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Volume 17, Number 9

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
September, 2006

Dear Doctor,


     I do hope so. Your expertise in delivering objective, scientific, comprehensive clinical nutrition is ...


     But I hope just as fervently that you are giving your patients what they trust they are paying for ---


     In our continuing discussion of the formula:

Longevity = (Antioxidants/Oxidants) x (SFA/PUFA) ...

we made the statement last month that if you are not giving all your patients OXY POWER, then you are letting them down. Where else are your patients going to get a concentrated source of gamma tocopherol, plus a concentrated source of delta tocotrienol, plus fat soluble Co Q-10, plus fat soluble lipoic acid? In the last two Letters, we informed you of more benefits from the antioxidant power of Co Q-10 than you ever dreamed there could be. Give your patients the antioxidant protection they can get from no one else. All your patients, all your family, as well as yourself --- protected for a lifetime --- with OXY POWER. You will be giving your patients nutrition power per dollar spent that is far beyond their greatest expectations.

Speaking of dollars --- there is more to say about Co Q-10. One major problem you may run into as you provide Co Q-10 supplementation is ...


Walmart? Yes; Walmart and many drug store chains, supermarkets, and even health food stores, sell a Co Q-10 product that is dirt cheap. Your patients will wonder why they should pay your price when they can “get the same thing” at Walmart for a fraction of the cost. They are NOT getting the same thing. Walmart sells Co Q-10 from ...


     My understanding, based on communication with our raw material suppliers (and, I wave the yellow caution flag here, because I have not obtained explicit quantitative documentation of the information I am passing along), the Co Q-10 imported from China is loaded with impurities --- on the order of 100 times or more what is permitted in Co Q-10 made in America. What are these impurities? Who knows? Are they harmful to your patients? Who can say without a specific quantitative analysis of the products? Am I willing to take the risk for myself, my family, and my patients that life-long ingestion of this trash will do no harm? Not a chance.

     There is one other crucial consideration with respect to Co Q-10, and this was discussed in the October 2001 issue of this Letter. Co Q-10 supplements are available in both dry powder and fat soluble form. Guess which one is more biologically active? Guess which one appears in 90+% of all nutrition supplements that contain Co Q-10? Guess which one you get from NUTRI-SPEC? (Well, actually, you get both forms from NUTRI-SPEC; your Diphasic AM contains the dry power form and your Diphasic PM contains the fat soluble form.) Most Co Q-10 supplements, whether made in America, in China, or Timbuktu, contain the dry powder form, the same form used in most research reported in the scientific literature. But which form is more biologically acitive? The fat soluble Co Q-10 found in your OXY POWER is far superior.

     Consider these facts. Five hours after 30 milligram supplementation with dry or fat soluble Co Q-10, blood levels increased by 237% in those taking the fat soluble form, while it increased only 112% in those taking the dry Co Q-10. In other words, the fat soluble form was absorbed more than twice as well as the dry form. Looking at Co Q-10 supplementation not after 5 hours, but over a period of 30 days, the fat soluble group increased its basal blood levels by 265% while the dry formulation group only showed an increase of 180%. In addition, 83% of the subjects in the fat soluble Co Q-10 group experienced an increase in energy, compared to only 58% of those in the dry formulation group. Clearly, if you want the maximum benefit from Co Q-10, you want to use the fat soluble form as much as possible. Your patients will be receiving twice the benefit of all the subjects in the Co Q-10 research studies you have just read about, while taking the same dosage. Combine the power of fat soluble Co Q-10 with delta tocotrienol, gamma tocopherol, and lipoic acid in your Oxy Power and ...


     The one amazing adaptogen in your Oxy Power we have yet to discuss is so powerful against both pathological hyperplasia and pathological disintegration that it had to be included in both your Diphasic AM and Diphasic PM. Let us review now what we know about ...


