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Volume 28, Number 4

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
April, 2017


are all you see unless you have NUTRI-SPEC working for you. Your patients' symptoms --- the fatigue, the body aches, the headaches, the allergies, the high cholesterol, the high blood pressure --- are nothing but superficial ripples --- shallow waves concealing the sea's deep currents of ease and dis-ease.

Pity the poor doctor, haplessly navigating treacherous waters with no NUTRI-SPEC to guide him. Countless indescript waves come and go, each indistinguishable from the last. Every patient's wave of hypertension appears identical to every other, and is "treated" with identical drugs --- showing no regard for the depth of the underlying sea. Two patients have waves of depression that the doctor, hopelessly unseaworthy, cannot recognize as derived from waters differently polluted.

Have you ever gone snorkeling? ----- If you have, you see the vivid analogy. With NUTRI-SPEC you explore the true depths of every patient. You see schools of rainbow-colored fish; you see dangerous moray eels; you see pink & purple coral reefs; you see hazardous rocky crags. Unlike the doctor who can only stare at the vast expanse of sea, kidding himself into thinking he is seeing the big picture --- you truly understand every patient as a unique …


Even if you have been with NUTRI-SPEC for years, you may not …


With your NUTRI-SPEC snorkel, mask, and fins, dive into the flow chart on the next page. You (unlike the typical doctor who never really even gets his feet wet) can easily follow the ocean currents of dis-ease flowing through that chart.

Look at the bold faced box at the left margin of the flow chart, labeled "INE Stress" (ImmunoNeuroEndocrine Stress). That box represents the underwater cavern through which all the currents of dis-ease flow, and from which all the deep sea monsters emit. But you know that. You know that there are a myriad of unrelenting environmental stressors that push your patients to their INE brink. And indeed you know that INE stressors are the invisible undertow that drag us into a state of Inflam-Aging --- the premature aging that tragically creates waves even in your patients' children.

As you snorkel through this coral reef maze, you will quickly note the number of currents that flow both directions between two patho-physiological elements. These are the whirlpools in each patient's Ocean of Motion. They represent vicious cycles (positive feedback loops) ---


creating a vortex that sucks your patients into the depths of patho-physiology.

For example: You see arrows both directions between INE STRESS and Candida. As you already know, these "currents" mean that Candida creates a tremendous amount of INE stress --- but --- INE stress weakens your patients such that they are more susceptible to Candida --- a dangerous whirlpool of INE stress. --- Similarly, Rotten Microbiota is highlighted at the highest point of the flow chart as one of the primary "Unrelenting INE Stressors". And as you also know, while Rotten Microbiota can devastate INE balance via the Gut-Brain Axis, the Gut-Hypothalamus Axis, the Gut-Liver Axis, the Gut-Adipose Axis, etc., etc. --- the current swirls back on itself --- anyone suffering from INE stress from any of the myriad of environmental influences will be much more subject to overgrowth of, and Inflam-Aging from, Rotten Microbiota === a vicious cycle of patho-physiology.

Also at the top of the flow chart, indicating its status as a primary INE Stressor, is the box labeled "Metabolic Imbalances & Fading Vital Reserves". While your symptom-oriented doctor is stuck with …


at the nebulous waves on the surface of the sea, your NUTRI-SPEC snorkel mask allows you to see clearly our fundamental concept of Biological Individuality. As a NUTRI-SPEC practitioner you understand that the most fundamental and ubiquitous of those two-way swirling, whirling currents is driven by your Metabolic Imbalances (that you address specifically with


( --- with the patho-physiology of
aging beginning as early as birth)

Associated with …

ImmunoNeuroEndocrine Stress

INE Stress Flow Chart

NUTRI-SPEC Metabolic Balancing Procedures and indirectly with your Diphasic Nutrition Plan). So, Metabolic Imbalance is an Unrelenting INE Stressor. --- But --- that INE undertow sucks a person deeper into Metabolic Imbalance === yet another vicious cycle. Also drowning are your patients with Fading Vital Reserves that draw that patient into a vortex of frigid water --- the chill from which, then, further drains Vital Reserves.

You know all about this concept of Biological Individuality. You understand that a patient with a Dysaerobic Imbalance will be pulled through this flow chart on an entirely different underwater current than will a patient with an Anaerobic Imbalance. You understand that because of Metabolic Imbalances and Fading Vital Reserves, only an individualized patient-specific approach to Metabolic Therapy will penetrate the water's rippling surface.

