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Volume 16, Number 10

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
October, 2005

Dear Doctor,

     How many times have you watched as a patient reaches the critical ...


in the lifestyle choice between health and disease? Yes, I said “choice” because that is really what a successful clinician presents to his patients. You, an extraordinary Doctor, remove the patient’s barrier to a healthy, happier life, leaving him ...


with a golden opportunity to choose his direction. Does he choose to remain passively drifting along Swamp Road, bogged down in misery at every turn? Or, does he make a sharp turn onto the straight and narrow Path to The Summit, the high road that promises a breath-taking view of all life has to offer?

     I find it a fascinating (yet, regrettably, rarely gratifying) study in human nature to observe patients who have had placed on their shoulders for the first time the responsibility of choosing ...

NOW ...

between health and disease, between activity and passivity, between long life and long death. I say “NOW” because once the barrier to The Path has been removed, the patient must step quickly, or that Swamp will surely suck him, body, mind, and soul, into endless suffering. I say “rarely gratifying” because most patients, when happy-ever-after is placed before them, lack either the courage or the initiative to go for it.

     That is my one frustration in nearly thirty years of successfully increasing patients’ adaptative capacity; there are still too many who, when the barrier to The Summit is removed, either refuse to take that first step up The Path, or, so easily lose their way. I am referring, for example, to a man who has been on disability for 5 years due to a back condition. He has had two disc surgeries, endless physiotherapy, takes anti-inflammatory medication by the handful, and uses a TENS unit daily. Although having given up hope long ago, the man follows a friend’s recommendation into my chiropractic office. Under chiropractic care he is off the TENS unit within a week, off the anti-inflammatories within two more weeks, and within six weeks (much to his surprise) is totally pain free, with full range of motion.

     Now, I stand back and watch carefully as my patient stands at the crossroads. Will he pull himself out of the Swamp, then stride boldly forth on the Path to The Summit? Will he eagerly rush out and find another good job, once again becoming a productive member of society? Will he proudly take his place as provider for his family? Keeping my distance, I watch silently as he gazes for just a moment up the Path. Then, nervously, he takes very small steps in little circles, then stares back down Swamp Road for a long time, as if contemplating every step of his 5 year journey. Finally, he turns 180 degrees on Swamp Road and immediately spies his next disability income check. He has made his choice.

     You see, this man had devoted his entire life to his disease. He was receiving money for nothing; his relationship with his wife was now centered on “poor baby”; his relationship with his nearly grown children was, “poor Dad.” His entire social life was based on the pity derived from, “I wish I could, but I can’t.” To re-invent his life as a celebration of his many blessings required more personal power than he could muster.

     This man has been a patient in my office now for more than 25 years. His back pain has never recurred; his worst symptom is an occasional tightness around his right sacroiliac, which he experiences less than once every year or two. He never went back to work. He has done some odd jobs for friends and relatives over the years, but never taken a job that would jeopardize his free lunch. He is now 70 years old, and has lived most of his adult life without the satisfaction of productivity, and without the joy from discovering all of life.

     Why this discussion of the disappointing side of human nature? Could it be that ...


is a deficiency that you, and only you as a NUTRI-SPEC practitioner, can supplement in adequate quantities? Believe me, your NUTRI-SPEC supplements are loaded with this precious personal power. Compare this story with the last:

     A 23 year old Mennonite woman came to my office a year after suffering what she called, “a nervous break down.” The cause of her emotional stress was no mystery to anyone --- at age 23, in her culture, she was practically an old maid. She had no husband and no prospects. All her childhood friends were happily married and joyfully rearing babies. It is common among Mennonites to send young women who cannot find a spouse locally to another Mennonite community in hopes of finding a mate. My patient and several of her friends had spent 2 years in a Mennonite community in New York as school teachers, with that express purpose. All my patient’s friends found marital bliss, while she returned home alone and disheartened. Lonely, living a solitary life with mother and father, and losing all hope that her dreams could one day come true, her disillusionment turned quickly to depression. After several particularly severe episodes of melancholy, she was put on Paxil.

     Now, she is in my office with complaints of depression, anxiety, and fatigue, accompanied by an assortment of menstrual and pre-menstrual symptoms. NUTRI-SPEC testing showed anaerobic and glucogenic imbalances. She was given the supplements indicated by the QRG analysis of her test results, and given an appointment for her first follow-up in one week. Among the dietary recommendations made for her metabolic imbalances was to totally abstain from drinking juices or other sugared beverages for the next 130 years, and, temporarily to eliminate fruit from her diet as well. This threw the patient into a bit of a tizzy because she ate much fruit, loved eating fruit, and was convinced that fruit was good for her since it was “natural.” I explained that for her, nothing could be more unnatural than eating fruit. I explained exactly how fruit is high in sugar, potassium, acids, and carboxylates, all of which would make her imbalances worse, and therefore make all her symptoms worse. She agreed to try her best to follow my recommendations, but also cautioned that without fruit she was sure she would become constipated.

