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Do you want to do everything you can to look good and feel good through a long, healthy life?

Of course you do. There is probably nothing you want more than for yourself and those you love to live life to its fullest — physically strong and mentally sharp as you celebrate all the best life has to offer.

The fact that you are reading this brochure says that you are already way ahead of the crowd — you have already figured out that …


You've invested a good bit of time, energy and money in nutrition. You've read the literature from the health food industry; you've done your best to watch what you eat; and, most importantly, you've not hesitated to spend your hard earned money on nutrition supplements. You deserve a lot of credit for everything you have tried to do for yourself. You deserve even more praise if you have attempted to guide the rest of your family down the road to vibrant health. But — you are about to learn some very disappointing and exasperating news.

The truth about nutritional supplementation that you are about to learn is so contrary to everything you have been lead to believe, so contrary to everything you want to believe — that you may have a very strong resistance to facing this truth. (That is why you are given a list of scientific references at the end of this brochure backing up all the facts you are about to learn.) So — continue reading with an open mind. It has been said that knowledge is power, and the truth you are about to learn will give you and your family the power to control your health for the first time.

The front page of this brochure offered you a secret advantage over everyone else who is seeking a happy, healthy life. The secret advantage you are about to gain is to not blindly follow the advice of the health food industry. You are about to see quite clearly that most of the propaganda that comes out of the "health food" industry is not "healthy" at all; and, most of the products they peddle are not "food" at all.

To make it clear how you have been mislead by the health food industry you need only look at one simple example of how nutrition supplements are promoted. Vitamin C is probably the nutrient that has been most recommended, for the most people, with the greatest diversity of health problems, for many, many years. Vitamin C, you are told, works its magic by virtue of its anti-oxidant properties. It has been promoted as "good for" almost any condition you can name. It is hyped over and over again by the pill peddlers as something that everyone should take in supplemental doses, and even in mega doses. Along with all the promises of cures and prevention from taking Vitamin C you are assured over and over again that no amount of Vitamin C can be harmful to you. After all, Vitamin C is all "natural," so your body can use what it needs, while any excess is "harmlessly" excreted in your urine.


Did you know that Vitamin C depletes your body of many mineral and trace mineral nutrients? (1)

The truth is that your kidneys cannot excrete Vitamin C at all without combining it with an important mineral nutrient such as calcium or magnesium or zinc. Every single molecule of excess Vitamin C that gets dumped in your urine steals from you an important mineral nutrient.

Did you know that Vitamin C will particularly cause a deficiency in the essential trace mineral copper? (2)

Did you know that excess Vitamin C will actually cause high cholesterol? (3)

Did you know that the "anti-oxidant" Vitamin C will actually decrease the activity of ceruloplasmin, one of your body's most important anti- oxidants? (4)

Did you know that excess Vitamin C can damage the DNA (the genetic material inside each of your cells) and also damage cell membranes because of its oxidant (not anti-oxidant) activity? (5)

Did you know that because it is such a strong oxidant (not anti-oxidant) more than 500 milligrams of Vitamin C will cause the formation in your DNA of oxoadenine, a powerfully damaging toxin which particularly will harm the heart and other organs? (6)

Did you know that Vitamin C will convert the mineral iron to a form that damages the blood vessels and leads to hardening of the arteries and heart blockage? (7)

Did you know that Vitamin C can auto-oxidize, and instead of being an anti-oxidant to protect you against free radical damage, will actually cause free radical damage? (8)

This oxidation of Vitamin C occurs most easily in the presence of minerals such as iron, manganese, and chromium. When excess Vitamin C is taken with these mineral nutrients you are particularly likely to suffer free radical damage.

Did you know that excess Vitamin C will cause the formation of the toxic chemical pentosadine, a marker of premature aging and tissue destruction? (9)

Did you know that Vitamin C causes destruction of proteins in your body that will accelerate the aging process? (10)

This acceleration of aging by Vitamin C is particularly pronounced in anyone with a diabetic tendency. The protein destructive effects of Vitamin C are particularly associated with cataract formation.

