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Volume 19, Number 11

“I believe that children are our future;
Teach them well and let them lead the way.
Think of all the beauty they possess inside …”

What’s wrong with these Kids today?!
Who could guess they would turn out that way?!
They are just impossible to control!”

Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
November, 2008

Dear Doctor,

     Which of the above sentiments reflects your feelings toward today’s youth, that expressed in a Number 1 pop hit from the 1980’s, or, the lamentation from a 1960’s Broadway musical? Do you look at children with a loving hopeful heart, or, do you see the little monsters much as did W.C. Fields who, when asked if he liked children, replied, “I do if they’re properly cooked.“? More to the point, when you see the names of children in your appointment book do you look forward to the encounter with eager anticipation or with dread?

     My practice serves two types of Kids --- those who make my heart sing, and those whose parents I’d like to strangle. But whether they bring sunshine or a pain in the neck, children are a major presence in my office. Your office, too, can be bouncing with the spirit of youth. Both the financial and emotional rewards of a family practice are hard to beat, and one key to building such a satisfying practice is ...


In the last two issues of this Letter we have implored you to jump aboard the NUTRI-SPEC bandwagon for balanced nutrition, principally by reaching out to the parents and grandparents among your patients with ...


     Placing that first bottle of Mighty Mins in a family assures a steady stream of income for years and years --- not just from Mighty Mins sales but from the dozens of children who, once connected to balanced nutrition through Mighty Mins, will be coming back to you for metabolic balance testing. As described in last month’s Letter, you will nowhere find a better opportunity to help people fully enjoy their innate potential than in getting children on the right track as early as possible. And nowhere will you find a more lucrative gold mine than the children and grandchildren of the patients who already like and respect you.


     Once you have placed Mighty Mins in two dozen homes, you will within months be inundated with children presented for NUTRI-SPEC testing. Then come the siblings of those children, then children of the friends of those children’s parents, then the referred children’s parents, then the referred children’s siblings --- then --- before you know it, 15 years have passed and you are serving the children’s children. [I am entering my 5th generation of some of my families. --- Practice-building schemes? Advertising expenses? Insurance strife? --- Life is too short. Life is so good.]

     So now --- your office is blessed by dozens of adorable little angels, and tormented by countless defiant little brats. Is there anything you need to know to effectively serve the little ones? Are there modifications you must make to your NUTRI-SPEC procedures? Are there ways you can serve Kids beyond what you routinely offer to their parents? Yes, yes, yes.

     Placing a bottle of Mighty Mins with a family establishes a nutrition connection between you and the parents with respect to their children. Can that nutrition connection have a life-changing impact on the children? Mighty Mins alone will be a huge benefit, but once you have established yourself as the “expert” from whom they obtain this very special multiple supplement, parents will turn to you as their authority on all health questions related to nutrition. Even without NUTRI-SPEC metabolic testing, there are many other ways you can enrich the lives of these children under your influence. So, if Mighty Mins is step one, what is step two? It should be obvious to you that the most essential accompaniment to Mighty Mins is the NUTRI-SPEC Fundamental Diet. Regrettably, however, the step from taking Mighty Mins to the NUTRI-SPEC Fundamental Diet is neither obvious nor easy for most families.

     Remember, most children, even those from families who believe they are conscientious about nutrition, are possessed by the sugar demon. Your typical child is poisoned with from 120-160 pounds of sugar every year by parents who feed their own sugar addiction to the tune of 140 pounds per year. Parents may proudly proclaim that they assure their children get three meals daily, a low fat diet, and “natural” snacks. But, oh my, look at those three meals. Breakfast is packaged cereal whose list of ingredients is a slow death sentence. Ask these parents if they believe cookies would be a healthy breakfast for their children and they would be incredulous that you could even ask such an inane question. Yet the cereals their children eat have the same ingredients as cookies, except that the percentage of sugar is even higher in many cases, and there is most often a list of nasty additives as a bonus.

     For the mid day meal, the parents are quite secure in choosing for their children the school lunch. That lunch is, after all, designed by a registered dietitian. It never seems to occur to the parents that nachos covered with melted artificial imitation American cheese food does not constitute a “hot meal.” I recently looked over a menu of school lunches for a month and found that the absolute most nutritious meal for the whole month was hot dogs plus three forms of sugar. Nachos and “cheese” accompanied by three flavors of sugar was the worst. That a sugary soft drink is the beverage of choice for most students eating school lunches transforms that meal from merely damaging to instantly deadly.

     The evening meal in many households is not a whole lot different than the school lunch. There are, however, many families who do quite well here --- serving a meat, a vegetable, and a starch. Even among the more nutrition-minded families there still tend to be damaging misconceptions. Common among even the most thoughtful parents is the misguided notion that a low fat diet is ideal for their children. We NUTRI-SPEC practitioners realize that low fat is the same as saying low protein, high carbohydrate --- the last thing children need, considering the overwhelming percentage of carbs and sugars already obtained in their breakfast and lunch. The sugar demon is also frequently manifest at the evening meal by the presence of a sugary drink. In the interest of not over eating, the family generally consumes rather skimpy portions of even the nutritious foods at supper, which leads to the inevitable need for a late evening snack --- invariably some other form of sugar --- albeit it a “natural” sugar.

