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Volume 28, Number 3

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
March, 2017

1 OUT OF 4

1 OUT OF 6

1 OUT OF 9

+ 500%


These numbers are a "Secret Code". Indeed, they reveal ...


in the coming years. Critical to the quality of service you provide your patients, critical to the quality of life your patients enjoy, and thus critical to how richly you live, these numbers uncover the mysterious DEMOGRAPHICS hidden within your patient population. They expose the truth about what ails your patients today, and what will (unless you intervene) devastate them tomorrow.

You see ...

among your patients:

  • 1 OUT OF 4 have a genetic tendency to Mixed Mold Mycotoxicosis.

  • 1 OUT OF 6 have a genetic tendency to Eosinophilic Fungal Rhinosinusitis.

  • 1 OUT OF 9 will develop Alzheimer's.

  • You see clear evidence of why the number of adults with Type 2 Diabetes (= Insulin Resistance, Metabolic Syndrome) has increased 500% since 1980.

  • You see the aging of your patient population consistent with the fact that every single day 10,000 Americans reach age 65.

The evidence is right in front of your eyes --- ignore these numbers at your peril. Seize the opportunity your understanding of these numbers provides --- and you will have a gloriously rich life --- earning the gratitude, respect, praise, $$$$, and referrals that come from patients who understand the unique value of your Metabolic Therapy. ----- Let us look at each of these numbers and how it reflects upon your future success ...

10,000 of my Baby Boomer Generation reach age 65 every day, 70,000 a week, and over 300,000 a month. Why should you care? BBG's are going to dominate your patient population, and if you play it right, their dominance of your practice will pay off richly. Your value to the Baby Boomers is inherent in your NUTRI-SPEC concept of patient-specific versus disease-specific health care. Let me explain ...

The Baby Boomers are manifesting degenerative diseases that were rarely evident in prior generations. The disease-oriented medical/pharmaceutical establishment makes the mistake of looking at every symptom as if it is an isolated disease entity. They do not realize that all the seemingly unrelated symptoms evident in every one of your aging patients is actually one of many manifestations of ...


In other words, all the over-the-hill Baby Boomers are victims of Metabolic Imbalances and waning Vital Reserves. Since ...


every patient will manifest somewhat different symptoms. Only you understand that the answer to the myriad of symptoms your patients present is to first ---


then second, rehabilitate the strength of that chain as much as possible. Only your NUTRI-SPEC Metabolic Therapy can so empower your patients --- whatever symptoms they present.

What is so interesting about your Baby Boomer patients is that they are the first generation among which at least 50% were spoiled brats --- thoroughly over-indulged from birth. (Subsequent generations are at least 95% spoiled brats.) We need not get into all the sociological reasons why when Johnny came marching home from WWII he and his young bride so thoroughly over-indulged their children. --- But one critical aspect of that overindulgence was that the Baby Boomers consumed, literally from birth, probably ten times as much sugar and carbs as any prior generation. And that brings us to the second of our "Secret Code" of numbers --- the World Health Organization reports that ...


How critical to your success is understanding this 500% increase in Insulin Reactor disease? The evidence is right before your eyes --- how many of your patients have a Tubby Tummy? Abdominal weight gain (generally accompanied by some degree of fatigue and/or depression) is often the first obvious sign of Insulin Resistance. Your Tubby Tummy patients are 100% guaranteed to eventually earn the diagnosis of "Metabolic Syndrome", and many will ultimately succumb to medical treatment for Diabetes (unless you intervene --- now).

How many of your patients have high blood pressure? The overwhelming majority of those have their high blood pressure associated with Insulin Resistance (as is evidenced by the Tubby Tummy accompanying the hypertension). Should that hypertension be treated as a disease entity with drugs (that do more harm than good)? Or can you, as a NUTRI-SPEC Metabolic Therapist recognize the true needs of your hypertensive patients --- and treat the underlying cause of their condition? These patients desperately need your Diphasic Nutrition Plan. Most of them will benefit from a head start by addressing their underlying Metabolic Imbalance --- Ketogenic, Glucogenic, Parasympathetic, or Anaerobic.

