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Volume 29, Number 2

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
February, 2018

Dear Doctor,

Have your patients given up yet on their silly …


I do hope so. --- Your patients travel some bizarre …


in their vain (and neurotically vain) attempts to trim the physique. Seemingly rational people fall for the most inane weight loss schemes --- nearly all of which are not only a useless waste of time, energy and money, but are actually counter-productive. Many of them actually slow the metabolism (the last thing a pudgy person needs), or increase systemic inflammation --- the very cause of fat deposition.

Inane and irrational? --- Consider …

  • Wacky diets …

    • severe calorie restriction --- that only slows the metabolic rate, thus ensuring a plateau in weight loss very quickly, and then absolutely guarantees the weight is gained back at the slightest addition of calories --- plus --- causes Thyroid Insufficiency that may never normalize.

    • eating "miracle foods" --- that "science" has discovered will make pounds of fat vanish into thin air.

  • All-"natural" herbal drugs guaranteed to purge the pudgy pounds when all else has failed, and that …

    • have recently been discovered by brilliant scientists, or …

    • have been identified as the reason that people living in __________________ (--- fill in the name of some geographically remote culture that has now been destroyed by civilization) never suffered from obesity.

  • Health club memberships. Think …

    • grinding out tedious miles on a treadmill === guaranteed to slow the metabolic rate, increase fatigue, increase carb/sugar cravings, and exacerbate any tendency to depression --- and --- that are …

    • an unrelenting stressor that, in addition to suppressing thyroid function, increases the overall state of INFLAM-AGING in myriad ways --- or ---

    • flinging little weights around in devotion to the spot reducing myth --- while achieving absolutely nothing (other than further increasing inflammation, and necessitating a trip to the Chiropractor) --- or ---

    • in even greater homage to the spot reducing myth --- doing "core exercises" --- including various isometric idiocy, and a broad array of "abdominal muscle exercises" --- which do nothing more than make the stomach protrude all the more, while building up lactic acid and thus increasing inflammation by yet another mechanism.

Yes --- inane, irrational, and ineffective. So, as you read this (in February) it is time for you to step in and offer your patients --- who are already frustrated in failure --- the only scientific, rational, and effective way to lose weight. Yes, educate them in your NUTRI-SPEC principles, particularly emphasizing that …


By now, your patients are exhausted, melancholy, overwhelmed with cravings for sugar --- and they hurt. And (--- no surprise to you, with your knowledge of what really causes weight gain) --- these patients have gained back almost all of the 6 pounds they lost in the first ten days after their Resolution.

Take action now!! Capture these people while they still cling to a trace of motivation. With your NUTRI-SPEC knowledge, your NUTRI-SPEC methods, and your NUTRI-SPEC supplements, show them the way to that lean, attractive figure they desire.

Explain to them that weight gain is not an isolated entity that can be separated from all other aspects of fading health. Like every other state of Dis-Ease, weight gain is a direct result of ImmunoNeuroEndocrine Stress. So, explain to them what you read in last month's Letter --- that …


"The size of your tubby tummy," you explain, "is in direct proportion to the stresses on your immune system, the stresses on your nervous system, and the stresses on your hormone balance. You will only be "at Ease" with your physique when you have overcome all the states of Dis-Ease that currently plague your immune system, your nervous system, and your hormone system.

"Truly," you go on to explain, "the extent of weight gain is a direct indication of the degree a person is suffering from …


--- Yes, premature aging. Those who are overweight are not only susceptible to the life-draining miseries of chronic fatigue, depression, fibromyalgia and every imaginable form of body pain and stiffness --- they are also the ones most likely to suffer from the autoimmune diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohn's Disease, Type 1 Diabetes, Thyroid Disease and all those nasties. The overweight also are those who succumb soonest to the life-threatening conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and triglycerides, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer --- not to mention the neurodegenerative conditions --- from the common dementia of old age all the way to the totally devastating Parkinson's Disease and Alzheimer's Disease."

Yes --- inform your patients that if they make a commitment to weight loss, they will at the same time, and by the same means, be correcting countless mechanisms of premature aging already stirring within their bodies.

Once you have opened your patients' eyes a bit to the true significance of their chubbiness, you can go on to explain the essence of weight gain. Here is a statement you must make over and over again to all your porky patients. It will drive home the point in a big hurry: "Your ______ ______ ( --- fill in the blank with the appropriate "tubby tummy", "heavy hips" --- whatever applies) is …


What you need to understand is that body fat is all about inflammation, and inflammation is all about premature aging. --- We call it INFLAM-AGING. This rapid aging associated with weight gain is also what we call a …


--- And by that I mean inflammation causes fat, and fat causes inflammation. Where does the inflammation that causes fat formation come from?