Did you know that Vitamin C in doses greater than 180 milligrams is a total waste of money because it is not absorbed and tends to cause gas and bloating in your intestinal tract? (11)

Eighty to ninety percent of Vitamin C is absorbed up to a dose of 180 milligrams, but beyond that, absorption decreases rapidly so that at 5000 milligram doses only 24% is absorbed, while the rest just irritates your digestive system.

Did you know that Vitamin C (which is supposed to be "good for the immune system") will actually increase the incidence and spread of cancer? (12)

Are you beginning to get a little nervous about the Vitamin C that you have been taking?

Do you see how you have been mislead by the health food industry about Vitamin C? Or, should we quit pulling our punches and tell it straight ...


You are being deliberately deceived. You are being cheated out of the health you've invested so much in preserving. It is you, the health-conscious person who is being cheated the most, since the more nutrition supplements you take the more you are being damaged by a viciously deceptive industry — one that has won you over with promises of health, youth and vitality, all the while taking your money for pills and potions that actually make you weaker and sicker.

You see, the factual, scientific type of case we just made against irresponsible Vitamin C supplementation could be made just as well against almost all of the vitamins as well as all of the minerals, and all of the trace minerals, not to mention the amino acids, the herbs, and nearly all the other pills and potions peddled by the health food industry.

We made the case above for excess Vitamin C being a harmful oxidant instead of the anti-oxidant that it should be when used responsibly. In its damaging role as an oxidant Vitamin C destroys the activity of one other important anti-oxidant — Vitamin E. But, the reverse can also occur. Excess Vitamin E will also act as an oxidant instead of an anti- oxidant and in fact, doses of Vitamin E much above 140 milligrams will actually destroy the activity of Vitamin C. (13)

We also mentioned above the effects of Vitamin C in depleting you of copper. That essential trace mineral is also depleted by excess intake of the trace mineral zinc. You may be surprised to learn that only two weeks of zinc supplementation of 18.5 milligrams is enough to cause a copper deficiency. (14)

Another problem with excess zinc supplementation is it will actually cause high cholesterol. (15)

You have now seen that both Vitamin C and zinc work against the activity of copper. How many people do you know that are taking Vitamin C and zinc because they are both "good for the immune system?" Combining Vitamin C and zinc has such a powerful anti-copper effect that it can actually cause cardio-vascular disease. (16)

Do you see how unfair it is? Do you see that the more supplements you have taken the more you have let yourself be cheated and damaged by an unscrupulous industry? (The health food industry started out decades ago as a wonderful thing — offering an alternative for the few people at that time who were interested in maximizing their health. There are still some wonderful, wellmeaning people in the industry who, however, have been duped by the same propaganda that has led you astray.)

Now that you realize the truth, what is a health-conscious person like you supposed to do? Stop taking supplements altogether? No. It turns out that you were right. You really do need supplements. Many, many studies have shown conclusively that our high carbohydrate modern diet is so devoid of essential nutrients that we are all at risk for unnecessary health problems. Just how much damage is being done when our nutrition needs are not met? Research shows that fatigue, mood changes, and weight gain are all signs of the stress of under nutrition. Research shows that these ordinary, every day miseries are only the tip of the iceberg, and are the forerunners for such severe conditions as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Science now shows us that you can enrich your life beyond your wildest expectations if you supplement responsibly, if you supplement with nutrients of the highest biological activity, and if you supplement with nutrients in proper balance. There is one and only one multiple supplement which has been developed to give you everything that may be missing from your diet, as well as the high-powered nutrients to help keep you looking and feeling your best while preventing the development of degenerative diseases. The name of that supplement is ACTIVATOR.


How is it different from the typical multiple supplement that you get from the health food store? You get two unique benefits from Activator. The first benefit is the broad diversity of nutrients. No less than 41 nutritional factors are found in Activator. None of these nutrients are in the forms, or in the excess quantities, that have been shown to cause the damage (as described above) of typical supplements.

The second special benefit you get from Activator relates to the high biological activity of the nutrients. The nutrients are provided in forms that are easily absorbed and participate most efficiently in your body's metabolic processes. This quality distinction between Activator and other sources of nutrients is so important that we have to give you some specific examples so you understand that ...