Another critical number -----

Look closely into the eyes, into the heart, and into the mind of your next 36 patients. Truly take a deep look. Then realize that out of those 36 patients, 4 (1 out of 9) are going to suffer and die from Alzheimer's. In last month's Letter we dropped a bomb on you --- not a destructive bomb, but a "wake up" bomb. --- One of the most respected research teams in the world (in Barcelona, Spain --- far from the politically controlled pharmaceutical and government funded "research" in the United States) has uncovered what appears to be an almost irrefutable truth --- that Candida is a cause, if not THE cause of Alzheimer's. (Review last month's Letter for the details.) Consider also the subsequent research showing that supplementation with probiotics does more to not only slow but actually partially reverse the symptoms of Alzheimer's --- something that none of the zillion dollar pharmaceutical products have done.

Now ask yourself --- why are 1 out of 9 Baby Boomers getting Alzheimer's, when Alzheimer's incidence was far far less than that in prior generations? Think back to the late 40's and 1950's when Baby Boomers were Baby Boppers. Not only were they being stuffed with Kellogs Sugar Pops, Little Debbie Cakes and Coca-Cola --- they were the first generation in whom baby formula was "scientifically" discovered to be superior to human milk. The result? Many, many, many Baby Boomers never developed anything close to a healthy microbiota.

Their guts have been teaming with endotoxin-producing gram negative bacteria since infancy. Combine a high sugar diet plus rotten microbiota and what do you get? Well, you get many, many potential pathologies, but one thing you get for certain is a susceptibility to Candida. --- There are countless other lifestyle factors originating with the Baby Boomer Generation that also predisposed to Candida --- birth control pills and estrogen hormone replacement, indiscriminate use of antibiotics, steroid hormones added to foods and used as drugs, and an almost universal deficiency of natural light.

Yes, as it stands, at least 1 out of 9 of your Baby Boomer patients is going to suffer Alzheimer's, and without your intervention, subsequent generations of your patients are going to show an even higher incidence of this grotesque pathology. --- Are you beginning to see where your practice fits into the big picture? Put it all together ----- more than half your adult patients are insulin resistant --- either by virtue of being insulin reactors in association with Anaerobic, Glucogenic, Ketogenic, or Parasympathetic Imbalances, or simply by virtue of a life-long overload of sugars and starches.

Many of those insulin reactors are already showing signs of Insulin Resistance, and the rest will within a few years. Many of those with Insulin Resistance are already manifesting the obvious signs of Metabolic Syndrome --- including the Tubby Tummy, elevated triglycerides, fatigue, depression, and rising blood pressure. A few years down the road, one or more of those symptoms will have been diagnosed by some physician as an independent disease entity, and an attempt made to drug that symptom into submission. 1 out of 9 of these patients who are Baby Boomers will succumb to Alzheimer's. Those who are still in their 30's 40's and 50's will probably ultimately show a 1 in 8 or even 1 in 7 incidence of Alzheimer's, at the rate America's collective health is degenerating. [Note that Insulin Resistance is now commonplace among American teenagers.]

Now, stop and put the whole picture together. Ask yourself, is there a direct link between the incidence of Alzheimer's and the ubiquitous incidence of Insulin Resistance? --- There absolutely is such a link. Recall the REALLY BIG revelation from last month's Letter ...

Akbari, et al. Effect of probiotic supplementation on cognitive function and metabolic status in Alzheimer's disease. Front Aging Neurosci, Nov, 2016.

Summary: After just 12 weeks of probiotic supplementation the Alzheimer's group improved on their cognitive scores by 28%, while untreated Alzheimer's patient's continued to deteriorate with their exam scores dropping by 5%. ---This study is SO BIG because it shakes the very foundation of the pharmaceutical industry approach to Alzheimer's. None of the zillion dollar drugs developed for Alzheimer's has improved cognitive scores by even 1%. The best they can do is claim that maybe just maybe their Alzheimer's drugs slow the rate of neurological destruction a bit.

