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What NUTRI-SPEC Will Do For You

NUTRI-SPEC Testing includes a comprehensive set of 46 different chemical and clinical tests. The purpose of NUTRI-SPEC Testing is to determine in just what ways your body's metabolism is out of balance. From this information it can be determined what foods and what supplements will bring you into nutritional balance, as well as what foods and what supplements will tend to harm you.

Just what do we mean when we say your metabolism is out of balance? We are talking about the five fundamental metabolic control systems which must function properly to keep you strong and healthy.

The metabolic control systems determine how efficiently your body and mind work. They control your energy production; they control the function of your heart and circulation; they control the function of your brain and nervous system; they determine your efficiency of digestion and assimilation of nutrients; they control the chemical balance in your blood and in your cells; they help regulate your hormone balance; they help you efficiently eliminate the toxic waste products of metabolism; and, they minimize the degenerative changes associated with the aging process.

In other words, these five fundamental metabolic control systems are the engines that drive your body and mind. When these engines are working efficiently, you move through life with strength and vitality. When one or more of these control systems loses efficiency your body and mind simply cannot perform at their best. When the metabolic imbalance is severe enough or exists for a prolonged time, pathological changes occur and you suffer the symptoms of disease.

A NUTRI-SPEC practitioner offers you health care which is patient-specific rather than disease-specific. What that means is that you will not be offered a collection of "remedies" for any symptoms or conditions you may be suffering. Rather than consider your disease, your NUTRI-SPEC practitioner will carefully consider you.

One of the key concepts of NUTRI-SPEC is biological individuality. Even though the NUTRI-SPEC system is based on complex scientific principles of biochemistry, it is really quite simple to understand the big idea here. Basically, different people have different nutrient requirements for their body to produce energy efficiently and to perform all its other functions efficiently. A good analogy would be to compare two different people to two different cars – say two Mercedes, one that runs on diesel and one that runs on premium gasoline. They may look the same; they may perform the same function; they may have the same basic design of engine; but – mix up the fuels and look out.

So it is with people. Some don't do too well if they eat too much red meat, yet some become incredibly weak without red meat. NUTRI-SPEC Testing can tell you which is the ideal fuel for each person. Similarly, some people thrive on eating cheese and butter, while other people have terrible trouble if they eat cheese or butter. Again, NUTRI-SPEC can tell who is who. Some people might desperately need a calcium supplement, yet there are others who will very quickly become sick and weak if they take excess calcium, or the wrong form of calcium. NUTRI-SPEC Testing can tell you exactly what supplements, exactly how much, and in exactly what form is ideal for your particular individual body chemistry.

How can this be done? How can your NUTRI-SPEC practitioner tell exactly how your individual needs differ from those of the next person? It all comes down to the analysis of your 46 tests. This brings us to another important key concept of NUTRI-SPEC—the importance of objectivity in clinical testing. Only with a scientific, objective testing system can your specific nutrition needs be precisely determined. With NUTRI-SPEC it is found that you are not like any other person—even if you and that person present the exact same disease or condition.

Do you begin to see the difference between a patient-specific and a disease-specific approach to health care? Suppose your NUTRI-SPEC practitioner is confronted with two patients suffering from arthritis. Will he give them remedies for arthritis? Certainly not. Objective test procedures will be performed and each of those two patients will be treated with an entirely different nutrition regimen even though their disease is exactly the same.

Two different people may present with chronic fatigue. Will they be given a treatment regimen for chronic fatigue? Certainly not. Each will be treated according to his or her own individual test results. In other words, your NUTRI-SPEC practitioner does not name and treat the "disease," but rather analyzes and treats the individual patient. In so doing, your NUTRI-SPEC practitioner gives you the benefit of a patient-specific approach, derived from a scientific analysis and based upon the concept of biological individuality.

Now, think again about those metabolic control systems. These are the underlying cause of whatever symptoms or conditions you may have. All normal metabolic processes involve the operation of one or more of these fundamental control systems as the means to maintain balanced and efficient function. Conversely, all abnormal function in your body involves a loss of balance associated with a problem in one or more of these fundamental balance systems. All disease pathology reflects dysfunction in these fundamental control systems of sufficient intensity or duration to cause tissue destruction or degeneration.

The goal of NUTRI-SPEC is to restore balance to your metabolic control systems, thus increasing your adaptative capacity. Increasing your over-all adaptative capacity is the only way to assure that you are living to your maximum potential. The result will be:

  • better resistance to disease

  • renewed strength, such that functional and pathological symptoms can be overcome faster

  • more complete tissue repair and regeneration

  • more effective handling of stress

  • a high level of vitality

  • a slowing of the aging process.

