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Volume 28, Number 6

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
June, 2017

Imagine ...


of your new patients on Day 1. How can you be 100% certain you will immediately penetrate every patient's consciousness? --- Simply speak these "magic words" ...

"YOUR    (blank)    IS NOT YOUR PROBLEM;

and fill in the "blank" with ...

  • "fatigue"

  • "tubby tummy" ( --- Yes, use those words.)

  • "headaches"

  • "fibromyalgia"

  • "high blood pressure"

  • "boogey head" ( ---Yes, use those words.)

... or whatever other symptoms of ...


your patient suffers.

Prior to speaking those words, you will have:

  • Introduced yourself, while knowing in advance that you will have the opportunity to sing for this patient one of your favorite NUTRI-SPEC tunes.

  • Gone eyeball-to-eyeball with the patient, performing a simultaneous body scan and "soul search".

  • Completed a thorough investigative history.

  • Completed whatever NUTRI-SPEC testing you are going to do --- be it:

    • Complete Metabolic Testing

    • Sympathetic/Parasympathetic Support System

    • Barrier Busters Analysis

    • Tissue Acid/Alkaline Balancing

    • Evaluate where the patient stands with respect to initiating an individualized Diphasic Nutrition Plan

  • Thoroughly entertained the patient with one or more of your favorite NUTRI-SPEC melodies ...

    • "1 OUT OF 4"

    • "1 OUT OF 6"

    • "1 OUT OF 9"

    • "10,000"

    • "+ 500%"

    • "You are what we call an Insulin Reactor."

NOW, you speak the magic words to fully engage your patient's mind. It will only take a minute for the patient to grasp the essence of your stance. --- You follow, " ... it is the result of your problem" --- with a bit of a reprise on whatever song you have already sung. So, to a patient for whom you have filled in the "blank" with "HIGH CHOLESTEROL" you go on ...

"With my NUTRI-SPEC system of Metabolic Analysis, I know of at least 5 common causes of high cholesterol. Did the doctor who prescribed your statin drug tell you which of those 5 causes are driving up your cholesterol? (Pause as the patient replies, then go on ...) Did he test you in any way to determine what might be causing your high cholesterol? (Pause as the patient replies, then go on ... ) Does it make sense to you that giving you a drug to drive your cholesterol down without even considering the cause of the high cholesterol does not really solve the high cholesterol problem at all?

"Again, your high cholesterol is not your problem; it is the result of your underlying problem. Your true problem --- the cause of your high cholesterol is what I address. I do not just suppress the result of your problem with drugs, I make fundamental changes in your body so that it is functioning more efficiently, so as not to produce high cholesterol.

"--- So, do you understand how what I am offering you with Metabolic Therapy is different than throwing drugs at the effects rather than treating the causes? Everything I do for you will be based not on "treating" your high cholesterol as if it were a disease that appeared out of nowhere --- but rather will be designed to make sure your body chemistry is better balanced and your metabolism more efficient in all the ways that will get to the primary cause of your high cholesterol. Does that sound like the kind of health care service you are looking for? (Pause as the patient replies, then go on ...)

"Just to be sure you really understand where I am coming from, I'll explain it this way --- my next two patients might have high cholesterol --- exactly the same Total Cholesterol, LDL Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol and Triglycerides that you do. --- Yet, to those two patients I will give an entirely different set of supplements and dietary recommendations than I give you. How can that be? (Pause as the patient replies, then go on ...) Exactly right! --- Each of those two patients, even though they have the same high cholesterol as you do --- the same result or effect as you do --- have entirely different underlying causes of their high cholesterol. You, like every patient in this office, will get your own individualized Metabolic Therapy --- based entirely on your specific needs. Are you ready to go full speed ahead and work with me on those terms?"

Do you see how easily you can capture the mind of a new patient? So yes, you have captured the patient's mind --- and --- you have already captured the patient's heart by singing the first verse of at least one NUTRI-SPEC melody --- a tune that makes the patient want to sing right along. So now that you and the patient are harmoniously of one mind and heart, you can happily dance together to verse after verse of whichever NUTRI-SPEC songs most particularly enrich that patient.