     “Natural” sugar? There is nothing natural about smothering dry-as-dust grains and nuts with enough sugary syrup to make them palatable --- even if the concoction is proclaimed to be an all-natural granola bar. There is nothing natural about taking dead yogurt (There are few, if any, live lactobacillus remaining when you eat it --- only lactic acid soup.) made from skim milk and filling it with enough sugar so that even a spoiled child can stand the stuff. There is nothing natural about sport drinks or any other beverages, including fruit juices, whose calories derive 100% from sugar that zaps the blood stream as quick as lightning. There is nothing natural about “protein bars” that are merely candy bars further degraded by the addition of denatured soy or whey. Even fruit is an unnatural sweet in that nothing with the intense sugar concentration of our man-made hybrids ever existed in nature.

     The high sugar meals, the low fat mania, and the “natural” sugars just described constitute what is considered the “normal” diet by families who are conscientious enough about their children’s health to supplement with Mighty Mins. How do you deal with parents who mean well, but who have been led so far astray? Can you lay out the NUTRI-SPEC Fundamental Diet for them as an accompaniment to that first bottle of Mighty Mins? Certainly not. Realize that these are patients who are not (yet) participants in NUTRI-SPEC metabolic testing. They can only be expected to improve their family eating plan incrementally. So, what do you offer as step two to those who have taken the all important first step to balanced nutrition with Mighty Mins?

     Here is what I tell my patients who ask for a little dietary counseling to accompany their Mighty Mins: “I could give you a hundred rules to follow that would help your children develop their full potential. I could give you lists of foods and specific quantities your children must eat; I could give them lists of foods that they must strictly avoid; I could give specific combinations of foods that constitute ideal meals; I could give explicit instructions covering all aspects of when, how, and what to eat. Those one hundred rules would yield amazing benefits for your children’s health. But to give you such a list would be a waste of time and a terrible source of frustration. We know there is no way, given the demands of your lifestyle, that you could comply with those rules for more than a day or two.

     But suppose I could give you just two rules that would give you as much as 90% of the benefit of the impossible list of 100 rules? Would you be interested in those two rules? Would you comply with those two rules --- treating them as rules and not just suggestions?”

     Parents at this point are jumping out of their skin in eager anticipation --- what could be these two magic rules so powerful that they will give my children 90% of the benefit of the impossible list of 100? I go on to explain that these rules are quite simple, yet will definitely require a major change in priorities --- but will be doable, without radically altering the family lifestyle.

     “Quite simply, here it is --- your children can eat whatever else they want as long as they:

  1. Eat a serving of meat, fish, poultry, eggs, or cheese three times daily --- that is, 21 times per week, without fail. That means no meal ever consists of predominantly carbs. Meat, fish, poultry, eggs, or cheese, for breakfast, and for lunch, and for supper.

  2. Drink no sweet beverages --- ever. Never drink soft drinks, juice, fruit drinks or sport drinks --- ever. Essentially, that means that water is the beverage of choice --- always. Unsweetened teas are ok, as is milk for some children.

     “The two rules,” I go on to explain, “are really very simple. They are not necessarily easy to follow, but they are simple indeed. Those two simple rules do not significantly alter your lifestyle. Those two rules require that you only give up one category of “food” --- the sweet drinks. Those two simple rules require that you add no exotic foods, health foods, or high priced foods to the diet.”

     As you can see, these two simple rules will eliminate from 50 to 100 pounds of sugar each year from the typical child’s diet. The many pounds of sugar derived from dozens of gallons of sweet drinks will be gone. Every serving of protein, will generally replace a serving of sugar. For example, a breakfast that includes a serving of meat, fish, poultry, eggs, or cheese, will eliminate, perhaps entirely, the packaged cereals for breakfast. Not only will the sugar demon be largely exorcised, but the protein at each meal will insure glycemic control for nearly all children. Growth and physical performance will be enhanced; school performance will improve dramatically; emotional equilibrium will be achieved like never before; resistance to colds and flu will be boosted tremendously. A serving of protein 21 times each week, and strict avoidance of sweet drinks --- along with Mighty Mins --- is 90% of what children need so that they may enjoy robust good health, then blossom into happy-ever-after adults.

     Most --- not all, but most parents who take the initiative to ask your dietary advice along with putting their children on Mighty Mins, will embrace those two rules joyfully. And most (even though they are servants to their children more than parents) will stick with the commitment. After all, every little Prince and Princess is still granted a steady diet of junk food favorites --- as long as the meat, fish, poultry, eggs, or cheese requirement is met. For families who comply reasonably well, the health benefits become apparent so soon that they are motivated to adopt the two rules permanently.

     One question pops up repeatedly when you speak to Moms about the two-rule eating plan. If they are going to take sweet drinks away from their children, they want to know about artificial sweeteners. Your reply: Aspartame/NutraSweet /Equal is so neurotoxic that any Mom giving it to her children is guilty of child abuse. And brain death is only one of many consequences of swallowing this nasty poison. Sucralose is slower death than Aspartame, but deadly just the same. Saccharin/Sweet & Low, Stevia, and Xylitol are currently not known to be damaging when used in moderation.

     So, with Step One (Mighty Mins) and Step Two (the Two-Rule Eating Plan) accomplished, is there a Step Three? Of course ...

Talk to you next month ...
Guy R. Schenker, D.C.