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Volume 28, Number 11

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
November, 2017

Send your patients to a ...


Or better yet, sell them ...




  • OXY TONIC &/or OXY D+.


The SAUNA ----- almost magical in Nature Cure Folklore. Probably originating in the Greek gymnasia, and then even more prominent in the Roman baths, saunas (or steam baths, wet or dry) have long symbolized the quest for better health --- particularly among the upper and middle classes. The popularity of saunas was thoroughly revived in the Middle Ages, principally in the Scandinavian countries, and spread throughout Germanic Europe, and then the rest of the world. So, we have Turkish Baths, Japanese Sento, elaborate saunas throughout all of Scandinavia, including right in many homes --- and of course, every health resort in the world offers luxuriously appointed saunas.

What's it all about? Do saunas really offer health benefits, or is it just another Nature Cure Myth? ----- Ask the management of any world-renowned health resort what benefits their sauna offers, and what will be their promotional pitch? Or, ask any "High Class Lady," or Corporate CEO who vacations annually in the French Riviera, or Riviera Maya, or in Monte Carlo, what benefits they derive from their 2 weeks of lazily lounging in the luxurious baths --- and what will they claim? Some people will enthusiastically proclaim, "It really opens your pores!" --- which is merely a statement of the obvious. But what long-term health benefits are conferred by intense exposure to heat? The universally accepted perception (myth) is that the sauna eliminates "TOXINS." ----- Really???

A logical NUTRI-SPEC practitioner (you) would respond to that claim with a bit of a chuckle, and the question, "Oh I see --- and can you name a list of about 20 of those nasty "toxins" that are exorcised by the magic of a sauna?" Of course that question will elicit nothing more than an uncomfortable squirm along with an exasperated retort such as, "You know --- TOXINS."

"Uh --- I don't recall from (Med School/Chiropractic School) learning anything in my physiology or biochemistry courses about these "toxins" purportedly eliminated by a sauna. Can you name maybe 3 of those toxins?"


"Can you name just one? --- Did someone lead you to believe that the heat generated by a sauna somehow digs down into your liver (the major detoxifying organ of your body), snatches up these "toxins" and drags them out through your bloodstream, into your skin, and out through your pores?"

[SIDE NOTE: The brief challenge to the concept of "toxins" that you just read is the same dialogue I have with any patients who claim to be taking some supplement to eliminate "toxins," or, have self-prescribed the latest popular health food industry farce purported to be a "detox regimen", or (horror of horrors!) have been to some Alternative Healthcare Practitioner who put them on some "detox" protocol. I go on to applaud those patients for dedication to the pursuit of health, but make it very clear that whoever has been selling the concept of "detox" is either ignorant or a charlatan --- and --- that the next time a friend/relative or (horror of horrors!) an Alternative Healthcare Professional claims to be able to eliminate "toxins" --- you turn and sprint for the closest door, escaping without delay and without harm.]

So, am I claiming that the benefits of a sauna are nothing more than another example of Nature Cure Mythology? No, not at all. The mechanism by which saunas are claimed to benefit health --- "opening up the pores", or "eliminating toxins" is total mythology. But the sauna is actually extremely beneficial, at least short term. Beneficial how? --- If you want to know, simply read your NUTRI-SPEC Nitric Oxide monograph. The true and undeniable benefits of a sauna are explained.

As you have learned in recent months' Letters, all your patients are screaming ...

"OH NO!!!"

They are all overwhelmed with an excess of nitric oxide derivatives. The NO-derived Inflam-Aging falls under the broad NUTRI-SPEC heading of Prostaglandin Imbalance. If you have a patient with symptoms, you have a patient whose body is screaming, "Oh NO!" What does a sauna do? The benefits of a sauna derive not from opening pores, nor from eliminating "toxins", but simply from elevating the body temperature. The elevation of body temperature stimulates the production of BH4.

BH4??? ----- Yes, BH4 --- but do not worry about the biochemistry (--- it's all in your Nitric Oxide monograph). Simply understand that BH4 is your body's means of neutralizing and eliminating the many NO-derived ...


Anti-metabolites (--- "toxins", if you will) are produced in great abundance from excess nitric oxide, and include Peroxynitrite, Reactive Oxygen Species, Reactive Nitrogen Species, Carbonate Radicals --- a huge array of anti-metabolites. These feed into the whole eicosanoid Prostaglandin production pathway, and also activate the many pro-inflammatory Cytokine pathways of both Th1 and Th2 immune reactivity. --- These inflammation-enhancing, symptom-provoking anti-metabolites are central to the fundamental concept we are doing our best to help you understand --- the concept of ...