  • Alpha lipoic acid is a di-thiol antioxidant. It is reduced to the thiol form intracellularly. The di-thiol (two sulfur) character of its molecular structure is what gives it its anti-anabolic activity in your Go Power Diphasic A.M. supplement. Because of its metabolically active sulfur, it has antioxidant activity as part of the glutathione system of antioxidants, as well as in the glutathione derivatives cysteine and n-acetyl-cysteine.
  • Lipoic Acid not only restores glutathione and glutathione peroxidase as part of your body’s anti-anabolic antioxidant defense system, but is also an important part of your anti-catabolic anti-oxidant system. This is shown in the research as an amazing effect at decreasing malondialdehyde, one of the principal end products of age-related lipid peroxidation. Lipoic acid also potentiates the antioxidant enzyme systems super oxide dismutase and catalase, and glutathione reductase.
  • - Lipoic acid increases T-Cell function in cancer patients.
  • It particularly decreases iron dependent lipid peroxidation.
  • In its antioxidant role, lipoic acid has been shown to decrease diabetic neuropathy.
  • Lipoic acid attenuates the decrease in both enzymatic (e.g., SOD) and non-enzymatic (e.g., vitamin E) antioxidant levels with age.
  • Lipoic acid decreases nitric oxide synthesis (which is associated with septic or endotoxic shock) in the liver by improving carbohydrate metabolism in hepatocytes. It is interesting to note that while lipoic acid decreases the damage from nitric oxide, administration of glutathione or N-acetyl cysteine by themselves actually can increase the damage from nitric oxide.
  • One interesting study compared the antioxidant effects of lipoic acid with those of alpha tocopherol (Vitamin E.) The results? Lipoic acid effectively decreased LDL cholesterol oxidative susceptibility associated with athersclerosis (but not quite as well as alpha tocopherol). Lipoic acid decreased urine FZ-isoprostanes (but not quite as well as alpha tocopherol). Lipoic acid decreased plasma protein carbonyl levels (which are a key marker for aging processes) (while alpha tocopherol had no effect whatsoever.)
  • One study showed that lipoic acid combined with selenium decreased Hepatitis C, decreased cirrhosis, decreased portal hypertension and decreased esophageal varices.
  • Lipoic Acid has been shown to decrease oxidative stress associated with lead poisoning.
  • Lipoic acid prevents oxidative stress in the liver, the heart, and in the gastrocnemous muscle in response to exercise.
  • Lipoic acid reverses the age-related decrease in hepatocyte glutathione and ascorbic acid.
  • Oxidation of hemoglobin is prevented by both lipoic acid and vitamin E (but not by vitamin C).
  • Endothelial migration of monocytes is one of the first steps in atherosclerosis, along with the action of vascular adhesion molecules. These two fundamentals of atherosclerosis are stimulated by glycation end products, and are reversed by lipoic acid. (We have discussed the oxidative damage associated with glycation in previous Letters.)
  • Some of the most highly toxic products of lipid peroxidation inhibit mitochondrial respiration by inhibiting alpha ketoglucarate dehydrogenase and pyruvate dehydrogenase. This toxic inhibition is associated with decreased enzyme activity, which is induced by insufficient availability of lipoic acid sulfhydryl groups.
  • Lipoic acid is an anti-oxidant in both fat and water soluble media, and is active both intra and extra cellularly.
  • Lipoic acid increases intra cellular co-enzyme Q-10, and regenerates both vitamin C and vitamin E intracellularly.
  • Lipoic acid has been shown to improve cardiac autonomic neuropathy, which is diagnosed by reduced heart rate variability at rest. (Tie this in with you NUTRI-SPEC clinostatic pulse response.)
  • Lipoic acid is a hydroxyl radical quencher (due to the di-sulfate bond in the di-thiol ring).
  • Lipoic acid has been shown to decrease cataracts.
  • Lipoic acid has been shown to decrease age related memory loss.
  • Lipoic acid has been shown in clinical studies to decrease elevated triglycerides by as much as 45%. (Elevated triglycerides (and not elevated cholesterol) is one of the few true risk factors for heart attacks and strokes)
  • Lipoic acid has been shown to decrease the tendency to calcium oxalate kidney stones.
  • Lipoic acid given to patients with coronary artery disease and essential hypertension has been shown to have a favorable influence on the fatty acid content of the blood.
  • Lipoic acid (and sodium iodide) increases cyclo-oxygenase, which increases the oxidation of arachidonic acid, and increases the reduction of Prostaglandin PGG2 to Prostaglandin PGH2, which 
    decreases inflammation of all types in the body.

     Pretty impressive stuff, this lipoic acid, wouldn’t you say? Is it a more or less powerful antioxidant than the amazing Co Q-10? Will it offer as much protection of the heart and brain as gamma tocopherol? As an adaptogen, can it match the anti-aging properties of delta tocotrienol?


since you need not choose from among the four greatest anti-oxidants known to science --- you have them all, in their most biologically available and active forms, in ...


     After spending seven months revealing to you the frightening truth about the oxidative damage, premature aging, and deadly disease resulting from omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, we have now assured you that you need not be frightened in the least. OXY POWER will protect you, your family, and your patients against the catabolic damage of fish oil and vegetable oil. Give your patients what they trust they are paying for:

Longevity = (Antioxidants/Oxidants) x (SFA/PUFA)

     Give your patients OXY POWER.


Guy R. Schenker, D.C.

P.S.: SPECIAL this month: Two OXY POWER FREE with every ten you buy.