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Volume 28, Number 12

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
December, 2017

Dear Dodctor,

Have you heard the trumpets blaring? The Fanfare? The Champagne bottles popping in celebration? ----- The Medical-Pharmaceutical Establishment is now publishing self-congratulatory studies shouting that ...


Shall we drop to our knees, humbly bowing in awe of the Drug Lords?

Shall we sing praises in reverence to our Medicine Men?

Have the Witch Doctors blessed older folks with 2 bonus years of vibrant living? ----- No, quite the contrary, the High Priests of the Medical-Pharmaceutical Establishment have put a curse on the average sweet old lady and kind old man --- forcing them to endure ...

  • 2 more years of drugs

  • 2 more years of suffering

  • 2 more years in & out of Intensive Care

  • 2 more years of uncertainty/anxiety

  • 2 more years of feeling a burden to family

As you fully understand: death comes from disease, which comes from Dis-Ease, which comes from Inflam-Aging, which comes from IMMUNONEUROENDOCRINE stress, which is associated with ...


--- So --- consider the statistically average person who will give up the ghost at age 87. Imagine if that person had come under your care at age 53. Better yet, imagine your own 53-year-old patients today who, without your assertive NUTRI-SPEC intervention, are statistically destined to succumb at age 87. At age 53 the diseases from which they are destined to croak are still in the state of Dis-Ease. With your knowledge of NUTRI-SPEC, you can identify all the processes of Inflam-Aging active in your 53-year-olds. And, you have objective clinical tests to guide your Metabolic Therapy --- controlling all the sources of INE stress by restoring Metabolic Balance and/or pumping up your patients' Vital Reserves.

With your timely intervention, your patients now 53 will probably outlive their statistical expectation. But more importantly, the years you add to all your patients' lives will be spent in celebration of life, not merely as 2 years tacked on at the bitter end.

As you might expect, the Medical-Pharmaceutical Establishment's patting itself on the back for adding 2 years of misery to everyone's life represents a self-reinforcing "cherry picking" among the data. If you look at all the epidemiological statistics, you come up with what can only be described as ...


The meaningful statistics?

  • The average person age 65 or older who takes prescription drugs takes 5 of them.

  • 10,000 people reach age 65 in America every day.

  • (The previous 2 stats point out the absolute bonanza being enjoyed by the Drug Lords.)

  • The epidemic of obesity weighs ever heavier on the American population.

  • The epidemic of Metabolic Syndrome continues to rage out of control --- with all its sequelae --- including abdominal obesity, hypertension, Cardiovascular Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, depression, Chronic Fatigue, and so on.

  • The Alzheimer's epidemic is fearfully uncontrolled.

  • Americans are dying sooner, and dying sicker. ----- If you ignore the cherry picked headline news promoted by the Medicine Men, you will find that the age-adjusted mortality rate has actually increased over the past 15 years, and is increasing at an accelerating rate. According to the Society of Actuaries, the mortality rate in America rose 1.2% from 2014 to 2015 --- an unbelievable increase in just one year.

  • A study done at the University of Michigan finds that Americans in their late 50s already have more serious health problems than people at the same age did 10-15 years ago. ( --- INFLAM-AGING is insidiously creeping into ever younger segments of the population.)

  • The death rate among Americans in their 50s is higher than it has been in decades.

  • These deplorable statistics on mortality and morbidity are occurring at a time when all Americans, but particularly those age 50+, are getting more "healthcare" then ever before. --- More "check-ups"; more invasive diagnostic procedures; far, far more drugs; and more surgeries. They call this "healthcare"?!! Quite obviously, it is disease care --- disease care that is failing miserably ...

Why the failure? It should be obvious. The Witch Doctors are creating ever more exotic means of treating disease, while totally ignoring the causative factors. If they would address the presence of Dis-Ease associated with Inflam-Aging, address the ImmunoNeuroEndocrine stresses involved, and initiate true health care as opposed to disease care --- then --- America would have some statistics to crow about. Only doctors like you, with objectiviely guided Metabolic Therapy, can offer true healthcare.

That, Doctor, is your mission. --- No one but you understands your ...

Dis-Ease = INFLAM-AGING associated with
Flow Chart ...

given to you in recent issues of this letter. Think of it --- Insulin Resistance is now appearing in American teenagers. With the absence of a healthy microbiota (the need for Immuno-Synbiotic), along with a diet dominated by sugar, starches, and HOHUM PUFAs, American youth does not stand a chance of avoiding Inflam-Aging at an early age --- Dis-Ease by age 33, and Dis-Ease advancing to disease before age 53. After age 53, without your intervention, your patients who are age 23 today will be sacrificed to the Witch Doctors in 30 years. Yes ...


requires that you ...

  • REACH OUT to all those 23-year-olds who are already showing a little pot belly as their first sign of Inflam-Aging. With NUTRI-SPEC you can set an entirely new course for their lives. Without you, these young men and women are destined to suffer from physiological aging that advances much faster than their chronological age. They are destined to reach the critical physiological age 33 (--- at which we all begin the long decline from fading Vital Reserves) when they are only chronologically 28. At 28, the pot belly will be harder to hide, while physical fatigue and mental fog will begin to destroy their joie de vivre.

    Yes, at age 23 there are countless victims of our culture who are accelerating down the road to unfulfillment – Dis-Ease – suffering – disease - Witch Doctors – devitalizing drugs – then all too soon, death from heart attack, cancer, or Alzheimer's. These young adults need you.

  • RESCUE all those 33-year-olds whose Inflam-Aging has already advanced from Dis-Ease to disease. Their "young" lives are being crushed by the burden of Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue. At age 33 their ImmunoNeuroEndocrine Stressed bodies are already as age 43. Instead of celebrating the physical and mental prime of life, they are slipping into the quagmire of Dis-Ease --- devoured by the beasts in Davey Jones' Locker and the Crypt of Creepy Critters.

