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Mifflintown, PA 17059


Volume 19, Number 12


Guy R. Schenker, D.C.
December, 2008

Dear Doctor,

     When you ask typical modern American Moms and Dads, “What is your purpose in having children?” They will invariably reply,

     “Our mission in becoming parents is to bring into this world young people whom we can guide --- as they develop into rational, honest, independent, and productive members of a free and moral society.”

These typical parents will go on to explain how the evening meal is a cornerstone of their family life. Seven times each week, enriched by dinner music from Bach and Mozart, Mother, Father, and children dine on such fare as roasted chicken, basmati rice, assorted vegetables, and spring water. Accompanying dinner is a lively and loving conversation in which all share the events of the day --- their experiences, thoughts, and feelings regarding their work, their play, and their social encounters. Everyone’s appetite for positive reinforcement is satisfied; everyone’s recommended daily requirement of emotional support is met.

     In contrast, you encounter a few Moms and Dads who give little thought to their purpose in having children, other than that “having” babies is just one item on the list of things to have --- including cars, houses, TVs, PCs, a job, a spouse. Indeed, little thought is given to the purpose of life beyond the perceived need to have. So, one of the children will have soccer practice after school, while another child will have a meeting this evening, while another child will have several hours of video game time, while Mom will have to provide taxi service, while Dad will have a stressful day on the job, while some of the “family” will have pizza for dinner, while others will have cold pizza later, while others will have a candy bar and a cola as a hold over and then have ultra cold pizza later. --- Too much focus on “have” --- not enough on be and do.

     In your NUTRI-SPEC practice, how do you handle each of these two family types? Surprisingly, you handle each in the same way. You see, if you ask either type of parent, “Are you concerned that your children will develop into less than they could be?“ You will get the same answer, “Of course I am.” There is probably nothing even the semi-out-of-focus parents want more than to see the children they love develop body, mind, and spirit to their fullest inborn potential. You can serve the children of any parents with life-altering nutrition; it is just that with some you must begin with the (what should be obvious) fundamentals, while with others you can soon get to the finer points.

     In last month’s Letter we presented a detailed description of both the financial and emotional rewards of a family practice. We explained how to place Mighty Mins with your families using the Mighty Mins brochure, and how placing that first bottle of Mighty Mins in a family assures a steady stream of income for years and years --- not just from Mighty Mins sales but from the dozens of children who, once connected to balanced nutrition through Mighty Mins, will be coming back to you for metabolic balance testing. As described in last month’s Letter, you will nowhere find a better opportunity to help people fully enjoy their innate potential than in getting children on the right track as early as possible.

     In helping your family practice, you must repeatedly ask parents,


Giving special attention to your children’s nutrition needs is probably far more important than you ever imagined.” Your comments will be well received. More and more parents are becoming aware of the disastrous degradation of the health/nutrition status in America, particularly among our children. But you must realize that many Moms, who are themselves second generation pizza and Pepsi babies, do not realize, that a “normal” American diet of McDonalds and Kellogg’s is not going to meet the nutrition needs of their children. You, as explained in last month’s Letter, must be the educator.

     The critical point you must understand, though, is that families can only be expected to improve their eating plan incrementally. Feeding families all the components of the NUTRI-SPEC Fundamental Diet, particularly families who are supplementing with Oxy B and Mighty Mins and not (yet) undergoing metabolic testing, is more than they can possibly swallow. We have given you a Two-Rule Eating Plan that gives your families 90% of the benefits they can achieve by dietary modification. Here, for your review, is that Two-Rule Eating Plan:

  1. Eat a serving of meat, fish, poultry, eggs, or cheese three times daily --- that is, 21 times per week, without fail. That means no meal ever consists of predominantly carbs. Meat, fish, poultry, eggs or cheese for breakfast, and for lunch, and for supper.

  2. Drink no sweet beverages --- ever. Never drink soft drinks, juice, fruit drinks or sport drinks --- ever. Essentially, that means that water is the beverage of choice --- always. Unsweetened teas are OK, as is milk for children.

     Now, with Step One (Mighty Mins and Oxy B) and Step Two (the Two-Rule Eating Plan) accomplished, what is Step Three in the incremental improvement of a family’s eating plan?

     What do YOU think Step Three should be? In our Two-Rule Eating Plan we have facilitated glycemic control in two ways --- by providing adequate protein, and by emasculating the sugar demon with the elimination of sweet drinks. What should be the next step? Ask yourself what aspect of the typical diet is right up there with inadequate protein and excess sugar as a devitalizing force?


The oxidative damage done by polyunsaturated oils (both omega 6 and omega 3) is cumulative. If you can minimize that oxidative/catabolic destruction during childhood, you have given the young person a huge head start in avoiding the diseases that are now considered quite ordinary among all people age 20 years and older. So, for Step-Three, you tell patients to avoid as much as possible all polyunsaturated oils. These would include salad dressings, margarine, mayonnaise, deep fried foods, and all foods fried/grilled in oil. Explain to your patients that they cannot avoid these oils completely, as they are used in a wide array of foods. But if they can just eliminate the concentrated sources of these oils as just listed, they will be way ahead of the game. The only acceptable concentrated fats are butter, olive oil, and coconut oil. Restaurant eating presents a real problem since virtually all restaurants prepare all foods in deadly oils. At the very least, your patients should, when eating in restaurants, eschew the fried foods in favor of those that are baked, broiled, and boiled. Eliminating chips and fries seems to be a major sacrifice for some people, but doing so must be made a priority.