"That fat generating inflammation comes from two sources:

  1. Insulin Resistance

  2. All other sources of stress that clobber your immune system, your nervous system, and your hormone system

Insulin Resistance refers to the hormone insulin, which as you probably know, is important in controlling your sugar and fat metabolism. When you are in Insulin Resistance, it just means that over a period of probably your whole lifetime you have eaten a higher percentage of carbs and sugars than your body can handle."

At this point, show your patient your Dis-Ease = INFLAM-AGING Flow Chart and put a circle around the word "Resistance". --- Trace the arrows from Resistance to the Tubby Tummy, Fatigue and Depression, then to Metabolic Syndrome, Obesity, Triglycerides, Hypertension, Diabetes, CVD and Cancer. And of course, show that the arrows to Insulin Resistance came from Eat Rotten – Feel Rotten, which you can explain is eating more carbs and sugars than your body can handle. You go on to inform …

"What determines for your unique body chemistry what constitutes "Eat Rotten – Feel Rotten"? If you look at this flow chart again, you will see that the INE STRESS we just talked about is what determines how much "cheating" a person can get away with on his/her eating plan. And where does all this stress on the immune system, nervous system and hormone system come from? The answers are in this Flow Chart --- which also explains why all weight loss schemes fail. They don't even begin to reach back to the primary causes.

"So ---follow the arrows back up to the top of this Flow Chart and you find the areas where I, with my NUTRI-SPEC Metabolic Therapy, can pull you out of this state of Dis-Ease that we call weight gain. And that will, of course, radically decrease your chances of suffering the other states of Dis-Ease that lead to the diseases that devastate so many people's lives.

"Now take a close look at the top of this Flow Chart and what do you see? At the most fundamental level these INE Stressors we have been talking about derive from sources that begin taking their toll very early in life. Look at the first block --- "Rotten Microbiota". What does your microbiota --- the health-promoting critters that live in your gut --- have to do with weight gain? Your microbiota is your most important controller of INE Stress. Did you ever wonder why you gain weight, while countless people you know eat far less than you do but stay trim? In a sense …



"If you were a cesarean birth, or your mother did not have her own healthy microbiota during your delivery, then you were not implanted with a healthy microbiota from birth. Or, if you were frequently given antibiotics as a child, you never developed a full healthy microbiota. So, that stress on the immune system has been operating since very early in your life.

"Here is what you need to understand ---


That is why giving you an Immuno-Synbiotic supplement absolutely must be foundational to your efforts to lose weight. That is the only way to ensure you have reduced the unrelenting stressor on your immune system, nervous system and hormone system that comes from nasty critters generating inflammation that spreads from your intestines throughout your body."

Now direct your attention (and your patient's attention) to the other block at the top of your Flow Chart --- right underneath Rotten Microbiota --- "Metabolic Imbalances & Fading Vital Reserves". Once you have addressed with Immuno-Synbiotic the Rotten Microbiota component of the INE Stress that leads to weight gain, you will go on to help them in an area that no other clinician can, and certainly no other weight loss schemes can. --- You will analyze their Metabolic Imbalances to determine the specific Imbalances in their immune system, their nervous system and their hormone system, and, you will determine the ideal combination of food choices and nutrient supplements that will increase their Vital Reserves. --- That is to say, you will restore their ability to generate metabolic energy efficiently. You've got the entire package wrapped up that will fully reverse the INE stresses contributing to the Insulin Resistance component of fat deposition.

Next, go on to address the wide spectrum of other INE stressors that lead to obesity. Refresh you patient's memory that you just denoted two causes of weight gain --- both Insulin Resistance and Inflammation/INFLAM-AGING. What are the INE stressors involved? Circle for your patients on your Dis-Ease = INFLAM-AGING Flow Chart the bold faced INE STRESS box, then say to your patient something like …


Do you think you've captured your patients' attention? Reinforce for the patient the idea of a Vicious Cycle --- such that inflammation causes the formation of fatty cells, but fat cells cause inflammation. The inflammatory chemicals produced by fat cells have all sorts of damaging effects throughout the immune system, the nervous system, and the hormone system, but those INE stressors created from within fat cells also increase the inflammation that causes the fat tissue to pack in more and more and more fat.

