RR 3, Box 384
Mifflintown, PA 17059


Volume 19, Number 10

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
October, 2008

Dear Doctor,

     Are you wondering why ...


for free? Why, for the second consecutive month, are we offering you A DOZEN MIGHTY MINS FREE WITH EVERY DOZEN YOU BUY? --- Two reasons. First, we want to give you a financial incentive to pour your heart into the NUTRI-SPEC campaign for balanced nutrition. Apropos of our discussion in last month’s Letter, you need to make your patients aware that in MIGHTY MINS (and in OXY B) they get all their vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals, not only of the highest biological activity, but ...


If you make a commitment to providing a solid nutrition foundation to all the sons, daughters, and grandchildren of your patients, you will vastly expand the number of people you serve, now and for years to come. You will earn a well-deserved increase in profits through MIGHTY MINS today, while establishing a substantial group of prospects for NUTRI-SPEC testing in the future.

     From years of experience, I can assure you that ...


assures a steady stream of income even more certain than does the sale of the first bottle of OXY B to an adult. You see, once parents (or grandparents) understand that through MIGHTY MINS they are doing something uniquely special for their children (relative to all the parents they know who give their children no supplementation, or, Flintstone garbage supplementation), they begin to feel justifiably good about themselves as caring responsible parents. More conscientious about their children’s supplementation than their own, they never let their kids miss a day of MIGHTY MINS. Month after month, for all the years they have children at home, they will be coming to you for what they know is the best supplement they can provide for their children.

     But the income stream from MIGHTY MINS is only part of the financial incentive for reaching out to your patients with children. Once you have established yourself as the “expert” from whom they obtain this very special multiple supplement,


on all health questions that might possibly relate nutrition. To illustrate: I have chiropractic (not NUTRI-SPEC) patients who take OXY B, understanding that it is an insurance plan superior to the multiple supplements they find in the health food store. A certain percentage of these chiropractic patients at some point ask for more extensive nutrition advice, which typically leads to NUTRI-SPEC testing or the Diphasic Nutrition Plan. But, among families who are giving MIGHTY MINS to their children, the percentage who ultimately ask for specific nutrition advice is, I guesstimate, more than 80%. --- Extraordinary.

     A typical comment made by one of my patients goes like this: “All three of my children are doing beautifully since they started taking MIGHTY MINS last year. They almost never get colds any more, and Jared is having his best year ever in school. I do have a question about Rachael, though. She is still bothered by allergies this time of year. Does that mean she could be lacking some nutrient? I was thinking she might need some extra vitamin C. I started giving her 500 milligrams of natural C from rose hips, plus, I give her a glass of orange juice every morning.”

     --- What do you think? Presented with such a mother‘s plea,


to inform her about how NUTRI-SPEC can determine exactly what nutrition imbalances may underlie her daughter’s allergies? In such a situation, your response will be enthusiastic and informative:

  • You begin by showering her with praise for being the rare and special type of parent that wants to find and correct the cause of her children’s health problems, rather than just give them drugs to control the symptoms. You go on to praise her further for being astute enough to realize that the cause of her daughter’s allergies is likely nutrition-related.

  • Now that you have mom properly puffed up with self-esteem she is eagerly receptive to whatever else you can offer in support of her parenting excellence. So, you go on to explain that there are several metabolic imbalances, one or more of which is generally at the root of allergic symptoms in children. Go on to say that you would be happy to test Rachael to see what must be done to correct the cause of her allergies.

  • The mother will either eagerly either accept your offer immediately, or at least enthusiastically ask for more detail. You go on to explain that once you have found the metabolic imbalance responsible for Rachael’s allergies, that imbalance is usually fairly simple to correct. Your tests will show exactly which foods are best for Rachel, and which foods are not compatible with her metabolic type. Your tests will also show what supplementation she needs, temporarily at least, to restore balance to her body chemistry, thus eliminating the cause of the allergies.

  • It is essential that you say to the mother right now that when you have tested Rachael you will not be offering a “remedy” for allergies. The idea is that you will be restoring balance to Rachael’s body chemistry and efficiency to her metabolism, and that of itself will take care of the allergy problem. She will be healthier and stronger in many ways that will yield benefits far beyond just relief of allergic symptoms. Only objective test procedures such as you employ can determine exactly what foods and supplements are beneficial and which are harmful for Rachael.

  • You close your discussion by commenting how one of the most interesting aspects of your work in nutrition testing is in finding how often some of the foods and supplements in which people have the most faith can actually be extremely harmful. For example, several of the metabolic imbalances that can be causes of allergies are actually made worse by supplementing with vitamin C. Just as surprising to many people is that several of the imbalances that are frequently causative in allergies can be made worse, and thus the allergic symptoms made worse, by drinking orange juice.

