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Mifflintown, PA 17059


Volume 19, Number 2

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
February, 2008

Dear Doctor,


my chiropractic patient exclaimed, lifting his face from the bifid head-piece in response to my, “Hey, Dave, how are you?” As I closed the door behind me, he continued,


     I knew immediately the happy story I was about to hear. Dave was a sporadic chiropractic patient I had last seen maybe two months earlier. At that office visit this business manager in his mid forties mentioned that despite semi-regular exercise and what he thought was a decent diet, he was getting just a bit soft in the middle, and, he suffered mind-numbing, body-deflating fatigue most afternoons. In reply, I had asked the obvious questions:

  • What do you drink?
  • What do you eat for breakfast?
  • What do you eat for your other meals?
  • Do you get adequate sleep and on a regular schedule?
  • Do you exercise regularly? What type of workouts?

     Both of Dave’s teenage children were NUTRI-SPEC patients with quite gratifying stories to tell, so, I would have scheduled Dave for NUTRI-SPEC testing, except ...


  • Happily successful in business
  • Happily successful husband and father
  • Good sleep habits
  • Not a lot of junk food
  • Good lunch and extraordinary supper
  • Moderate coffee intake
  • Skips breakfast, except for about half the time a glass of juice.
  • Has coffee and donut mid-morning to hold him over until lunch
  • Does light weight lifting in his basement once or twice weekly
  • Runs somewhat regularly, but does not enjoy it

     Dave had one major problem area, and one other area where minor changes could yield substantial benefits. --- What was his major problem? Since in reading the last several issues of this Letter you have earned the title ...


you should recognize it in a flash. Dave had totally lost glycemic control. Why? Not only does he skip breakfast, but he often tortures his glycemic control mechanism with a glass of juice --- sending his sugar and insulin levels on a roller coaster to start the day. Mid morning his coffee and donut push the roller coaster up and over another peak, from which he spends the rest of the day trying to recover. Soft in the middle? Mental and physical fatigue? You can clearly see that Dave is into a state of insulin resistance that will lead:

  • 10 years from now to abdominal obesity and elevated triglycerides
  • 15 years from now to hypertension
  • 20 years from now to Type II diabetes.

Tragic --- especially when we consider that Dave does so much right.

     What would you have recommended for Dave? Here is what I said … “Dave, I don’t get it. I know your wife makes eggs for your kids at breakfast every morning. Why do you skip breakfast? Don’t you like eggs?”

     “No, I love eggs --- it’s just that it is so hectic at the house in the morning and I guess I’m last in the chow line --- I just grab my juice and go, figuring I can make it up at work later.”

     “Suppose I told you that you could turn your whole life around by doing nothing more than eating at least two eggs for breakfast every morning. Can you eat two or more eggs for breakfast every morning?"


     “Will you eat two or more eggs for breakfast every morning?”


     “--- and forget the orange juice. Never touch the stuff; never touch any other kind of juice --- not at breakfast or at any other time during the day.”

     “I thought juice might be a good way to hold me over.”

     “I took your kids off juice more than a year ago --- it’s as damaging to you as it is to them.”

     “I guess I thought it was better than nothing. What about coffee?”

     “Eat two or more eggs every morning, no juice, one piece of toast with butter, and you can probably get away with one cup of coffee but no more. I’m not saying its good for you, but it’s not likely to be a major problem either. --- And no more than one additional cup later in the day. Any problem with that?”

     “No, I can handle that.”

     “Now, there are also a couple of little things you can do with exercise that will make a huge difference in how you feel and how you look.”

     I went on to explain to Dave that since he was exercising between one and three times weekly, if he put the same or even less time into exercise, but exercised with higher intensity, he would get many times the gains. I advised him to do his strength training once or twice weekly and to run once weekly. But --- the strength training was going to be Grunt and Growl strength training. I gave him three exercises to do with his weights in his basement --- squats, press, and bent over rows. He was told to do that with the heaviest weight he could handle between 6-10 reps, one set, to total momentary fatigue. For his weekly running workout I replaced his jogging with --- you guessed it --- Grizzly Bear Intervals. Thirty second sprints alternating with 4 minute recovery, 6 times.

     Simple advice. --- Simply amazing results.

     Now, here is Dave in my office two months later with what he thinks is an amazing story to tell. By doing nothing more than eating eggs for breakfast, he has boundless energy, and, a leaner more solid physique, despite exercising only about twice weekly. Is it “RIDICILOUS” how good Dave feels? No, it is ridiculous that millions of people feel miserable as they trudge down the road to obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular death.

     Do you see why I shared Dave’s story with you? We have devoted several months of this Letter to a complex and in depth discussion of glycemic control. We have talked about dysinsulinsum, insulin resistance, glycation, glucose and insulin tolerance curves, hypoglycemia, and diabetes in enough depth that the subject of glycemic control may appear to you a monumental challenge you can never master. Quite the contrary, you see that in Dave’s case --- even without any NUTRI-SPEC supplementation --- a life was put back on track with nothing more than ...


