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Volume 19, Number 4

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
April, 2008

Dear Doctor,

     Imagine how much fun it would be to practice clinical nutrition if you could offer your patients an incredible collection of ...


     Your office would be the modern day equivalent of the horse-and-buggy snake oil peddler. Eager patients would flock to your office, there to be swept off their feet by your fabulous tales of miracle cures. Desperately needing to believe, they would put their faith in a secret potion “proven” to give relief from rheumatism, dropsy, consumption, and lumbago. Happily they would part with their money, assured of the power in your scientifically formulated cure for apoplexy, tremors, and shingles. Your amazing remedies would offer hope for all forms of human suffering.

     We look back and marvel at the audacity of the snake oil charlatans, and, the gullibility of their victims. Yet ---


     The tools in trade of the modern pill peddler are unchanged from days of old. The sales pitch is charged with emotion, playing on the hopes and fears of the suffering masses. The peddler shows empathy, and assures the sick that their plight is not their own fault. Unsubstantiated claims are dressed up to appear so very scientific, and the sale is almost always closed with a non-sequiter.

     How, you wonder, can people be so easily preyed upon? Might I suggest when you ask that question that you look in the mirror? For even NUTRI-SPEC practitioners --- you who understand the essentiality of objectivity in clinical practice --- are not immune to the temptations of the charlatans. So, the next time you feel yourself being sucked in by some pill peddler hype, stop and get your feet planted firmly on the ground before you let yourself be snookered. If, indeed, a particular product is “good for” some particular condition, then there must be some physiological mechanism by which that benefit is achieved. There are no magic potions. Furthermore, that mechanism, if it truly does exist, can virtually always be explained in terms of NUTRI-SPEC metabolic balance systems. My point is that if you go chasing disease-specific approaches to nutrition, you will dilute and even destroy the patient-specific recommendations you are making to your patients through NUTRI-SPEC.

     This theme of patient-specific verses disease-specific nutrition is apropos of our recent discussion of glycemic control. For many months now we have shown how dietary fructose leads to loss of glycemic control, which in turn sets off a chain reaction leading to the development of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, asthma and allergies, migraines, menstrual and premenstrual symptoms, arthritis, and virtually all the diseases to afflict human kind.

     As NUTRI-SPEC practitioners we are not remedy peddlers, but doctors of cause and effect. We do not offer disease diagnosis and treatment, we offer an objective testing system from which recommendations can be made to restore metabolic balance and increase adaptative capacity. We do not offer pills as if to exorcise demons over which the patient has no control, but teach patients that their ills are largely the consequence of their own behavior, and will be “cured” only to the extent that they assume self responsibility.

     So, with respect to your patients who have lost glycemic control, it is absolutely essential that you receive dietary compliance. Then, you will most certainly sell your patients “pills.” Glycemic control lies most directly within the domain of Glucogenic/Ketogenic and Sympathetic/Parasympathetic metabolic balance systems. Yet your Oxy K, Oxy G, Complex S, and Complex P are not remedies in any sense of the word. These four products restore glycemic control only in that they restore metabolic balance. There are two components to the efficacy of these four formulations --- the effects of the individual nutrients, and, the synergistic effect of nutrients in proper combination.

     Every one of your NUTRI-SPEC supplements is unique in its combination of nutrients. Where else, for instance, can you find in one product all the amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals to facilitate ketogenic metabolic pathways as in your Oxygenic G? --- A supplement that contains nothing to stimulate glucogenic metabolism? Why is there absolutely zero magnesium in Oxygenic G? Do not glucogenic patients need magnesium as an essential nutrient? Of course they do, but every milligram of magnesium beyond basic nutrition need (as found in your OXY B) will push that person further glucogenic, exacerbating the already comprised ability to maintain stable blood and brain sugar.

     The concept of unique, synergistic nutrient combinations --- yielding tremendous biological activity despite very low doses of nutrients --- is the very foundation of your power with NUTRI-SPEC. Your NUTRI-SPEC practice is the antithesis of mega dose supplementation. Mega dose supplementation (many NUTRI-SPEC practitioners and their patients have learned the hard way) causes a metabolic balance to tip uncontrollably. Imagine a patient that has the balance tipped up on the ketogenic side. You place just enough Oxy B, Oxy K, and Taurine on the balance scale to bring it down to level. Then, you or the patient decides that a calcium supplement is absolutely essential. It is like putting an 800-pound gorilla on the wrong side of this carefully balanced scale. The patient feels cold, depressed, and fatigued, even as his blood sugar and blood pressure begin to rise above normal. Yes, all because everyone “knows” that we all need to supplement with calcium. No, it is not by chance that there is no calcium in Oxygenic K. None of the combinations of nutrients in your NUTRI-SPEC products happen by chance, nor for convenience. Every ingredient in every product is there, is there in that particular form, and is there in specific proportion to every other ingredient there ...


     In your February Letter, we began a discussion of the particular nutrients in your four glycemic control supplements, beginning with ...


as it appears in your Oxygenic B, Oxygenic D, Complex S, Oxygenic K, and Complex P. Chromium is a nutrient that has been hyped like mad by the pill peddlers of the health food industry for at least 15 years. Their promotional literature quotes studies galore showing that chromium will lower elevated blood sugar. They also have studies to show that chromium is good for hypoglycemia. Probably their biggest selling point of all is that chromium has been demonstrated to facilitate weight loss in obese patients. Chromium has also claimed to be able to build lean body mass for body builders and other athletes. Finally, chromium has been shown to have a statistically significant effect on lowering cholesterol.