Do you have a patient making waves with Candida? No, you have a patient who rode the Parasympathetic current through INE Stress and thus to Candida. Do you have a patient splashing a wave of Graves Autoimmune Thyroid Disease? No, you have a patient who was swept by the Sympathetic current into autoimmunity. You (and only you among all the doctors available to your patients) can locate all your patients within that underwater maze, then dive into a deep sea rescue mission. Only you can save your patients from drowning in INE stress. Only you can stop (and often reverse) Inflam-Aging --- regardless of what rippling waves (--- tubby tummy, high cholesterol, chronic neck/shoulder pain, sinus headaches) are apparent on the surface.

One other fascinating discovery you make while snorkeling through this flow chart is …


There, you see the lush growth of Obesity, Triglycerides, Hypertension, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, and Cancer. How is the luxuriant growth of that garden fertilized? That bountiful but deadly harvest is abundantly fed by "Eat Rotten – Feel Rotten" --- the patho-physiological current that flows through Insulin Reactor to Insulin Resistance to Metabolic Syndrome. Doctors who are lost at sea treat every plant in that garden as a separate disease entity. You only need to swim slightly below the surface to discover these pathologies are all manifestations of one single patho-physiological current.

Now, snug up your fins and mask and fully extend your snorkel --- we are going deeper. Dive to the ocean bottom and swim deep under a shelf in the coral reef, and you will find the darkest of all deep sea mysteries ---


Pry this box of your flow chart open, and you will find mysteries that few doctors have dared to even imagine …


It has been several years now since we NUTRI-SPEC practitioners became fully aware of the ugly black truth:

1 OUT OF 4 …

of your patients have a genetic tendency to Mixed Mold Mycotoxicosis. And …

1 OUT OF 6 …

of your patients have a genetic tendency to Eosinophilic Fungal Rhinosinusitis (and the other Immunoglobulin G-mediated superantigen eosinophilic responses to mold exposure). Then, in the last two months' Letters, you discovered the startling truth that …

1 OUT OF 9 …

of your patients will develop Alzheimer's. --- And --- that Candida yeast is causative in this frightening, brain-destroying pathology.

Yeast/Mold/Fungus, Yeast/Mold/Fungus, Yeast/Mold/Fungus. --- It is everywhere, and it permeates your entire flow chart. Hidden below the sea surface, INE stress that both causes, and is caused by, Yeast/Mold/Fungus has the power to generate every current of patho-physiology.

In last month's Letter we gave you a "Secret Code" that verily defines your practice. Cracking that code reveals the reason why virtually all your patients seek your care. Those numbers included the 1 out of 4, 1 out of 6, and 1 out of 9 mentioned above --- plus --- the 500% increase in Diabetes since 1980, and the 10,000 Americans who reach age 65 every single day. Yes, those numbers are the "secret" to understanding your practice today, and even more importantly, where your practice is headed (assuming you modify your practice wisely) in the future.

This month's flow chart gives you a pictorial representation of those numbers that qualitatively define your practice. You can place every single one of your patients in that flow chart. Go ahead and pick a few patients. Susie Smith? ---


right in the middle of the Candida box. Harry Jones? --- There he is, with his tubby tummy and lethargic, whiney demeanor ---


Ralph Baker? --- With his incessant sinus headaches, he is …


--- And the real value of your flow chart is not just placing your patients, but seeing what current swept them there, and what they have to look forward to (dread) as their patho-physiology sweeps them further into a vortex of suffering. Yes, NUTRI-SPEC gives you the power to see into the future --- and change its course.

Remember those maze puzzles you used to work when you were a kid? Put your pencil on "Start" and see if you can trace a path to the "Finish"? --- You can play with your NUTRI-SPEC flow chart the same way. The difference between our flow chart and your childhood mazes is that the INE stress flow chart is full of vicious cycles ---- two-way arrows.

So, consider the 1 in 9 of your patients who are destined for Alzheimer's. How many different pathways can you trace through your flow chart, leading to the Alzheimer's that lurks in Davey Jones' Locker? Go ahead --- trace all the arrows. Along the way, trace all the vicious cycles --- the whirlpools that take you round and round and round the same nasty self-feeding circle of INE stress.

Now, here is the point of this Letter. --- Every single one of your patients whose life is driven by any of the "currents" you just traced has the potential to be swept into Alzheimer's. Those 1 in 9 of your patients who are prime candidates for Alzheimer's? You now know exactly who they are, and exactly how every one of them is going to get there --- and --- exactly how you are going to seize control of that patient's …