    They have no idea what hit them; they have no idea where to turn. --- Let them turn to you.

  • SERVE all those 53-year-olds (as well as all your 40-something-year-olds who are as if 53) who are suffering from, and likely already being medicated for, diseases --- that are merely manifestations of the states of Dis-Ease that could have been treated years ago by someone (like you) who understands Inflam-Aging and how to address all its ImmunoNeuroEndocrine stressors.

    By 53, the pot belly from age 23, that became an undeniable tubby tummy by age 33, now dominates the physique. Some combination of myalgia (Fibromyalgia), and arthritis is impeding physical performance. Even without an official Medicine Man diagnosis of "depression", these victims of ImmunoNeuroEndocrine Stress experience recurring melancholy --- which is generally at its worst on the days when the aching, stiff body is at its worst. Even those without a Medicine Man diagnosis of "hypertension", may have seen the blood pressure sneaking up a bit. Many of the women passing age 53 are being harassed by their Witch Doctors about Osteoporosis. GERD is one of the most common complaints as people pass age 53 --- and now the world's most prescribed drug is a PPI.

    What is happening to even those of us who are healthy as we pass age 53? We begin to see the consequences of Generalized Autonomic Failure. That is why at age 53 your Diphasic Nutrition Plan specifically addresses this universal autonomic failure with Complex P in the morning, and Complex S in the evening.

    It is absolutely critical that you snatch these people from the clutches of the Witch Doctors. Truly --- by age 53 it is now or never.

Do you understand your mission? --- REACH OUT --- RESCUE --- SERVE. --- Yes, it is time to clearly identify your mission. Whatever treatments you do to your patients that divert time and energy from your mission --- stop wasting that time and energy on irrelevance. (How absurd is it that you spend time and energy applying therapeutic modalities to a patient's aching shoulder --- yielding nothing more than temporary relief ----- all the while knowing your patient has a 1 in 9 chance of developing Alzheimer's 20 years from now --- Alzheimer's that may be prevented if you intervene NOW, as your mission.) Re-invent your office to whatever extent necessary --- so that you can REACH OUT, RESCUE, SERVE.

Here is a tip: print out your Flow Chart that present the entire picture of

Dis-Ease = INFLAM-AGING associated with
ImmunoNeuroEndocrine Stress.

Study it; memorize all the "Sea Monsters". Next, print out many copies of that Inflam-Aging Flow Chart, and keep a stack of them in each therapy room. Use it to show patients exactly where they stand in the whole Inflam-Aging scheme of things --- circling the flow chart Monsters that particularly apply to your patient. Show all the arrows that go into and out of those circles as a means of explaining to patients how they got where they are, and what Sea Monsters are going to devour them in the future if they do not address the causes of their Dis-Ease. ---Also --- put a stack of the Dis-Ease = INFLAM-AGING Flow Charts in your waiting room (along with your brochures --- The Secret of Good Nutrition, The Diphasic Nutrition Plan, IMMUNO-SYNBIOTIC, ACTIVATOR, and MIGHTY MINS).

Then, pick up your tool box and get to work. Tool box? There are two absolutely essential tools of your trade ...

The first is a complete understanding of how to individualize a Diphasic Nutrition Plan for every patient --- based on whether the patient is age 23+, 33+, or 53+ --- as well as what other states of Dis-Ease, or disease, have already victimized the patient. Mastering the technique of beginning each DNP with the Balancing Procedure assures that every patient gets the perfect anti-anabolic and anti-catabolic immune stress control offered by OXY-TONIC and/or ELECTRO-TONIC and/or OXY D+. Add those to the Adaptogens --- ADAPTO-MAX, OXY-MAX, and TAURINE --- and you and your patients will be totally AT POWER over the premature aging that was insidiously draining Vital Reserves. --- At power in defense against the sneaky, slimey Monsters causing the tubby tummies, the inflammatory aches and pains, the depression, the fatigue, the high blood pressure, the high triglycerides and cholesterol, and so on.

The second major tool of your trade --- one you need to employ repeatedly, day after day --- was highlighted in last month's Letter. Either as a means to add power to a patient's DNP, or even in place of a DNP, you must master ...


You learned in that Letter how all the short-term benefits of a sauna are acheived long-term by supplementation with your arsenal of Adaptogens. And the way to determine exactly where your patients stand with their ImmunoNeuroEndocrine Stress is the Dermographics and Edema testing, integrated with the Pa, Respiratory Rate, and P1.

How easy is that?!

  • Patient sitting on exam table:

    • Dermo Arm

    • Dermo Leg

    • Edema Leg

    • Pa = Heart Rate counted for 15 seconds

  • Patient lies supine:

    • Respiratory Rate counted for 30 seconds

    • P1 = Heart Rate counted for 15 seconds

  • Patient sitting:

    • Final checks of Arm & Leg Dermo and Edema

In less than 2 minutes (!!!!!) you will gain a complete evaluation of both the Anaerobic/Dysaerobic and Sympathetic/Parasympathetic components of anabolic/catabolic INE Stress. (With no need to understand the patho-physiology involved) you have measured the patient's Prostaglandin Imbalance (Prostaglandins, Nitric Oxide, Histamine, Leukotrienes, Thromboxane, Mast Cell Activation). That simple test procedure guides your selection of the specific combination of supplements --- ADAPTO MAX, OXY MAX, TAURINE, COMPLEX P or S, OXY A or D, and OXY TONIC, ELECTRO TONIC, &/or OXY D+.

Execute your mission to deliver true healthcare.