And what specific problems does this metabolic balancing address? Each of the metabolic imbalances found in you disables your ability to perform the following essential functions:

  1. maintain glycemic control

  2. maintain normal oxidative metabolism

  3. maintain ideal pH

  4. maintain ideal concentrations of electrolytes and biologically active water

How important are these four essential functions? They are the whole story. If you are talking about health vs. disease—they are the difference between living stronger-longer and being sicker-quicker.

You are probably interested in a little more information on what these four essential functions mean to your health:

  1. Maintain glycemic control. Glycemic control is all about your ability to maintain normal blood sugar levels and normal brain sugar levels. All of your 5 metabolic control systems are involved in glycemic control.

    When you lose glycemic control you suffer to some extent from either hypoglycemia or diabetes or dysinsulinism. All three of these conditions have a major impact on how you feel and how you look. But more than that, poor glycemic control is tied in with a breakdown in many body systems. For example, it is estimated that 75% of all cardiovascular disease is directly associated with poor glycemic control.

    Now look at that fact in the light of what you have just learned about NUTRI-SPEC. Does it make sense for people with cardiovascular disease to take remedies or drugs for the heart and blood pressure without making any attempt to restore glycemic control—when loss of glycemic control was the cause of the cardiovascular disease?

    Chronic fatigue is almost invariably associated with poor glycemic control. Does it make sense to take stimulants to give the illusion of increased energy when the lack of energy is due to poor glycemic control? The only real cure for the low energy is to restore normal blood and brain sugar levels—and the only way to do that is by restoring balance to the five NUTRI-SPEC metabolic control systems.

  2. Maintain normal oxidative metabolism. Every cell in your body produces its energy with oxygen. In the state of health, sufficient oxidative energy production occurs in each cell to perform its essential functions, while at the same time excessive free radical oxidation is minimized. Your goal, of course, is for each cell in your body to produce enough oxidative energy to keep all your cells humming happily and healthfully while avoiding the accelerated tissue destruction and aging processes that occur when oxidation gets out of control. In NUTRI-SPEC terms that means you want to be eating just the foods that your body oxidizes most efficiently, while avoiding the foods that will oxidize out of control. You also want just the vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and amino acids that will act as oxidants to keep your body highly charged with energy, while at the same time taking just the right types and quantities of antioxidants to protect you from free radical damage.

    What is this ideal balance between oxidants and antioxidants? It is different for every individual. Only NUTRI-SPEC can determine what balance is correct for you.

  3. Maintain ideal pH. There is a very narrow range of pH which is ideal for your blood; an ideal pH range which is ideal for the tissue fluids; and an ideal pH within your cells. There is probably no pathology that is not associated with abnormal pH changes in either the blood, the tissues, or the cells.

    You may be too alkaline or too acid in any one of these three important fluid compartments in your body. Furthermore, you can be too alkaline in one area while at the same time being too acid in another. NUTRI-SPEC is the only means to determine where you may have abnormal pH, why that pH is abnormal, and what exactly you must do in the way of diet and supplementation to correct the abnormal pHs.

  4. Maintain ideal concentrations of electrolytes and biologically active water. Not only must the blood, the tissues, and the cells all maintain normal pH—each of these compartments must also maintain ideal concentrations of electrolytes and water. Each of the NUTRI-SPEC five metabolic control systems influences electrolyte and water movements within and between these three body fluid compartments. Correcting your NUTRI-SPEC metabolic imbalances will move the electrolytes and bio-active water to exactly where they are deficient. This will facilitate the movement of nutrients and waste products into and out of all the cells of your body. It will improve the strength and efficiency of your heart and blood vessels and normalize either high or low blood pressure. It will also strengthen the hormone systems that are associated with control of electrolyte and water levels.

What you are learning is that if you can maintain glycemic control, normal oxidation, normal pH and normal flow and concentration of electrolytes and water, then you will be in a state of health. Your adaptative capacity and vitality will be at a level approaching your innate potential. Your NUTRI-SPEC practitioner can show you the way. Once you have been so empowered you will have done everything for your health that you can do nutritionally. Once you are so empowered, you will likely scoff at the idea of taking remedies for this and that condition—as so many people do in a disease-specific desperate attempt to control symptoms without any regard to the cause of those symptoms.

