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Volume 19, Number 5

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
May, 2008

Dear Doctor,


     That is how we closed last month’s Letter. Enjoy the power over cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, asthma, and allergies, migraines, menstrual and premenstrual symptoms, arthritis, and virtually all the diseases to afflict humankind. For many months now we have shown how dietary fructose leads to loss of glycemic control, which in turn sets off a chain reaction leading to this long list of pathologies from which you, and only you, can save your patients.


     Yes, for only you, unlike any other doctor your patients may consult, are not a remedy peddler, but a doctor of cause and effect. You do not offer disease diagnosis and treatment, you offer an objective testing system from which recommendations can be made to restore metabolic balance and increase adaptative capacity. You do not offer pills as if to exorcise demons over which the patient has no control. Rather, you teach your patients that their ills are largely the consequence of their own behavior, and will be “cured” only to the extent that they assume self-responsibility. Furthermore, you and only you understand that all those miserable maladies are not disease entities per se, but the inevitable consequence of one common cause --- lost glycemic control. And --- as your patients’ ...


you and only you can determine what metabolic imbalance --- whether glucogenic, ketogenic, parasympathetic, or sympathetic --- is ...


for each patient’s pathology. Yet once you have displayed your vast knowledge in enlightening your patient about the cause of his pathology, you have only begun to display your incredible powers. For in your bag of tricks are incredible “magic potions” --- Oxygenic G, Oxygenic K, Complex S and Complex P ---- that are not remedies in any sense of the word, but the only means to restore metabolic balance in your patient.

     In reading the last two Letters you have come to understand that there are two components to the efficacy of these four formulations --- the effects of the individual nutrients, and, the synergistic effect of nutrients in proper combination. The concept of unique, synergistic nutrient combinations --- yielding tremendous biological activity despite very low doses of nutrients --- is the very foundation of your power with NUTRI-SPEC. None of the combinations of nutrients in your NUTRI-SPEC products happen by chance, nor convenience. Every ingredient in every product is there, is there in that particular form, and is there in specific proportion to every other ingredient there --- by design.

     A number of years ago, NUTRI-SPEC received a call from a doctor who had recently bought the manual and a supply of supplements, but had not yet begun testing patients. With chronic allergies and a tendency toward diarrhea, he had surmised from reading An Analytical System of Clinical Nutrition that his symptoms meant he had a Parasympathetic Imbalance. Delighted to discover a possible cure for his ailments, he began taking Complex P. Now, after several days of supplementation, this doctor wanted to know if the cold hands, dry mouth, and insomnia he was experiencing could possibly be side effects of Complex P.


Cold hands, dry mouth, and insomnia are not side effects, they are ...


of Complex P supplementation. “Huh?” you may be wondering. Yes, of course. The purpose of Complex P is to aggressively push a patient’s metabolic balance in the SYMPATHETIC direction. Cold hands (vasoconstriction), dry mouth, and insomnia are classic sympathetic symptoms. My point is that this doctor (whose symptoms were likely associated with a Dysaerobic, not a Parasympathetic Imbalance) caused a raging Sympathetic Imbalance in himself with just a few days of taking three Complex P daily. Yet Complex P is comprised of what? --- just a few milligrams of this and a few milligrams of that. Not mega doses of nutrients, but physiological doses of nutrients in synergistic combination, are the way to have a powerful impact on body chemistry.

     In last month’s Letter we highlighted chromium polynicotinate as one of the individual nutrients that empowers you in restoring glycemic control to your glucogenic, ketogenic, parasympathetic, and sympathetic patients. Let us move on to another amazing nutrient. No discussion of the power of your NUTRI-SPEC supplements over glycemic control would be complete without celebrating the presence in your Oxygenic B, your Oxygenic A, your Complex S, and your Oxygenic K of ...


     Where, except from NUTRI-SPEC, can you obtain this unique nutrient? You will have to look long and hard to find another nutrition supplement anywhere with this, the most highly biologically active form of vanadium. Please understand (and do not be shy about explaining to your patients) that ...


     Vanadium performs the following critical functions:

  • Vanadium has anti-anaerobic, i.e., fatty acid activity at the cellular level.

  • Vanadium increases mineralization of bones and teeth.

  • Vanadium is required for hemoglobin production.

  • Vanadium participates in cholesterol regulation --- both enhancing normal cholesterol elimination and inhibiting excess cholesterol synthesis in the liver.

     BMO Vanadium (BMOV) is far and away the best assimilated and utilized form of this valuable trace mineral. But that is just the beginning of the amazing clinical impact of BMOV. The biggest news is the power of vanadium (when in BMO form) on glycemic control. A study at The University of Vancouver in 1991 showed that ...


     Think of it --- 85% of these diabetics were able to forget about insulin injections, and throw away all their oral diabetic medication by taking this amazing vanadium compound.

     [IMPORTANT NOTE: We at NUTRI-SPEC make a big point of criticizing the charlatans of the nutrition industry for their dishonesty. We have pointed out time and again the exaggerated and often out-right fraudulent content of their promotional literature. We have exposed their frequent use of non-sequiturs in trying to peddle their pills and potions. One common dishonest tactic is the citing of a scientific study purported to show the value of a particular nutrient in curing some clinical condition --- then, trying to sell you a specialty product as a nutrition cure for your patients with that condition. They neglect to tell you, however, that the quantity of nutrient used in the study was many times higher than the clinically insignificant amount they put in their supplement.