    You finish by praising the mom once again for her good intentions with respect to her daughter’s health, but making it clear that the vitamin C and or the orange juice she is giving Rachael could be just what Rachael needs, or, just as likely, could be making Rachael’s allergic symptoms worse. Only through objective testing can Rachael’s needs be truly determined, and again, you would love to have the opportunity to run her through your nutrition testing system.

     Get a dozen of your patients to start their children or grandchildren on MIGHTY MINS this month. In 30 days they will all be back to buy the dozen bottles of MIGHTY MINS you got for free. Over the next several years, at least half, and likely as many as 80% of those dozen families will bring their Rachaels to you for more thorough nutrition evaluation. But do not stop with one dozen. Next month reach out to another dozen families and then another and another. You certainly have dozens and dozens of patients with children or grandchildren that need MIGHTY MINS to establish a firm nutrition foundation for the rest of their lives, and many, many of those families will bring to you their Rachaels whom you and only you can help. Believe me,


     There is a second reason why we want you to pour your heart into your NUTRI-SPEC campaign for balanced nutrition by serving as many children as possible, and that reason is an obvious extension of the first. Do you sincerely want to help people? Would you love the satisfaction of knowing that ...


Then, where will you find a better opportunity to help people fully enjoy their innate potential than in getting children on the right track as early as possible?

     You have built a successful practice serving the Rachaels of the world who come to you when they are 45 years old. 45-year-old Rachael is nearing menopause and suffering all sorts of associated physical, mental, and emotional disorders --- as a result of hormone swings --- that are now compounding a lifetime of poor glycemic control --- all of which exacerbate her life-long ordeal with allergies. Rachael, in whom NUTRI-SPEC testing reveals parasympathetic and prostaglandin imbalances, is served well by the regimen you prescribe. She achieves glycemic control for the first time in her life, her estrogen stress is minimized, and as a result, many of her symptoms abate to some degree, including her allergies. Of course, as a parasympathetic patient she needed to immediately get off the vitamin C and the orange juice she has been taking since childhood. Yes, 45-year-old Rachael is a nice success story, and she refers friends and family to your practice.

     Now, imagine seeing 45-year-old Rachael when she is 12-year-old Rachael. As a result of NUTRI-SPEC testing you recommend for 12-year-old Rachael MIGHTY MINS, two, twice daily after meals, Complex P, one, twice daily after meals, Tyrosine, two before breakfast, along with the Parasympathetic and Prostaglandin dietary recommendations. You get reasonably good compliance from Rachael and her mother on the diet plan, so, within 6 weeks Rachael no longer needs the Tyrosine, and the Complex P is cut to one after breakfast.

45 minus 12 = 33 years. You are saving Rachael from 33 years of miserable allergic symptoms. You are saving Rachael from 33 years of taking drugs for miserable allergic symptoms. You are saving Rachael from 33 years of making herself sicker and weaker with vitamin C and orange juice. You are saving Rachel from 33 years of physical, mental and emotional symptoms associated with the hypoglycemia typical of parasympathetic patients. You are saving Rachael from 33 years of hormonal agony associated with the estrogen stress common to parasympathetic women.

     Before you have offered NUTRI-SPEC for long, you will experience patients referring to you as ...


for the amazing clinical results you deliver. Some will call you ...

“A GENIUS” ...

because you found the key to their health problem when no other doctor could. At that point you explain to yourself as well as your patients that ...


     You see, not cures, but prevention is the most extraordinary service you offer. Think of 12-year-old Rachael. Neither she, nor her mother, nor the husband she will marry in 13 years, nor the 4 children of her own that lie in her future will ever know about the hormonal agony, the hypoglycemic crises, and the allergic misery ...


Yes, through NUTRI-SPEC you have a life-changing impact on many people.

     How many? Add to Rachael 10-year-old brother Jared when mom asks you about the headaches he begins suffering most afternoons at school. Then, add to Rachael and Jared big brother Tim who is playing sports in High School and wants to take a creatine supplement like all his teammates. Now, multiply Rachael + Jared + Tim by the dozens of families in whom you are about to place that first bottle of MIGHTY MINS ...

     If you want the joys of a thriving family practice, then begin by reaching out to children. Address every parent and grandparent in your practice; use the MIGHTY MINS brochure. You have dozens and dozens of children supplementing with junk or with nothing at all. Imagine if every one of those children were to have the highest biological activity and perfect balance of MIGHTY MINS from the earliest possible age. Imagine glorious childhood blossoming into successful adulthood for all the children within your sphere of influence.

     If you will give the commitment, we will give you the Mighty Mins.


For health,
Guy R. Schenker, D.C.