With NUTRI-SPEC you will never need to resort to trial and error to determine which foods or which nutrients might be best for you. It is all shown very clearly by an analysis of your NUTRI-SPEC tests. And trial and error is what everyone else is stuck with who does not have the benefit of NUTRI-SPEC. For all those who take an unscientific trial and error approach to nutrition, error is what they get almost all of the time.

Few people have any concept of what damage can be done to a person's metabolism with the wrong supplements. Few can conceive that even the most common nutrition supplements can be so damaging. Take for example, Vitamin C. NUTRI-SPEC testing has shown over many years and many thousands of patients that at least 3 out of 10 people are made weaker and sicker by taking therapeutic doses of Vitamin C.

Vitamin C can push certain people into a hypoglycemic crisis. In others, it can exacerbate a diabetic keto-acidosis. Vitamin C is promoted as an antioxidant, yet few people realize that in some people it acts as an oxidant and actually causes free radical oxidation damage and accelerates the aging process. At a certain dosage it actually antagonizes and destroys the activity of Vitamin E. Vitamin C can destroy the pH control of certain patients, making them much more susceptible to certain physical and mental conditions. Vitamin C can elevate cholesterol levels in some patients. Vitamin C depletes the body of important minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Vitamin C can so deplete a person of copper that the blood vessels begin to break down and the heart is weakened. Yet how many people are supplementing themselves with large dosages of Vitamin C with the idea that since it is a vitamin it must be harmless?

Or, how many people are unscientifically and non-specifically supplementing themselves with calcium? Everyone would benefit from calcium supplementation, isn't that right? Certainly any woman past the age of 50 needs significant calcium supplementation to avoid osteoporosis, correct? Well, as it turns out, in certain people not only does calcium supplementation not help prevent osteoporosis it actually contributes to it. Furthermore, calcium supplementation can have devastating effects on several of the NUTRI-SPEC metabolic imbalances. In some people it will push blood sugar levels too high. In some people it will push blood pressure too high. In others it will cause extreme fatigue. In others it will cause poor circulation. In some people it will cause an irregular heartbeat. The most common problem of all with calcium is that it accelerates many aging processes.

Do you need calcium supplementation? How much do you need? And—in what form should your calcium supplement be? There are at least nine forms of calcium that are often included in nutrition supplements. Each one of these forms of calcium has an entirely different effect on your metabolism. Which form of calcium will help you maintain metabolic balance—and what form of calcium will throw your metabolism further off balance? The answers to all these questions are built into the NUTRI-SPEC system.

We have talked very briefly about the potential damage that can be done from supplementation with two ordinary nutrients, vitamin C and calcium. There is much more that could be said about how you can be harmed by taking vitamin C and/or calcium, and those are just two nutrients. We could talk in the same terms about every vitamin, about every mineral, about every trace mineral, and about every amino acid. All these nutrients can give amazing benefits when used properly according to the concept of biological individuality. But—each of these nutrients has the potential to do significant harm when supplemented non-specifically without regard to your individual metabolism.

How can you possibly sort through the dozens of all the nutrients, deciding exactly which ones you need, and in what proportions, and in what forms? The answer is, you cannot. Only NUTRI-SPEC has determined the metabolic effect of every form of every nutrient. Only NUTRI-SPEC can tell exactly how each nutrient will affect you.

Remember, with NUTRI-SPEC you have a scientific, objective testing system to determine your specific nutrition needs. With proper nutrition you will restore balance to the five metabolic control systems that regulate all your body's essential functions.

Follow-up testing is given to ensure that you are getting just the right quantities and just the right proportions of nutrients. Your nutrition needs will change over time—for example, during times of stress, or with age. There may need to be changes made in your NUTRI-SPEC supplements almost right away. The supplements you are given after your first testing serve two purposes. They are not only intended to give your metabolism a big push in the right direction, but also serve as a clinical challenge. The way your body responds to this challenge tells even more than your initial test about what your metabolic needs are. That is why it is essential that your first follow-up testing be done within a week.

NUTRI-SPEC does not offer you remedies prescribed by trial and error—rather, it offers you an analytical system of clinical nutrition.

  1. You will be taking all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that will make you as healthy as you can be.

  2. You will not be taking those nutritional supplements that will make you tired or sick.

  3. You will not be wasting your money on nutritional supplements that are not doing you any good.

  4. You will know just what foods contribute the most to your health, and those that are the most harmful.

  5. You will have a doctor who can scientifically monitor your nutrition needs as they change with age or during times of stress.

  6. You will have a doctor to whom you can bring your family or refer your friends for scientific nutrition testing.

You want the very best nutrition.
Now you can have it.

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