     What a miraculous substance! It will make you thin if you are fat; it will make you big if you are thin; it will lower your blood sugar if it is too high; it will raise you blood sugar if it is too low. Then, just to prove its incomparable magic, it will lower your cholesterol as an extra added bonus. Hype like this is what I call “snake oil peddling” at its best. Imagine such a wondrous potion that will work whatever magic you command!

     Your obvious question as a thinking NUTRI-SPEC practitioner should be … How does this magic potion know, once it has been swallowed, whether it is in the body of a roly poly, or the body of a 98-pound weakling? How does it know whether it is in the body of a diabetic or a hypoglycemic? Furthermore, how does it know that you really want your cholesterol lowered? From whence cometh such biological intelligence?

     Of course we NUTRI-SPEC practitioners are notorious for bursting the bubble of health food industry charlatans. We have refused to hop on every bandwagon that comes along. We refuse to mindlessly fall for every new pitch from the remedy peddlers. So --- let us look at chromium from a NUTRI-SPEC perspective. The entire story on the metabolic effect of chromium can be summed up as follows:


     Specifically, chromium is anti-dysaerobic, i.e., anti-fatty acid, at the cellular level. In its anti-catabolic/anti-fatty acid role, it opens the cell to receive cholesterol, restoring cholesterol to the cellular level where it belongs, and lowering excessive blood cholesterol. In its anti-catabolic role, chromium is intimately associated with anaerobic/anabolic pancreatic function/glucose metabolism via its role in improving glucose utilization. Proper quantity and timing of glucose utilization tends to be a problem for sympathetic, parasympathetic, glucogenic, and ketogenic patients. So ---

  • Is chromium a good remedy for diabetes?
  • Is chromium a good remedy for hypoglycemia?
  • Is chromium a good remedy for high cholesterol?
  • Is chromium a good supplement to put into health food store weight loss formulations?
  • Is chromium a good ingredient to include in “fat burner” formulations for body builders?
  • Is chromium a good supplement to include in “maximum gain” formulations for body builders?

     Viewed not from the inane health food point of view, but rather from the scientific NUTRI-SPEC perspective, you see how simply we have defined the biological activity of chromium, and, we have thus at once explained its miraculous powers. Chromium aids in reversing the catabolic component of dysaerobic imbalances, as well as glucogenic, ketogenic, parasympathetic, and sympathetic failures to efficiently utilize glucose. Chromium will lower the cholesterol of dysaerobic, sympathetic, ketogenic, glucogenic, and parasympathetic patients with high cholesterol (except to the extent they may also be anaerobic). Chromium will raise the blood sugar of dysaerobic, glucogenic, and parasympathetic hypoglycemics. Chromium will lower the blood sugar of ketogenic and sympathetic diabetics. Furthermore, in normalizing metabolism, it will decrease excess storage of fat and increase the efficient utilization of nutrients to maintain and even build lean body mass. Yes, the health food industry hype is accurate in claiming chromium to be a miraculous nutrient --- but a miracle easily understood when analyzed according to NUTRI-SPEC principles.

     So much for chromium in general. --- Now, why the particular form of chromium as polynicotinate? When combined as polynicotinate the biological activity of chromium is greatly potentiated. In other words, the delivery of chromium to its sites of biological activity within the cell is facilitated, and once delivered, its most biologically active combinations are easily achieved. Continue to think in NUTRI-SPEC terms. --- Consider for a moment just what polynicotinate means. Nicotinate is simply a form of vitamin B3, and just so happens to be the form of vitamin B3 with anti-dysaerobic activity. We have here a perfect fit --- the ideal synergistic combination of metabolic factors to push your patients’ metabolisms in the right direction.

     You may be aware of the fierce battle that has raged between the proponents of chromium polynicotinate and those promoting chromium as picolinate. Each side in this vicious health food industry conflict has pulled no punches in defaming the other’s character as much as the other’s product. We have watched this war with great interest for years, and can assure you that we have made the only good choice in offering you chromium polynicotinate.

     There has never been any doubt about the toxicity of picolinate. It was only a question of at what dosage did it become toxic. For that reason, NUTRI-SPEC has never used picolinate in combination with zinc or chromium as many nutrition companies do. Particularly in the quantities found in zinc picolinate supplements, picolinate is toxic.

     Many years ago we watched the evidence unfold and came to two conclusions. First, that despite picolinate’s apparent ability to effectively deliver chromium to its active site, nicotinate achieved this much more effectively. Secondly, there seems little doubt that the promoters of picolinate have been less than completely honest in presenting their research data and in making claims for their product. Since honesty and objectivity are at the very heart of what distinguishes NUTRI-SPEC from most of what else goes on in the nutrition field, it became clearly unacceptable to include potentially toxic picolinate in our products.

     Chromium polynicotinate is unquestionably the best form of chromium. When your diabetic patients see a drop in their sugar levels; when your hypoglycemics come off their physical and emotional roller coasters; when high cholesterol levels steadily fall toward normal; when the chubbies begin to firm up and the skinnies begin to muscle up ---


     Yes, the chromium as polynicotinate benefits your patients in all the extraordinary ways hyped by the health food peddlers. It has a direct effect on cholesterol, body fat, muscle mass, and blood sugar. Now, imagine this unique form of chromium in a unique formulation of synergistic nutrients and you will appreciate that in your Complex P, Complex S, Oxygenic G, and Oxygenic K you truly do offer your patients an incredible collection of...


     Enjoy the power.


Guy R. Schenker, D.C.

P.S.: SPECIAL for the month of April --- 2 FREE with any 10 you buy of Complex P, Complex S, OXY G, and OXY K.