Go to the kitchen and get out a loaf of bread and a box of cereal. Now read on the labels until you come to the B vitamins used to "enrich" these products. You will likely find Vitamin B1 listed there as thiamin hydrochloride or mononitrate; you will also find Vitamin B6 listed as pyridoxine hydrochloride. These are the forms of Vitamin B1 and B6 universally used in nutrition supplements and the enrichment of foods. But here is something that no one ever told you: These are not the forms of these vitamins that are used naturally by your body.

Activator contains B vitamins in their biologically active enzyme co-factor form. Vitamin B2 exists in the form of riboflavin-5-phosphate, the form of the vitamin occurring naturally in tissues and cells. And the Vitamin B1 and B6? In Activator you will find them as thiamin pyrophosphate and as pyridoxal-5- phosphate instead of the cheap stuff used in the food industry and in the supplement industry. Activator's enzyme co-factor forms of B vitamins, unlike common supplemental B vitamins, require no conversion in order to be efficiently utilized by your body.

One other important consideration concerning B vitamins is your body's ability to absorb them. The health food industry is happy to dress up its labels with mega doses of B vitamins making you think you are getting more for your money. Using Vitamin B1 as an example, did you know that the maximum dose your body can absorb is less than 4 milligrams? What does that say about a supplement that contains 10, 20, or even 50 milligrams of Vitamin B1? Whoever made that product is either ignorant or dishonest — either way you don't want the garbage they're selling. Activator gives you the highest biological activity nutrients, in quantities for maximum absorption and utilization.

Another noteworthy component of Activator is Vitamin C in fat-soluble form. This form of Vitamin C is retained and utilized far more effectively than the ordinary water-soluble Vitamin C.

An even more important benefit you get from Activator is its mineral and trace mineral content. Again, efficiency of absorption and utilization is the key. One example to illustrate is the trace mineral chromium. In Activator you find chromium polynicotinate, which has been shown to be 18 times more bio-active than other forms of chromium, and, which is also the form of chromium that relates specifically to preventing blood sugar (and brain sugar) problems. (17)

One other benefit from Activator compared to other supplements is its high proportion of trace minerals to vitamins. Activator is formulated with careful consideration given to the typical diet. Bread, cereal, and beverages are (as you know) commonly fortified with B and C vitamins, yet contain little, if any, trace minerals. You already learned earlier in this brochure that trace mineral status is further jeopardized by the largely unrecognized fact that supplementation with vitamins can actually further deplete trace mineral levels.

Another benefit from Activator (and one reason why it costs just a little more than the garbage put out by the health food industry) is that it contains physiologically significant quantities of all its nutrients. A common trick employed by health food companies is to dress up product labels with the names of all kinds of fancy nutrients — but they put them in there in insignificant quantities.

Critical nutrients you get from ACTIVATOR (and only from ACTIVATOR) include all the heat-labile amino acids. Just what does it mean that these vital amino acids are heat-labile? It means that at ordinary cooking temperatures these amino acids are functionally destroyed to some degree. How significant is the nutritional loss of amino acids such as lysine, methionine, taurine, and the rest? Since most people eat too many carbohydrates and sugars, and eat much of their insufficient protein over-cooked, they are all suffering to some extent the functional and structural consequences of amino acid insufficiencies. So, the heat-labile amino acids contained in ACTIVATOR are an absolute daily necessity.

Perhaps the most basic advantage you get from Activator is that you absorb virtually all the nutrients. This is due to what is called the dissolution characteristics of the supplement. You see, most vitamins and minerals have only a very short section of your intestines through which they can be absorbed. Most supplements do not even begin to dissolve in your intestine until they have passed the point of absorption for most nutrients. (This is probably why more damage isn't done by the typical trashy supplement — most of the ingredients pass right through you and into the toilet without ever actually being absorbed into your blood.) When Activator is taken after a meal, the supplement breaks down completely long before it gets even to the beginning part of your intestinal tract, so that all the nutrients are absorbed.

You can easily see that the scientific evidence supports Activator as being the perfect foundation of your nutrition plan. Begin taking it today — and continue taking it throughout a longer, stronger life.

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