly do any good, then why do you continue to destroy your patient's microbiome and clobber the immune system with a mega-load of antibiotics?

--- But for a devoted Mom like Samantha's, no price was too big to pay, and no ordeal was too great to endure, if paying that price would restore her little girl's health.

So, poor little Samantha was run through the mill. And here she was in our office at age 13 with --- you guessed it --- the exact same "joint pain", headaches, and stomach pains she had 7 years ago before the Witch Doctor began his sorcery.

What did we do for Samantha? After the complete history, we strove to gain as much information as possible --- via (of course) NUTRI-SPEC testing. Our initial test on Samantha revealed the following Imbalances: Glucogenic, Sympathetic, Potassium Excess Acidosis, Respiratory Alkalosis and Prostaglandin Imbalances. How did we integrate those objective test findings with Samantha's history and symptoms and recommend a NUTRI-SPEC regimen of Metabolic Therapy?


We did nothing of the sort. -----Why not? Here was our reasoning ...

  1. Were Samantha's symptoms and NUTRI-SPEC Imbalances the result of Lyme Disease?

  2. Were her Imbalances associated with Phantom Lyme Disease? (--- There is an article in the Articles section of your NUTRI-SPEC website describing exactly what we mean by Phantom Lyme Disease. --- Check it out.)

  3. Were Samantha's symptoms (going all the way back to age 6), and now the bizarre combination of Metabolic Imbalances she showed in our office, the result of a collection of ImmunoNeuroEndocrine stressors completely unrelated to Lyme?

  4. Did the several year assault at the hands of the Medicine Man create or at least severely exacerbate the Metabolic Imbalances our testing showed on this date?

Our answers to these four questions were as follows ...

  • Possibly.

  • Likely.

  • Absolutely.

  • Absolutely and actionably YES!

We could have given Samantha and her mother a truckload of supplements in a (misguided) and desperate attempt to control of the Metabolic Imbalances that showed up on this initial testing. A far better approach would have been to make this one of our many patients whom we start out on a Diphasic Nutrition Plan. In such cases we expect one of two outcomes --- either the DNP will be the whole story, or the DNP will filter the muddy waters such that 8 weeks down the road we can see very clearly the Metabolic Imbalances and institute NUTRI-SPEC Metabolic Balancing at that time --- and then 3-10 weeks after that, get set up with a happy-ever-after, live stronger longer DNP.

But in this case we were so absolutely certain that what we were seeing was a poor little girl who had been pounded relentlessly by Alternative Medicine cures that by far the most important thing we needed to do was reduce ImmunoNeuroEndocrine stress in a way that didn't' involve us chasing after Phantom Imbalances. Even the Balancing Procedure that initiates the DNP might simply involve her body reacting from a state of Iatrogenic Imbalance, rather than indicating what her body, if free from the effects of years of drug therapy, would show us. So what we gave Samantha was ...


to increase Vital Reserves via the DNP, nor to restore Metabolic Balance by addressing her positive Imbalance test patterns. Specifically --- we gave Samantha Activator along with both IS Immune Restore, and IS Immune X-Flam. How were these Immuno-Synbiotics chosen? Quite simply, they were chosen by the same selection criteria you are using for your own patients.

We gave the Immune Restore because of her long history of being pounded with antibiotics. We gave the Immune X-Flam because she showed Glucogenic and Sympathetic test patterns and normal dermographics test. We also gave a brief chat about Eat Well- Be Well ----- and absolutely nothing else. ----- We gave Samantha an appointment for 4 weeks, at which point we expected the ImmunoNeuroEndocrine burden to be lifted by the Immuno-Synbiotics such that a meaningful evaluation could be done.

When we saw Samantha in 4 weeks, what did we find? ----- Joint pain gone. Headaches gone. Stomach pain gone. Nearly 7 years of suffering gone. The curse of the Witch Doctor gone.


NUTRI-SPEC testing at this 4 week follow up showed just a teeny tiny trace of a Dysaerobic test pattern and a tiny remnant of the Potassium Excess Acidosis. But, she had just eaten fried chicken a few hours before at her school lunch so we didn't put too much emphasis on the Dysaerobic test pattern. How simple. All we did was instruct Samantha to continue her Activator, continue her 2 Immuno-Synbiotics but at half the dose, and go through 1 bottle of Oxy D. --- See you in 8 weeks. --- Simple.

Is this a happy story? Yes, almost miraculously happy. But is this also a sad case? Yes --- considering the 7 years of suffering, the 7 years of doubt, and the trouble, expense, and devastation wrought by the Medicine Man. Yes, it all could have been avoided if Samantha and her mother had gone to a NUTRI-SPEC practitioner like you.

How simple it is for you to have a life-changing impact on dozens of patients in your practice if you will fully apply NUTRI-SPEC principles. And how simply and how completely you can help countless others live stronger longer if you will be just a bit more assertive, and have your patients refer family and friends to you, rather than to the disease-specific remedy peddlers. That is your take-away from this case history --- you have incredible clinical power, so use it.

One other take-away from this story that you surely already grasp, but it is a good idea for us to reinforce the NUTRI-SPEC philosophy you stand for ----- did we select Immuno-Synbiotic supplementation for Samantha based on her Lyme Disease? No, of course not. We gave no consideration to her disease, nor to any of her symptoms. We followed the same selection criteria we would have used for her regardless of the name of her disease.

Did Samantha have, or ever have Lyme Disease? We don't know, and it doesn't matter that we don't know. And you never know whether all your Samanthas' diverse symptoms are or are not associated with some named disease. All that matters is that you assert yourself in reaching out to the dozens of Samanthas you see --- "curing" their INE stress states of dis-ease using IMMUNO-SYNBIOTIC integrated with your chosen NUTRI-SPEC protocols.