  • Do you have patients with Fibromyalgia?

  • Do you have patients with Chronic Fatigue?

  • Do you have patients who are overweight?

  • Do you have patients with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities?

  • Do you have patients with chronic sinus congestion?

  • Do you have patients with depression?

=== Inflam-Aging = NO-Prostaglandin Imbalance === benefit from BH4-producing Sauna

All your patients with symptoms (--- in other words, all your patients) will feel better from a sauna because the sauna raises the body temperature, and raising body temperature increases the production of BH4. BH4 temporarily neutralizes all the Anti-Metabolites that are part of the Inflam-Aging process.

The emphasis is on the word temporarily. ----- Your patients can spend 2 weeks each year emulating a "High Class Lady" or Corporate CEO at an over-priced health spa being "rejuvenated". --- Or --- If you want to more permanently neutralize all these Reactive Oxygen Species, Reactive Nitrogen Species, Prostaglandins, and Inflammatory Cytokines --- sell your patients ...




  • OXY TONIC &/or

  • OXY D+


Most of you seem to have grasped the power of your 3 IMMUNO-SYNBIOTIC products to boost your patients in rising above ImmunoNeuroEndocrine Stress. But when was the last time you stopped to consider the amazing array of Anti-Inflam-Aging nutrients you give your patient every time you sell a bottle of ADAPTO-MAX or OXY-MAX? There is a section on your NUTRI-SPEC website entitled "Extraordinary Nutrients". Take a few minutes and read it ...

You may have forgotten how ADAPTO-MAX and OXY-MAX --- with Lipoic Acid, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Co-Q10, Tocotrienols, Betaine, Carnosine, and all the rest --- empower your patients in their battle against Inflam-Aging. Compare the amazing benefits from these nutrients --- all of which have been demonstrated clearly in studies on human subjects taking the supplements orally --- with Nature-Cure Nonsense such as Cinnamon, Curcumin, and Resveratrol that show no consistent benefits when swallowed by humans. TAURINE is another nutrient highlighted in your Nitric Oxide monograph, fighting Inflam-Aging in incredibly diverse ways.

Do you get it? --- Way back in Ancient Greece it was discovered that a sauna is "good for what ails you". And even though no one then or during the next 2,000+ years had an inkling of why saunas yielded obvious rejuvenating effects, the use of saunas has remained consistently popular though generations (--- unlike herbal drugs such as Cinnamon and Resveratrol which come and go in popularity because their "benefits" are more a matter of hope and belief than they are reality).

Where do your OXY TONIC and/or OXY D+ fit into this Nitric Oxide-Prostaglandin Imbalance picture? --- Here is the way to think of it ... Oxy Tonic is for patients who have an Anaerobic Imbalance, and Oxy D+ is for your patients who are Dysaerobic. But remember --- how many of your patients are Anaerobic? How many of your patients are Dysaerobic?

--- and ---

That is the point of your Diphasic Nutrition Plan. All your patients are being clobbered by Anaerobic/Anabolic/Hyperplasia forms of Inflam-Aging --- and --- all your patients are being beaten up by Dysaerobic/Catabolic/Oxidative Inflam-Aging. If you are doing NUTRI-SPEC Metabolic Testing, your patients who test as an Anaerobic Imbalance are those whose Anaerobic component of Inflam-Aging is dominating the clinical picture; the same is true for your patients who test Dysaerobic, as they undoubtedly have some degree of Anaerobic/Anabolic/ Hyperplasia pathological processes going on in their body --- but the Oxidative/Catabolic/Dis-Integration processes are dominating.

Now, back to your incomparable OXY TONIC and OXY D+: Patients whose nitric oxide derivatives favor the Reactive Nitrogen Species will tend to have an Anaerobic Imbalance, while those whose nitric oxide pathological derivatives favor the Reactive Oxygen Species will test Dysaerobic. But again, all these patients with symptoms (which is to say all patients with Nitric Oxide-Prostaglandin Imbalances) have both Reactive Nitrogen Species and Reactive Oxygen Species causing symptoms, and destroying their Vital Reserves.