     Let us move now to Step Four in helping children reach their innate potential.


Natural light, entering the eyes, as a regulator of hormonal and biochemical systems related to mineral control, and vitamin D on the skin, for the many biochemical systems it is now known to control, cannot be emphasized enough. For children still developing their structural and hormonal systems, sunlight provides the energy of life itself. Review your NUTRI-SPEC Fundamental Diet Chapter of your NUTRI-SPEC manual for the details of how inadequate sunlight is related to:

  • poor growth
  • inadequate bone mineral density
  • fatigue, depression, and anxiety
  • attention deficit disorder
  • hormone imbalances

     How many children spend a minimum of 23˝ hours daily in darkness, or under fluorescent lights, or under yellow incandescent lights, or in front of a TV or computer monitor? Many children rarely see the light of day. That deficiency is as tragic as it is easy to remedy --- push the kids outside. I still tell my son that ...


You must make it clear to all the parents you deal with that artificial light:

  • weakens their children structurally,
  • weakens their performance academically,
  • and distorts the development of their hormonal system.

Make it a rule --- every time you talk to a mom or dad, ask not just how are the children, but how much time are they spending out in the light, and how much time are they spending in front of TV and video. Yes, make it a rule.

STEP 5 in the incremental improvement of your MIGHTY MINS FAMILY NUTRITION addresses the most essential nutrient of all ...


By natural water we mean water from a well or spring, water that has not been heated, distilled, chlorinated, fluoridated, softened, or finely filtered, and, that has not been polluted with pharmaceutical, industrial, or agricultural toxins. We NUTRI-SPEC practitioners do not discuss drinking water nearly enough. Why not? … Because we are clinicians dealing largely with patients concerned with their symptoms. Getting our patients on a source of longevity-achieving natural water will not make one iota of difference in how they feel tomorrow, or next week, or even next month. But if we take a long-term view of our patients’ health --- truly --- a high quality source of drinking water must be right up there with OXY B/MIGHTY MINS, Protein:Carb Ratio, PUFA avoidance, and natural light as our 5 highest priorities.

     Serving the children of our MIGHTY MINS FAMILIES is our perfect opportunity to take a long-term view of optimizing the quality and length of life. The devastating effects of unnatural water are cumulative; the strength and vitality-enhancing effects of natural water are cumulative. So --- you can have a tremendous impact on a person’s potential to live stronger longer if you start that person on nutritious water as early in life as possible.



  • Chlorine and fluoride are goitrogens, blocking thyroid function.
  • Chlorine causes atherosclerotic senile degeneration, coronary artery occlusion, and stroke.
  • Chlorine causes cancer.
  • Fluoride is toxic in countless ways.
  • Fluoride inhibits cellular DNA repair.
  • Fluoride causes cancer.
  • Fluoride causes Down’s Syndrome.
  • Aluminum as a water flocculoating agent = heavy metal toxicity.
  • Drug pollutants, especially estrogen and antibiotics, are toxic.
  • Halogenated Hydrocarbons are toxic.
  • Polyphenolic compounds are toxic.
  • All other industrial and agricultural pollutants are toxic.

Review Chapter 4 of your NUTRI-SPEC manual and the references provided for an alarming appreciation of how quantitatively significant are the poisons in that chemical soup sold to us as drinking water. Again, the health-destroying effects of poisoned water are cumulative. --- Please --- save the children.

     What about the other side of the water discussion? Just as important as avoiding toxic water is obtaining a source of water that is loaded with mineral nutrients. The human digestive system is terribly inefficient at extracting mineral nutrients from our foods. That inefficiency does not represent a flaw in our design --- it is just that historically humans have thrived where there has been access to mineral-rich water. We all, but particularly children, need hard water with a total dissolved solids approaching 300 ppm. The carbonates, sulfates, and phosphates of magnesium and calcium found in good natural water are directly correlated to health and longevity, and inversely related to aging, heart disease, and cancer.

     Yes, you must become an educator. Your MIGHTY MINS FAMILIES, long before they progress to NUTRI-SPEC metabolic balancing, can be guided along the road to extraordinary well-being, one step at a time. Some families can enthusiastically adopt Steps One through Five in one great leap, while others can only accept them one by one over months or even years. You and only you can help parents achieve (what should be) their goal --- to see their children spend the first 18 years of their lives developing into rational, honest, independent, productive people, all the while celebrating the glorious joys of childhood.

     Continue to feed your MIGHTY MINS FAMILY PRACTICE ---watch it grow, then blossom into incredible riches for you.

In celebration of health,
Guy R. Schenker, D.C.