     You undoubtedly have dozens of patients who are beginning to fade in their resolve to keep New Year’s resolutions regarding diet and exercise. Chances are, if the diet and exercise advice did not come from you, it is garbage anyway --- destined to fail, and at great expense to the patient’s health. Assert yourself on behalf of your patients. Give them the opportunity to live longer stronger because of your sound advice. Seek out those patients in your practice who would follow through with a solid eating and exercise plan if they were only given the chance to discover it. Sure there are some who are looking for a magic bullet to lose weight while they continue to eat ice cream every night. --- Don’t experience one ounce of frustration over those people; they are not worth it. But there are many, many in your practice who are earnestly seeking the truth about health. Explain to them what you can offer with NUTRI-SPEC. Either do the testing or put them on the Diphasic Nutrition Plan. Throw in a little Grunt and Growl Strength Training and Grizzly Bear Interval Training and then thoroughly enjoy all the happy-ever-after stories.

     After many months of emphasizing the essentiality of receiving dietary compliance from your hypoglycemic and diabetic patients, we are now going to give you the details on exactly how your NUTRI-SPEC supplements --- Oxy K, Oxy G, Complex S, and Complex P --- put you totally at power over glycemic control for your patients. Just what is it about your four Glucogenic/Ketogenic and Sympathetic/ Parasympathetic supplements that enables you to restore metabolic balance? There are two components to the efficacy of these four formulations --- the effects of the individual nutrients, and, the synergistic effect of nutrients in proper combination.

     If you pick up a bottle of Complex S and look at the label, what do you see? You might ask yourself, “Why these nutrients?” You may further wonder, “Why these nutrients and no others?”


     The particular nutrients in each supplement you give your patients are unique. All the nutrients are in their most biologically active form. Your patients would have to look long and hard (and at great expense) to find even a few of these high powered nutrients --- never mind finding ...


all in one product.

     Furthermore, every one of your NUTRI-SPEC supplements is unique in its combination of nutrients. Where else, for instance, can you find in one product all the amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals to facilitate ketogenic metabolic pathways as in your Oxygenic G? --- a supplement which contains nothing to stimulate glucogenic metabolism? Where else can your patients obtain a supplement like Complex S, whose every ingredient inhibits excess sympathetic/catecholamine activity, controls elevated blood sugar, and reverses excessive vaso-constriction?

     The concept of unique, synergistic nutrient combinations --- yielding tremendous biological activity despite very low doses of nutrients --- is the very foundation of your power with NUTRI-SPEC. No mega dose supplementation is ever required. Every nutrient of every product is there in the specific form needed to achieve the purpose of that formulation, and, is there in perfect proportion to all the other specific nutrients needed to achieve that effect. Why, for instance is there magnesium in Oxygenic A and Oxygenic K and Complex S, yet no magnesium in Oxygenic G or Oxygenic D? Why is the magnesium in Oxygenic A in the form of magnesium aspartate, while the magnesium in Complex S is as magnesium citrate? None of these combinations happen by chance, nor for convenience. Every ingredient in every product is there, is there in that particular form, and is there in a specific proportion to every other ingredient there ...


Metabolic balance through ...


     Let us begin our discussion of your four glycemic control supplements by taking a detailed look at particular nutrients. We will begin with the trace mineral chromium. More particularly, let us talk about the advantages of ...


as it appears on in your Oxygenic B, Oxygenic D, Complex S, Oxygenic K, and Complex P.

     Chromium is a nutrient that has been hyped like mad by the pill peddlers of the health food industry for at least 15 years. Their promotional literature quotes studies galore showing that chromium will lower elevated blood sugar. They also have studies to show that chromium is good for hypoglycemia. Probably their biggest selling point of all is that chromium has been demonstrated to facilitate weight loss in obese patients. Chromium has also claimed to be able to build lean body mass for body builders and other athletes. Finally, chromium has been shown to have a statistically significant effect on lowering cholesterol.

     What a miraculous substance! It will make you thin if you are fat; it will make you big if you are thin; it will lower your blood sugar if it is too high; it will raise you blood sugar if it is too low. Then, just to prove its incomparable magic, it will lower your cholesterol as an extra added bonus. Hype like this is what I call “fairy tale nutrition” at its best. Imagine such a wondrous potion that will work whatever magic you command!

     In next month’s Letter we will reveal the secret behind chromium’s “magic.” We will also highlight the seemingly magic power of bmov vanadium as well as the synergistic combinations of nutrients in OXY G, OXY K, Complex S, and Complex P. Meanwhile, be assertive. How many Daves are in your practice, desperate for the guidance you can offer in achieving glycemic control? Only you can help them.


In Celebration of Health,
Guy R. Schenker, D.C.