What can you do to stop this Vicious Cycle? You and only you --- with NUTRI-SPEC --- can intervene effectively. Inform your patients that the Metabolic Imbalances that you evaluate all have their own particular mechanism by which they contribute to the Dis-Ease we know as weight gain, (and simultaneously contribute to all the other states of Dis-Ease that lead to debilitating disease).

So at this point ask your patient, "Do you get it? Do you understand what I mean by a Vicious Cycle? Do you understand what I meant that being overweight is not your problem --- is it the result of your problem? Do you understand that


Do you understand that if we work together to take the stresses off your immune system, your nervous system, and your hormone system that we will be reversing not only the Dis-Ease known as overweight, but also countless other states of Dis-Ease? Are you up for it?"


for your overweight patients --- and now, six or more weeks after they punished themselves with some ridiculous weight loss scheme, you are prepared to pick them up and deliver them to the level of health that will assure weight loss. And keep in mind with this theme of …

inflammation → fat → more inflammation → more fat → more inflammation …

All these overweight patients are suffering from INFLAM-AGING, which means they also have:

  • Some degree of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

  • Some degree of Fibromyalgia Syndrome.

  • Some degree of Depression --- You will be amazed at the number of symptomatic improvements your patients experience "without even trying" as they lose body fat by decreasing INFLAM-AGING.

What is your individualized plan for each of your weight loss patients? Getting a head start with 3-10 weeks of NUTRI-SPEC Metabolic Balancing is ideal --- for those patients not under the thumb of nasty drugs, and if your office is up to speed in the test procedures. But for all your weight loss patients, your Diphasic Nutrition Plan will pump up the Vital Reserves and calm down the INFLAM-AGING faster than anything else that can possibly be done. There simply is no other way to deal with weight gain other than addressing its causes. --- Specifically …

  • Get the inflammation under control with IMMUNO-SYNBIOTIC, TAURINE, ADAPTO-MAX and OXY-MAX.

  • Do the Balancing Procedure to determine your patient's ideal proportions of the metabolic sparks --- OXY TONIC, ELECTRO TONIC and OXY D+.

  • Perform the simple Sympathetic/Parasympathetic Support System test:

  • If (Pa – P1) is greater than 4, add Complex P.

  • If (Pa – P1) is zero or negative, add Complex S.

  • If the Arm and Leg Dermographics are both Red, add Oxygenic A.

  • If there is little or no Red on either the Arm or Leg, but there is edema, then add Oxygenic D.

Amaze yourself. Amaze your patients. How many patients do you have who year after year Resolve to lose weight --- only to suffer failure after failure? With nothing more than an individualized DNP, further individualized with your Sympathetic/Parasympathetic analysis, you have the power to amaze and delight these patients.

And if you want to "quick start" each patient's weight loss, NUTRI-SPEC gives you a "trick", you can use to please your patients with more immediate weight loss. --- Your amino acid supplements, Phenylalanine and Glutamine.

You and your patients have not benefitted nearly enough from these supplements --- and we have probably let you down there. The metabolic effects of amino acids were at the very foundation of the NUTRI-SPEC system from the beginning (back in the early 1980s). But when we developed the unique, extraordinary Adaptogens --- ADAPTO-MAX, OXY-MAX and TAURINE --- to compliment your metabolic sparks --- OXY TONIC, ELECTRO TONIC, and OXY D+ --- we so emphasized their phenomenal benefits to reverse INFLAM-AGING that we speak almost never about the amino acids.

Now that we are discussing weight loss, this is the perfect time to re-acquaint you with Phenylalanine and Glutamine. You will achieve a tremendous acceleration of weight loss using Phenylalanine for all your patients with a tendency to be Anaerobic, and/or Dysaerobic, and/or Parasympathetic, and/or Ketogenic. You will "quick start" each patient's ability to generate metabolic energy.

Glutamine exerts its benefits on weight loss by metabolically replacing the inflammation-generating fat cells with energy-producing, healthy functioning organ cells. All your weight loss patients who are Dysaerobic, and/or Parasympathetic, and/or Glucogenic will thrive on Glutamine.

"WEIGHT LOSS SPECIAL" for February: a) Half price for purchases of Phenylalanine & Glutamine, plus, b) 2 bottles of either, FREE with the purchase of a dozen of any other supplement.

Do it! End your patients' frustrating weight loss schemes, and let them achieve their weight loss dreams.