   Three days later the patient did indeed call to report that she felt terribly constipated. Our recommendation? Begin the ...


immediately. (This took place before I had began routinely starting anaerobic patients on the Oxy A-Plus Saturation from day one.) She was to increase her Oxy A-Plus by 20 drops twice daily immediately, then increase it 10 drops every three days until bowel tolerance was reached. She was cautioned as well to continue to abstain from fruit. Her appointment for her first follow-up was moved back three weeks.

Take a moment to recall the power of Oxygenic A-Plus for your anaerobic patients:

  • It will alter membrane permeability by changing the distribution of sterols and fatty acids, so as to eliminate the excess sterol activity in tissue membranes.

  • It will correct the tissue acidosis associated with an anaerobic imbalance (and improve the vast number of symptoms associated with abnormal tissue pH).

  • It will minimize the effects of the oxidative insufficiency and excess lactic acid accumulation typical of your anaerobic patients.

     Also recall, apropos of this patient, that depression is part of a dualistic symptom complex in which mania is associated with catabolic stress and tissue alkalosis, while depression is associated with anaerobic glycolysis and a tissue acidosis. In the patient under discussion there was no way of knowing up front how much her depression was caused directly by her anaerobic imbalance, how much of it was indirectly anaerobic, associated with estrogen stress, and how much of it was due to her glucogenic imbalance (which, as you know, may have a major impact on mental/emotional status).

     The patient reached bowel tolerance, at which point her Oxy A-Plus recommendation was cut in half. What was the end result of her Oxy A-Plus Saturation? Her fatigue began to disappear immediately. Within a week her depression began to fade away. By the time she reported back for her first follow-up test, her lethargy and apathy had been replaced by a renewed interest in life. She found herself becoming a constructive member of the household once again, and very shortly thereafter began participating in church activities. So many activities that for a year and a half she thought were beyond her physical capability, or in which she had simply lost interest, were now appealing to her once more.

     At her second follow-up visit 4 weeks later, I see a patient standing very clearly at the crossroads. She can no longer claim to be depressed; she is no longer too tired to fully participate in normal activities of daily living; she no longer really has an excuse for sitting alone in her mother’s home. As she looks over her shoulder at her footsteps along Swamp Road, she still acutely feels the sadness of her lonely heart. Then, without trepidation, she gazes longingly up the Path to The Summit. In carefully considering her situation, she realizes that she can in all honesty say, “I am not depressed; I am not tired; there is a life there for me to celebrate if I will only count my blessings and walk with spirit.” This young woman has reached her moment of truth, and has decided to actively pursue health and happiness.

     I have shared the story of this young woman with you because I want to make the point that I have seen nothing my many years of practice that more ...


than your NUTRI-SPEC MASTER BLASTER and your Oxy A-Plus Saturation. I have seen dozens of people reach the point of realization that whatever their physical or mental barrier to joyous living was, it is gone. Almost dumbfounded, they stand there, recognizing that --- yes, it is truly gone. Moreover, a gratifyingly high percentage of the people who stand momentarily bewildered at the crossroads, are choosing long life over long death. For me, practice is more fun than it has ever been. I urge you --- serve yourself and your patients by fully employing your Oxygenic A-Plus Saturation on all your anaerobic patients, and your MASTER BLASTER on all others.

     One other interesting aspect of this young woman’s case history is that after several months, not only was she free of all her anaerobic symptoms and conditions, but her test pattern actually switched to dysaerobic. When it did, (interestingly, but not surprisingly) a few new symptoms of dysaerobic character began to show up --- namely, a bit of insomnia and some migraine-like headaches. What to do? In a patient over age 32, I would have transitioned by now into the Diphasic Nutrition Plan. At her age, the full DNP was not warranted, but I put her on a “mini-DNP” by cutting her back to just a few drops of OXY A-Plus before breakfast, and adding 15 drops of Formula EW before the evening meal. She remains on 1 or 2 OXY G daily (as she still abuses herself with fruit too often). I also added 2 Oxy Power after the evening meal --- as everyone benefits from this powerful antioxidant.

     Your OXY A-Plus Saturation eliminates one of the major clinical challenges that has tormented NUTRI-SPEC practitioners for years --- the chronic anaerobic patient. Many of you have experienced the frustration of the patient whose anaerobic test pattern just will not budge. Even as symptoms improve, the patient presents with the same relentless high ST, low Sp Gr, and either high UpH or low SpH. (Except in your occasional sub-clinical cancer victim) No More!

     To fully appreciate the power of your MASTER BLASTER and your OXY A-PLUS Saturation, review your NUTRI-SPEC manual’s discussion of the many tissue level manifestations of Anaerobic/Dysaerobic Imbalance:

acid pain  alkaline pain
acid itching alkaline itching
acid vertigo alkaline vertigo
constipation diarrhea; colitis
high cholesterol (quantitative)  high cholesterol (qualitative)
acid allergies alkaline allergies
acid asthma  alkaline asthma
osteoarthritis rheumatoid arthritis
depression mania
seizures migraines
tachycardia bradycardia

Begin to do even more than remove the barriers between your patients and health --- give them the personal power they need to seize the opportunity --- with your MASTER BLASLTER and your OXY A-Plus Saturation.


Guy R. Schenker, D.C.