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Volume 28, Number 1

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
January, 2017


your Dream Practice. --- Go ahead --- dream a little. What do you see as you gaze into your vision of ideal? What are the expressions on your patients' faces? How thoroughly engaged with service does your staff appear? How impressively sharp do you look? How powerful is your posture?

Imagine --- what do you feel as you move through your dream days? How does your spirit soar in receiving the gratitude of your patients? How does it feel to smile at how easily you smile? How does your heart sing in eager anticipation over a new patient whom you know you can help when every other Doctor has failed?

Imagine your appointment schedule packed to over-flowing. Picture the steady, day-after-day flow of $$$$$. Feel the satisfaction of having your life's purpose re-affirmed every day. Yes, imagine the joy from having built your own happy-ever-after.

Is yours a precious dream? Yes. Is it an uplifting dream? --- Then, let it carry you ever higher. The nice thing about a glorious dream is that ...


Now, without coming all the way down from your dreamy high, ask yourself to what extent your practice falls short of your dreams --- and, ask yourself ...


What are the barriers between you and your dream practice? ----- If you will allow me to offer a bit of counsel --- I maintain that the only barriers between you and your dreams are the barriers you have created yourself. Please do not let that statement put you on the defensive. Immerse your mind and heart back into the vision of your dream practice and hear me out. See, I know of one sure way that you can become incredibly rich. And by rich, I do not mean merely $$$$, but all the satisfaction and joy that comes from enriching other people's lives.

The key to making your dream come true is ...


And, building a Family Practice is about totally re-orienting your focus from disease care to health care. Hold this thought ...

=== your richest dreams come true ...

while I paint a picture for you ...

Note that this is Volume 28 of this Letter --- meaning NUTRI-SPEC has been serving doctors for 27 years. In those 27 years, several thousand doctors have entered NUTRI-SPEC. So, I have a large sample population of doctors. --- As they come --- some stay, some move on, some succeed, some fail. Similarly, in the first 15 years of my Chiropractic career I taught Chiropractic seminars to many hundreds of doctors. So all in all, we have multiple thousands of doctors who were attracted to my offerings as a way to enrich their practice --- as a way to come closer to dreams come true.

It is my position as a keen observer of doctors' response to potentially enriching input --- observations that span countless doctors over several decades --- that allows you to trust my judgment on why some doctors live their dream, while most stumble through day after day, with successes that are negated by frustrations.

A small percentage of doctors enthusiastically suck in the extraordinary and unique value of NUTRI-SPEC (or of my chiropractic technique) and use it as rocket fuel to blast off for the stars. Another small percentage of doctors have so surrounded themselves with barriers to success that devoting even an ounce of energy to learning something new seems overwhelming --- and they drop out almost immediately. But the vast majority of doctors are somewhere in between. They fully appreciate the unique value of NUTRI-SPEC; they know in their heart that it can somehow elevate their quality of service to a level they have always dreamed of; and they look for a way to insert NUTRI-SPEC into their practice routine. --- But --- their rocket gets off the ground, but never reaches the height of glorious dreams. --- They fly high enough to get a more enlightening view of the world, but never come close to reaching the stars. --- It is to this vast majority of doctors --- to YOU --- that this Letter is dedicated.

YOU need to build a Family Practice. YOU need to grasp the concept of Live Stronger Longer. How? Here is the secret ---


Specifically, reach out to the parents and grandparents of children. They all want nothing more than to see the little ones be happy and healthy --- developing their full potential every step along the way to adulthood. And no one can feed that passionate desire as you can --- with NUTRI-SPEC.

  • You know every child will benefit from Mighty Mins.

  • You know every child will benefit from your selected Immuno-Synbiotic.

  • You know every child will benefit from Eat Well – Be Well.

  • You know every child that takes advantage of Mighty Mins, Immuno-Synbiotic, and Eat Well – Be Well will sidestep countless states of dis-ease during the course of childhood, and will radiate the glow of joyful youth.

  • You know that all parents that make those three commitments to their children will make those same commitments to themselves --- in the form of Activator, Immuno-Synbiotic, and Eat Well – Be Well.

  • You know that every young family so enriched will very quickly feel so healthfully empowered that they trust your judgment on all health related topics.

  • You know that there will be one or more family members who need more that the basics. --- And for those, you know that with one of your NUTRI-SPEC offerings --- Metabolic Balancing, your Diphasic Nutrition Plan, or any one of your three Metabolic Support Systems --- Sympathetic/Parasympathetic Support, Barrier Busters, Tissue Acid/Alkaline Balancing --- you will minimize or even totally reverse any state of dis-ease in a way that no other doctor can --- much to the happy amazement of the family.

  • You know that families you so serve will refer countless other friends and families to you.

  • You can imagine that over a period of just two years you can build an incredibly secure practice with these Foundational Families.

To illustrate, in last month's Letter, we told the story of a 13-year-old girl who had been assaulted by a "Lyme Specialist" --- an assault that yielded nothing but frustration, and time and money wasted. Within one month of nothing more than Immuno-Synbiotic and Eat Well – Be Well, the 7 years of suffering was over. Headaches gone; stomach pain gone, joint pain gone. Here are your take-aways from that story:

  1. Your power with NUTRI-SPEC --- with Immuno-Synbiotic and whatever NUTRI-SPEC protocol you choose to employ --- is amazing --- and will continue to amaze you (as well as your Foundational Families) over and over again for the rest of your life. (--- Yes, even I am repeatedly amazed at how simply powerful NUTRI-SPEC is.)