Why are the Alzheimer's drugs failing so miserably that most of them never even come close to FDA approval --- their failure is so absolutely total? The pharmaceutical dummies cannot get it through their head that attacking a pathology as a disease entity always fails (except in the incidence of acute crisis therapy). If they had just looked at the underlying brain physiology they would have approached Alzheimer's differently from the start. What are their drugs designed to do? They want to stop the formation of amyloid. After all, it is the buildup of the tangled mass of amyloid that eventually makes it impossible for brain neurons to communicate.

Such dummies! Amyloid is not the disease. Think! What is amyloid? Amyloid is a perfectly natural substance produced by the brain. Produced? Amyloid is the brain's natural defense against invading microbes. Any logically thinking person would ask, "Why is this brain producing massive amounts of amyloid? Is it because it is being attacked by a microbe, or at least believes it is being attacked by a microbe?" Now from the researchers in Spain it appears that the massive production of amyloid is the brain's defense against invasive Candida.

But the study by Akbari cited above, is SO REALLY REALLY BIG for another reason altogether. What is even more amazing is that while the Alzheimer's patients supplemented with probiotics not only improved cognitive function --- at the same time and in direct proportion to the brain function improvement, metabolic markers of whole body health improved simultaneously. Probiotic supplemented Alzheimer's patients improved in all aspects of Insulin Resistance and all sequelae of Insulin Resistance --- including improved C-reactive protein, lower triglycerides, and more efficient pancreatic function --- and all this in only 12 weeks.

The point is that we do not have three unrelated disease entities here --- Candida, Alzheimer's, and Metabolic Syndrome ---


Research shows all Alzheimer's patients are producing amyloid in response to Candida, then Akbari shows that patients with brain destruction caused by Candida are all also suffering from Metabolic Syndrome --- and --- as the probiotic improves cognitive function, it also improves the Insulin Resistance.

Do you see the sequence of events guaranteeing that 1 out of 9 of your Baby Boomers is going to get Alzheimer's, and at least 1 out of 8 of your patients in their 50s and 40s are destined for Alzheimer's? Do you see that this ugly clinical picture is a result of two parallel patho-physiological processes happening simultaneously? Here is how the river of pathology flows ...

  1. The Baby Boomer "Pepsi Generation" was overwhelmed with sugars and starches at the same time it failed to develop a healthy microbiota. Carboholic plus rotten microbiota yields Insulin Resistance → Metabolic Syndrome → a broad array of ImmunoNeuroEndocrine stressors === involving the Gut-Immune Axis and the Gut-Brain Axis plus the Gut Adipose Axis, etc. --- which leads to further INE stress --- one aspect of which is a susceptibility to Candida.

  2. The Baby Boomer "Pepsi Generation" was overwhelmed with sugars and starches, which, accompanied by other environmental stressors, leads to a susceptibility to Candida (even in your patients with no Insulin Resistance).

The bottom line is that all your patients have a 1 in 9 chance of Alzheimer's, just statistically speaking. But any of your patients who are showing signs of Metabolic Syndrome, because the INE stress of Insulin Resistance causes a susceptibility to Candida, probably have a much higher than a 1 in 9 likelihood of Alzheimer's. And of course, any patient who already shows Candida/mold/ fungal problems --- such as recurring vaginal yeast infections, fungus under the toenails, sinus congestion, etc., probably has a much, much higher than 1 in 9 chance of developing Alzheimer's.

Go into your office tomorrow and pick out a 67 year old man with a Tubby Tummy and a little fungus under his big toenail. Stop in your tracks and say, "Uh-oh!" --- The evidence is right before your eyes --- your patient is at extreme risk of Alzheimer's. What are you going to do about it? NUTRI-SPEC Metabolic Therapy --- with IMMUNO-SYNBIOTIC playing a key role.