Your take away from this discussion is how the long-recognized benefits of saunas are entirely because the sauna-induced increased body temperature temporarily reverses some of the damage from Nitric Oxide-Prostaglandin Imbalance --- and --- that your unique and extraordinary NUTRI-SPEC supplements give your patients the benefit of the sauna, not temporarily, but day and night, day after day, and night after night. So, all your patients need ADAPTO-MAX, OXY-MAX, TAURINE, OXY TONIC & OXY D+, and IMMUNO-SYNBIOTIC. --- Or --- they can throw their money away on herbal drugs and other Nature Cures --- or --- they can let themselves be overwhelmed by Inflam-Aging, and take pharmacological drugs for their Fibromyalgia, their Chronic Fatigue, their depression, their high blood pressure, their high cholesterol, their allergies, and their Asthma.

Yes, your take away is that ...

ImmunoNeuroEndocrine Stress = INFLAM-AGING = DIS-EASE ...

and that your NUTRI-SPEC supplements give your patients the "PRO-METABOLITES" proven (in human studies) to stop Dis-Ease and prevent premature aging.

We have used the sauna --- its history and its BH4 biochemistry --- to drive home this point of "pro-metabolites" vs. anti-metabolites. Now that the benefits from a sauna have been biologically defined, you have yet another source of positive reinforcement for the power of your NUTRI-SPEC supplement ADAPTOGENS. That is to say that the sauna is known to temporarily neutralize the excess nitric oxide Anti-Metabolites, as well as the link between these Anti-Metabolites and the production of inflammatory Prostaglandins and Cytokines. But what is exciting is that (if you read the Extraordinary Nutrients section of your NUTRI-SPEC website you'll see ---) those are the same benefits of your ADAPTO-MAX, OXY MAX, TAURINE and IMMUNO-SYNBIOTC. Your supplements have been shown in study after study to reverse or block the damaging effects of Peroxynitrite, Reactive Oxygen Species, Reactive Nitrogen Species, Prostaglandins, Cytokines (and all the secondary pro-inflammatory nasties such as NFΚB, NMDA, and C-Reactive Protein).

Implicit in the Anti-Inflam-Aging benefits of the sauna being achieved by raising body temperature is ????? ----- Can you think this through logically? If raising body temperature has such amazing power to reduce Inflam-Aging Stress, what does that tell you about the level of Dis-Ease in your many patients who go through life with a low body temperature day after day?

We have not made body temperature one of the vital signs that we consider in your NUTRI-SPEC Metabolic Balance analysis. But in my office, we go to the additional time and trouble of checking body temperature on every patient. What do we find? All our Chronic Fatigue patients, our Fibromyalgia patients, our depression patients, our Eosinophilic Fungal Rhinosinusitis patients, have an abnormal body temperature. A few of them have a consistently elevated body temperature (--- these are your patients with an excess of one particular Prostaglandin --- PGE2 === a discussion for another day), but almost all of those patients have low body temperature. --- And what happens after we apply NUTRI-SPEC Metabolic Therapy? Whether with NUTRI-SPEC Metabolic Balancing, or with your Diphasic Nutrition Plan, or with your Sympathetic/Parasympathetic Support System --- as a patient's body temperature increases, all other NUTRI-SPEC objective tests improve in parallel, and so do the patient's symptoms.

Do we recommend you check body temperature on all your patients? It is not necessary. Why not? --- Because an even more effective means of measuring Inflam-Aging associated with Nitric Oxide-Prostaglandin Imbalance is your Dermographics and Edema testing. You could build an entire Metabolic Therapy practice on nothing more than the Arm and Leg Dermographics and Edema, plus the sitting heart rate, recumbent respiratory rate, and recumbent heart rate.

--- Do it! Do the Arm and Leg Dermographics and Edema, check Pa, have the patient lie supine, check the Respiratory Rate, immediately check the P1, then do your final check of your Dermographics and Edema. In less than 2 minutes you will have completely defined where your patient stands with respect to Nitric Oxide-Prostaglandin Imbalance, and how that Imbalance relates to Anaerobic/Dysaerobic Imbalances, and Sympathetic/Para-sympathetic Imbalances.

Simply --- all you need to do for any patient is supplement with the appropriate IMMUNO-SYNBIOTIC, plus at least a small amount of ADAPTO-MAX, OXY-MAX, and TAURINE, --- then --- add OXY TONIC and/or OXY D+, plus consider OXY A or OXY D, and/or COMPLEX S or COMPLEX P, according to the results of your 2 minute test procedure. ----- Simply --- Do it.