  2. What brought that sweet little girl into my office? She was brought by her mother, who had been the child's partner in the long battle against dis-ease. What I failed to include in describing this case was that the mother was already a patient before bringing in her daughter. The mother had already brought in one of her other daughters; and subsequent to the success of both the mother and both daughters, the father became a patient. At her office visit last week, the mother eagerly expressed an interest in bringing in her third daughter. We have here a NUTRI-SPEC Foundational Family. --- But there is more --- where did the mother come from? The mother was referred by her sister, who is another amazing NUTRI-SPEC success story. And the mother's sister was referred by yet another sister --- yet another NUTRI-SPEC success story --- and the mother's sister's sister was referred by yet another sister whose husband was another NUTRI-SPEC success story. --- In what I am describing here do you see elements of your dream practice?

  3. Getting back to our 13-year-old girl with Lyme Disease ----- Did this sweet child really have Lyme Disease, or did she have Phantom Lyme Disease? I do not know, and it does not even matter. All that was known for certain was that the poor child was suffering some terrible combination of ImmunoNeuroEndocrine stresses that created a severe state of dis-ease at about age 6 or 7, and, that the patient's INE stress was compounded by years of antibiotics and other ill-conceived disease treatments. --- But here is the point --- did I treat the girl for Lyme Disease? Did I treat her headaches? Did I treat her stomach pain? Did I treat her joint paint? No, I merely set about the task of doing everything I could to decrease INE stress, and thus make the girl healthier. My goal was to help her increase her Adaptative Capacity, and thus live better --- as part of Living Stronger Longer.

You see, it truly is about health care, not about disease care. You must grasp the concept ...


Again, the point of this exercise in envisioning your dreams come true is that there are countless doctors like you who never find a way to completely shift the essence of their practice away from disease care to health care.

Implementing NUTRI-SPEC such that you build a rich Family Practice requires a commitment of time and energy that is not available to a disease care practice. If you and your staff are drained to your limit by giving your patients remedies and therapies that are strictly palliative in nature, you will find yourself awkwardly trying to squeeze NUTRI-SPEC in where is does not fit. Your staff will get grouchy, and you will be frustrated. If you and your staff are taxed to the limit by doing this and that disease therapy to justify your care to the insurance companies, you have got to ask yourself ...

Would you rather work for the insurance company, or establish a life-long gratifying relationship with your Foundational Families?

Would you rather run yourself and your staff ragged trying to administer a hodge-podge of symptom relief modalities (--- I am thinking here of Chiropractors lost in the maze of nearly useless Physio-Therapies), or, partner with your patients in conquering the causes of their dis-ease state?

Would you rather offer your patients the health food industry Flavor of the Month disease-specific remedy, or will you and your staff commit to scientific Metabolic Therapy designed to increase your patients' Adaptative Capacity?

Do you and your staff find long-term gratification in offering your patients the latest weight loss scheme (scam)? --- Or, do you prefer to correct the chronic inflammatory state both causing and caused by weight gain --- a vicious cycle that only you can interrupt with your anti-inflammaging supplementation?

Would you rather have patients come to you one by one as individuals, or have patients come to you in chunks (as Familes)?

Would you rather have individual patients abandon you as soon as symptoms either improve, or fail to improve fast enough? Or, would you rather abandon the whole disease-specific approach to patient care in favor of patient-specific, or even better yet, Family-Specific healthcare?

Think back to the vision you had of you and your staff and your patients when you read the first page of this Letter and ask yourself "Isn't my dream practice a happy-ever-after patient-specific healthcare practice?"

Yes, your "secret" to re-inventing your practice in service of Foundational Families is reaching out to children through their parents and grandparents. But there is even a sweeter icing on top of this secret cake --- and that is to serve young women during pregnancy, or during their anticipation of pregnancy. Here is what one NUTRI-SPEC practitioner submitted as what he called, "a little story" ...

"My wife has always had to use antibiotics during childbirth for her previous three children. The doctors always said they found bad bacteria in her vaginal canal. -----She got pregnant again in early February, and as soon as Immuno-Synbiotic Immune Power came out I put her on it! ----- Our baby is now a week old, and this time she did not need antibiotics, as they said there was no more bacteria to be found. I was very pleased!"

Imagine such a woman in your practice. I think you can immediately see that you can easily convert this woman, her husband and their four young children into a Foundational Family --- yours to serve for years and years to come. And --- over those years how many of their family and friends will they refer to you? --- And --- what happens when these four young children grow up? 20 Years from now they will be starting their own families, and enthusiastically continuing to employ your services. (As of December, I have been practicing in my community for 38 years, and I am in my fifth generation of some of my Foundational Families. No stress, no strain, no chasing symptoms, no insurance battles --- a lot of hard work to be sure --- but ineffable riches earned.)

Along with this month's Letter, you are being given a precious goldmine. The gold is there --- but you have to mine it. Posted under the Articles section on your NUTRI-SPEC website you will find a collection of 10 Letters giving you everything you need to build and mine the riches of a Family Practice ...

These Letters give you every detail on both why and how to develop your Foundational Families. Consider it your Instruction Manual for building a stress-free, gloriously enriching practice.

There are Letters giving you everything you need to know (and all the critical information that almost no Doctors know) about preparing for pregnancy and prenatal nutrition.

Finally, there are Letters on infant nutrition and nutrition for young children.

It may work better for you not to attempt reading all 10 Letters in one sitting, but rather read one every couple days and let it sink in. But however you choose to mine this precious gold, make a commitment to do it, do it right, and do it big.