How is it that you know so many clever, insightful, and entertaining lyrics to so many songs? It is because you understand the Dis-Ease = INFLAM-AGING flow chart that you need to continue exploring. That flow chart brings together on one concise page so much of what your NUTRI-SPEC system is all about. It is only with NUTRI-SPEC that you can boil down all the thousands of named diseases into one all-encompassing concept of Dis-Ease. You see that Dis-Ease = INFLAM-AGING, and that these various pathways of patho-physiology can begin as early as birth. So, your patients do not "have" diseases, they are all, regardless of symptoms or their medical diagnosis --- all --- suffering from ...


So, what truly ails your patients? ---


Your flow chart depicts what we have called the OCEAN OF MOTION churning within each and every one of your patients. With NUTRI-SPEC you are offering all patients a thorough exploration through that OCEAN OF MOTION --- an investigation of all the ...


As you learned in last month's Letter, Sea Monsters are lurking in The Octopus' Garden. Look at your flow chart --- The Octupus' Garden is where all your Insulin Reactor patients are trapped. There they suffer their tubby tummies, their high blood pressure, their fatigue and depression. Many, if it were not for your ...


would die there --- with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or cancer.

Sea Monsters also launch their attack from their hiding place in Davey Jones' Locker. What a disgusting place! This deep dark cavern is ...


Here we have the INE stress reactions associated with yeast/mold/fungal environmental exposures. Some of your patients covered with the slime of Davey Jones' Locker will spend their lives battling yeast/fungal infections. Many more of them will not know they have a mycotoxin-derived problem at all. Their bodies are producing an Immunoglobulin G super-antigen response to mold exposure, with the resulting eosinophilic infiltration of mucous membranes. They may have any of the following "diseases" --- Sinus "infections", "Asthma", Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease, chronic gut inflammation. --- And most tragically of all, these will be among the 1 in 9 of your patient who will eventually succumb to Alzheimer's. They will, that is, unless they let you help them swim against the current of INE stress.

But what you grasp most essentially from your flow chart is the concept of the churning, swirling currents that suck your patients into whirlpools of pathology. Look at all the arrows on your flow chart. Dis-Ease and Inflam-Aging, are all about these patho-physiological currents moving in ...


positive feedback loops that have replaced the physiological negative feedback loops designed to maintain all aspects of healthy body chemistry.


( --- with the patho-physiology of
aging beginning as early as birth)

Associated with ...

ImmunoNeuroEndocrine Stress

Your portal of entry to this fascinating underworld (that remains a mystery to all other doctors but you) is in the upper right hand corner of your flow chart: Metabolic Imbalances and Fading Vital Reserves --- and --- Rotten Microbiota. This portal of entry --- your "submarine", so to speak --- gives you crystal clear vision through all those murky deep waters. Vision so clear that you can descend all the way to the ultimate depths of patho-physiology ---


Find it on your flow chart now. --- There it is --- all the way down at the deepest darkest bottom of your sickest patients' Ocean of Motion. It descends from, but also feeds back upon (in a vicious cycle), Davey Jones' Locker. Look how the Sea Monsters lurking within voraciously devour a constant flood of Prostaglandins, Cytokines, etc. This Crypt hides the most mysterious monsters of the deep --- Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Mixed Mold Mycotoxicosis, Eosinophilic Fungal Reactivity, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

All these conditions remain a total mystery to the typical doctor --- who cannot see below the waves on the surface of the sea. From those doctors' limited perspective, these conditions make no sense. All he can do is throw drugs at whatever waves penetrate the surface from below. But your NUTRI-SPEC submarine takes you directly to the gates of this outlandish underworld.

What can you do to "treat" these conditions? Of course you are well aware that your principal means of intruding into all these pathological currents is by empowering your patients via the NUTRI-SPEC paradigm ...


ImmunoNeuroEndocrine>But --- you need one extra powerful "torpedo" to blast away the Sea Monsters in this Crypt. The key, which you will learn in great depth in next month's Letter, comes via the swirling whirlpool current of Prostaglandins, Cytokines, ETC. And next month you will become a master of the "ETCETERA." ----- In preparation for next month you need to:

  • continue navigating your Deep Sea Rescue Missions for your patients who have been failed by other doctors

  • memorize your flow chart, and the lyrics to your NUTRI-SPEC melodies

  • capture the minds of your patients using "magic words" (See Page 1!)

  • for 2 FREE bottles of TAURINE (a critical component of your "torpedo") call us and give us your best guess on what next month's "ETCETERA" might be ...