     Lest we at NUTRI-SPEC be accused of the same unethical practice, let it be stated clearly right here that the amount of BMOV we use in our supplements is much less than the pharmacological doses used to treat diabetics. We do not claim that the vanadium in our supplements will cure diabetes (or anything else for that matter). But, we do claim that this vanadium compound, in synergistic combination with other nutrients that have a proven impact on elevated glucose levels, will have a favorable effect on the ketogenic and sympathetic imbalances underlying the two primary types of diabetes.]

     So --- you have BMO vanadium in your Oxygenic B. Why? Because it is the most bio-active source of this essential trace mineral, and therefore of nutritional value to all your patients.

     You have BMOV in your Oxygenic A. Why? Because vanadium is powerfully anti-anaerobic at the cellular level. The vanadium will thus help your anaerobic patients retain the calcium, magnesium, and copper they tend to lose from their cells. Vanadium will also help your anaerobic patients with cellular saturation of cholesterol to lower their serum cholesterol levels.

     You have BMOV in your Complex S and in your Oxygenic K. Why? Here, we are back to our on-going discussion of glycemic control. We have BMOV in Complex S and Oxy K because your sympathetic and ketogenic patients are most typically your patients with a tendency to diabetes. BMOV provides an insulin-like stimulation of glucose oxidation. This is just what both your ketogenic and sympathetic patients need.

     BMOV not only lowers blood glucose but also lowers blood cholesterol and triglycerides in diabetic patients. It has also been shown to prevent secondary complications of diabetes such as cataracts and cardiac dysfunction. BMOV has also shown an appetite suppressing effect on diabetic patients. --- Yes --- Complex S and Oxygenic K give you power over the entire clinical picture presented by diabetic patients.

     It is found that insulin values do not increase in BMOV treated diabetics. Thus, the effect of this compound is not due to insulin release. BMOV reduces the level of insulin required to maintain normal sugar levels. In other words, it increases tissue sensitivity to insulin,


that is typical in all Type II diabetics, and many Type I diabetics. Finally, this compound has been shown to be completely non-toxic.

     Surprisingly, in the years since the research on BMOV has been published, only a few nutrition companies have picked up on this important research and begun to market a product to meet the needs of diabetics. Regrettably, however, these companies have used not the BMOV form of vanadium, but vanadyl sulfate. Vanadyl sulfate is much, much less expensive, which is to the advantage of those companies. However, to the disadvantage of their unsuspecting customers, vanadyl sulfate does have some toxicity. Even at dosages much less than the toxic dose, vanadyl sulfate is very poorly absorbed. Experiments with vanadyl sulfate show some benefit for diabetics beginning after more than 2 weeks of administration, while a far greater beneficial effect from BMOV vanadium is achieved within 24 hours. Certainly you agree that it is worth a few extra bucks to use the BMOV form of vanadium and not ...


vanadyl sulfate that other companies provide.

     One other crucial point needs to be made with respect to the amazing BMOV form of vanadium. You may be wondering, if BMOV has such a powerfully favorable impact on diabetic patients, and if virtually all your diabetic patients are either ketogenic or sympathetic, why does NUTRI-SPEC not really load Complex S and Oxygenic K with BMOV levels approaching those used pharmacologically to control diabetes? The answer will be clear if you think of that question in terms of your fundamental NUTRI-SPEC philosophy. Our goal as NUTRI-SPEC practitioners is to restore metabolic balance to our patients --- thus powerfully enhancing their adaptative capacity. To that end, we have to be extremely careful not to inadvertently create one metabolic imbalance while correcting another.

     How does this relate to BMOV? BMOV, by virtue not only of its vanadium, but also its carbonyl functional group, is powerfully anti-anaerobic at the cellular level. Were we to use mega doses of the stuff in Complex S and Oxygenic K we might very well have a quicker and more profound impact on our diabetic patients’ glucose levels. However, over a somewhat longer time frame we would be almost assured of creating in them a Dysaerobic Imbalance. So, we must be ever conscious of possibilities such as our diabetic patients feeling better for a while, and then over time beginning to exhibit signs and symptoms of a Dysaerobic Imbalance (such as premature aging, free radical oxidation damage, rheumatoid arthritis, colitis, migraine headaches, etc.).

     What you find in your Complex S and Oxygenic K is a very conservative dosage of this miracle ingredient --- playing it ultra safe for the benefit of those patients who might have a dysaerobic tendency in addition to their Ketogenic or Sympathetic Imbalance. Keep your NUTRI-SPEC philosophy foremost in your mind as you look over the ingredients in each of your glycemic control supplements. With the incredible combinations of nutrients in Oxy G, Oxy K, Complex S, and Complex P, you are offering your patients something far better than remedies --- you are offering to ...


by restoring metabolic balance. Only the rare and potent forms of nutrients we have been discussing can achieve this metabolic balancing, and only when grouped synergistically for specific metabolic effect.

     Suffer in weakness from diabetes, hypoglylcemia, cardiovascular disease, allergies, asthma, migraines and arthritis? --- or, ENJOY THE POWER of vibrant good health? The power of NUTRI-SPEC is the right choice for you and your patients.


Guy R. Schenker, D.C.


P.S.: Special this month … OXYGENIC G, OXYGENIC K, COMPLEX S, and COMPLEX P, 2 FREE with every 10 you purchase